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My wig came today so I decided to do a quick makeup test. It looked...meh, I think that I made him look to girly because I put eyeliner on both lids. I need to look up tips on how to make myself more masculine and also find a way to stick my beard to my face.

I also need to cut and style the wig a little bit.

My cosplay came today which is awesome and the wig is yet to come. I still need elf ears, vampire teeth, boots and new leggings. The ones that I got with the costume are more like leg covers. They keep falling down, they were sewn up so I had to unstitch them in order to get my foot through. I'm gonna keep them through for backup and get a suspender belt to hold them up XD

I've also decided to lose some weight for Mepphy because I look fat around my neck/chin area.

My tie came in the mail the other day so I need to take another photo in full costume. I'm debating on whether to use my real hair for this costume and style it OR whether I should get a wig.

Decisions, decisions...

I thought that I ordered a tie from London (the seller said that they were from London), it turns out that my tie is actually in China. So it should be coming in the next week or so ^_^

I'm currently doing a make-up test for Gamzee. As I am typing this the 4th layer of my white face paint is drying. I'm just wondering whether I should cover my eyebrows or leave them.

I'll take some photos of the costume some time this week. I need to figure out how I can see through the material!

I've decided to bring Slendy along to the London MCM Expo due to someone talking about doing horror cosplays. I didn't get to wear him last to because my costume change was too drastic. This year I will be cosplaying as Kishin Asura so the costume change is easy since you don't really see Asura's face. So excited to finally be Slendy!

Plus it's Halloween soon so it seems like the right time to debut Slendy.

I need to get Crowler's earrings, coat, frilly undershirt and wig commissioned sometime soon to have it ready for October.

Just bought two kinds of purple lipstick off of Ebay. I'll do a makeup test when they come and see which one is more acurate.

I'm only going to spend a short time as Slender Man due to poor visability. So I'm going to be cosplaying as Slender Man from 12:30 to 1:45. I'll probably be hanging around the tree area.

My rigid collodian came today so I'm just experimenting with it. Note to self: remember to shave the area that you're applying the collodian to.

My original idea was to wear some platform boots so that I can make myself taller to look a bit like Slender Man. My height is 5ft 8 and as you know Slender Man is 7 foot +.

However, after wearing my Zentai suit for a while so that get used to it, I discovered that the sight is quite poor so wearing platform boot would probably kill me. And to fix the problem of my face being slightly visible through the face mask, I am going to put two face masks on instead of one.

Also I think speaking will be hard due to wearing two face masks so I'm going invest in a whiteboard so that I can communicate with people.

After trying on the Zentai suit I have discovered that the visability is a bit poor. I can see a little bit through the suit but not completly. I think that it might have to have a spotter with me so that they can guide me.

I'm am so excited, my Zentai / Morph suit came in the post today :D I've tried it on and it looks awesome. Although you can see the the suit a tiny bit, I need to figure out a way to make the face part less see through. I'll post pictures when the camera decides to behave :(

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