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I have been cosplaying since 2007, I've always liked anime but after seeing people dress up online I wanted to try it myself.

I'm definitely no expert, pro etc by far. I just love doing it with friends. And I'm SLOWLY improving my sewing skills.

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I was bored one evening and thought I'd finally wear my more recognisable Miwako wig so I did :) More pleased with this makeup than the last time AND poorly edited eyes 8'D

Just need some red socks and Saiyaman Saga Bulma is ready to go!

Top: still need to hem, cut the hole on the shoulder, fit it better and the diagonal bottom :) and sort out my messy knot~
Shorts: I need to hem the waistband and make them a few inches shorter~

Wig: Using the SailorV one into bunches and whirled up some tube hairties!
Boots: Omg nightmare gogo boots but snagged them at a cheap price I think the colour is perfect~
The wonderful Bex is making my wings, headband and gauntlets <3

Wig for Vegeta, Buu & Saiyaman Sagas :D

SO over a year later I finally got my butt in gear!!!
Got a fatter Gii, Made Nago and gonna do better makeup :D
Had this base umbrella over a good year bought some polar fleece & felt cut the fleece into 2 cat head pieces stitched together hot glue eyes, mouth etc on stuffed the ears pinned to the umbrella handstitched down and VOILA :D Hopefully not too bad?

Ginger, Stella's magical pet lucky find on ebay!
and Believix wings me, Bex and Charlie got so we can navigate around busy con/expos without wearing our big wings ;D clever!

SO HAPPY with the outcome a bit on/off but still happy!
All thats left before Ame now is to add Gold to the gloves and make the shoe straps!

Made from polymer clay commissioned by foxhole so cannot take credit :)

This is after layer two~
Much happier with this outcome than my 1st attempt 8'D Gonna see what theyre like tomorrow as to whether I wana add a 3rd layer. Opinions and crit welcome <3 Yes, i stupidly used acrylic paint but it was the only I had and yup got lots of paint on my legs 8'D but wiped off

I wasnt happy with my 1st collar (or this one tbh) but it'll work but i love my bow ;D

Sorry for the blurry pic. Just wanted to show Im doing something xD
(pic is 2weeks old too...)
Ive kept the pleats pinned at the bottom and stitched on the waistband! Now just needs a zip and i can FINALLY class it finished and take some pics

After a good... i dont know how long Ive picked it back up. I originally wanted her finished by the UK manga release but ah well!
Ive currently pinned the red bias to the drill which will be stitched down later and then iron the pleats it~

{minus shoulderpads and tails of the bow OTL}
So all done After street-angel went I made the flap and cuffs and sticthed em on. Altogether Im pretty proud of the work we did together So now to pleat the skirt when I buy some bias and the shoulderpad.

Im doing this version for Manchester expo 2012 with a lovely group!!! This is being made by street-angel! I think instead of a separate costume I'll add the pics to this costume! hopefully i'll look better as Simca this time around 3years since i cosplayed her ._.;

Ikki: My__RoadOfBlood
Ag/kito: Cheetos
Ringo: Street-angel

Im thinking of doing her uniform as a trial~ But am undecided about her legs because they vary in screenshots and cutscenes oTL

Moved to journal to make room for pics
now read the rest :3

Following the disastor of my attempt and a commissioner never sent me the wig...
the gorgeous Priestess-Shizuka was open for commissions and took mine on <3 I love it :D

Despite the lines are inverted and i'll need to add the stripes... its PERFECT <3
Praying it arrives in time!!!

This is what the corset and bow look like on~
After ive stitched the drill ontop the floral corset what not /boring

Do makeup properly and not in a rush next time oTL

Because i fell ill i had to try this monster out alone xD Wasnt as hard as I thought itd be :)

Made by Zelvyne for Kita4 my saviour :D Hope she doesnt mind me uploading this ><
Construction here;

Midnight Shoot for Kita with Freyarule, Yosuke and MC :D
And hopefully others <3

Alone and most likely the Version2 green checks, it'll be a packing day decision :)

Think Im going to wear my volume5 outfit for Kita :3 If not the pink dress from ep4? it'll be a packing day decision :)

New wig coming Kita4 / May expo :D

This'll be the 3rd london expo in a row we do K-on :) And this time we're doing the Listen version :D So excited

1st pic the drill cut out using Simca one as pattern piece. 2nd it pinned down with Gabardine i made into bias. Ive sewn it inside out, then turned it throught and sewn down the red bias on show for more support. Its a bit messy so may remake it tbh xD

Again drill. They were both scraps tbh conveinently the right width and length for my arm xD So hemmed the edges in to be neater, pinned in red ribbon sewed that all up then sewed it to the end of my sleeve simple!

Due to a scam I wont be doing this for a while until I can do Flynns vest or get someone I can trust to make it xD

So it arrived today :D And i cannot express how happy I am with how it fits.
SO heres an obligatory tester. If youd like to see more accurate colours see the picture in my journal below as my house lighting is rubbish at night.

Just need a wig and hopefully borrow Pascal :D

Just to remind me to do this version xD

Well im really happy i can use this wig! It fluffs out just right <3
Now all i need to do is the blouse and make the vest and we'll have some test shots underway ;D

Not gonna lie when I totalled up how much itd be for fabric alone I panicked but noticed the amazing AuroraHermione was selling hers at a much lower price for more pricey fabrics and I couldnt resist~
So ALL credit to her~ I'll be tackling the wig alone though :)

I really love the outcome for this one <3
Read my journal for how its done roughly
many thanks to streetangel for helps with me understanding the flaps xD
(Excuse the ruffles below my bow)

I had left over lace from Stocking and stitched my heart lace on top and then sewed the popper in to close it~

DONE! its too dark in my house to take pics and the bathroom where i usually take them is occupied xD
Again. Read Journal for how i made it =]

Im actually happy with how it turned out ._. paranoia pays off? I will remake these curls of doom but for the shoot they shall have to do for now as its soooooo last minute~
I'll be cutting the fringe/side tomorrow the backs all done wish me luck and again critique welcome as its my first style of a wig... deep end much?

Opinions etc welcome as its my FIRST wig style D8
As per previous journal Ive had a 2nd go at these curls of doom. Im STILL not happy ith them which may result in round 3 but ima see how this sets add more wefs to cover the rest and take a tester pic. The random ends are yet to be curled by my curling tongues~

This is my second :D I made the wefts much thinner as seen and have been gluing on the wefts this evening the bottom left is a small sample sorry its bluurred when they have dried properly and ive neatened them I'll take a better one for the main costume part~

Ive gone for the felt wire trick. This was my first go and I felt it was too wide so ive started again xD Plus it was wayyyy too heavy

This is finally gonna be finished up i ordered a wig for something else and thought may as well buy the buns to go with it for Ruby. Finally after what 3years?

For expo ;D I bought a lovely wig off PirateToaster which i'll be chopping up to make the beast of a wig. If all goes well she'll be complete~ Its gonna be a mess but i'm gonna try my best

In the works as you can see. I bought the base off ebay (seen in an earlier journal) and have sticthed drill onto each panel to make the design accurate. I wanted to make sure i got the top fitted and as I dont feel confident making a corset from scratch this is how it happened. though it took a lot of hard work and i got a heart printed lace fairly accurate to hers =]

Using the bow making skill ive aquired from street-angel.
At the top is the panel that goes around my waist doubled up and turned inside out then the bow was made interfaced the main part and flaps and stitched it on and had put poppers in for it to close (see finished picture)

WELL... i need to get pics of the other 3 first... but i know my next one will be a parakiss variation ;D

All but the wig (and maybe bow if i dont make it tonight) tester to come tonight/tomorrow :D

New wig. Better cardy~ Expect new pics soon :D

Nothing special xD Got these I plan to revamp up the corset as i have NO experience with boning so i WILL mess it up im not even gonna try cause its expensive sorry :(
And the stockings i got :D

Bought; corset, stockings, wig and shoes

Need to make her skirt and bow then Im set i think... and get new makeup :D

Was worn to Manchesterexpo with Cheetos and Street-angel <3
Had lots of fun and many lovely piccys to come ;D

Gonna get this one ;D I was put off originally because of those curls but now characters like Mami are around its become a goldmine~ Heat resistant too as it WILL need a touchup <3

For Kita next year with nakedsalad and Rain so far x3

The next :D Made by the gorgeous PockyFairy
This one is probs my favourite think ._.

I reckon im finally gonna cosplay her for Manchester Expo AT LAST and do version2 :D

Arrived on Friday? So YAY for matching-ness with Shaman-renji and Kinlyu <3

Well i loved wearing her so ima make many more variants >D
I even have a mini group now
My cool bro Dave: My__RoadofBlood
Jade: SachikoYumi (as per Dave xD)
JohN: Tom

Started on this little number for my 2nd version x3

As per last update im doing more :D
Caroline special.pleb Kairu as Arashi and hopefully Yatak as George

Attached is my Definates though i love most of her clothes in the anime and manga <3 Ive already completed C as seen in the newest Costume pic which was meant to be for KIta

Time to get off my butt and make these tbh i have most of them already from when i started ive just been lazy cause no ones been into HS :/ I started back early last year. Im so happy so many people here like it now :D

Because it is MUCH needed

The beautiful CharlotteLuna is gonna restyle my fringe <3

To Do:

* New Stockings
* Skirt - needs adjusting
* Collar - needs a hem and mess around with the ribbon~

Next i wanted to glam the bustier up a bit so used some sequin material 8D made it to fit on my waist and added lace trimmings and ribbon for the actual corset as i have no experience how to master a real one ;-;

The leatherette and drill all stitched together im surprised how well my machine took it 8D I then pinned an stitched the blue on i didnt take a progress pic till the next stage x.x;;

Made via street-angels awesome tutorial i adjusted the measurements to the size i wanted. Got some polystrene hearts and painted them EASY!

Going down as complete because well she is~
Im focusing on my other Kita cosplays now mainly Ranka & Stocking so probs get pics AT Kita~

I dyed the top last night :3 Came out pretty well
Im doing her for a shoot on Thursday so expect pics then =]

Make a fatter Gii :3
Some form of Nago oTL
Making rework on some pieces?
Makeup~ Im thinking fake lashes ;D
Think thats about it <3

I intened to do more variants including manga covers, artbooks etcetc for Pleb and Kairu <3

More than likely to be re-worn for the BB group at May expo 2011 xD
Really depends on Tsubaki but if i do re-wear ima make another Nago <3

I wana do more maybe not the kimonos but defo the Winter and Summer outfits~ Maybe the beach one if everyone wants to go to one sometime :3

A Unsure
B Kita3
C Unsure
D Duno yet maybe a party/shoot
E Midlands2011
F For Nobu~
G (Tutu version) Kita4

I just have the jacket to stitch up (FinallY) and ordered a collar today :3 Just need to stitch on a heart when I get it!~ I'll probably take a tester when ive done the jacket as Cheetos styled my wig <3

Collected the wig today :3 So wig test later~

I feel really achieved and almost proud of my work on this. I think this is the most excited ive ever been for a cosplay :3 and i really want to do many more Stocking versions <3

All thats left now is the dress, hairbow and shoes 8D GOGOGOGO

Got this love gabardine that I'll be using for the skirt and most of the sailor top~ I think its a lovely fit and not far off everyone elses colour for the uni :3
Seriously pumped and starting to like adding journal entries xD

Im actually gonna do it properly :3 Waiting on a spanking new wig which is gorgeous for her~
And ive got some amazing ribbed stretch cotton for her cardigan~ if the wig arrives I do intend to slip her in at Amecon :3

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Solaria deleted a costume (4 years ago)

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