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Well i love fancy dress...when a fancy dress party is around the corner i'll go full out on a costume. Everyone loves a good costume party right haha. Well my first actually costume i wore for a con was Yuna from Final Fantasy X, Then Miku (Vocaloid, Cheshire cat, Harley Quinn and loads more planned :)

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There where so many times i wanted to give up on this thing!

Finally found a wig...after buying one wig and destroying it trying to create them crazy curls! Atempting to buy a second wig that was already pre styled but it was out of stock, found the same wig but the site no longer stocked it...

So good old ebay came to the rescue.

Fingers crossed it gets here on time!!

Yogscast cosplay group anyone :D ?

Due to some changes in work and stuff it isn't looking like I can make it to may expo :/ keeping my fingers crossed though

Since im having so much trouble finding a wig for Effie, I'm just gunna go for the easy option and dress as Fionna on the Friday :)

Been watching pewdiepie play this game, and it's really interesting lol I love it

The wig i wanted is out of stock :\ so if anyone can help me find a smiler on to the image i posted here that would be helpful :)

So i just purchased a wig :)This costume is now complete :)

I just realised xD i look so fat

Most of the items of clothing i found in my wardrobe xD
White vest top check.
Denim shorts check.
Red heels check (may have to get some more as i dont know if these still fit me)
Police hat, borrowed from a friend check.

Wig on order :D

Im so excited!

Was just looking through all my fancy dress, seeing what i dont wear anymore and i came across my poison ivy dress i wore one halloween and it looks like it could double as a tinkerbell dress haha

Debating weather to get this commissioned or just find a bunch of clothing that looks similar and wear that?

So this costume is the first costume im trying to make by myself..i think im doing alright haha

So ive been playing Catherine.

Man ive screwed Vincent's life up so badly haha..

No idea what ending ill get like >.>

Been thinking about this costume a lot...maybe i should get a wig?

Me and a friend are planning to do a WoW Night and Blood elf duo for the Manchester expo.. This is probably the most difficult cosplay ive ever done haha. But im not gunna give up! I will do this :D

Decided when ill be wearing this :D I'll be wearing this costume for the London Expo in May 2013 :) and ill have a Katherine with me :D

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