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My fabric arrived. The herringbone linen I wanted for the shirt is darker than I thought it would be, but aside from that I'm pretty damn happy with what I have. Time to get started!

Had somewhat of a fight with the fabric to get it to dye, but in the end got it done. I think I need to double up his scarf, so that needs to be changed, but the dress is done, it just needs to be hemmed and taken in a bit (and then roughed up, obviously). I'm still dreading that hat.

I am now officially almost there. I'm going to buy the material to make his braces tomorrow, and have another look for better material for his cloak. Aside from that, I'm really just waiting for his wig, although I do get to start distressing his costume next~.

I'm really glad to have this out of the way. I was worried for a bit I wouldn't get it done, and it feels good to have it in a wearable state.

Still needs buttons, because I don't have enough, and buttonholes because I'm too lazy to do them when i can't put the buttons on. I'm pretty happy with how this came out, it's probably my favourite bit so far.

I really hope my wig arrives soon. And I'm hoping to do the trousers by the end of the week.

1/3 done~.

I'm not really working in the order I said I would. But at least progress is happening. I'm still waiting for my wig. Waistcoat next!

Item 1/5 done~~. The shirt is all buttoned and collared and ready to roll. It's not perfect, of course, since I made it, but it still makes me happy.

The wig is in the post, still, but I also dyed the material for his waistcoat today, so when that's dry tomorrow I'm going to take that to get thread, and I have the material for his coat. In other words, the main thing that I need to do now is sit down and work.

All right, so... Progress is actually happening. AKA I am stupidly proud of how this sleeve came out, and yes I am ignoring the fact that it's a case of one down, one to go. >>

I (obviously) have the material for the shirt as well now, so my check list for the end of the week (ie before saturday) is to finish the shirt and the trousers. The trousers are probably not going to be done, but if I get the shirt done I will be happy (especially once I get that stupid collar out of the way).

For anyone interested, the shirt material is a stupidly beautiful linen that I saw in my local fabric shop and knew I had to get no matter how expensive it was. And I did. And it was expensive, but it's worth it.

The wig that I ordered before turned out to be far too dark, so I've tried again. Hopefully this time it'll be more successful. I also now have a broach and ears. But progress is progress and I'm just pleased to have started.

After a little bit of flailing around on ebay, finally found a wig. The colour looks good, but I think I'll have to add some more curls in (D: fun times), and I'll definitely have to cut a fringe in as it's fringeless. Not looking forward to that.
Aside from that, I've not been very productive. I have the material for his trousers (a gorgeous, if expensive, cotton-mix) but I'm putting it off because I haven't made trousers before. XD And his shirt is a real pain in the arse - that collar! I might start on his coat next week just so I have something done.

... If I ever volunter to do a costume involving chainmail again, please shoot me.

No, seriously.

At the moment I have the front piece put together, but I need to paint it, and I'm working on the crotch piece - I need to cut more rings tomorrow.

And I'm still waiting for the fabric for his trousers! XD Panic is setting in, yes.

I think I just died of happiness.

I really need to learn how to use a sewing machine.

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