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I had hoped to start cosplaying with some friends at our very first convention, Minami 12 way back in 2006, but we had no idea what we were doing and never got round to it in time.
I did, however, manage it for Minami 13 (though technically, my first cosplay was the Doctor, at Midlands Expo a month beforehand) - where I cosplayed Seras Victoria, Lirin from Saiyuki and Duo from Gundam Wing.

Ever since then I've thrown myself into it, I absolutely LOVE cosplay so much, and I'd like to think my costumes get better every time - or at least I hope they do! I'm always learning new things.

I'm still not at a point where I'm really happy with most of my costumes, but I'm starting to be confident enough about them to want to wear them again - something I never did at first.

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six years later and this damn thing is GOING. TO. GET. MADE.
We can but hope anyway.

How do I cosplay again?

So my second lot of dye finally arrived and dye mark two happened, it...didn't go much better than the first one to be honest. I think it darkened the colour slightly which is good, and there's some bits that weren't dyed before that are now I think? But there's still bits that are undyed, only I'm not sure trying again would yield any better results, and the dye was getting expensive, so I decided to leave it as-is.
Looking back on it i think the colour I wanted was more of a heather than a lavender, but I'm okay with it for now. maybe if I do this same costume again in the future I'll try again with a slightly different tone, but honestly I think I've got three other Holtz costumes to work on so it'll probably be a while.

I did the paint splatters today and they were SO much fun to do, I bought a couple of tubes of acrylic paint for like 99p each at home bargains and basically just splattered it on straight from the tube. I put on a little more yellow than she actually has but I'm still really happy with how it turned out.

To finish off the dungarees I also bought some metal dungaree fastenings and put them on instead of the plastic ones they originally came with, as hers are metal fastenings.

So the dungarees are basically done and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

The wig also arrived yesterday and I tried it on this morning, the lace is a little dark but I am SO happy with this wig. It's the most expensive one I've ever bought but it's so worth it (especially if I'm going to do multiple Holtz costumes), it feels really nice, almost real (it's a human hair blend so it should ha) and it looks just beautiful. I'm still debating whether to pre-style it or whether to just do it on the day, because it should be easy enough to clip into place, the parting is already where I need it to be and it's easier to transport if it's not pre-styled, so I may just leave it as is and style it when I need it.

Things I'm still waiting for
- replacement yellow lenses for the glasses
- goggles
- boots
- chain for pendant

Things I still need to buy
- crop top
- pringles

Things I still need to do
- tint goggle lenses
- swap lenses in glasses
- possibly weather lab coat

So the white dungarees that I got went into the washing machine with the fabric dye and came out... not quite what I was hoping for. I've ordered more dye (two packs this time) to try again and I'm hoping it will work out better, if it comes out a little uneven I don't mind too much because the paint splattering will cover it up.

I'm also wanting to fade/weather the lab coat now that it's arrived, but I'm not sure how best to go about it.

also my pendant arrived and I'm super happy with it!

I am really excited about this cosplay, like crazy. I've just bought 90% of the things I need for it, and it feels sort of nice to know that means it's mostly done because there's very little actual work for this.
The majority of work for Holtzmann is going to be building my proton pack when I get to that point.

So, everything that has been done so far.

- Bought the glasses (I bought a pair with the wrong colour lenses, I'm hoping to be able to pop them out and replace them with a pair of yellow ones. They're not the most accurate copies I have found, but all the most accurate ones are WELL out of my price range, so I will make do for now)
- bought the dungarees (painters dungarees in white)
- bought lavender dye
- bought the wig
- bought the lab coat
- bought the gloves
- bought the pendant (3d printed in metal from shapeways, my friend designed it for me)
- bought the chain
- bought the boots
- bought the goggles (again wrong lens colour, but they were otherwise perfect and very cheap, and the lenses are clear so easy to tint)
- bought the eye loupes
- bought glass paint
- bought the watch (to my eternal sadness I found the EXACT CORRECT WATCH but it's sold out EVERYWHERE. I'm quite happy with the alternative I found though, it's a fairly close match)

What I still need to do;

- dye and paint-splatter the dungarees
- buy socks
- buy crop top (well, regular top and cut it)
- tint goggle lenses
- style wig

I may also weather the lab coat and I want to wear the boots in if I have enough time after they arrive.

I'm really excited. So Excited.

I absolutely adored this costume. Like... words cannot express how happy it made me feel. I'd had a bit of a crappy day on the Sunday and then I went home to get changed, I did my super sparkly makeup, got on my rocking eyelashes, succeeded in putting my hair up exactly how I'd envisaged and then... the skirt. The beautiful skirt. I was in love with this.
Two layer, full circle, the floatiest swooshiest most beautiful piece of loveliness I wore all weekend.

I walked backed to the con through the NEC just as a little mix concert was getting out, hordes of pre-teen girls who were absolutely delighted to see some kind of witch/princess hybrid walking through their crowd. I got called Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, both of which I was more than happy with! One woman and her daughter (who had been explaining cosplay to her mother) correctly identified it as fantasia which meant I was already utterly delighted before I even hit the con!

Everybody was beyond lovely about this costume, I got so many compliments and it was generally just a really big morale boost at the end of what had been a slightly trying day, the skirt swirled beautifully when I danced and I generally had a wonderful time.
I was only sad to change out of it for the party, but I knew I could never rock out in this skirt and my feet were killing me from all the heels all weekend!

10/10 would Mickey again.

This costume is officially... IN PROGRESS.
All the fabric is ordered, ALL OF IT, so even after the criss-cross debacle (which I solved with some foil-print spiderweb tulle that I'll be using the reverse side of) and the lace that turned out not to be starry but just scattered with crystal stars and then not resembling ANY LACE EVER INVENTED (which I solved with an INCREDIBLY lucky find of some similar enough lace that was not only the closest match in all my scouring but was also ON SALE, glory be), I finally managed to source everything I wanted.

The things I still need to buy are;
- All the swarovski crystals ever made
- Large crystal stars
- A perspex rod to form the base of the wand, and possibly some silver to decorate it with
- The wig (which was looking like it was going to cost me about £75 until I stumbled across a perfect lace-front for half the price)
- The hair slides or components to make them
- spangly earrings
- Wiring or boning for the wings and collar
- Gold embroidery thread
- Shoes

So...not a lot then, ha.

The advantage to making a start on a cosplay when one is completely flat broke from the horror that is January, is that it gives you ample time while you're still fired up to get the boring slow of sourcing fabrics out the way. This dress has given me quite the headache, as per usual, to find the perfect fabrics.

Colour-wise I'm aiming much more for the tones in my main source picture, I'm not a big fan of the 'actual' colours of the dress as seen in the better-lit photo, and throughout the movie the whole thing mostly just looks white which is a little dull in my opinion, I'd much rather have the blue shimmer just underneath.

The two main fabric conundrums that are hitting me at the moment are the 'crackle' effect on the bodice and overskirt, which I've now found a potential solution for, and the starry lace on the underskirt. The lace actually used is beautiful and I seriously wish I could find something similar, but for all my scouring I've found nothing even close. I'm currently deciding between going for a starry organza to keep the star theme, or a lace (probably floral, as so much lace is) to keep that aspect. I think I'll be debating that choice right up until payday - and still looking for something appropriate in the meantime.

Currently the moodboard attached shows all the fabric choices I've sourced, some of them are decided on, some of them are a bunch of different ones to choose from, and also the three wigs that I've currently found that are the closest.

Honestly, after all this hunting, actually sewing the dress will be the easy part.
..ha. ..hahaha. hahaha.

So I spent all morning staring intently at my reference image and scouring through fabrics and deciding what fabrics in what colours and how many layers.. and then I find another reference image that gives me a much better view of the lace on the underskirt... but throws all the colours into question. I'm going to try and watch the movie and base my colour choices on how she looks in that, because while the bright museum lighting might technically be the most accurate, it's not going to look as accurate as the movie lighting/effects. Also since this is a ball costume it'll mostly be out in the dark anyway so why I'm tearing my hair out over colouring I will never know.

I'm ordering the 'official' simplicity pattern of this gown, but I expect there to be heavy modification. I think working from a pattern for the base is going to get the shape I'm happiest with - particularly on the bodice - but the skirt is a LOT fuller than the pattern suggests so I'll be tweaking as much as possible to get movie accuracy.

The thing I'm currently debating the most is exactly how to do the detailing on the bodice, it doesn't look quite like embroidery and I'm not sure how best to replicate it, I could use fabric paint to achieve a similar effect but I'm not sure how that would look when compared to the rest of the dress. It also looks like it's pretty scattered with what are probably swarovski crystals or similar, so I may or may not be attempting to replicate that.

The whole thing looks like it would benefit from a liberal sprinkling of glitter when it's done, up to and including my hair, so really I don't know why I didn't do this dress sooner

So it's two days until the show and I... am totally prepared honest. Yup.
My boots arrived... and they are impossible , I can't get them done up at all over my ample calves, so they're pretty much a wash (which is frustrating), so in absence of anything else and no time for ebaying, I resort to... red shoes and lycra boot covers!

Last night I managed to get the skirt completed (with the bow being a tie in the back. Not suitable for wearing at a con but perfect for burlesque!) and this morning I finished up the collar. The tiara and choker are finished too, so we're getting there, slowly but surely.

Tonight I need to make the boot covers and build up the bra a little, plus make a base for the pasties (which I have made and am super duper happy with). If I have time I'm going to add trim to my gloves but I may just leave them as-is.

Okay, I can do this!

I'm really looking forward to this show. Glasgow, Classic Grand, May 15th. Cosplay burlesque.

I've got almost everything I need for this costume, I just still need a little more work to put it all together, but it should be a lot of fun. I've had a great time designing all the pieces to work for a burlesque act, and I'm hoping the final piece is going to be something special.

So I had a WONDERFUL time at Auchi in this costume, I'm really glad I didn't decide to rush the bits I couldn't get finished in time.
Everybody was really complimentary about it, and I met a couple of little girls who wanted to say hello and get a picture taken, and they seemed really happy to see me, so what more do you need?

There's still lots more to do, so I'm not finished with this costume, I want to finish it off.
I still need to;

- paint and add gems to bottom trim
- add more scatter gems. MOAR
- find a way to attach the trim to the peplums
- add the gold beads to the sleeves
- Make the ruff (I did try but it failed so I'd like to have another go at this)
- One of the versions has a cape, I'd also like to add this at some point

I'd also like to make a couple of adjustments to the fit if I can, and attach the belt so it sits better.
Also, I was flustered and in a bit of a rush so I never actually did any makeup beyond basic foundation, so next time I wear it I do intend to have full makeup

I also need to make the Tiara and style the wig. But here while I'm at it have another pretty picture of something I actually HAVE done, the top of the bodice.

Yes I know this didn't really warrant another journal entry. Shush.

So I have been working for about thirteen hours straight today and I thought I'd take a break to share my progress for the day.

Last night I finished cutting all the pieces for the dress and sewed the bodice and the skirt pieces together, this morning I started by gathering the peplums, sewing everything together, adding the zip and hemming everything. The finished dress does not look so impressive on my dummy without an underskirt, but it looks a lot better on.

Today I -
- Painted a grand total of 28 clear gems blue (with another 25 to go that I might do in a bit)
- Sewed a quarter of the pearl trim on the bottom of the skirt (seriously, it took me hours, and I am a quarter of the way through, this skirt is HUGE)
- Sewed both rows of pearl trim on the top of the bodice and added the gems and individual pearls between them
- Made the necklace and adapted two existing bracelets to match the bracelets she actually wears

Suddenly when I list it, it doesn't even seem that much haha. Still! It's starting to take shape and I'm very happy with that.

Still to go;

- Paint the remaining clear gems
- Paint the bodice and add the remaining two gems
- The belt; Cut, hem, attach fastenings and decorations - pearl trim, gems and pearl decor, main central gem (which I still need to locate)
- Finish the other 3/4 of pearl trim on the bottom of the skirt
- Paint the bottom decor and attach the cat's eye gems
- Add pearl trim and gems to peplums
- Add gold braid and beads to sleeves
- The ruff; make wire base, cut and sew chiffon overlay, attach lace and paint
- Locate my bloody white gloves!

Oh god that's a long list... But I am determined!

I'm planning on wearing this for Auchinawa as well, it needs a little bit of work before I rewear it, I need to trim a few things and tidy up the seams a bit. I also need the cuffs, which I ran out of time to sort out before Halloween.

Overall I actually had a lot of fun in this costume, it was pretty comfy and I loved the hair buns so much.

So the fabric arrived, it's not exactly the shade I was hoping for but I was umming and aahing for so long over what would be the right shade that I don't think I would have been happy with anything, it's beautiful fabric though which definitely helps. I've cut the skirt pieces but am still working on how I'm doing the bodice, I've been researching assorted patterns to come up with something that has the right shape and fit, though I think I'm nearly ready to cut it, I have a pattern sketched out I just need to do a mock up of it first.

I bought the chiffon so I can start sewing things together and make the base dress, and then I can start ALL THE PATTERN.

I bought 5 metres of pearls and then when they arrived I took one look at them and realised they were too small and too short, so I ordered another 18m of larger ones. Let's hope that's enough....

I bought the paint markers for the designs and tried it out on my Chun Li costume first, I'm really glad I did because the markers I bought bleed like CRAZY despite claiming to be okay for fabric, so while it's just about manageable on my dark Chun Li fabric, Cinderella is not getting painted that way, no way.
Next stop once I get paid will be some Dylon gold fabric paint I think, I will stick with what I trust. I Also need to buy a lot of the blue gems, though I have a bunch of tiny blue diamantes for the skirt I think I'll need more of those as well.

I also need to source all the jewellery and make the tiara, which should be a lot easier than my Rapunzel tiara but I'm hoping it goes much better.

Then I just need to add all that trim and style the wig... simples.

I might also buy some blue contact lenses because fuck it, if I'm going crazy I am going CRAZY.

So last night I made the bun covers, they're a little scruffier than I might have liked but they do the job and they pretty much look okay, so I'll probably keep them as they are. I did a little test and I'm happy with how it looked even with my messy hair (I realise the picture has the fringe on the wrong side but it's flipped, I did have it the right way round honest), so when I do it properly I think it's going to work out really well. I'm still debating using a couple of those bun doughnut things just to help it keep the right sort of shape, and whether or not I'll need kirby grips to keep the covers in place on the day.

I've got the fabric for the dress and the boots have been ordered, I debated some over the boots but in the end I went for a pair that were a little less accurate but much cheaper, I'm trying to keep costs down at the moment.

The only materials I need now are the things for the cuffs, but I'm still debating what method I'll use for them.

I have officially begun! Swathes of lovely blue satin have been ordered as well as some of the trim to make sure I can get started.
I have also made an EPIC list of all the elements this costume has because it's hard to keep track of all those sparkly bits. It's a very, VERY long list so this should be a fun bunch of bits and bobs to gather.
And lastly, I've ordered my wig, I went for a ponytail wig to make the bun easier so we'll see how it works out, I'm hoping the fringe on it is long enough for me to style up the way I want to as well.

All in all, things are ordered and I can't wait to get started! I've put one of my other costumes on a backburner and decided to go for something more simple for my fourth Auchinawa costume so that I can focus more on this. I WILL have a beautiful Cinderella gown, I WILL.

So this was originally planned for a long time ago, and then again for Auchinawa, but I'm trying harder to control my cosplaying so I can really focus on my costumes without over-stretching myself and ultimately not being happy with anything.
Given the costs and effort going into my Cinderella gown for this con, I think this costume is too complex to combine with it, so I'm going to stick with the other, simpler costumes and this one can wait until I can put in the effort it deserves.

This was super comfortable and really nice to be in, which is weird for a costume that involves so much body paint. We used hairspray over the top (as m'lady was also in body paint for the day) and I did not get green on a single thing that wasn't supposed to be, so that was good.

The top was the wrong fabric and missing the thonging on the sleeves, I didn't have the ears, the belt wasn't 100%, I had no fur on top of my boots and my skirt was not as dirty as I would have liked, BUT I still felt really good about this costume and a lot of people recognised it and liked it, so I count that as a win. There are a few things I would change if I did it again, but overall I'm very pleased

So that didn't pan out.. the time just got away from me and in the end I couldn't get hold of the leather to make the top.
In the end I even had to compromise on the suedette I got because it was the closest approximation I could manage. I'm still looking forward to this costume and hope it'll still look good, but it's not going to be as fabulously accurate as I was initially hoping.

I have the majority of the things I need now, and very little time to get it finished, but I will prevail!

Still need to get - facepaint, leather thong, possibly some fur for the top of the boots (though I think I may have some I can use)

Still need to do -
Make, sand and paint necklace pieces
Make wristband
Make top
Continue to weather skirt
Make, sand and paint ears
Attach fur to top of boots
Attach armour to top of boots
Make belt
Make, sand and paint brooch

We just ran out of time to do the 3d gear alas, but as this costume is mostly sourced it's a good enough quality that I can tuck it away in the cupboard and break it out easily enough if we find an opportunity to make it.

So far I have the trousers, shirt, jacket, belts and wig. I have something that I can use as the scarf if I don't find a better alternative, and I just need to buy the boots.
This is probably the least effort I've had to put into one of my costumes, which is strange, but I still can't wait to wear it.

So I'm really not happy about this costume. I finally managed to get the belt and attach everything but it was already all falling off before we even got to the venue, for some reason the glue just refused to hold. I had to duct tape it on when we got there. I never found a jacket (when I finally bit the bullet and bought one off ebay that was a size 12 in the hope it would just about fit, it turned out be TINY) and I generally felt a bit meh.
I loved the wig and goggles but that was about it...

I think the biggest disappointment was just that I put so much effort in and then it all just fizzled out and came to nothing.

Oh well, time for MCM in a couple of weeks and hopefully that'll go a lot better.

So I decided I really needed to make a start on sourcing some of the materials for this costume. The first adventure was the skirt, finding the right sort of tartan was really difficult - I actually eventually found something close to it.... in a skirt rather than fabric. Done!

For the top I thought I'd be a little more adventurous... I have a friend who does a lot of leathercrafting and he knows his stuff, so I thought... let's see if we can get something a little more accurate. He gave me some advice and he's going to help me get hold of some pigskin lining to use, so I'm quite excited to try it out! We'll see how that goes...normal faux suede on standby methinks, lol

So! This is almost finished now, which is good because I really need to start working on my MCM costumes as well.

Got the laces for the shoes and they are the perfect colour, they have pink aglets but I can paint over them easy enough.
Wig arrived and it's a bit darker than I was planning but I'm pretty happy with it, it's very smooth and I'm contemplating fluffing it up a bit but it would also be such a shame, it's so pretty, lol.
Ordered the goggles, the pink floyd t-shirt (and man is it hard to find that SPECIFIC t-shirt amongst the hundreds of pink floyd shirts on ebay), and the headphones which will take just a little bit of modification when they arrive.

For the walkman I have printed off a warning label, a display and some caution tape, so I just need to coat them and stick them on. Then all I need is to make the pouch and the battery holder on the belt and that is all completed.

The only thing left is that god damn jacket!! I have a couple watched on ebay so hopefully I will have that ordered soon, I've been chasing after a couple of others previously that have fallen through so this one is eluding me particularly well.

So today I did most of the work on the walkman, I still have to attach the pieces to the belt and make the pouch and battery holsters, but the main body of it is DONE. I'm really pleased with how it turned out actually, all I need to do is attach headphones. I think I have a pair somewhere that will suit but I'm going to keep an eye out as well.

It's high density model foam covered in worbla, which was then painted black or silver depending on which bit of the walkman it was. The detailing is in plastic, though some of it is drawn on in black or silver pen, and the sliders are made of worbla as well. The only thing missing is the caution tape on one side, and the warning sticker on the other, both of which will get added before it's finished.

Other than that, progress is going slowly but surely, the shoes are finished I just need to get a blue lace for one of them, and I've got the t-shirt and goggles watched on ebay, the wig is already on its way. The biggest problem I have right now is finding the right jacket, I'm basically checking ebay every day for it.

So I have discovered that I shouldn't be allowed to cosplay even simple characters, my obsession with accuracy can, at times, just get silly.

Quicksilver was supposed to be a relatively straightforward cosplay for collectormania because we were going to do a Days of Future Past group, and it mostly involved bought items. All I needed to do was source... right?

I'm sorry, have you met me?

So after taking a closer look at that fancypants belt and the lovely cassette player our dear Peter (Pietro damnit, Pietro) is wearing, and without success hunting down anything that looks even remotely like it, I thought I would do some googling to see if anybody else had looked into exactly what kind of cassette player he had...
The following article is written as nothing more than an attempt to crush a cosplayers dreams;

I have a name! I have a type! I have a.... thing that never existed commercially. Great.


I'm already contemplating how I can recreate it. Possibly with thermal plastics. So, my relatively straigtforward casual costume is now going to end with crazy amounts of effort to replicate a piece of kit that, probably, nobody is going to notice.

Bring. It. On.

I was so many kinds of pleased with this costume, and with Jen's lamp to go with it (though she put that together herself). We'd heard the plans for Pixar gijinkas and were just far too pleased with the idea of doing Luxo Jr and the ball to do anything else.

We knew right from the get go that we were going to have to explain to everybody who we were, but what we didn't expect was the utter delight everybody expressed as soon as we did tell them. It was really overwhelming how lovely everybody was about these costumes, that made it even better!

The costume itself I was in love with, I was so pleased with the dress and it was so much fun to wear (and twirl in), definitely one of my favourites of the weekend.

Jen enjoyed this costume I think, which is the important part, but overall I wasn't happy with a lot of things. I wish I'd gotten the fit better, so if we were to rewear these costumes I'd have to attack it with a lot of alterations first.

So Jen did actually wear this on the Sunday night at Kita, but it was so unfinished. We're going to rewear them to collectormania later this year so that I can finish the rest of the sequins. I think I'm also going to make modifications to the top and entirely redo the train. You haven't seen the last of this!

So I've ordered a lot of the fabric I need for this, still a few things to get and the wig to order.
I'm really looking forward to making this because there's a lot of new techniques that are going to be involved in it, I've already been plotting out exactly how I'm going to do the skirt, though it is going to contain a level of pressing never before seen in any of my sewing (on account of me never pressing anything because I am terrible)
Also a lot of wig styling so I'm looking forward to that too.

So I finally got started buying all the fabric for this costume, I've got pretty much everything I need except for like.. one thing. And her shoes.
I found the PERFECT fabric for the dress, I'm a little frustrated because it cost me $30 shipping for $17 of fabric, but it was too perfect to not buy it - I only hope it looks as perfect in real life!!
Jen's complete lack of caring was kind of hilarious, this whole process for every costume she's wearing I've been obsessing over 100% accuracy and she's been so blase, she just wants the pretty costumes lol
The wig is ordered too, as well as a shit load of sequins that may or may not be too small, so we'll see how that pans out.

BUT the dress is officially underway~

Okay so currently I have 8 pictures of Pit open on my computer and I'm flicking between them going WHAT EVEN IS YOUR TOGA BOY.
I eventually managed to figure out something that approaches accurate, I think, I'm still not entirely happy with it but I've used nearly three metres of white cotton to get to this point so it will simply have to do.

Pit's outer toga is cut, I'm still debating hemming it as it's not so much a garment as a carefully shaped wrap, and a lot of it ends up bunched so there's not a lot of need for hemming. I've sewn what needs sewing, but it's essentially just going to be wrapped around me on the day - the old fashioned way!

The under toga is cut and sewn and the trim is added and half painted, so all I need to do to that is paint the other half. SO hurrah!

His brooch and hand shield have been made and are drying, and his arm bands are partway done.

Left to do;
- all of the shoes
- another coat on the cuffs, neatening them up and fabric adding
- shield and brooch need sanding and painting
- leggings need cropping and hemming
- hairpiece needs making and painting
- wig needs styling
- belt buckle is made but it needs a belt to go in it
- arm and leg cuffs need making
- scarf

Less than a week to go.... ahahahahahahahahaha

So the shirt is finished other than the buttons, I'm pretty pleased with it. The decorative stitching could look better but I'm ok with that.
I've made a start on the cape, it just needs hemming and the fur trim and cord added. I'm trying to decide whether to make the trousers or just raid a charity shop and buy some for ease. Still debating using the boots I have (which I don't think are quite as high as I wanted) or whether to make boot covers, leaning towards the latter as it would be easier to attach the design to.

Belt arrived and it's a little narrower than I was hoping for but still quite good, it's a little too snug as well so I need to figure out what I'm going to do about that.

Pit is officially IN PROGRESS.

His wings are complete and all the shopping has been done, now I just have to... make the rest of it... here goes!

So the other day I managed to get the dress cut and almost entirely sewn together, and this morning I put on the zip and collar and got it all hemmed, added the ruffles and pockets to the apron (and more hemming), and made the hat.
The hat turned out a little larger than I originally intended, and I'm still not sure I'm pleased with it, but I still have plenty of fabric left if I wanted to alter it at all - that can wait until my other costumes are finished.

Ribbon is bought so all that's left to do is get a pair of black tights and Ayacon, England is ready for you!

Never underestimate the advantage of rummaging through your own fabric stores! I just found a piece of purple fabric I already had that will be PERFECT for the cape, money saving go!

I've got a belt I can maybe use as well, though I'd prefer to find something more accurate if I can.

So a while back I made a white pinafore to use in a burlesque act, and having had a good look at it today I've realised it's perfect for England, just needs a few small modifications, hurrah! That'll save me some time and money.

I bought a few meters of the same fabric for my Pit costume, as well as having a few spare scraps from the initial lot, so I have plenty to use to add to it.

Just need to add the shoulder frills, scallop the bottom edge and add pockets.

Got my eye on a couple of wigs, just need to decide how long and the exact shade I want the hair to be, and then I can get them ordered and we're on our way!

I wasn't totally happy with this costume, I still had issues with the top (it took me SO long to decide on some fabric), the braids weren't thick enough and the colour... I don't know, it just didn't seem right. The skirt colours were a bit off as well, though I was quite happy with how the back of the skirt turned out (though I don't think I have any pics of it).

The belts I liked, though I wish the lower one had been a little more accurate.

The wig... I loved the colour and I tried so hard to get a wave into it but it just wasn't cooperating, in the end I was relatively happy with it but I just wish it had styled better.

So overall... Definite improvements that could have been made, DEFINITELY, but I did have a lot of fun in it, so I guess there's that XD

Okay, so far I have the fabric for the top and the skirt, one of the belts and the other already ordered, the wig on order, one of the brooches on order and the other on my watch list, the wool I'm going to use for her straps on my watch list, the ribbon for her hand wraps, the leggings, and if all goes well in this auction I'll have the boots in a couple of hours.

Ok, it's coming together, almost there, I just need to... you know... make it...

I need to style the wig when it gets here, I still need to work out a way to stain the skirt and make it look more worn, but I have a few plans, and I'll need to braid up the wool for the straps, but otherwise it's mostly just sewing it all together.

I was fairly happy with this, the bodice could have been a little better made and the painting sort of went skewy, but overall I was quite pleased with it.

The crown I alternated between being pleased as punch and slightly ashamed of its shoddiness, lol. I think I'm levelling out on proud overall, but with a loooong list of things I'd do differently next time.

So I think the bodice could have fit much MUCH better, but I'm still quite pleased with it overall.
DEFINITELY need a petticoat if I wear it again, and maybe alter the way I layer it, the apron strings looked a little odd tied where they were.

So! The wig has arrived - and it's LOVELY.
I may or may not style the fringe a little but mostly I'm going to leave it alone.

I've made her hat although I still need to add the bow and I may consider sewing kirby grips onto the hat itself, that might be the best way to get it on.

The apron is done except for the decoration, I'm pretty happy with it, RUFFLES!!!

I'm bidding on shoes and gloves right now.

I just need to;

Make stripey top
Make large bow
Make bows for hat, shoes and gloves
make skirt

I THINK that's everything...

Picture is the ruffles of the apron just before I sewed them all together and added the ties

So I got bored and decided to do a bit of a makeup test. Was quite pleased how pale it turned out in the pictures, so I think I'll probably use that foundation when I actually do it.
The eyemakeup took a few fudgings to get right, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in the end. I recently bought a new eyeliner from avon and it worked out pretty perfect.

I still need to find an appropriate lipstick, this was actually using eyeliner because I couldn't find our black facepaint - I think I'll go with something like that instead of lipstick when I do it's very hard to find quality black lipstick, although that is much easier for the umpteen reapplications I'll almost certainly need throughout the day.

So, problem the first, after all the money issues had (sort of) been resolved, was that the store I was planning on getting the ivy leaves from had closed due to the bad weather.

So I guess I'll just do the cartoon version, no leaves there, it's not quite what I wanted but I still get to be ivy and it'll be fun.

Then I was at my mum's, had to buy the green tights, and I had to nip into a fabric shop - on Christmas eve - and then straight over to my gran's house to borrow her sewing machine and whip up the bodysuit, which turned out ok, if a little big in places.
I was going to whip up the gloves as well, but a slight miscalculation on the size of the wrist later and I gave up on them, figuring I'd hand-sew them between Christmas and new year.

A combination of laziness, business and lack of materials meant I never actually got round to that, and on the 30th of December I was borrowing a pair of lovely black shoes and buying me some green spray paint. Boots, maybe not, but at least I would have something on my feet that went with the costume. They actually turned out adorable, I'm just annoyed that spray paint on shoes always goes a little tacky and they're chipped now, so they're not really wearable.

A brainwave, whilst getting changed, of the 'viny' arm-and-leg-warmers later, and you have the finished costume that I actually wore to clubnight.

It was recognisably Ivy, if a little original, and I was happy with that, I had a lot of fun wearing it and really appreciated winning third place in the costume contest.
I had a great time in the end, totally worth all the running around.

The moogle went down really well, not a lot of pictures taken but a lot of people seemed to enjoy seeing it, I'm kicking myself for not entering the masquerade (felt so wrong sitting watching instead of being there) but on the other hand the costume wasn't really finished.

Things I need to sort out for next time (because I'd really like there to be a next time);

I'd like to redo the entire headpiece, the ears were super cute and all but there was a lot of inaccuracy with them and I'd like to remake them, I'd also like to have them attached to a headband with wire so they stand up. The bauble itself I was very happy with, I'd have to find a way to make the wire stay upright better (next time I'll attach it somehow BEFORE mid-afternoon at the con). The bandana could have done with being a little larger as well.

Facepaint. I decided to forego it because I had none that matched the ears and it would have felt strange without it, similarly I was going to wear white gloves to go with it, so next time I'll go all out rather than being sort of humanised.

Wings. I was happy with the wings, I really liked them, but I think next time I won't attach them directly to the coat, so they stand out a little stiffer. Maybe.

The coat and the top need hemming and the proper frays added.

I'll remember my damn collar, boo

And finally, I'll actually make that bloody key.

Otherwise, I was quite happy with it :D

Taking a tiny break right now even though I probably shouldn't be given how much I need to do.

Con is in less than twenty four hours and I am desperately behind. I've cut out the fabric for the jacket, top and bandana and I've made the wings, which is something at least.

I still need to;

- Figure out how I'm attaching the wings
- Make the ears
- Make the bauble
- sew up the jacket, top and bandana
- find a headband to attach the ears and bauble to and work out best way to fit them all round the bandana
- Make the pendant
- cut the trousers I bought into shorts
- make the shoes

....Plus sew together my hogwarts robe and trim the jumper in red and gold ribbon, and sew the yellow ribbon onto Sweden's shirt.
no worries eh -.-

Ok! I've bought everything I need! ... I think! (I hope!) so now I really really ought to start sewing, shouldn't I?
I think I'm going to make a start on a couple of things as soon as I've finished typing, though really I'm just procrastinating writing my novel.
I didn't realise I'd spent thirty quid on this costume, though thinking about it that's probably not TOO bad... right? I hope anyway!
I actually have a lot to do before Auchi and only a VERY short space of time to do it in, so I really should get on with it shouldn't I?

At least I've done all the shopping I need to do, that's something, right?

Ok, so right, here's the plan...

Top - Found some white/yellow striped jersey on Ebay that's perfect.
Jacket/Bandana - Green polycotton, with white jersey for the cuffs/collar and pink ribbon.
Shorts - just some good old black shorts
boots - boot cover type things made of black socks (cheeater XD) and white shoes
Wings - Wire frames covered in fabric or possibly something like paper
white and gold bands - ribbon!
Ears - wire frames and fur (possibly two shades of grey sewn together, possibly dyed, I'm not sure which. Also I'm not sure whether to bother with the pink bit or not yet)
Bauble - wire and fur-covered polystyrene or papier mache frame, whatever's the lightest, will experiment.
Pendant - FIMO! XD

Ok so, since I've been doing this properly I thought I'd finish off with a little recap and overview of how the costume actually went.
It's weird, I thought I'd be worried about my figure all day, but I didn't have time to worry about that because I was so drained from how badly everything was going. The tights were ripped, you could see the seams on the bloody things (though it wasn't as bad as I thought), I had to cut one of the legwarmers apart because it had broken so much, the other one was a nightmare by the end of the day and the shoecovers were also falling off eventually. I didn't bother with the makeup because I was stressed enough just getting to the point where I was IN the damn thing, which was kind of a pity.

In the end though, I had fun, and it didn't look too tragically bad, just a bit of a mess - I claim battle damage!

There's a lot I'd change if I ever do her again, but it could have been a lot worse than it actually was.

Sneaking on to update while Jen's not at her lappy, lol.
Just finished (literally just this second) doing the armwarmers and legwarmers, they're not great and the leg bits were nightmarish because the shoes were separate, it was all a bit odd and complicated and a fun experiment, made even worse by the fact that I couldn't actually manage to get hold of any matching lycra, I ended up using some ... well I'm not actually sure what fabric it is. But it sort of works.

At least it's all done and we can be on our way to expo this eventide, funtimes.

See you tomorrow expo-ers, fail!Psylocke can't wait XD

so I tried out the makeup this morning, I was somewhat happy with how it turned out for a first try, though I need to work on making the lines more distinct, and try it out along with normal makeup, but all the foundation in the house has gone walkabout at the moment so I couldn't this time.

The wig arrived and I love it, though I'm a little uncertain about how accurate the front is and whether or not I should style it somewhat, but every picture I have makes her hair look different so I think I might just leave it as-is.

Still need to find some lycra that matches the shade of the leotard I have, but I'm going to look tomorrow because I have other fabric to buy, and also I'll be on the lookout for some seam-free tights, though I've found some online if I can't buy any in a shop.

Getting there!

My leotard arrived this morning and the wig is in the post! Now I just need to hunt down some lycra that isn't obscenely expensive and maybe I'll be able to finish off the rest of it!

I think I'm just being lazy because then the hard work actually has to start.
Also need to locate some seamless tights - anybody got any bright ideas?

Still undecided if I'm going to do the makeup but I have red snazzaroo so I should be able to do it.

Psi-daggers? Maybe. Watch this space.

I was so, so unhappy with this.
The pleating at the front of the skirt didn't work, the hip thingies (no idea what they're called) had no poof, the shoulder poofs were sewn on wrong (Jen very kindly did it for me, but I had no time to fix them), the fitting wasn't right and I was generally just bleh about the whole thing. On the plus side, the fabric was gorgeous. The wig actually looked quite good despite being wrong (though you can't tell in that picture) and even though I couldn't remove the bow from the headband I thought it looked quite cute.

The gloves were wrong but I loved them anyway XD

It was a good night though, so that's ok

This was the most fun to make I think, it was the biggest challenge working out how to pull off various bits and I got to play with a few new skills.
I'm overall pretty happy with how it turned out, there was a slight mishap with some accidental cutting that I managed to salvage and actually make look quite pretty.
The top wasn't entirely accurate and it's missing the sleeves (I did have them to put on, I only have my own laziness to blame for that one) but on the whole I was really pleased with it.

Oh the pain and agony this costume afforded. Jen's self-esteem levels took a dive at several points during the production process, which is a pity as she looked completely stunning that night.

There was a problem with the straps so in the end we just pinned it to the corset she was wearing and didn't bother with them.
I wasn't entirely happy with the fabric we ended up with but it was the best we could find in the end, and there were a few hiccups. The fringing ended up black after much heartache attempting to find, and then make, silver, and as with Elaine's gloves even though it wasn't accurate it looked ok.
I loved doing the silver patterns on the collar and the edges of the tails, that was a lot of fun and it looked quite good (though you can't see in any of the photos) - though I wish I'd made both the tails and the collar a little larger.

On the whole she looked absolutely stunning, even if accuracy was lacking in some areas XD

This was probably the most successful of all the costumes I made for Elaine's, apart from the fact that I never got round to making matching gloves, the black ones go well enough.

The bow was beginning to wilt by the end of the night and it was pinned in place from the very beginning, but I think it looked fantastic and Elaine had an amazing time - I even managed to salvage the formerly terrible looking cheap wig.

Good times :D

Yea just a few random shots of cosplays I didn't feel warranted their own page.

Also cosplayed but missing from this gallery (either through lack of clear shots or because I'm that horrified to be associated with them, haha) are;

The tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
Axel (Kingdom Hearts II)
Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara)
Cat form Kyo (Fruits Basket)
Ritsuko Akizuki (Idolmaster)
Jesse (Pokemon)
Euphemia (Code Geass)
Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
Yomiko Readman (Read or Die)
Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club)
Female!Shigure (Fruits Basket)

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