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First experience of cosplay was the 2011 Hyper Japan and then again at the October 2011 MCM Comic Con in London.

2012 saw me approach cosplay from the cosplayers side at the first of Hyper Japan's shows of 2012. Choosing to crossplay Seven from Final Fantasy 0 in the Agito Uniform.

Later in the year i attended MCM expo as Chrome Dokuro ( Katekyo Hitman Reborn) and Erika from Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (Gameboy advance game).

At Hyper Japan Christmas i went as Remy from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Deuce from Final Fantasy 0 ( Utilizing the same costume from Seven).

For 2013 , though i am attending many of the shows ,cosplaying every show is not confirmed as yet , I will be at MCM May ,but only for one day .

Being as i run a cosplay site i often get press passes to events ,so i often spend time taking pictures of other cosplayers and such like.

Time will tell what else comes out of the box so to speak for 2013.
Cosplaying has been fun and I'm sure i will be indulging this in 2013 a few times .

See at the shows

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Well my boots arrived fit very well apart from the calf top being a bit over large,but i think there slightly big on the characters,Costume was good with Jacket being a good fit,Skirt was OK ,but was way to long (just did not look like how Chrome would be) so had it shortened a massive 8cm .
Wig arrived and was perfect ,even got a eye patch with it to.

After much thought and the fact that finding over knee boots for a reasonable price and which i can possibly walk in (i am a Guy,Stiletto's a no go). Any way going for Red Knee high boots with Thigh high Red socks/Tights

Yes my boots are being made as i type, having a extremely narrow calf,the supplier is tailoring them for me, Plus may have found another weapon i can alter with a touch of paint and such like, watch this space.

Found a prop sword which with a bit of work i can alter for the desired work ,cool ,and all for less then a tenner

This great little number is being made ,so now i just have to sort out a wig, Lucky enough i have found one with a eye-patch as well, then the boots, seen two pairs which will suffice ,just deciding. The of course a Trident weapon ,which i will construct out of some light non injury causing material then paint accordingly.

Well the main of the costume is being tailored to fit by a manufacturer ,Now to source a wig, Hoping to get one i can use for a couple of cosplays,then the boots,not sure how i am going about these ,if i can not find any suitable over the knee boots then i will source some knee high boots and wear long over the knee socks or tights in RED.

Looking forward to this one ,the hardest thing will be making a Trident. And showing off my mid-drift of course.

The Red trousers are easy for me ,as i personally possess a pair in my normal wardrobe , and their perfect.

Yep got home from work on Monday ,low and behold ,Saber's wig arrived one day after the HYPER JAPAN SHOW, I will do a photo shoot with it soon.

In the end i went in the costume to HJ2012 wearing a alternative wig,just had to give it a outing.It attracted some attention i must say.

Yes the new wig arrived today ,so i am all set with this one now.

Still waiting for the arrival of the wig ,if it does not arrive,then I'll probably hold this till the MAY LONDON Expo. Where wait and see, if it arrives by Saturday morning ,then SABER will be at HYPER JAPAN 2012.

Though complete, not 100% with the wig ,so i ordered another one in a light grey which is more akin to the character. Should arrive in time i hope.

There you go, all complete or this one, might have to trim the wig though as it gets bit in the way sometimes of my vision. As far as props ,SEVEN uses a whip which converts into a sword ,unable to find one of those and would not know how to make one, so it looks like a normal whip will have to suffice on the day.

Well my outfit arrived , i was a little hesitant as it was custom made,well the main part,but it fits lovely. Found some boots ,yet to buy them yet though,just think the heel may to high,did have some knee highs for the outfit ,but their to big and end up around my ankles, so black tights are what's going to have to be worn now.

My Hairs a Blonde Bob anyway ,so was thinking of using clip in extensions to get a required look,or maybe I'll just see if i can source a cheap enough wig.

Found a online retailer with a wig suitable,now i have to hope it arrives in time, if not a rethink will have to happen

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