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I have been a cosplayer since 2008, however I have been making Cardcaptor staffs and cards since I was little, and apart from Pokemon, Cardcaptors was the first real anime I ever watched and was probably the first time I ever wanted to dress up in all the Sakura outfits :P (and apart from Jasmine from Pokemon XD i wanted her hair)

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I bought a guitar so that i can eventually play My Song its gonna take me ages to learn how to play properly for a start but ive been told this is dedication XD I call it insanity but its something to do ;D

Right I have the new wig! so im gonna be uploading the new ones because i really needed to replace my old green wig.

I finished the mock up of my top and skirt part of the outfit using a premade fabric pattern. I had to alter it cause the skirt was too damn long XD so im ready to make the real one ^^ I've also almost finished the foam paws for my cat feet boots so they'll be ready for covering soon.

OMG I HAVE THE JUMPSUIT! I bought it in an army surplus store and all i need to do now is dye it the right colour since i bought a white one, much cheaper and much easier to get the desired colour :)

I have bought the wig! From Cosworx and it's Scruffy in Teal colour, seems to be the default for all Tira cosplays :)

If anyone wants to know i'm gonna be wearing this cosplay for the launch of Final Fantasy XIII up in Oxford St. woop

Ok basically this was my first ever cosplay so there are some things that I have wanted to change that I have. First of all, this wasn't planned but, I have her hair now anyway lol, and secondly i've remade the hood so that it's pink not red, because for some reason the ppl who i bought it from made it red...yes

I still don't have the necklace but there's time for that and my shorts r not quite blue enough for my liking. My boots r also broken XD they broke a while ago so for the mean time i'm gonna have to wear my long black boots that have grungey stuff down the sides XD GRUNGEY YUNA! XD

I now have goggles! I had to go to camden to get them but they gave me a discount and they're light weight so i don't get weighed down! ^^

I'm so happy I can finally start this! @.@ found a base top to use from Uniglo! i honestly didn't think i'd find anything in there but behold! a tira top! it's stretchy as well so it will hold to my body more. I added some rough cut lines on photoshop just to get an idea of where i'm cutting :)

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