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I'm a member of Team Savvy Cosplay, Heroes Alliance UK and Tolkien Cosplayers UK.

My cosplay/costuming life started out in the late 80's/early 90's when I did Viking reenactment in Lancaster. I was a Viking archer for the 'Croix Du Norse' (Cross of the North), the Lancaster branch of the Regia Anglorium Viking Reenactment Society.

I've been cosplaying since 1990 and have attended over 100 sci-fi and fantasy conventions. 2008 was my first year at an anime event. I've created over 50 costumes either for myself or as comissions.

I've worked professionally in Manchester Palace theatre as part of the warbrobe deptment. I've been the resident judge at Showmasters events. This includes Collectormainas

I've enjoyed the challanges that cosplay presents and all the people I've met though it. I hope to be part of more groups. I also plan to make even more challanging cosplays like Safer Sephiroth from FF7.

To show how far I've come and how much costumes have changed over the years I have posted some of my older costumes. The first one made in 1989. Cosplay was very different. Not so much was put into serious competing or photo shoots. So the quality of the costumes are low in comaprison with todays cosplays. Budgets for cosplay back then was very little. So most of them were done under £50. Also the photo quality isn't great. I wanted to share with you some of my favourites over the years (also that I've lost several dress sizes since then. LOL!). These are mainly mainstream Sci-fi based.

I'm able to do chest binder commissions. PM me.

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After much research on the fabric I decided to purchase a jacket instead of making it. It proved most cost effective that way. Plus, I found a really good replica that matched the screen accurate one really well.

Mega thanks to a fellow Hawkeye cosplayer, Blood Spider, I have my boots on order.

This was one of my biggest worries with this costume as I'm useless at adapting footwear. Luckily a fellow cosplayer came to the rescue and I now have them sorted.

Managed to find some boots that were a very good match in my local branch of the Soultrader Outlet. Sadly, none in my size. Thankfully, they had a mail order and I was able to order them through that. As it was an outlet I was about to make a saving of about £50 off the original price.

They came today and I'm really pleased with how they look. They also came a day early which I am really pleased about.

Ordered some fabric samples of the main body fabric. They came really quickly and I am really pleased with how they look.

I've decided that I'll order for both this costume and his new costume in Age of Ultron. I just need to mock up to figure out how much I would need.

Fabric came from

As we were rewearing these again for LFCC 2014 I decided to finally add the bow at the back. I had some basic red satin left over from another project so decided to use that. I rushed it together just prior to the event as I was focused on commission work at the time. I my rush it ended up on the wrong seam. Thankfully my brother was able to fix it.

I decided to make the bow separate for ease of storage and travel.

Not entirely happy with how the dress turned out. May make this at a later date with some plastic boning as the back kept dropping down. It ended up being too big so I had to take in the bust seams and side seams. Will adjust pattern for a remake.

I did enjoy being all glam for a change. Would be happy to rewear this in the future.

Sadly I have no photos of the progress due to me rush making this.

I wore Jaime as part of a Game of Thrones group at LFCC 2013 on the Sunday. Got to have an Iron Throne shoot which I loved.

Sadly, the costume is now too big for me after I lost loads of weight over Easter this year. Due to the design there is no way to take it in so I reluctantly sold it. I'm happy to say it has gone on to a good home.

I do have plenty of the jacket material left over so I can remake Jaime at a later date.

Staring to build up all the materials for this.

I have also began to draft out the patterns.

Really can't wait to start on this.

Just prior to sewing the lining to the main body I set about making the straps for the buckles and remaining front fastenings. Sadly not the best photo. My camera had problems focusing on the details.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I drafted up the jacket pattern using a combo of several pattens. Unlike the actual jacket I'll be lining mine as I'm not fond of wearing jackets without lining. I'll certainly not be short on pockets XD XD.

I wore the costume on the Sunday at Collectormaina MK. Overall I was pleased with how it turned out. There is some adjusting that needs doing as I didn't taking into account my long body and short legs so the waistline does sit a little high. I will add the butt bow for LFCC as well as the gloves. I'll leave the fur stole off for LFCC as it was quite hot with it.

I'm counting this costume as complete even with the bow to still be added as it is for the most part complete.

I ended up being ill and the event was fast approaching. I didn't get much of a chance to get into town to get the red fabric I needed for the butt bow so ended up not making it in the end.

I made the dress in a very fast turnaround. As it was for me I didn't mind rushing it. It took me approx six hours to make it. This included all the finishing and the lining.

As I was missing the butt bow I added a fur stole. This was from stock and took me roughly an hour to make.

Sadly due to the speed in which I put this together I have no progress pictures to show you.

Taking a brief break from work to put together a necklace for my costume. I felt it needed some extra bling. I'm using some Swarovski bi-cones to add some sparkle.

The back panel insert ended being a slightly different shape owing to the limits of the leather I was given. I tried to match all other details.

The lining is made at this point. I complete it to the same level as the main body ready to be attached to the main body (lining not photographed).

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

All the front and back pieces were then sewn together at the shoulders. The sides were left open for when I attach the lining.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

First step was to set up the front and back panels with the detail panels. Each one was sewn in place and then the detail sewing was added.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Once the details panels were done and put all the parts together.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I finish off the tabard by sealing and checking edges. I also add some frogging to complete the look.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I now work on the main body. I set up the trim on the front and back. I then sew at the shoulders. I repeat with the lining. I then sew both together with the sleeves.

The photo shows the over stitching while I seal in the sleeves.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Once all the appliqué is completed I work on the sleeves. I add the trim and line them. I then overlock the tops to keep them secure. They are then ready to attach to the main body.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I then began sewing on each piece of appliqué very carefully. I try to match each one up as close as possible.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Once I was happy I began to draw out the design four times on my chosen fabric. I went with a sliver leather look fabric. It doesn't fray which makes applying the appliqué a little easier.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

This I made last as I had a little trouble tracking down the right fabric. I went with an alternative that was the right colour but was lighter. It still had the drape I needed.

First things first I set up the stencil for the appliqué. This took some calculation as I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be too small or too big for the overall look.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Once the button fly was set up I then put together the rest of the main body (sadly no photos). Once its together I then add the waistband.

The waistband I decided to do part elasticated and part stiff. This would allow for comfort.

In the picture I am finishing of the final stages of the waistband. After this I finish the trousers with hemming and then they are complete.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

After the shirt I moved onto the trousers. I went for a basic design of trousers that would be comfortable and would look the part.

In this photo is the fly casing being set up ready to go into the trousers. I've done the buttons and button holes at this point as its easier to work with.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Once the sleeves are finished its the final hem and then the shirt is complete.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

With the main body and the collar finished its time to work on the sleeves.

In this picture I'm adding some cotton tape to act as elastic casing for the wrists.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

After I had sewn the collar in place I seal it on the inside with some hand stitching.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

For The shirt I used a pirate shirt patten. This gave the right look for shirt. I made some minor modifications to work for Athos.

In this picture I'm setting up pin tucks as I add the collar. The main body was completed at this point.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Whilst at Play Expo my friend and I spotted the Lannister pendent that Cersei wears with one of the dealers. We decided to get it after he offered a good deal on one of the items she wanted. I was originally going to make the pendent but with all the commission work I have I may not have the time to get it done so decided to buy it.

After a bit of thought I have decided to change this to the green/blue dress. I really like the design and colour. I have found the perfect fabric.

(photos to be added soon)

I found a perfect wig via a website that my brother recommended but sadly it wouldn't have arrived in time for Collectormaina MK in May so decided to find a more local option. Through a friend I was able to get one locally and I really love the wig. Hoping to do a make-up test with it very soon.

With my ill health history I do find I feel the cold really easily. With that in mind I'll be adding a fur addition to my outfit that allows me to keep warm should I get too cold. I'm making it from left over fake fur I had bought in bulk for Lucius Malfoy.

Pictures to come very soon.

Managed to get a wig perfect for C.C through a friend who was having a sale. Just needs some minor styling and then its ready for a test shoot.

Skirt is now pretty much complete. The only thing left is the hem which I'm holding off doing until I get the hoop skirt.

I have set up a tutorial for anyone who would like to make a prop bow themselves. You can check it out on my deviantart here
Or the quick guide gallery on my facebook here

I quickly put together a new prop bow to replace my old one as I can no longer use it for conventions. I put it together using a pvc pipe.

The details on how I made the bow can be found in the journal of this costume (I'll be using the same one for both costumes)

I have set up a tutorial for anyone who would like to make a prop bow themselves. You can check it out on my deviantart here

Or the quick guide gallery on my facebook here

Photo of the finished bow by Gemma Melody.

For recent events my friend Naurarwen has kindly loaned me her holster. I'm hoping to get my own at a later date.

Bar that and the kneepads (which I'll also sort out at a later date) this costume is pretty much complete so I'm going to list it as 'Complete'.

Once I've lost a bit of weight that I have gained through ill health I'll be doing a photo-shoot.

This is a nice comfy costume that works for any event that is quite local or I'm not sure on what to wear. Its a shame that not many people recognise who I'm being but that isn't too much of an issue for me. If I do want people to know who I'm being I've just got to remember to carry the bow (even though he doesn't have it with this costume XD).

Showing how much flex this will still have.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne Oct 2013

Hawkeye Battle Suit Test 1

This is a test piece of a method I'm planning to use for the main top and part of the trousers.

I wanted to match the 3D effect that the panels of his costume had. It is actually craft foam with a second layer glued to it. The whole thing is then wrapped with Lycra. I then added the Cordura like it is in the pic.

I was quite happy with the result expect the Lycra isn't as tight as it should be. I'll be doing a second test where I'll be gluing the Lycra down and sealing the whole thing with PVA glue.

Because I used scrap pieces of fabric it isn't a colour match.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne Oct 2013

I took the finished bow to LFCC 2013 with me and was really pleased on how it fared. I loved the lightness of it and that I had made it con safe. I did test fires from it prior to the con to make sure and the arrow just dropped from it. It didn't even fire. It did get a couple of scratches which I'll fix. I'm going to seal it with PVA glue instead of varnish as I think the flex it has meant the spray varnish wasn't as strong as it could have been.

(photo of the completed bow at LFCC with my Lothlorien costume for LOTR. Photo credit Gemma Melody).

Now that the bow is done (bar minor reapir) I'm confident to move onto the quiver. As my Lothlorien quiver has held together after ten years I'm going to be using the same method of mounting board as a base with Paper Mache over the top. It will keep it light weight. I'll be building it onto a harness that will be worn under the over tunics. This will help it stablise but also it was how it was done for Orlando to protect his back. I didn't do it for the Lothlorien one as I didn't have any picture ref at the time. I have found some recently which will give me an idea on how to make it.

I had set this up to do a while back but never got the chance to make a start till now. I designed the pattern from a base waistcoat pattern I've had for years. I then cut out and started on all the pocket flaps and straps. Once they were done I then started putting the main body together.

First off, I worked on the front. I put together the two front panels with the main pocket flap in between. I then did a second seam to hold the flap in place. This matched the actual vest.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

After I had set up both front pieces I then worked on the back. Each strap was inserted into the side seams while I had sewn them. Each seam was overlocked and double seamed to give it strength and to closely match the film look.

The front and back pieces were then sewn together at the shoulder and side seams.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

I then set up all the pockets. When they were ready they were then sewn onto the body. I found this an easier method to line them all up rather than set the pockets up first then sew all the panels together.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

Hansel's jacket (nicknamed the 'Beast'). I designed the pattern for this piece as well. I started with the main body sections working from the front. As I worked I added the cross stitch detail and studs. I then set up the straps that would be in the sides (fig 1). Each stud was carefully added by hand. I used needle nosed pliers to press down the teeth so that they were secure (fig 2). As I stitched together the back and the sides I added the straps (fig 3).

Sept 2013

With the back done I worked on the front. Once the front was complete I repeated the same steps in the lining.

Photo is of the lining.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013

I waited a day to allow the fabric paint to fully dry before ironing to seal the colour. Once sealed I then cut out the pieces using the pattern I had previously designed. Sewing began with the back. Unlike my last waistcoat I decided to add tie-backs. My previous waistcoat kept falling forward due to the weight in the front. I decided to add tie-backs to give it some weight in the back. I used a Georgian design for the tie-backs as I felt it suited the style of waistcoat.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne 2013.

This photo shows the painting nearly complete. Due to the time it took for each layer to dry (I did about 2-3 layers) this was done over a couple of days.

Painting tip - I use a cheap shower curtain to protect surfaces when painting. They are great at keeping any spills away from the surface and are wipe clean.

Photo by me Sept 2013

I originally made this costume nearly ten years ago but now its really big on me. I've decided to remake it as it is a favourite costume of mine. One of the first things I wanted to remake was the waistcoat as I lent mine out to a friend who I have now lost touch with so I'm unlikely to get it back.

I managed to track down a perfect Chinese Dragon Brocade in a sale but the designs where in a gold instead of a red. As it was proving difficult to find the right fabric I decided to get it and change the colour of the designs. Due to the nature of the fabric I used silk/satin fabric paint which can take a while to dry.

In this photo I am carefully colouring over each design to make sure it has an even coverage. Please excuse how pale I look I wasn't well at the time and I'm actually that pale all the time XD.

Photo by my brother Sept 2013

After delays on one of my other costume plans I have decided to bring this costume out for a re-wear for Winter LFCC 2013. Its nearly ten years since I first wore this and I'm now the same age as Jason Isaacs when he first played the role.

Sadly, a few things need replacing/updating before I can re-wear it.

My lent out my waistcoat to a friend that I have sadly lost touch with so I am going to have to remake the waistcoat.

After nearly ten years of loyal service I am retiring my handmade Snake Cane prop known as 'Selena'. I am very proud of her and that I handmade her from scratch but now she has reached a point where she is fragile and has lost a tooth that can't be easily replaced.

As it was my birthday recently I decided to put some of my birthday money towards finally getting one of the official Noble Collection snake cane wand props. I decided since I wear Lucius a lot and don't plan on stopping any time soon that it would be a worthy investment.

Some of the other pieces of the costume do need replacing as they are now too big for me they may be done at a later date.

The Leather Wristcuffs. I had some scraps of leatherette left over from a previous project. I cut them into strips and began sewing them together. Each section had the cross stitch detailing added. I then created lining out of cotton drill. I stitched the two halves together leaving an opening so I could insert some Buckram. I then sealed it and finished it with some eyelets.

Sept 2013

As much as I love this costume it is getting to a point where I can no longer wear it so it is being replaced. It is now really too big for me and in a way that is quite tricky to take in. I have decided to use the chance and make it much better. As it is a complete remake I am doing a separate costume profile for it.

After nearly ten years of loyal service I am retiring my handmade Snake Cane prop known as 'Selena'. I am very proud of her and that I handmade her from scratch but now she has reached a point where she is fragile and has lost a tooth that can't be easily replaced.

As it was my birthday recently I decided to put some of my birthday money towards finally getting one of the official Noble Collection snake cane wand props. I decided since I wear Lucius a lot and don't plan on stopping any time soon that it would be a worthy investment.

After a two year gap I decided I really would like to get this complete since I have all the materials. I've decided to redo the crosses for the cassock as I wasn't happy with how they are looking. I did some recent applique and was happy with how it turned out so have decided to do them that way instead.

(Will update with pictures soon).

Finished off the little touches and now my jacket is complete. I'm quite happy with how it looks. I'm hoping it will look great with the rest of the costume. There is one thing that bugs me a little about it. I was at a friend's house where I started working on it. I made an error and needed to replace the back panel. She had some fabric spare that she kindly gave me so that I could continue. Even though it is exactly same fabric, cotton drill, it doesn't quite match. Its a slightly different dye job and weave. Thankfully its not that noticeable unless you are up close to me. I'm hoping that it won't look that noticeable under event lighting.

I completed both halves of the jacket and began adding the collar.

I then put both halves together adding the main zip as I went. When I finished that stage I then added finishing details like sealing the sleeves and hem.

The photo shows me sewing the collar.

Once all the body ribbon was in place I then finished the main body of the jacket.

I then moved onto the lining. I matched each stage I did with the main body minus all the detail work.

(note - my flash was really bright on the lining. It is much darker than what appears in the photo).

With all the zips and detail added to the body I began to sew all the pieces together. I left the side seams to allow me to add the ribbon detail that goes across the body/sleeves of the jacket. I found a rather unusual designed ribbon that I thought would work perfectly for this.

The Shield patches were added before I started sewing any of the panels.

Hansel's waistcoat. Originally I was going to make this out of leatherette I had in stock left over from Legolas. Sadly, there wasn't quite enough. I ended up using a really awful shiny pvc that was a pain to so with. Luckily, I have learnt a few methods over the years that do make sewing with such fabrics a lot easier.

I designed the pattern and made a start on the main body (fig 1). I also set up the lining (not pictured). I then added in the shoulder caps. As I was sewing I added all the cross stitch detail that appears all over his costume (fig 2). Once the main body was completed I put the main body and lining together. Buckles and collar are then added along with more cross stitch detailing.

While I'm happy with the result I'm not happy with the fabric as it sticks to itself. I plan on remaking this at a later date.

July 2013.

After real life stuff and work (and the odd hospital visit) I ended quite far behind on Hansel. So for LFCC I'm putting together the 'Bar Scene' version with tankard.

I've mocked up the waistcoat as it has some unusual panels. I wanted to make sure I had a good fit with them. As quite often the case with me it needs lengthening due to my rather long body.

The mock up worked fine so now its onto the actual waistcoat.

All the main body sewing is complete. Just added in a couple more boning channels to give it the right shape. The bottom of the corset is then sealed. I then selected some pre-cut pieces of boning. A couple of pieces weren't quite long enough so I cut some from my continuous steel stock.

When all the boning is in place I then sealed the top seam. Both are then sealed with bias trim.

I finally finish with putting in the eyelets and treading the lacing.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I let the bow dry for a couple of days as I want to make sure I have a good base to work with for the paint.

I first apply a base coat in black. I use a spray for this for good coverage. I do a couple of light layers to make sure I have caught everywhere. (sorry, no photo).

Once the base is fully dry I then start working on the brown for the wooden part. I do this in two stages. The first layer is the darker brown base. This is painted on quite thickly. The second stage is a lighter brown which I dry brush on in streaks. I then use my finger to blend it in. This gives the rough look of wood.

When the brown is dry I then add the gold details on the leaves. I dry brush on a couple of layers. I then add vines in between the leafs and I add a couple of extra leaves at the ends. I then leave to dry.

Finally I spray a couple of layers of spray varnish to seal the bow.
Photo is during the leaf detail stage.

Photo by PC-IchabodCrane

Once all the leaf craft foam pieces are in place I then add craft foam details to the ends to match the original.

I then seal all the pieces with a couple of layers of PVA glue (1 part PVA Glue to 1 part water). This will make a great base for when it comes to painting.
Photo is the bow after one layer of PVA.

Photo by Me.

Due to a accident while sewing the second side panel I had to replace some panels. This delayed me slightly but I was able to remake them just fine.

Below is one of the finished sides with back piece. It needs the front adding, final couple of boning channels, eyeletts and then finishing with trims.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I leave the bow over night to dry to make sure that the ends are fully dry.
Now its time to add the leave design. I decided to do some of the leafs in craft foam to make them pop more. Each leaf is cut out and then glued on with superglue. I started from the middle and worked outwards.

Photo by Me

In order to match the design of the bow in the film I needed to add more to the ends of the bow. So I cut into the flattened ends of the bow and then added Sintra/Foamlux PVC pieces. Each piece was cut using a Dremel multi tool and then shaped to fit using a heat gun. Each piece was found in my scrap bag (I keep any cut offs of Sintra just in case I need it for a job like this). I then hot glue each piece in place. While drying its held in place with some tape (as seen in photo).

Photo by Me.

After patterning up the new jacket I cut out the pieces and set to work on the zips. From what I can see he has five (two on the lower back, two on the lower front and one on the chest). After a bit of thought I decided to make the zips non-functioning. Any weight in the possible pockets would mean it would hang wrong so went with keeping the zips as decoration only. I would have enough pockets else where so this wouldn't be a problem.

Each zip was attached to a piece of fabric and then carefully sew into the panels. Once all the zips were in place I then added a ribbon decoration around each zip to make it pop.

Once I am happy with the length I then start to shape it using a heat gun. I make sure that I am shaping it in a well ventilated area as plastic can give off invisible fumes. I'm wearing all the equipment that I am wearing in the above entry's photo as well as glove to protect my hands from the heat as the pipe will get incredibly hot.

I've curved the main body and squeezed the ends. In between stages I allow it to cool and steadily form it. Its best to shape it in stages that way you get a smooth curve.

Once I am happy with the shape I allow it to completely cool. Photo is the bow after being left over night to cool.

Photo by me

I spotted a pvc pipe in my local Wilkos and decided it would work well as a base for my new bow.

Once I got it home I gave it a clean and then started to work on it. First thing I did was the cut it down to the right size. I used my Dremel multi tool to cut it and then to sand it.

Note in the photo that I am wearing safety equipment as plastic can give off a lot of dust. I'm also making sure the the Dremel is moving away from me. The other end of the pipe is secured out of shot so that it doesn't fly away from me. I'm also wearing my crafting clothes.

Photo by PC-Ichabod Crane

I needed a new bow for my 'Lord of The Rings' Legolas as my current one is a real one and no longer is allowed at events.

During the progress of it I realised that the base was a better fit for his bow with this costume so I decided to alter my plans and change it to this costume.

Once the straps were ready I began with the back panels. I'm doing a method in which I am attaching the lining and leather together in one seam. This method helps keep a good match with the outer and inner but also allows me to strengthen the boning channels.

I started from the back to the front. As I'm going along I'm adding the straps and boning channels.

‡Top Tip for working with Leather‡
As its not recommended to use pins when working working with leather (unless you are going to sew over the pin holes) I use large paper clips. You can find them in most stationary stores. I use the large metal ones as they have the best grip. See picture below.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Fabric Rose Test May 2013.

Deciding which would work better for one of my costumes.

The silver one on the left has been made using the satin ribbon box folding method with one piece of ribbon. Pluses - Very quick and easy to do. Negatives - quite flat and not really life like.

The green one of the right has been done using the satin ribbon folding method on each petal separately. Pluses - really lovely result and quite detailed. Negatives - very time consuming as sewing each petal individually.

I would need to make a lot of these so I am leaning towards the box one but I really like the result of the separate petal one. What do you think? Thoughts are welcome ^_^

All the updates at once! Yes, I ended up a bit behind updating this. I have done quite a bit since I last posted.

Prior to all the panels being put together I needed to set up the straps. I was lucky to find the exact buckles locally so I was able to work with them straight away. Each strap was carefully measured out, cut and then finished with a straight seam. The buckle was then added.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Finally got around to finishing the leggings. Really pleased how they turned out and they are really comfortable.

I'm now starting on the under robe. Managed to find a lovely silver fabric in a sale that I thought would work perfectly for this. The plan is to make this as if it was Elven clothing rather than as part of a costume. Even if the details won't be seen I'll be making this with the right style of Elven details.

The fitting was a success. Minor adjustments were done to the length and then it was on the main construction.

As this is a leather corset I decided to do each section carefully as you can only sew leather once. One of those sections was the front detail.

The design is based on Celtic knot work so I drew out the design on paper first after researching ref images. Checked sizing and look before doing a test run in a scrap piece of leather. We needed to decide which look would work best. After chatting to the customer it was decided that the centre design should be sewn rather than scoured onto the leather.

Happy with the design I then put the front sections together (both the leather and the lining). This would give me good stability while sewing the design.

Due to the leather's softness (I'm using Italian Calf leather to get the closet match) and the intricate nature of the design I'm sewing it in stages. The pictures shows one side of the design being worked on.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

I don't normally like to post a journal in which I show something that I haven't done any adjusting or sewing to but I really liked how these looked so had to share them.

S.H.I.E.L.D patches gets! They arrived this morning and they are great. I can now finish Hawkeye's tactical jacket. I would have made them myself but currently don't have the time. Plus, I wanted them to be exact to each other. These I managed to find really cheap so I am really happy with them. Hopefully, they will look great on the jacket.

Astharoshe Asran Red Venice Gown from Trinity Blood

Choker progress 1.

Using the gems I had bought from the The Bead Shop Manchester (as previously mentioned in my updates) I started putting together the sections I wanted. Each one is cut from spare pieces of Wonderflex (I recycle everything). I mark out where I want the main gem to be then cut the holes I need with a hole puncher. The red centre piece is then glued in place. I then colour around the gem with a silver pen to hide any marks made by my marker. The crystals are then added. Once I have done enough jewels I'll be sealing them.

It may not look like much now but hopefully it will turn into quite an elaborate choker.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne March 2013.

I was originally going to make the two I needed. The one I made for my Battle Suit I quite liked so I was going to do the same thing two more times. I then realised on closer inspection of the ref images that the patches he has on his jacket are of a more complex design so I decided to see if I could buy them.

I managed to find two quite cheaply. They are slightly lighter in colour than the actual ones but that is an easy fix. Once I have them I'll be able to add them as I make the jacket.

I also managed to sort out some cheap army style trousers through my local Primark. I was going to get actual US tactical ones but saw the price and decided against it as I wanted to keep this as low budget as possible.

While on a hunt for bits I needed for a commission I cam across a load of gems and crystals that were on sale at my local craft store 'The Bead Shop' in Manchester. I managed to get quite few for very little which I'm hoping to use for her choker and possibly hair jewel.

While I have no set date for this costume its great when I manage to get finds like this.

Once I was happy with the lettering I then filled in some of the handle gaps ready for the handle detail.

For the handle detail I decided on using left over Wonderflex. It would be easy to shape round the handle. So I measured a section and then cut out the cross shape I needed. I then heated it with a heat gun and then shaped it round the handle. Once happy with the shape I then superglued it in place. I then added a smaller cross piece in Wonderflex. Finishing off with stick on gems that will become part of the detail.

(Sorry for bad photo. Lighting not great but you get the idea).

Gun customization begin!

I began by sanding off any details I didn't want on the toy gun. I then filled in any holes (that were sews for the toy) with Milliputt. I then added the lettering on the barrel by using one of fine detail heads on my Dremel Multi-tool.

With a corset like this its important to do a mock up and fitting first. Because of the design it will need to be quite close to the body.

I drew out and set up a mock for the customer to try on. Adjustments were then made. Once the customer was happy with the fitting I then adjusted the pattern pieces ready for the actual corset pieces.

I did the mock up in a hard wearing fabric that was a close match the the weight and stiffness of leather. That way I would know how it was going to sit.

I've added the centre disc using 1mm thick Sintra(foamlux PVC). I heated it at a slight curve to give it some dimension. When it had dried I added some claws that I cut from a monster figure. I then added the final details using stick on gems. Once I was happy with the details I decided to smooth everything off.

While it has it uses Wonderflex lacks the ability to be completely smooth so I smoothed it off using a couple of layers of PVA Glue (1:1 water mix). This helped give a more even finish.

Once it was fully dry I added the primer layer of paint. I used a black undercoat from Games Workshop. When that was fully dry I began to dry brush on the gold colour (also from Games Workshop).

Photo and prop by me
© EJ Sephirayne March 2013

I added the remaining cogs and then let it dry over night ready for painting the next day.

The goggles had a lift up lenses section that I thought would work for what I had in mind. I decided to add most of the detail to that.

I cut out two circles from the metal fencing and placed on the lenses. I adjusted them to fit and then glued them down. I then let the glue dry.

I then started to add the cogs to various points of the goggles.

I found some basic toy army goggles in a local fancy dress shop that I thought would make an excellent base. I then brought some craft cogs from a local craft shop. In my craft supplies I had some small metal fencing that I thought would make an excellent effect on the lenses.

I planned out roughly how I was going to make it work. These won't be amazingly detailed but I'm hoping to get the right look for them.

The Wrist band.

1) Adding small metal buckles in antique gold. These I've had in stock for years. I used paper fasteners in gold to work as a stud to seal the leather in place. A tiny dash of glue was added to fully seal.

2) Finished the other straps with small triangles of Wonderflex (left over from previous costumes). Added more of the details with more Wonderflex and stick on beads. The beads are acting as studs and will be painted gold when the piece is ready for painting.

Buckles where adjusted as I had released I had put them in wrong. Luckily it was an easy fix.

Photo and prop by me
© EJ Sephirayne Feb 2013

The Wrist band.

1) Found two pieces of scrap leather about the size I needed. Glued together for extra thickness. Once fully try cut out the correct sized shape.

2) Started mapping out where all the details will go. Most of the pieces are cut from Wonderflex left overs from previous costumes. Once I am happy with the lay out I start to glue the pieces down. I also cut the straps into the leather piece ready for the buckles.

Photo and prop by me
© EJ Sephirayne Feb 2013

Cut out the base crown in Sintra using a Dremel multi tool. Now shaping it to fit using a heat gun. I'm moulding it around a curved tin so that the curves in it are smooth.

You may noticed that the centre sections haven't been cut out yet. This is because its easier to shape this way to get a even curve. Once I have gotten a fit I'm happy with I'll be cutting out the centre sections and tidying up the lines.

©E J Sephirayne

I found the same pattern that I used for my previous Legolas costume and decided to use it for this. It is a quick and easy pattern to use so I would able to put these together quite easily. The fabric is quite stretchy so I used an combination of stretch stitch and overlocker to seal the seams.

I did all of this with a dislocated shoulder XD. My shoulder does do that a few times since an old injury. I find it best to carry on as normal. I will hopefully have the leggings finished very soon before going onto the more complicated parts ie, the rest of the costume XD.

I sanded the brooch and cleaned it ready for painting. I added the pin during this step. Once ready I did a primer coat in black. Then did two coats in a silver. Finally, finished with a varnish.

Even though it is one of my more basic pieces I am really pleased on how it turned out. It had a slight wobble in the centre but it adds to the handmade quality of it. I hope it will work well with the costume.

It is photographed on the fabric that will be used for the robe.

(edited from the now cancelled 'Elrond Council Robe Legolas' plans).

Once the desired shape once created I let the base cool down. While it did that I mixed together some Milliput (in the standard colour) ready for adding some depth to it. Once fully mixed till it was a uniform colour I added it to the brooch on the front. Using it to create the right depth and shape. I used dabs of water to smooth it off so that it would require very little sanding.
I then let it dry over night.

I used finer modelling putty to finish the back and tidy the edges. It is now ready to be sanded.

(edited from the now cancelled 'Elrond Council Robe Legolas' plans).

Ref for the brooch has proven very tricky to find so I'm doing my best guess on what its meant to look like based on Legolas' costume designs.

I have some spare Wonderflex so I decided to use a piece of that for the base. That way it can be curved for the angle I need and still be lightweight. I drew on the design freehand then cut it out using craft scissors. I finally shaped it by hand using a hair dryer and a jar to mould it round.

The pic shows one of the ref images I used to work out the rough shape for it.

(edited from the now cancelled 'Elrond Council Robe Legolas' plans).

Due to having real trouble matching the fabric for my planned 'Elrond Council Robe' Legolas costume I have now cancelled it. Rather than waste the brooch I have built for it I'm going to be using it for this costume. What little fabric I did find for the same costume will now be used for this costume's leggings as they are a very close match.

Currently patterning the waistcoat. After looking through the ref pics I've managed to grab there is quite a few panels as well as detail at the back so I can't just use a base waistcoat pattern. So I'm in the middle of making one.

I have a set of toy guns that I brought for an old Lara Croft costume that I'm unlikely to ever use for Lara again so I am repainting one of them for Clint.

I don't have any decent photos of this costume which personally I do think is a shame as I really liked how it turned out. I decided to get an updated shoot done that showed the costume. Sadly, the mask and hood didn't survive my most recent house move so they didn't feature but was able to fix up other parts of the costume that were (the medallion - see other journal entries).

We were really lucky with the weather considering it is Oct.

Thanks to my bro, PC IchabodCrane for taking the photos and braving the hike up to the location with me.

I took the original piece and striped off the original paint so I could make repairs. As it was a piece of hard pvc with Milliput over the top it was quite an easy fix. I used fibre glass liquid glass and hardener to make sure it was sturdy. I then sanded it all down.

I decided to add some detail to it this at this point. Using a then sheet of polyurethane I cut out a hand drawn shape of a snake. I then glued to piece down. I wiped away any excess glue then let it dry. I the wiped it down ready for repainting. I did keep it on its string whilst doing all of this as it gave me something to hold onto whilst working.

I used the same paint I had used before which was Games Workshop paint in Boltgun metal and chaos black for the base. I changed varnishes this time and went for the 'Ard coat varnish by Games Workshop rather than my normal spray one. 'Ard Coat is great for small pieces like this as its very hard wearing and is designed for being handled a lot.

I then let it dry. Really happy with the new detail. Hope it works with the rest of the costume.

During my recent move a bunch of my costume stuff got damaged. One of those was my small box of Lucius props. Thankfully, only one piece was damaged. That was my medallion for this costume. I was able to repaint and reseal it. I used the chance to fix some detail on it which I didn't have on before. I kept it plain when I first built it as there were no clear shots of what was on it. I decided to add a snake to it to give it something extra.

(pics to follow)

I decide to go for a full steel boned Dore Corset for this. Found a method on-line that interested me. It isn't the method that comes with most corset patterns but it does allow better stability between the inner and outer halves of the corset. It also strengthens the boning channels. Hopefully it will work.

I'm now listing this as complete until I get around to reworking some of it. Due to rush building it around a house move there are many elements of it that I'm not happy with. The top being the main one. In my rush I did it at the wrong size (I made it a size too big so when I wore it it gathered at the back and was uncomfortable at the back. I also forgot to adjust for my long body so it ended up being too short). I'll be remaking it at a later date in the right fabric once I have it.

I really enjoyed being part of the Avengers group and loved being Hawkeye. I'm most certainly going to wear it again so I think its worth in investing in a rebuild that I take my time over. That and Avengers 2 has been greenlit so more chances to wear this again in the future.

Really want to get cracking with this but as I don't want to mess any of it up I'm going to plan everything out properly and research it.

I have come to a quick conclusion that hair extensions may not be the best way to go. The clip placement will make it very uncomfortable to wear the hat so I have decided to go with a wig instead. This means I can attach the red stripe to the wig properly.

I have also decided that to get a similar figure to Asta that I'm going to make a corset to wear underneath.

I found some small pieces of black leather which I had decided to use for the finger grips. I hand sewed the finger shape and then attached them to the finger grip. Once that it was done it was finished.

(Sorry, photo quality is awful as my phone decided to pack up during my move and I couldn't locate my camera so I'm using an old spare phone of my brother's).

I ended up being so busy sewing the main outfit that I didn't get any progress of it at all. Oh well, maybe when I remake some of it I will XD.

I did manage a couple of shots of the hand grip.

Had some left of deep red suede that matched the colour of the fabric I used for the top. I used it for the hand part and then attached it to a piece of black strapping for the wrist. I then added smaller strap pieces with eyelets. The finger parts would be added to these later. Velcro is attached for fastening.

(Sorry, photo quality is awful as my phone decided to pack up during my move and I couldn't locate my camera so I'm using an old spare phone of my brother's).

I then left the bow overnight to fully set and dry. It was then given its final sanding before being made ready for painting. I used my usual Plasticoat base primer and black paint. I then finished with a matt varnish.

Even though I had brought a string for it I decided not to add it so it would fit the event props/weapons policy.

For two hours work I was really pleased with how it came out. I do want to fix it up and tidy it so it looks more then part.

(Sorry, photo quality is awful as my phone decided to pack up during my move and I couldn't locate my camera so I'm using an old spare phone of my brother's).

*Sadly no pictures yet, darn no home net :(*

Main body is proving to be a pain to work on while still unpacking/sorting from a house move. It has pretty much turned into a rush job so I will be remaking this for Oct Expo as I'll be joining my buddy, Wrydsister, with her amazing Loki.

Not long now so much excitement/panic.

Once the limbs were at a shape I was happy with I then hot glued them to the main body. Once that was dry I then added all the details like the hinges. As this was a rush job I didn't too crazy with making it really accurate. Some of the detail was added using Milliputt. I added a sight on it which was made from an old cosmetic bottle (yay for recycling).

(Sorry, photo quality is awful as my phone decided to pack up during my move and I couldn't locate my camera so I'm using an old spare phone of my brother's).

Once the limbs were cut I then cut out the main section. I used a Dremel multi-tool for this. Once all pieces were cut I then sanded ready for bending.

The two limbs were then hand curved after being heated with a heat gun.

(Sorry, photo quality is awful as my phone decided to pack up during my move and I couldn't locate my camera so I'm using an old spare phone of my brother's).

Having (stupidly XD) decided to fully make the bow a couple of days before the con I decided on the quickest method I had to hand. I had some spare Sintra left over from my Abel costume so I used that for the whole thing.

After studying the ref pictures I mapped out roughly where I was going to cut on two pieces of Sintra. I decided to make the bow in three pieces as I wouldn't have time to fully make a folding bow. The main body I cut in a thicker piece of Sintra to the limbs.

(Sorry, photo quality is awful as my phone decided to pack up during my move and I couldn't locate my camera so I'm using an old spare phone of my brother's).

With limited access to the internet (no home net, just moved house) so I can't post pics yet.

Wig is finished and I am well pleased with how it looks. Not great at wig styling but it turned out much better than I had hoped (pics to be posted soon).

Bow is currently being worked out as I have remembered that I have to allow for event weapons policies. I'm hoping to make mine so that it isn't a functioning bow. It will be made from Sintra (plastic)and it will have very little flex in the limbs so it can't be fired. The string will be elastic that can be removed should it be a problem (again with it being elastic it won't be able to fire anything). Hopefully, that should work for the event *fingers crossed*.

Progress pics to be posted soon.

Better get started on this bad boy XD.

As I have just completed a very hectic (and costly house move) I won't be able to make the proper quiver so I'll be building a temp one that won't be completely accurate. I'll replace at a later date.

Yes, I know I've been cosplaying as Abel since 2008. But I have never had the right gun. I've just been randomly using one of my spare ones from my old Lara Croft cosplay.

Spotted one the other day in a local fancy dress shop that would be perfect. It needs a repaint and some decoration added. Because it is quite a bit bigger than the one I have been using I will need to make it a holster as well.

Whilst packing up to move house I found the sword broken. I remembered that it broken during a previous house move and I had intended on fixing it. Having a closer look I think it will be easier to remake it.

Have finished sewing all the panels together for the skirt. I did go with a textured center panel in the front but decided it didn't work for what I wanted so I'm taking it out and putting in a panel of the same material as the rest of the skirt.

Once that is done then its onto the waistband. I'll be doing a 2 part one. Part elastic, part fitted so that if I do have any weight gain/loss that it will still fit me.

The pattern I had been using for the jacket isn't one I had used before so I had no idea how it was going to look. Sadly, the collar is awful. It doesn't sit right and pulls on the neckline really badly. Test ran it on a mock up and it is definitely a fault in the pattern design. So I've design a new collar. Sadly, the old collar has messed up the neckline so I can't just attach the new collar. I'm going to have to remake the whole top half. Thankfully it comes in two halves and the sleeves are easy to rescue. Hopefully, it shouldn't take too long to remake.

I have a old bow somewhere which will be good for the base. It will be made into a non-functioning bow to comply with weapons laws of the con. That and I'm a really good shot so best for not to have a functioning bow XD. It will have elastic so that I can do the right poses with the ability for the arrows to added digitally later in photos.

I have found my old Han Solo wig which could work. Just needs styling.

I decided that even though I enjoyed wearing a dress at Kitacon's Ball I would much prefer to be in crossplay. So for Amecon's Ball I'll be looking to get Tavington fixed up (minus the sword). I've been wanting a chance to rewear him again for better photos and Keele Hall would be a brilliant setting (if I get the chance to photograph there).

Finishing the choker by adding beads to decorate the velvet band. I wanted something a little extra but not too drastic so the beads are kept quite small. These were hand sewn on. Sorry about the blur of the photo.

Setting up the velvet band of the choker ready to attach the Cameo. The band itself was brought. I have then sealed the ends and have added fastenings on the ends. I've hand sewn them on and made sure that they are really secure.

Painting the cameo. This is done by starting with a black base coat and then dry brushing on the colours. I do several layers to make the colours really pop. Once its dry I then seal it with a clear hardcoat varnish. Its is then ready to be added to the velvet band.

The necklace starting point. The centre cameo pieces. Getting them set up. I've brought the parts separately. I've sanded the face piece to fit the frame. They are then glued together.

My brother found some fabric in his stock that he thought would work well for this so he has offered to me. Keen to make a start on this I've been putting together the choker. I'll be making one of my cameos like I did for Madam Red and then adding it to a piece of velvet that will be made stronger.

I have seen a wig a like for it which I hope to order very soon.

Managed to get most of it completed bar the props(sword and dagger) and the rings. When it came to the actual day it turned out to be massive on me. Only the jacket fitted me XD. Even the binder was far too big. So I did look a bit big in it. Shame the 'Charming' hairstyle in the wig got crushed in transit. With the amount of hairspray that was in it there was no way I could easierly restyle.

However, I did have an amazing time being the Kingslayer and loved every second of being part of the Thrones group. Definitely wearing him again. I will be wearing him at LFCC with hopefully the completed swords and the size adjustments done.

Final piece to be done on the jacket, the clasp. The main piece was cut from Sintra using a Dremel multi-tool. It was sanded and slightly curved with a heat gun so that it sat comfortably on me. I cut out a lion head in mounting board and glued it to the centre. Once it was fully dry I then painted it with acrylic paint and sealed it with spray varnish. It was then attached to the jacket.

Close up of the collar showing where it needs adjusting.

Please excuse derp face and bad photogarphy. I'm using my camera phone.

Did have a moment of hilarity when I made my Brother nearly spit out his tea. The fabric for the main body is leatherette/pleather. As I was sewing one of the sleeves I remarked that I was going to 'smell of wellies' XD XD.

Once the side panels were completed it was on to making the main body. As it is to be fully lined I did the outside first to see the fit and to see what might need adjusting. It ended up a bit long and the collar is a little long. I can adjust these as I fit the lining.

I managed to complete to outer layer fairly quickly.

Please excuse derp face and bad photo quality. I was using my phone.

Finally made a start on the jacket. I was late in getting the fabric so unfortunately will have to do 'flying by the seat of the pants' sewing to get it done in time.

Started first with the side panels. They had to be sewn one panel at a time. This proved quite time consuming but the effect does work.

Close up of the trousers showing the front zip fly. I just need to add the waist band button and then they are fully complete.

Please forgive the poor photography. Was using my phone.

April 2012.

The trousers. These are fully tailored hand made trousers that took me roughly three hours to do. They are made from a heavy suedette so they have double seams on the back and inside leg for extra toughness.

Please forgive the poor photography. Was using my phone.

April 2012

Completed shirt that will be worn under the jacket. Its a pirate style shirt that was put together in under two hours. Its all been properly finished so that its quite strong. Its been made from a natural cotton to have the right look and to be comfortable under the jacket.

Please forgive the poor photography. Was using my phone.

April 2012

Getting some progress done on the jacket. The top half is put together with the two pocket flaps (Oh! so many pocket flaps XD). The trim is being added as I go. I'm making adjustments as I go as currently I'm fluctuating quite a lot in weight. Thankfully, the pattern I had chosen is good at allowing me chances to adjust without slowing me down too much.

The completed rosary. I had completed it a while a go but haven't had chance to take pics of it until now.

This was an extremely low budget prop project as I didn't have much spare budget at the time. My previous rosary had broke and I didn't have much time to make a replacement. I am pleased with how it turned out. Might re-build it properly at a later date when I have more time to put into it. I would much prefer to have made it more detailed.

The center piece is made from a spare piece of Sintra/Foamlux PVC left over from Abel's armour. I shaped it using a Dremel multi-tool. I then added the details in craft foam. The necklace parts where made from a plastic tube that was cut into sections. Each piece then had Wonderflex added (left over from Abel's Pauldron) to create the right shape then Milliputt modeling putty finished each one. They were connected together with a strong piece of cord. The cross itself was made from thin pieces of Sintra with details added in light weight plastic sheeting. Gems finished the look. The whole piece was then sealed with a couple of layers of PVA glue mix (1:1 with water). Finally it was painted with dry brushing on gold over a black primer. It was then finished with acrylic varnish.

The whole piece took about four to five days to make.

Finally made some progress on the wig. I used the same wig as I used for Raphael. I used hot water to clean it and reset it. I'm now in the process of styling the wig so it matches.

Decided to work on the dagger first to test if how I want to make the sword will work. Currently making a template then I'll be cutting about 3 to 4 layers of Sintra. I'll glue those together then sand/carve the detail into it.

Not looking forward to all the filigree XD.

Spend a large part of yesterday getting these bad boys done. They are made from silver pvc cut into the right shape with red cotton velvet glued underneath. They have been spot glued in place to save the velvet from moving too much when they are attached to the cassock. They may not look like much at the moment. I'm hoping that when they are appliquéd on to the cassock they will look much better.

Just done a test to see what colours would work on me. She does wear quite a bit of pink which I'm not fond of. I did have one that did work which was a dusky pink. I used that on the lids and then a red under the eyes. I found that if I kept to the pink on its own I looked odd.

The hair is my own. I did accidently cut my fringe too short but thankfully it will grow out quite quickly. The red stripe was added with hair mascara. I will be adding hair extensions at some point.

The contact lenses are Nuada's which I love as they aren't a block colour. I didn't end up putting on false lashes as I couldn't get them to stick. Might not use them.

Over all, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Making a start today by patterning up the undershirt. The shirt is going to be a basic pirate shirt made out spare fabric so that it can be used for other things.

Yesterday I managed to find a perfect trim. Sadly there wasn't quite enough in stock. Thankfully, the awesome shop that I go to kindly let me have the reel it came off so I could order some more. I have enough to make a start so hopefully I can get cracking ;).

Hope to do make-up and hair test very shortly.

Nearly done on the rosary. Its no where near as detailed as I would have liked but very little time and budget it will have to do. I'm most likely to replace it at a later date when I have a better budget and time.

Planning on doing a photo-shoot with Yazoo since I don't have any decent shots of this costume (I have none at all on deviantart). Thought might use the chance to finally make the weapon and tidy up the costume. I can also use Sephiroth's contacts which I didn't have before. Hopefully, it will all turn out well.

Just finished the final touch ups on the cuffs and I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Now to work on the neck cuff and belt.

Progress went well on these. Here is a pic showing the detail being added before painting. I used jewellery beads for the decoration. Velcro is added as a way to attach to the costume.

Taking a break from sewing to start work on the armour cuffs.

I'm using my material of choice Sintra/foam PVC sheet. I've cut out two pieces with my Dremel and then shaped them to fit nicely on the jacket cuff. I used a heat gun to help with shaping. Once cooled I then sand them to give a smooth finish.

Then its decorating time.

Pic shows cut piece near the bottom that has yet to be shaped. Near it is the other piece that has been shaped ready for sanding. Next to that is the glass jar I use to help mould smaller pieces. I always use white as its easier to mark where I want the cut line to be.

My brother got hold of a really good jacket pattern in a sale that was a much better shape than the one I had so I'll combine both patterns together. Currently setting the pattern pieces ready to do a test run before cutting it out in the main fabric.

I have loved building this costume and have worn it more times than I thought I would.

Its now time to retire it as it currently is. It needs so much repair work that I have decided to do a revamp instead. Some pieces are being remade for a new version that will hopefully benefit from more armour making experience (this was my second only set of armour, first working with Wonderflex).

I'm happy how this turned out and have had some great memories with this version of Abel.

This isn't the end of this costume. More a break and refresh. I'm looking forward to working on him again soon.

Thanks to my amazing brother, I has belt! He looked at the ref images and decided I needed something with an apple on it so he kindly made a belt for me on the Thurs prior to the con. He did a brilliant job. Thanks little bro! X

Due to real life busyness I'm bringing Hojo to Oct Expo. For this I hope to set him up with a wig as the hair spray is annoying.

I also hope to have the ID card done finally as well as some stage magics ;)

Been working on the jacket today. Didn't get as far as I would have liked yesterday due to ill health but managed to carry on today. Was two minds whether to drop to a single breasted jacket as I tend not to suit double. I will see how it looks when the jacket is done.

Pic shows main body done minus sleeves. Lining and trim are next.

Manged to finish necktie and shirt today. Bit of a throw together rush job on the necktie but overall pleased with how both it and the shirt looks.

Pic shows both with the broach.

Thanks to my little Bro I now have hat. Its a basic straw cowboy style hat with a decorated band. I will be changing the band just prior to Aya.

I thought I work on something quite easy while I recover from a bruised diaphragm.

As I don't have time to make a shirt from scratch I'm adjusting a shop brought one (from George in Asda). I'm adding some lace to the collar and cuffs. This lace will be then used on the neck scarf/tie.

Pic shows - Lace prepped for adding to the cuff.

Robe is nearly complete. Ended up with the fur being just a bit too wide so will be reducing that down.

I'll have to wait until after the event to complete the jacket and shirt as I had other commitments that I've had to do. Luckily I have a great jacket and shirt that will work until I get the correct ones sorted (which I'll do for a photo shoot after LFCC 2011).

Finally getting around to making the correct robes for this costume. I've been using the 'Chamber of Secrets' robes when ever I have worn this up to now. I thought this would be a good chance to finally make them.

Started to cut out the pattern when I noticed that I didn't have quite enough of the really lush black velvet that I wanted to use so I'll have to switch to the less poncy cotton based fabrics. Lucius would disprove XD.

I was asked to be a costumed character for Magna Movie Day in Rotherham. I was originally meant to do Prince Nuada but failing health meant I needed an easier costume to get into. Remembering that I was working on this I decided that it was perfect as a replacement.

(pictured is when I wore it to Collectormaina)

I won't have time to complete the correct robes and jacket so I will be wearing the 'Chamber of Secrets' robe and jacket.

For the waistcoat I did fully line it to make sure it would sit right and give it good weight to hang right. Its longer at the front than at the back to allow access to my trouser pockets.

Have completed both waistcoat and broach. Both have turned out well. The broach I won't be able to photograph as my camera is a bit crap.

The waistcoat I love as I made it in a lovely jaquard fabric that has a subtle gothic design running through it. I couldn't match the snake print from the actually one without it looking too cheesy. So decided to go with the gothic route. I think it turned out will. Pics to come soon.

Starting working on a necklace for AJ. I decided against the neck-tie as I have an overactive thyroid which means my throat area looks swollen. My bro and I thought a necklace would be the best way to solve that problem.

Began by cutting out an apple shape from 2mm thick Cintra/foamlux. I will then add edging to it to make it stand out. The apple will then be added to a black lace to look like a cowboy style lace.

This is taking longer than originally planned as I'm trying to get the fit and look right. I'm trying to add curves where I have none and its proving a bit tricky. Most likely to add a reasonably sized bustle pad to give me a fabulous Victorian arse XD XD

I debated whether or not to post my early costumes as quite a few I no longer have. But since Doctor Who is growing in popularity again I thought I would share a couple of my old Doctor Who costumes.

Due to life chaos again I've had to lower the budget of this costume to very low. Its now mainly going to be a closet cosplay.

I have found a shirt that will be perfect for this so I will be working it into the design. I forgot I still had it as it was part of another costume from ages ago.

As it will be Lord of The Rings film 10th anniversary this year (2011) I've decided to re-wear my Legolas as often as possible.

I'm going to use the chance to finally finish the stuff I wanted to do on him for years like replace the leg and wrist leather armour and build the white knives.

I actually started this a while part but got a little side tracked with other costumes/commission work.

I'm now working on it again. I went for doing a basic long lined jacket that has traditional Victorian back paneling. I'm hoping to get some pockets in the front so that I'll have plenty of carrying space. I'm suing a gorgeous dress velvet that I got cheap a couple of years back. I'm making it so that I can use it as a non-costume jacket as well.

Well,, at least the first part is XD.

I finished it with spray varnish.

Hopefully the second part will match the first half (now to find a tiny cross).

Now its the start of the armour *dreads*

Now that all the details have been done its now time to paint.

I use a base primer and then paint with Games Workshop acrylic paints. I use my dry brushing method that I use on armour to make it really pop.

Now have added most of the details. I have decided to do this in two parts for ease of transport so the center piece has velcro added for the second piece.

Began adding all the details to the base box file that will become the BOOK O' DOOOMM.

I'm using mounting board for all the base shapes and jewellery beads to add dimension.

After having to delay starting this for over a month (due to work load) I can finally say that I have started this.

Began working on the book today. I'm setting up the base shape before piling on the details. Not sure if I can build a teeny Jesus so I might have to try and find one (any suggestions?!?).

I also started working on the smaller cross patches for the cassock.

My brother has been kind enough to help with this. I've not had much luck finding a shirt with the right type of collar style. I don't have much free time to make a shirt from scratch so my brother has offered to alter a shirt for me. Hes already done a couple before so I know he'll do an awesome job.

Thanks little bro (Deppalike) ;)

Madam Red wig and make-up test

Make-up is mainly Clinique. I had intended to test with some false eyelashes but the lash glue had dried out. When the costume is finished I'll be hopefully wear some red contacts to finish off the look.

Wig is a cheap fancy dress wig that I have cut and styled myself (see more entries in journal). I have also added in some low-lights to add depth.

I've finished adding the low-lights. Now its on to the styling. I went with a much longer wig so I could get the correct length on me. Due to my high hair line most wigs with fringes/bangs can be too short.

I measure where I want the length on me marking with some clips. Then put it back on the wig head to cut it. I cut it in sections first doing it gradually so that I don't mess it up.

Now the low-lights look great and I'm pleased with the result. Still not completely happy with the fringe I think it needs a bit more work before its worn.

Now that I'm happy with the colour of the low-light effect I now add it to the wig.

Selecting small sections I colour using the brown Sharpie pen. I start from the underneath and then work to the top. I do more sections underneath to add a gradual effect.

Sadly, the photo hasn't come out well. You can just about see the progress.

I decided to add low-lights to add a bit of depth to the wig. I thought it ended up being too bright so I thought it would help calm it down a little bit.

I test ran with a purple and a brown Sharpie pens. The result of the brown I liked more so I went with that.

Photo shows how the wig originally looked.

15 meters of silver bias tape is on order so it all begins. I went with a less shiny one this time as I felt the one I had on my other Abel was too 70's disco, less epic art-book pretty. Once I have the tape then I can start work on the robe as I have enough left over from the previous Abel :D

Starting to plan this now as I can foresee that this costume could take some time to build.

I thought about using a box folder as a base that way it should remain reasonably sturdy. I'll then build the book design around that using a combo of cardboard and craft foam.

Starting setting up the pattern today ready fro staring hopefully later on or tomorrow. I've got this lovely forest green soft suedette that will work for it. I must remember to leave slots for the wings XD

Started work on the jacket yesterday. Its all cut out ready for sewing.

I went with a base patten that I adjusted to match the shape of Madam Red's. It will be tailored to give me a more lady like look. It will be fully lined for comfort. I've chosen cotton suiting as the fabric as it was cheap, lightweight and easy to maintain as it requires minimal ironing.

Both parts were then painted with acrylics and then sealed with car spray varnish.

The cane/wand build took about 5 days from start to finish and cost £5 in materials.

Then about two months later Noble Collection release the offical prop replica grrr!!! Oh well, I still have mine and I use her to this day (she even has a name, Selena).

More sanding. Took six hours in total to sand as I wanted the head to be as smooth as possible.

The two rows of studs are cut up pieces of drinking straws filled with Miliputt.
Once the head/wand piece was done I let it dry fully for 24 hours. While that was drying I worked on the cane part. The main body is made from an old mop. The end was sanded and a base from my Games Workshop figure collection was added. It was then sanded.

Finally found something that I can use for the base of the scythe. I would have built from scratch but after Amecon 2010's disaster with Abel's scythe breaking I thought it would be better to have a more solid base to work with.

I found a cheap Halloween scythe in a sale for a couple of quid that splits in to three parts. I hope to build the design around it. I also brought a cheap skeleton to help decorate it. Now on to the build :D

In sorting out some discs I've found I came across some of the original photos of the cane being made back in 2004. I thought I would add them to this costume profile so that you can see how I built it from scratch.

The head piece was made by cutting a piece of wood dowelling. Then it was drilled into. The wand piece was then glued into the drill hole. The wand had been whittled from an old arrow. Once that was dry I then began adding Miliputt to create the snake head. Small beads were added to create the eyes. Two swords from my Games Workshop figure collection were used for teeth. Once I was happy with the base shape I then hand shaded for about six hours (yikes!) to get a really smooth shape.

Photography isn't great as I had a very old camera at the time.

This is going to be a costume project that I will build in between other costumes until I decide on a date for her. I would love to get her done ready for the spring as I would love to do a spring themed photoshoot.

Just remembered.

A while back when I posted the Horatio photo shoot by Silver on facebook I linked it to David Caruso's profile (I was a friend of his at the time). He really liked the photo/costume.

So made up with that.

I have since had to quickly screen grab the page as he's now had to delete his fb account due to some idiot fan messing about.

After a bit of thought I decided to add a piece to my costume. Mainly as a way to keep the cravat/tie secure I decided to create a broach. I also used it as a chance to have a play with some broach parts I've been meaning to have a go with.

I brought the base pieces from 'The Bead Shop' in Afflecks Palace. I then put the pieces together. I then painted the design with dry brushing all the layers of red to make the rose really pop.

I'm so pleased on how it turned out. I'm thinking about making more just for fun.

After starting this in 2008 I can now finally say its done. Other than repair work there is nothing more that needs doing.

I'm so pleased on how its all came out. I have learnt so much through making this. I got to try out Wonderflex and to really practise my armour making with this.

There are bits that I would love to remake as I'm not 100% happy with it. The arrows (I would like to try resin casting) and the scythe.

The scythe sadly died prior to me going up for my entry slot at the Amecon cosplay comp. As I was putting the parts together I heard an almighty crack from the centre. the tube that was acting as its core had broken. The craft foam literally held it together enough for it to last the day. So in most pics of the masq I do have a paniced look on my face. its due to me willing for the whole thing to not collapse. XD

This is now my favourite costumne to date. Not only for all the things I got to do but also how easy it is to get into. I also like how much it suits me as I can use my own hair and glasses.

Finally after a while all the armour is now complete. The armour for the left arm was the last to be done. I never got the chance to finish it for Ayacon last year so I decided for this version to get it 100% complete.

The two pieces are cut from Cintra/foamex using a Dremel multitool. They are then hand shaped using a heat gun. They are then sanded with the sanding bit of my Dremel. Finally finished with craft foam decoration, two pieces of shiny elastic and the dry brushing with acrylic paint. It is then sealed with spray varish.

Now have completed wings. Just done the base coat.

I had to change the plan of them slightly. I had wanted them to be able to come down into three bits (two wings and the back plate) but the attachments weren't working. The wings are 90% craft foam and 10% plastic so they are soft and flexible.

Nearly finished on the wings. They just need painting. Did have a classic Abel moment last night where I had hot glued one of the winsg to the table. Luckerly, I managed to resucue both.

Now onto the nightmare that is the sycthe. I have already encountered a problem with it that I hope I can fix with some cintra. The centre section of the head pieces isn't strong wnough to hold the weight of the blades so I'm going to have to renforce it.

Have finished the Cintra/Foamex base. Now onto the craft foam. I have delibrately not heated the cintra base so that its still flexible. Each 'bone' wing is glued to a piece of plastic boning and then glued to the wing. The edges are then covered with sections of craft foam.

Due to time restrictions (trying to pack for a housemove and building costumes don't go together) I won't be able to make it as detailed as I would like.

Glue gun has decided to die on me. I'm hoping to fix it but it has put me a day or so behind.

Well, made a start on the replacement heads for the sycthe yesterday. But then the cardboard proved not strong enough to hold the shape so I looked at posssibly using some of my cintra/foamex to reenforce it.

Chaos srikes!! I can't find my cutting bit for my Dremel. Its the only one I have so after a long search last night I had to go and buy a replacement today. While, I figure out the sycthe I started on the wings.

I cut out the wing base and back piece out of cintra/foamex. i'll then be adding the details and feathers out of craft foam.

After making what seems like an endless line of pleats, I'm nearly at the finish line with the bottom half of the costme. The main skirt is complete and is quite full. The front apron jsut needs the waistband soing and the the back half skirt is done.

I jsut need to make the bustle and we are nearly there.

Once that is done then its the jacket and the hat to complete.

I love love my local fabric place. Managed to find all the red fabric I need for about a £1 a meter. then on top of that they had a sale discout so i got the lot for about £4. So happy with that.

I hope to start sewing this evening.

Brought the materials for the hat yesterday. Since I couldn't find one that wasn't over priced I decided to make one.

I read Angelphie's method of doing one that she did for her Beauxbuton stundent and decided that its a good method to try. I did look online for other tutorials as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure it out and make a start.

Then made some progress.

This doesn't look like a hat at the moment. This is the dome/crown part of the hat being moulded. Currently this is the first layer. Stretched felt over a hat mould. Then a layer of pva glue to strengthen it. Brim is going to be done next.

Thank you to Angelphie for her hat making method.

Although this will be for all of my Abel costumes I'm going to be doing the WIP journal and pics here.

Started on the roasry while I wait for my brother to resupply my Armour matrieals for Cain/Sephiroth. I've made all the links individuallly out of plastic tubing. I have then added thin strips of Wonderflex which are then covered with Milliput.

I have now just finished cutting the centerpiece that sits near the top. It is made from Foamex PVC (Cintra). Even for its size I found it not to bad to cut. I cut it using my awesome Dremel multitool and then shaped the spikes with the sanding bit of my Dremel.

The next step is to re-build Lillith's cross. This might be fiddly due to the amount of detail on it. My old one is now falling apart (I'm not going to use fibre glass again for detailed prop work).

Once that is done its then painting and finishing.

(sorry for poor photo quality my camera is dying)

Other than replaceing the lockets and making some boot straps I've decided that this is more of less complete.

I may improve the jacket at a later date as I don't like the way the back sits.

This is one of my fav characters to costume. Not one of my favs to wear as hes surprisingly hot and the nails are a pain.

I do love him as a character and hope to get to waer him more.

Planned photoshoot is coming.

Mainly did this for a photoshoot with Silver and boy! what a photoshoot.

It turned out to be so awesome and fun. The setting worked really well and we were blessed with great weather. Did a better make-up job than I did at Cylon Attack.

Although by the evening I was all punned out!! XD XD

Mirka was an interesting costume to wear. I felt strange wearing it as its so opposite what I would normally cosplay/wear. It was a little uncomfortable to wear as it had to be quite fitted in places.

I did like how the make-up and hair went. Not so sure about the rest of the outfit. The top needs some work as it just wasn't sitting right. Armour was okay but not my best.

I'm treating this as complete as its pretty much finished. It still has a couple of pieces to add but they are small and will be added at a later date.

comfy costume was comfy. Was very hot to wear through. It was interesting that I used parts of my very first costume (made 18 years ago) to complete it. So gald that the holster is still alive after all these years.

Not sure if anyone reconised the character but I'm not sure how opoular 'Priest' is. It dose work as a generic Steampunk outfit. ;)

The progress on Mirka has been very slow as the fabric is proving a pain to pin. So its looking very unlikely that she'll be complete for Minami. I'll still wear her as she is mostly done.

I'll try and get her finished for a photoshoot afterwards.

Now a part I am familiar with doing XD

Have now cut out and moulded all the parts. Just need to sort out the fasternings and then its ready for painting.

Nearly done on the skirt panels. Had a slight hold up as I've run out of gold trim. Underestimated how much I would need.

I'm going to work on the armour pieces in the meantime. Due to me having two fracted ribs that healed incorrectly, I'll be modifing the breat plate slightly. I'll just have a tummy panel with no cups. The cups will dig into where the injury is so would make it extremally uncomfortable to wear. Luckerly no two Thores drawings are the same so I can get away with slight adjustments.

Thanks to bro, Deppalike, and his collection of flintlocks I now have a gun thats more like the pics. I was just going to go with a basic gun but I kept looking at the pic feeling that I wanted to a be a bit closer to the pic since all the costume is old cosplay parts from other costumes and own clothes. So my borther is lending me one his lighter plastic ones. ;)

Well, have just completed probarly the girliest prop ever for one of my costumes XD

The idea of wrapping gold ribbon round it to closely match the ref didn't go quite accoding to plan as the glue refused to stick the ribbon to the foamlux. Instead, it did a rather good job of sticking to me. So in the end I had to tape it down. To hide the tape I added more flowers than I planned too.

Currantly working on my headband. I brought a basic cheap headband from Claire's accessories. I then cut a piece from some of my Foamlux PVC sheeting (width 3mm). I then hot glued it to the head band. I'm now in the process of finishing it.

Note, the foamlux I use I get in a white so I can see where I've marked and then a prime spray it in black when its cut and shaped.

Finish a somewhat pink and floaty skirt. Managed to rreduce the hips quite successfully without loosing the shape. I still want it to lok like I have more curves than I actually have as Mirka is quite curvy (will have to majorly pad for boobs).

The skirt was the easy part O_o

Now on to the fiddly and more complex parts, the panels and top as well as all the armour.

Finally made a start on the actual sewing part. I haven't sewn this much pink in a very long long time. XD

Did hit a slight snag. The pattern clearly wasn't designed for someone like me in mind, it has hips. Lol! Will fix it (takes off several inches in the hip area).

I really wanted to get into doing more location shots for my cosplays. For Abel I have one perfect right outside my front door. An abandorned church that looks quite old and gothic.

As it snowed quite heaverly my brother and I decided to make use of it and head out for a mini Anime Abel shoot.

Unfortunatly it went dark stupidally fast so the church can't be clearly seen in any of the shots.

I'll be hopefully trying again once the Artbook Abel is finished as its such a lovely location.

The violin featured is a family heirloom that I inherited from my Grandmother.

For the Telford expo I decided to wear this as I ran out of time to complete the reaper version. I took the oppotunity to complete the necklace and get better nails. Success!

Now all I need to do to complete him is boot buckles and new lockets and then he'll be finished. At which point I can do a full photoshoot.

Found some really perfect fabric for this that was really cheap (in sale) so I might be able to get this done early. Yeeeee! It will be ace to have a date for this.

Although I did complete the locket belt for Oct Expo I wasn't happy with it. I had a look in the Bead Shop (Manchester's Affleck's Palace) and found some perfect locket frames that will work. I jsut need to fill in the middle and get a new chain. So hopefully, next time I wear him he'll have really awesome lockets.

I don't believe it!!! I lost one of my gloves at Expo. Didn't notice until i unpacked Abel's box the other day. I'll have to make some new ones.

I'll probarly won't go as detailed like I did with the last ones. I spent four hours per cross only to loose one :(

Oh well, its very Abel. Lol!

Although the scythe is still needing a rework I've decided that this is pretty mu7ch complete. The scythe will be repaired and reworked for the 80% Crusnik version which is now listed as a seperate costume as I'll be adding wings and red contacts.

I've managed to get an early start with this as I have most of it already.

I also managed to find in my fabric stock some smexy black velvet that will work well as his jacket. The jacket I had planned to wear got damaged in my house move.

I hope to get started on this soon as well as the scythe.

Just come back from the con and had an absolute blast being Horatio. It was one of my most comfy costumes ever (except the wig) and it had POCKETS!!!! woot!.

The only downsides where that we lost a memeber of the group so there were only three of us in the end. Still made for fab pics.

Also, my liquid latex had set. Even though it was fine when I check it a few days before the event it had somehow set (quite possibly that its had gotten too cold in the car). So I couldn't do the full FX aging make-up I was going to do. I had to go back to basics and do some aging make-up with lines and shadfow work. Next time I wear him i'll do the full FX make-up.

Horatio and the group went down well. I even got pics taken by people who hated the character lol!

Went into town again since my option to get one delievered turned out to be a bit of a nightmare due to a bit of confusion with me bank.

Managaed to find a wig that was a great colour match and was a skin top so I could style the parting how I choose. The major downsie is that it was too my shoulders. None of the wig places in Manchester had anything shorter. Due to the length and quality and that it had a skin top it ended up being more than I budgeted for. At least as its a high quality wig it should make styling okay.

So as you can imagine I have every intention of wearing this costume more than once.

After procastinating for a while (didn't want to harm pretty wig). I managed to finally cut it and styke it. Took over an hour to do. I had forgotten how much hard work it takes to layer hair. I used my default styling spray TresEmme Extra Hold Salon finish (that I used on Abel).

I just hope that I don't look like a dork when its finally on me.

Attempted to get a wig today. I went to my usual shopping street in Manchester (Oldham Road, where there is everything a cosplayer needs). Went into the wig places that where there. Now this is where I got my Raphael/Tidus wig from with no problems. But today was a complete disaster.

Trying to explain red/ginger hair to them was torture. It dosen't help that pretty much all shop peeeps hardly spoke a words of english. Nearly all kept showing me blond ones. Then they kept tryng sell me ones that were waaayyyyy too long (I want a chin/shoulder one that I'll then be cutting/styling like I did with Raphael). Although great quality wigs. They were way beyond my budget at $45. After going into four shops I gave up.

I think next time I'll go in with a picture. *head desk*

Due to the RozenCreuz Orden group having to pull out of Oct 2009 Expo this will be moved to another event.

Not sure which event yet. I'll update once I have possible dates. I have some of the fabric already so I may just get started on her anyway.

Since my major disasters with my Cain Undertaker will now be my replacement costume for Expo.

I have a new hat for him and I might try and get his jewellry bits finished.

Well, house move come and gone. No sign of my blue shirt so I'll have to change the outfit plan (My ex appears to of shirt-napped it).

Luckerly, my brother has a shirt that matches one of the black striped shirts he wears in Season 6.

Due to an unplanned house move and a really complex costume build for Expo this has now been definatly put back til Starfury:Cylon Attack in November. I couldn't spare the fund to get the wig so unfortunatly he won't be done in time to join the NCIS group for Oct expo. Sorry Rach XX

After having a look at various Kuroshitsuji cosplayers on deviantart and I've decided to change this back to a 'in progress' cosplay as I want to make it better.

I want to see if I can hide my eyes better. When I wore this for Aya I had a very short fringe so couldn't hide my eyes well enough. I'll probarly add more exntions next wear as he dose have a lot of hair.

I would love to do the boot straps and the locket belt and perhaps the scythe prop.

I have a photoshoot planned and it would nice to have him better for that.

Due to the delay with having to shrink the breeches I ended up rushing the sword.

I decided with all my recent ill health to not make the sword from scratch but to build apon a base. Found a cheap toy sword in my random prop box. Removed hilt and handle. Found a better handle. Glued that to the blade. Then built up the hilt using wonderflex. I decided to keep it quite thin that way its still has some flex to it to keep it con safe. I then decorated it using craft foam. All was then sealed with pva glue. Then finished with acrylic paint.

Tomorrow I'll be doing the final varish.

Well, managed to finish the breeches. They took a bit longer to do than I hoped. Mainly because I forgot I have no hips or bum so i had to take out loads at the back. I also had forgotten how fiddly it was to do proper breeches.

Still they are done and I'm quite happy with them except they are still slightly too big. As the fabric has no give thats not a prob.

Jacket and hat are now done. Have sorted out scawl. So its just down to the fiddley bits. Also deciding whether or not to make to tops that go underneath or see if I can buy them.

After a bad brought of heart trouble I was able to get the fabric today. I hope to quite a bit of it over the weekend.

With no sleep and a cold I thought better way to beat it than have a random make-up test.

* Elf ears are not stuck down. Decided as it was only a test not to waste any liquid latex.
* Make-up more blended than before. Especially the lip area. After all he is a 'dude' elf.
* Ran out of 'Stargazer' white powder so the blending on the white base isn't as good as it can be.
* Please excuse my crappy hair. Half my frindge is now only two inches short thanks to 'BleachGate'.

Woot! Behold my elfy manlyness!

It appears that theres a weapon length restriction at LFCC so I can't take the spear with me. Even though I plan to make it so that it retracts it will still be too long.

So I'll be making the smaller sword instead for LFCC.

The spear will be made at a later date.

The cop sheild and belt clip is cming soon. Its my brother's actual body guard one. A friend of mine has it and hopefully we'll have it soon for pics.

However, just had heart attack when my brother told me how much its actually worth. Its worth £150. Which means once its on me it stays on me the entire time I'm wearing the outfit. Its because it is an actual body guard badge and the belt clip is US police issue.

I finally will have the correct eye colour. Managed to get some in the wildeyez range that will work for him. They are yellow with a dark edge so that it will add to the evil look of him. I was going to go for gold but I struggled to find any in my rpice range. I will try them out soon.

Thanks to my brother we've found the perfect sunglasses. He uses a site for his Depp glasses and found some Horatio ones. We weren't sure how close they would be. But they were quite chepa so we thought we would get them anyway. They arrived and are fab!

I'm feeling all the one liners and cop posing go though me as I wear them. lol!

The gloves are now completed. I ended up changing to the fabric gloves as hand embroidering leather proved to be tricker than I thought.

Mangaged to score some belt leather of my brother which hopefully will work for the over the sholder section of the belt.

Sadly, as much as I loved the old one I had to replace it. The fabric I had chosen which although very beautiful was very fragile. It needed replacing. Also I had lost so much weight that it was hanging off me wrong.

Found a rather nice chinese print duchess satin. I hand painted the dragon design to its orginal gold to the blood red. I then lined it with lining. It fits me well and I loved how its turned out. Shame that I'm now going to jhave to shrink the rest of the costume.

Got the gloves and started on the applique on the back of them. Its tricky working in leather so I'm being very careful. I do have to keep stopping to re-moasture my hands as leather can really dry the hands out whilst working by hand. I hope to work on the belt next.

The rosary will hopefully be complete in the next couple of days. I'm finishing it for the artbook AX. I can then use it for any of his other outfits.

While I do more complex costumes (Safer Sephiroth) I did start Horatio in between bits drying. I've started his ID badge. Using a rather old Paint Shop Pro (can't afford photo bucket and PSP is just as good) I've got the layout done. Now just tyding it up ready for printing and then putting into the badge holder.

This seems too easy in comparison to my other cosplays (Seph and Abel). Of course, this is before I do all the make-up and hair.

Have finished both jacket abd shirt. Shirt went together really quickly. Jacket, however, took much longer as I stupidally chose dress velvet for all the applique. So it kept moving as I was attaching it. I couldn't attach it with heat as it would ruin the fabric so I had to do it by hand and then machine around the edges. It took a while but i'm so pleased with the result.

Now to find my brother's camera so I can pose piccies.

Sword hopefully will be started soon.

These parts turned out to be quite tricky as they were some of the smallest pieces to the costume. The plates were built in the same way as the armour pieces while the cross was built out of Wonderflex. All where painted using the dry brushing technique.

Photo is of the finished pieces on the unfinished costume.

Yeap, just about to cut out 64 arrowheads for Abel. Will do the base out of left over Wonderflex (easy to shape small pieces) and then detail with funny foam sheets. I must be insane. Mind you, I did kinda guess that this costume might make me a bit bonkers. Lol!

Fianlly started sewing today. Quite quite alot done thanks to my lovely overlocker. I decided because I have no hips or boobs that I would choose a pattern that would shape me to a more female shape. Yes, it meant more talioring but hopefully it will mean that I'll look more like Cassidy. So it has extra pannels in to taper at the waist. I'm also making it such that if I have time I can make a corset to go underneath to really get the shape. I'm allowing room in my bust area to allow for padding.

Hopefully the end result will work.

Finished two more pieces of bling today. One particular piece I've absolutely adore. The AX shoulder badge. To create this piece I thought back to my Games Workshop nerd past (when I used to paint and convert 35mm roleplay figures).

So with a steady hand and lots of coffee I managed to build it with out too much mishap. I also managed to keep to the theme of recyling crap in my house. The main dome part was created using an Easter egg carton.

Yay!! cosplay-gasum!

I have finsihed the robe. It took some time to get all the eyeletts in (there are 64). I ended up re-doing the collar as the first one just didn't sit right. All I will need to do is put on all the velcro ready for all the TB bling.

The only thing I didn't like is that I ran out of gold eyeletts part way through. I got some more to complete the robe but the make I used to get isn't being produced any more. As eyeletts are impossible to remove without destroying the fabric I'm going have to okay with half the eyeletts not matching. Luckily with Abel I can get away with it.

I have no shots of the robe completed.

I did complete the armour cuffs in pretty much the same way that I had done the arm piece so I have a test shot here.

Have set up the pattern and have cut out the fabric. While I wait for pieces of Abel to dry I'll be putting this together. Go go, first female cosplay in a while.

Completed some more of the armour pieces. Decided that what I had done so far wasn't looking worn enough (too shiny and new) so I tried a different paint job. My many years as a table top role play gamer has become useful. Since 1989 I've collected Games Workshop figures and learnt to paint and build the 35mm range. So I used the dry brushing method I learnt from that. The result is much better.

Started on both the jacket and the top today. Both are being made from fabric from stock so that I can keep the budget low.

I originally choice this version of Raphael so I can have a simple costume to wear at the same event as complex artbook Trinity Blood costumes. I was a bit wrong! The jacket has more detail than I thought. It includes applique on the back. Bummer. Oh well!

Did come to a slight halt when I ran out of eyeletts for the sleeves. So while I wait before I get more I'll start work on the armour pieces. Of which there is only three small pieces.

I hope to start work on the delayed stunt demo that was meant to go with the cosplay for Starfury Battlestar. I hope to be allowed to perform it at May Expo if not it will be videod instead.

I'll be starting with the body conditioning to get ready for the actual blocking and cherography. Since its been over ten years since I performed a full fight stunt scene my body won't be used to it so it needs prep work.

(just realised ghow much of that last section could be taken the wrong way. Oh well.)

Although costume wasn't complete I did the dress rehersal at Starfury-Battlestar. The make-up worked really well considering I wasn't using the originlal plan of latex. I ended up using a sword from stock as I ran out of time to complete the proper weapon for Nuada. The armour plates weren't finished so they didn't get worn. It did amuse me how many people had guessed that I would do the costume.

Very confortable costume to wear considering it was my first time in full face make-up. I'll hopefully have Nuada complete for Expo.

Due to my budget for this costume being very small. I'll going to be dropping the liquid latex element of the make-up and just be doing the whole thing with basic make-up. Originally, my brother was going to be casting my face and then we would be building the latex pieces (exactly like how it was done for the film) for the scars. But I can't afford any of the casting materials (we are completely out of stock since my brother cast his hands for Edward Scissorhands) nor the latex. Luckerly my brother is very good with make-up so hes shown me ways that I can apply make-up that will still have the same effect.

I hope to do a make-up test soon complete with elf ears.

This was the piece that I was dreading the most. I decided to go with a piece that would attach to a baseball helmet that then would attach to my robe/cassock.

The plate itself was made from two sheets of Wonderflex which I cut and shaped myself. I then added the raised detail.

The lower piece was cut from a baseball helmet using a Dremel multi-tool. I then shaped it with a heat gun and then sanded it. I added the detail using craft foam.

Both pieces were then finished with dry brushing and spray varnish.

Finished the new armour pieces but had major armour problems at expo. It turns out that the baseball helemts that I got for the pauldrons are too small so I'll be taking break from Seph while I get new helemts of a bigger size. Then I'll be making a clip system to hold the armour on.

The new replacement shoulder pieces are coming along nicely. Have managed a better fit this so hopefully will be more confortable. I'll be added some clips to hold it all together better as although the velcro held well enough I did have pieces fall off anytime some one glomped me or bumped into me.

So please no Glomping for this set, Thanks.

Ran out of sliver trim at the weekend. Went out looking for it. No where has anything close. I had brought out the last of the stock in my local fabric shop. They have got more on order but it won't get here until after Expo so my Artbook Abel won't unfortunately make it to Oct Expo. I'll be wearing anime Abel instead with some of the Artbook bling.

I did manage to work on the large cross embroidery that was for the capelette. This was done completely by hand and took roughly six hours. Sadly, the photo isn't great but its the only one I have.

After the spiraling costs of my Sephiroth costume I've decided to go back to my cosplay roots by making this costume on a shoestring budget. So I'll be doing the whole 'making it from crap around my house' plan. I've managed to find most of it from stock. So far the only cost was the sliver trim. I feel that this is also in keeping with the character as Abel is a poor traveling priest.

My best 'Blue Peter' moment has to be Lilith's cross from Abel's rosary. Managed to make that from left over wonderflex and various parts from my Games Workshop minitures. I'm so pleased on how it came out. It was one of the pieces of Abel's costume that I was worried about due to its detail.

Using the same method I had learnt for my Sephiroth armour I began working on Abel's armour. I used Sintra (trade name for Foamlux PVC plastic sheeting). Once drawing out the design I cut out the piece with a Dremel multi-tool. I then shaped around a round tin using a heat gun. I then cut out the cross in the centre. I then added the raised edge detail using some Wonderflex. I then primed it ready for painting. I used a black base paint and then sprayed over with a gold acrylic paint. The whole piece was then sealed with a clear varnish.

I then built the arm band for the piece to sit on using red leather. I hand sewing on the straps that the buckles could be attached to. On one of the straps I added a piece of velvet ribbon. A small cross cut in Wonderflex was glued on, painted and finished with a small charm.

Really pleased how this turned on which encouraged me with the rest of the armour.

(sorry for the quality of photo)

ARGHHHH! Had a completely dumb blond moment. Completed the scarf and was ironing it. I forgot to turn it down thus completely melting the scarf fabric. So I've now had build another one again from scratch. Luckily, I had enough fabric left. The best thing is that I was able to make the crosses much better. Yay!

The picture is showing the replacement scarf (sorry for pic quality. Old photo is now Old!! XD )

After spending four hours on embroidering red crosses onto the gloves I then move onto making the scarf. There's four more crosses to do. One for each side. Luckily these are being hand painted in fabric paint so won't be as annoying as hand embroidery. There's still more crosses to come. *whimpers*

Although I finally finished Sephiroth for Ameocn there are several things I want to adjust remake before Oct Expo. The coat ended up being far too big so ended up lacking shape. So it wil be remade. The armour pieces need some reworking as the two lower plates kept falling off. I hope to coloured contacts as well as I felt I didn't look right with my own eye colour.

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