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I'll take you all to paradise this expo. ~<3

Wire + Beads + Hotglue + Butchered primark earrings = Done

Not perfect but I am happy :B

Changed my mind on the shoes I'm going to use. The others were too pointy and awkward to make shoe covers for.
Instead I used a pair of white court shoes I already owned [See Listen!! Mugi for the ones I mean]
I covered them in duchess satin leftovers, then beaded more beads onto them, then stictched the big butterflies to the front. Finally made a huge string on bead which wraps around my ankle three times. These shoes took so many beads! XD

I love them though :3 They'll kill my feet if I wear them all day so might spend most of the day in flats then swap for photoshoots and the masquerade :'D

It just struck me the other day how much my time is running out...

Spent most of the weekend beading, I've finished the bodice beading just need to bone it, line it, add straps and a few more ruffles and then I'm done
I've marked out all the patterns on the skirt and I've started beading on that too.
I'm so scared I'm not going to get this done on time...

I got bored last night so decided to do a makuptest along with a wig trial run.

I really need to buy some black kirby grips, and alot. This wig is so heavy D':
I think the makeup came out alright too :'D

I'm in dire need of some turquoise lining fabric though, does anyone know where I can get more in the same shade?

Also i've done 2/6 flowers on my bodice. I've got a long way to go...

In the piccy you can sort of see my two arm puffs aswell! Yay! :'D

Added more braids since the last journal, acciqured more glue gun blisters. Roses are however finished! I dont think I need anymore. I hope not anyways...

I think after massacring two clip on ponytail extensions I've made enough braids for Caroline's ridiculous hairstyle.
I've been gluing the plaits then sewing them into the wig, then with some weaving and clips and alot of hairspray I'd say we're finally done. I really need some black kirby grips and a wigcap to keep this beast on my head lol.
I'm just slowly adding the roses now :3

I hate burning myself with glue guns D:
I've been making the plaits for the wig, stupid amount of extensions its nuts!
Heres a progress shot of it all so far, I still have so many to do. Fml money eating, time consuming, soul destroying, space absorbing cosplay...

Yaaay I've nearly finished the bodice too!
Its lovely and fitted and what have you, the zip is sewn in and ive put some fabric either side to HIDE THE UGLY WHITE ZIP. WHY IS MY FABRIC SHOP SO CRAP WITH ZIP COLOURS?!? *rage*

But this works too!

Also started to ass all the chiffon. Just got to make the straps and add ruffles to them. Then bead it and line it. Woo!

I'm following this tutorial on how to make roses:

For mine I've made the petals alot bigger because the roses on Caroline's outfit some are pretty big. But its easy to vary the size.
I hae to be careful when burning the edges though I'e burnt a few holes in some of the petals but you cant notice them/I got rid of those ones. I've also managed to burn my fingers a few times.

If you guys like them, I'll keep making them instead of hunting for fake ones to paint. Everytime I find some it works out to about £50 JUST for roses, thats without allthe paint and theres no way I'm paying that for some fake roses I can make myself.

I really like them, I think they're sweet. Anyway opinions on them?

I've stitched all the netting to the skirt, added another row of ruffles to the white overskirt and tightened the waistband. The blue overskirt is done minus sewing the gathered bits and the beading.
I've also bougth a new zip for the bodice and removed the two back panels and replaced them. Also taken it in alot and hemmed the whole thing. Just need to sew the zip in, sew gathered chiffon to it and start beading then line it.

God this is a mission.

Skirts pull down my dress dummy hence why its shorter as it goes along. Lol

I've spent Idk how many hours hemming, gathering and sewing all these freaking ruffles. I hate ruffles now. I never want to make them again.
I think I might have to add one more line of them though, but other than that THE WHITE OVERSKIRT IS NEARLY DONE WOOO! \o/

I'm almost halfway beading the second sleeve aswell. I'm starting to panic because I'm back to college next week which means even less time working on this cosplay. I'm trying to get all the sewing done before I go back so I can focus on the beading alongside my coursework.

In other news I cant find cheaply enough roses for my liking so I'm going to make my own. I found a tutorial online which I will post here if it works for me.

Back to the ol' sewing machine then...

The heart has been painted on another piece of fabric and is drying as we speak.
The skirt arrived today and Fii is lending me her petticoat. Its not perfect but I dont have time to make my own white skirt. The top isnt perfect either but I think it works well?
The jacket was a thick black blazer from primark which Ive butchered to pieces! £1 blazer? Bargain ;D

I think its come together quite well :3 SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW <3 K-ON GIRRLSSS

Shoes - Bought from ebay
Top - Bought from Primark (Its perfect except it has black stripes instead of blue. Other K-ON girlies says it doesnt matter so im keeping it!)
Hat - Bought from ebay
Skirt - Also bought from ebay, praying it gets here in time!
Jacket - Will modify an old one I found in my wardrobe, if that doesnt work will make one from black cotton.

I only have until thursday I can doo thisss. I'm really glad I dont need a wig for this :'D


Once beaded I lined the back and stuffed it with dress netting to make it more puffy then added elastic and stitched up. Ive now sewn gathered chiffon over the top of the elastic aswell. And its done!
Now to start the second one =.=

Still work in progress
You can see i've finished sewing the white underskirt and started pinning ruffles to. Which to my horror, IVE RAN OUT OF FABRIC FOR D:
The bluey skirt im considering adding more fabric to so I can get the drapes longer like in the reference.
I've pinned a total of 56 meters of gathered dress netting to my hoopskirt, now the fun part. Sewing it =.=' Its really bulked it out nicely though.
I just need to trim some of the net so it wont peak out under the dress!
You can also see the start of the chiffon waistband aswell :3

I'm hoping to do more beading tonight aswell as im really behind. I should of taken the sleeves away with me on holiday D: Really starting to panic on time for this cosplay.

Ohsweet george help me ;w;

I had a lovely suprise this morning - my wig arrived :'D!

So I proceeded to attach my wig head to my camera tripod lol and pinned the wig into place, Ive made a few small braids, then I pinned the fringe back into a kind of quiff. I then french plaited the main bulk of hair, REALLY diffucult considering the wig is so long it tangled at the bottom but I prevented it from getting too bad, I then detangled the bottom bit.

I need some more extension for the smaller plaits, and then I'm going to decorate with alot of roses. So until I next go into town this will have to stay the way it is.

Good start is good I think!

Last night I stitched together the white underskirt, I just need to add a waistband and to hem it then start adding lots of ruffles. Ive bougth a new zip so I can hopefully finish with the bodice adjusting and start to bead it soon.
Also started to add dress netting to the hoopskirt, I bought 8 meters for now, then cut it into thirds so I got 24 meters of netting from the original 8. Its covered hoop 2 and 4 really well but I think I need to get some more to cover 3 and 5?

Anyway the netting was just scrunched up and pushed under the foot of my sewing machine. Currently pinned to my hoopskirt and I will probably sew it when I get back from holiday :3 I will have a very very big bum in this! Well alot bigger than normal anyway.

My sister has also given me permission to steal her shoes to customise for Caroline. Score!

Oh yeah! 9 more bags of beads arrived (aka 4500) so I think I really do have enough. It kinda looks like little bags of drugs xD I'll be stood on a street corner selling them in a large overcoat later. Welcome strangerrrr ;P

First finished beaded flower :'D Its nowhere near perfect, but seeing as its my first one I didnt expect it to be, I realise what I need to do on the rest to make them better :3

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out. But owww my neck damnit D: I'm really enjoying making this though!

And its aaaaall finished :'D

Its so big <3 I have to be careful as its only wire and beads but its pretty sturdy. I changed the wire to something more sturdy and its silver too so if any does poke out its not as obvious as the copper one.

I've also started making two mini butterflies which will go on Caroline's shoes. I'm going to need alot more beads...

I think I may of finally got the bodice the right shape, I just need to take it in more and get a open ended zip. I have the lining and boning on stand by ready for it. I also need alot more thread...

The skirt however is all sewn and beautifully hemmed if I do say so myself :B I spend a long time pinning the hem and slowly putting it through the machine. Waistband has been added and might need tightening.

You can see the hoopskirt hoops because I've yet to make the petticoat and I havent got the white overskirt on just yet. I have all that to come. As you can see I've started to add ruffles on the seams of the skirt. I might need to take the skirt panels in but im not touching it until I have the petticoat and the whiteoverskirt in place.

The bodice top is pinned hence looking a bit rough, some cutting and pinning is coming for that. Otherwise, here is my progress so far :'D

Since my last journal I've broken the ring butterfly and bought stronger silver wire to use from my local fabric shop. I've also sewn the bodice together and removed the chest parts and plan to redo them.
I also used the left over fabric to make 10 skirt panels (as seen in the ref) and made them smaller, these have now been sewn together. Next step is to add a waistband, hem the bottom and start sewing the ruffles.

The bodice is irritating me but I'm going to have another crack at it tomorrow.
I also bought my wig tonight, I went for the 51" so I can steal some bits for braids should I need to. Also Caroline has silly long hair.

I started cutting out the panels for the main skirt, I've cut out six (The same as the white underskirt) But I have enough to get another four panels should I need them lolz.

I might have enough to remake part of the bodice them, hrmmm....

Photos of the skirt panels, I've extended it at the bottom for the bit which gets gathered up. I'm hoping tomorrow to sew all the skirt panels along with the bodice.

And many, many more beads.

Today I cut out the fabric for my sleeves, using a piece of elastic I had floating around I marked out where I want the seams for the elastic to go into. I then folded the fabric over and pinned it in place. Once that was done I marked out some of the flower patterns onto the fabric. This took a little while for me to get happy with the drawings.

Once that was done I started to bead the first flower, after about 2 hours on it I decided it was looking crap so unpicked it and started over again, hence why I havent got so far XD

Beading is soooo time consuming, I pray I can get this done for Oct ;w;

I drafted the first pattern panel from polycotton, I just pinned part of my big roll of it to the hoopskirt and cut the length and shape correctly, then using the draft pattern made 6 copies of it for the white underskirt.
As you can kinda tell nothings sewn, just pinned to show what I'm up to, once sewn I need to add a waistband and many ruffles.

I'm using polycotton because white duchess satin although would match would push the cost up even more and you dont see too much of the under bit anyway. Besides many satin ruffles would make the skirt so heavy x_X

I've also started to pin the bodice a bit more, im not happy with the front seams, I might remake part of it if I have enough satin, if not then I can live with them :/

I've now cut the pieces out onto duchess satin, oooo its so pretty the fabric! <3

Ive had to take it alot, but I still need to get a zip. The left side has puckered a bit due to my shitty pinning skills. Will unpin and redo later, have a photo of my base bodice without boning, lining and many many beads :D

[Photo with flash]

You must think WTF IS SHE DOINGGG?

I never draft patterns, but Caroline is going to be a big special cosplay, so I'm taking precautions and not just hacking mindlessly. Besides I want it to be constructed well.

Heres all the pattern pieces cut out and marked with left/rights~

So I used an old fitted blouse which was already on my dummy which I had previously been playing around with. I started by marking out where the bra strapes are on the back of the blouse and the top bits of the bra on the front. (As I dont want to cut it too small so its on show!)

I then went over it in a dark pen and marked front and side seams.

Found in my sisters bag of fancy heeled shoes which I've 'borrowed' I do have a black pair in mind which arent as pointy but I need them for Magnet luka, Dont say Lazy Mugi and other costumes so theyre out the window. I'm going to ask my sister if she minds if I cover this and bead them. Fingers crossed! :'D

Colour is almost perfect but theyre well worn and they need to match my fabric.

I've just bought seven meters of satin and five of the chiffon. I pray I wont need more and christ I'm so excited but so nervous now!!

I found a pair of shoes from my sister's shoe collection which are perfect for this, I need to ask her though if I may pimp them for Caroline >_>

Bankbalance, i am so sorry for the pain I cause you >:

I only need to buy a wig, extensions and roses now, methinks the wig and extensions can wait until next month after pay day~

Yaaay my samples arrived! I'm so chuffed with them, I honestly believe the color is spot on :'D! Its the perfect mix between blue and green :3

On top is the kingfisher blue I bought but decided it was too blue, below is the samples I ordered.

I think I should just go ahead and order my fabric? :D

[Photos with flash]

My beads arrived today, though I was missing three packets (Ive emailed the seller to complain grr)Using the two packets I do have I started the ring!
The wire i 'borrowed' from college is too thick for the beads so I'm using some thinner stuff I already own. Downside is its not as sturdy but it does the job :3

Heres the base butterfly, just need to make the ring part and attach it to each other. I think it looks ok so far?

Two more to make for the shoes >_< I keep dropping the beads! D':


I'm done being immature. As you can see, hoopskirt arrived this morning. Its huge :B I feel like a queen jellyfish or something its so swishy! This skirt is going to be huuuge :'D

Actually its not a case of choice, its a case of finding the PERFECT FABRICCCC

I went to fabric land today with the intention of buying all the fabric I needed for Caroline. To which I came away with alot of white polycotton for the underskirt, a meter of kingfisher blue satin and some matching chiffon. I've decided since then its much too blue. I want a teal/turquoise color and I will be picky about this because I want it as close to perfect as I can do >:

I've ordered a sample of duchess satin and chiffon from and I am praying its the right colors. Because my local fabric shop has terrible choice and is very expensive, fabric land failed me so I'm running out of option and I want the fabric soon so I can start this!

Oh the drama, why am I doing this to myself? T^T


So Ive bought 2000 white 4mm glass beads from ebay. I'm assuming I might need more at some point but fingers crossed I wont LOL!

I stole lots of wire from college today for the ring, shoe decoration and I might use some one the roses to embed them into the wig. Time shall tell.

FML Nearly £40 gone and I haven't even bought the fabric/wig!!!! D: CAROLINE YOU MONEY EATING BEASTTTTT

No backing out now, Ive bought a beast of a hoopskirt!
If im doing this, im going to do it properly. Hellooooo 6 hooper beast. (Someone might need to push my arse through doors in this O_o)

I've also bought some lace gloves, I went for white incase I chose to dye them or leave them white. Either way white is a good base color. I would make them but my priority is on the dress, and gloves will really stress me out. Its just easier and cheaper to buy them :'D!

As was it cheaper and easier to buy a hoopskirt. Its still expensive but not as pricey as making it. Thats my logic anyways >:

Here have ebay stolen photos of my purchased goods! :'D

YESSSSS *Punches air*

There were times I didnt think I could do this, really I didnt ._.''

I look at it, and I see so much I'm not happy with and I want to remake alot. But right now, I look at it and im filled with such pride :'D I'm so happy. I didnt think Id ever finish this tbh ;w;

I am very excited for Sat of expo, I shall have my wig on, along with my red nails and makeup. And I will be scary with my big spear. ROLL ON EXPO PLZ <3

Are done :'D

Omg thigh highs are very high. I had to put my VERRRRYYY short shorts on to show the detail of the tights. Fffff D :

I might take them down a bit... >_>; I really like how fitted they are though ;D Cotton to match the sleeves : D

Plz excuse fatty legs D :

Please see below journal for nice proper progress shots.

This is my derp derp face. It shows my perdy earrings I bought today which match well (Y)

Argh there's so much I want to change about it it bugs me alot but I still like it qwhfiwbkegqe9jq09rebn >:

No one say to me its not symmetrical in real life. I will cry ;w;

I still like how it shines though ;D Better not be any magpies at expo...

Better shot of the weapon. Told you it was crap eh? I want to remake it but I have no time ;w;

Been beading all my pretty expensive beads, theyre all on the hat. I'm just waiting for some foam to dry then I'll glue it on and post pictures of the finished hat. The 'back scarab' as I call it is done, and the sash. Photos for yooou~~


Pvc pipe cut down a bit with a saw. Lots of craft foam and hella loads of hot glue along with even more gluegun burns. Srsly my hands are covered in blisters ;w; I'd say I hate glue guns but I'd be lying, they're so useful <3333

The top bit is a chopstick covered in air dry clay. Everything was sprayed in a clear gloss, then once dried sprayed silver. The things taller than me. Haaaah this will be so fun on the tubes :/

I think its pretty funky but tbh its not the best I could of done, im running out of time though so I guess this will have to do. Might remake in the future ;w;

Pictures are a bit crap, might post better ones later once its properly dried.

Just the collar, hat, puffy sleeves and front chest bit to go.

Bottom dress detail done, this is the back. Some armour to on though~

DONE! Its not perfect but ohwell I like it. Im not doing the inside leg for now it was awkward enough doing the ouside leg.

Done with acrylic paints~


Its fine she'll be done in time >_>;

I need to buy some red fabric for the sash, more jems, some beading thread for the beads on her hat/scarab and lots of velcro.

I made the bootcovers today, they need a bit of taking in and I need to sew 38723571027 buttons to them. Then i need to hot glue them to my shoes and we're done. I'll post photos sometime over the weekend dont worry (Y)

Pieceing everything I have so far together. I'm beginning to think this is doable and that yes I might actually be proud of Asta ;-;

Started painting the back with the remainder of the paint I have, I NEED MOOOREE. Im not just making this up, I am looking at a couple back shots *cough*STARINGATASTAAAA'SASS*cough* and taking bits from the various images with my own touch. I hope you guys think its alright :|

Opinions are welcome, I think everything is looking in proportion/ok right?

Ps. not my sash, thats a random red tie as a standin LOL

PPS.All armour is pinned, hence why some is falling down in the photo =.='

Finished sleeves, just need to sew the blue bit a little bit so its more attached to the white bit. Once thats done theyre doing on the dress~~

Bottom back of the dress, more jems are needed and more paint is too for further up the back.

Sorry for the crappy photos again >:

THE ARMOUR IS DOOONE *punches air* I really like it too 83 Just need to put velcro on the back and attach to dress~

I've been working on the dress detail, which lead to me staring at a picture of Asta's ass for a good three hours whilst paiting the back of the dress. I r perv *shot*

Also painted the sleeves, once they're dried I can sew them to the dress.

Buttons ordered for the bootcovers, hopefully they'll be here in a couple of days~ ILU ebay <3 Thankies for Fii for finding them for me <333

Beads purchased for the hat and the weird scarab bit on the back. (I call it a scarab because I think it looks beatleish. Dont ask just trust me on this xD) THE BEADS WERE SO EXPENSIVE GOD DAMNIT. I DONT WANT TO BREECH £100 FOR THIS COSPLAY T^T

I need more tulip silver paint =.= Thats four bottles down. FML.

I decided to style the wig now, leave it on my wig head and spray it every so often leading up to expo now~
I backcombed the bangs more, trimmed the back bits and added wefts in places to bulk out the long bits of hair. Ofc lots of hairspray was also envolved, hence why I can taste it in my mouth eww @_@;

Front of hat is decorated, just the back and top to do now. FRICK I really hate the shape of the hat now argh I cant be arsed to fix it >:

About 2-3 layers of spray paint. I did the back and sides too so the color wouldnt be visable. I liked the rainbow armour ;w;
The paint job is ok, not the best but its ok. Just need to add jems and then add velcro to the back and we're done!
I've started the bootcovers, all pinned just need to be gunned through the sewing machine now. I used cotton drill with two very long zips at the back.
I've also started to decorate the hat, pictures once I've done more progress to it.

Off into town today to pick up some beads, lots more tulip silver paint and lots of buttons for the covers. Sorry bank account >:

Nice simple cosplay yay! Im making the top from cotton jersey :] Its only pinned at the moment, I might sew it tomorrow. The bangles are ones I picked up from primark, they were purple at first. They took about 8 layers of acrylic paint to cover X_X
The pendant was one from asda painted gold again with acrylic paint, just needs some touch ups here and there along with the orange bit in the middle to be painted.
Sunglasses are ones I picked up from ebay cheaply. Id say theyre pretty accurate ;D
Stockings are from ebay, no photo to show yet. Theyre thigh highs though :D The shorts are meant for PJs but tbh theyre perfect for this so its all good. They are from primark orginally too!

The colours are accurate, im just using a crappy camera and the lighting is crap this time of night >.<

It deserves the title mofo because of all the agro its given me. My hands are covered in blisters and burns from the hot glue and then my fingers hurt from hand stitching through mountboard and fabric. I bent a needle in the process :/
It also gave me a headache from trying to work out the shape, and I made it too tight originally. Ive made it bigger now but still its not as comfy as a beret :/

Photo is shite because i look naff and it was taken in a room with bad light and in a mirror. Sorry! XD' Now to pimping it up...

Its not 100% accurate in shape. Which will and DOES bug me. But ive had so much hassle im gonna leave it for now. Mays sneaking up way too close for my liking...

Started this, its slow because i need to wait for various parts to dry before carrying on. Also gotta be careful not to bodge it up and I've gotta get it matching. Some artistic license used.
Metallic silver tulip paint used. Its a godsend really it is <3 I need loads more though O_o

I'm so suprised at how EASY this was! I was panicing about this badly, and it turned out perfect! I love it so much! Wear it all the time? Ok then :D

Just to change blouse sleeves and collar THEN IM DONE *punches air*


BUT ITS OK. I CAN DO THIS. All thats left is hat, stockings, bling bling and stitch everything thats pinned onto the top. I CAN DO THIS.

I really like how this is turning out. PIMPED UP BRA FTW!

Gaiz i r totally making progress on mai Sheryls~

I swear im not just uploading them into progress because I have wigs and earrings! >_> <_< >_>

Here have my dress all pinned :3 Skirt needs length adjusting not doing that until its attached to the dress though. Shirt is the one Im using but im going to adjust sleeves and collar no way in hell am I making a fitted blouse O_o
Still confused as to how to do the beret. I have spare fabric will play about with that laterrr. Hoping to have done for minami :3

I started with the petticoat which was made with loads of dressnetting, I doubled it up, and gathered it then pinned it to my dressform. Afterwards I then pinned folds into the gorgeous organza and pinned over the netting. Then followed by a white underskirt then the final black one. The skirts get shorter as you go up so you can see all the layers. The train has a layer of the red/blue organza then ontop has a larger section of black organza. Followed by a black organza bow and tassels with a draping of the red/blue stuff again. I am in love with the fabric.
Although not completely accurate I decided to go with it anyway <333

Skirts are a bit big at the mo and need taking in but I really love them, I swear I put the most effort into my Sheryl cosplays LOL

Heres a photo of me in it! Excuse me looking rough D; You can see one of the cuffs. I've finished one, one to do then sew buttons onto them. I WILL HAVE THIS FINISHED INTIME!


Left without flash.

Way too much hemming for my liking D :

Front shot of skirts.
Left without flash.

Rage at the ebay seller! They sent me some bling in oval shapes, when i ordered circles! Im a bit annoyed but I need more circles in different sizes anyway so I'm just going to get them from my local fabric shop. Big bag of red beads I picked up for like a pound ages ago. I can use these on the dangly bits and maybe parts of the dress.
Ive just placed the jewels ontop of the armour for now so you guys can get an idea what it looks like :]

I hate being ill! I couldn't go to work and my normal routine when ill is to sit in front of the tv and watch spongebob all day feeling sorry for myself. (You can do this on Sky, hes always on trust me ;D) Aaaanyway my Dad was complaining he'd already seen these episodes (As in, I've made him watch them before) So in the end I got up off my arse and made my Blue dress.
You'd be surprised how much tweaking went into this, I really like it though. Just the collar to sew onto it, silver bias (hence why its not hemmed) and BLINGIN' DETAILZZZ to be added. Oh and the white sleeves but otherwise yeah, done!

Ebay raid for silly amounts of gems? Complete (Y)
I can't wait to sew on all the beads of various sizes onto the dress/armour...

ASTAAAAA you will kill me D :

So I figured I'd wear Sheryl for midlands and set about making tweaks to her before I wore her (Yes, I never took her in the end. That bow would of been killer on the trains, and I was very tired. Zombie Sheryl is never a good look T^T)
Anyways, I got around to remaking the choker, the armband, as you've seen the skirt, bow and tassels. I've lost weight since Fuyucon so I had to adjust the bodice alot (And it still needs taking in!!) The gold bits on the straps need replacing too. I was intending to remake the bodice but I've decided to keep it, it matches the new stockings so perfectly and I really like it anyways.

I'm planning on buying a petticoat for another cosplay which I will use for Sheryl too, also the gloves I have in white, and I'm just going to cheat and dye them. I've lost my patience with hand stitching gloves =.=; I'm hoping to take her to Kita, maybe Minami and whenever I'm needed really!
I'm so excited to wear her again, I'm much happier now :D

I've painted all the detail in 3D paint onto my armour. Jeez my hand cramped so much its insane, I'm really pleased though, all of it need smothering in PVA then I can spray paint it :3
I wanted the excuse to wear my platforms so I put on my Asta tights along with the shoes I'm using. I love the red-ness of them *O* I think it'll work well for her :3
As for the wig I've cut short layers all around, it needs neatening up in places then I can flick it out and the wig will be done (Y)

RAINBOW ARMOOOOUR <3 I wish I could leave it like this ;-;

The bow was super quick and easy to make. I LOVE making bows. Theyre so goddamn cute and fun <333333
The badges were two old ones I found, which I then painted over in acrylic paint. They need varnishing before I wear them :3

All my armour so far! We have bits for the shoulder, sash, arms, puffy sleeves bits and some for the back of Asta which you cant see in the ref I've uploaded. The thick black lines will be painted over in 3D paint, then PVA-ed then spray painted :3
I dont think theres much left armour wise for me to do. I think its turning out quite well!

This is actually my second test, the first went horribly wrong. I was really upset with it because I looked like a drag queen or a panto ugly step sister! (Something along those lines anyway...)
I tried again with LESS eyeshadow which I think looks ok. Its nowhere near perfect, and the wig needs fluffing up so much! Along with the fringe needing proper styling. But either way a work still in progress, but I'm much happier with this test compaired with the first (And no, you guys wont see the first one. Sorry!)

P.S I have no idea what I'm doing with my hand. I make some weirdass freaky poses! ;-;

I'm not even joking, my fingers are COVERED in blisters and burns from my glue gun while trying to make this hat. I've ran out of mount board though, but I've got the base shape though.
Me and Fii have dubbed it Pope hat for obvious reasons. I love the base though! You get a very crappy webcam shot because im VERY lazy and look very rough!! It still needs side bits adding as well as the top. But I need to cover in fabric and pimp it up too!
I've been scouting beads and gems, im having trouble finding the right stuff but I'll get there.
Also started on more armour, arm bits as well as shoulder bits. I purchased red tights from primark too! Theyre such a nice red colour *O*

In the pic it doesn't look symmetrical. It is believe me, just the piccie!

I drafted the pattern out of grease proof paper against my mannequin, this took a while to get the proportions right? I think they're ok now XD' I hope!
I then drew it all out on craft foam, then using a thick permanent marker drew out a design for the armour. The refs not so clear so I hope its ok! I'll go over this with 3D paint, then smother the thing in PVA. Then I can spray paint it! :3
Shoulder armour was done in the same way. So much to do though with you Asta. It's just aswell I love her as much as i do!

P.S: I had a route through my mum's makeup, shes let me have red lipstick, red lipliner and red nailpolish <3 With my red eyeshadow I have enough makeup for a MAKEUP TEST :D I'll do it tomorrow after college though :3 I love my muuuum~<3

I bought a 51" white long wig, and cut the side bangs slightly so I could stick them out Like Asta's. I then 'wefted' the bits I'd cut off to glue back into the fringe area to get a thicker fringe. The red weft is from my Yoko wig, I like how its turned out but I think its too thick. I'm tempted to leave it, we'll see :/
I stole some of my mums hairspray (woopsie! Tresseme if anyones interested) to style the bangs and fringe. Its not finished yet, I've got to do the back short in places aswell then spray them. But otherwise I think its ok? 8D

Full shot is without flash. The top right hand picture is with flash! I have red eyeshadow now so I might do a makeup test for you guys sometime :3

Finally finished the reamke! It looks so much better in my opinion. The skirt is all hemmed now. The picture shoes without the petti. I think it look better without, I might consider taking it but I think because Ive used so much fabric for the skirt it poofs out enough XD Im so proud of the lilac part of this ;-; I just need to consider remaking the bodice or not. I think I will though. BACK TO FABRICLAAAND <3

Ive made the new skirt and petti to give it more volume, only problem is because I've used duchess satin its pretty heavy. I need to get another metre of the netting to poof it out more. I need to hem the skirt also but I've ran out of thread but I also need to wait until I have the extra layer of net under so I dont hem it too short (Ive dont that mistake before)! As you can see the skirt is much too long at the moment. So for now I can leave Sheryl and move onto other costumes.

P.S I dont have a weird thing for dressing up my dummy in bras incase you were all wondering, I have a perfectly logical reason for it >_>;;

Ever get the feeling youve made something too big? Yeah. Oh well I LOVE MY NEW ARSE BOW IT KEEPS SHAPE JUST HOW I WANTED <333333

Ive used my euphie duchess satin (Lol woops) and BUCKRAM for my bow. The trails are more satin and lining fabric. I should probably finish my midlands cosplay first but I was too keen to make a bow :_: I'm so happy how its turned out. It's really heavy mind you, this'll be fun attatching to the skirt!

Just a to-do and what I need to get so I dont forget or lose the postick notes (AGAIN D<)

-Remake skirt, add a petticoat for more volume. Layer of Chiffon over the top?
-Buttbow remake. Add more interfacing/craftfoam/stuffing/buckram/SOMETHING to make it more sturdy. Remake tassles to make them more tassely. Maybe add Chiffon tassles for an extra something something ;D
-Armband. Use thinner fabric for ruffles. Find better way of attaching to me.
-MIGHT have to remake top, need to compair to new socks
-Become a Diva <3 LOL

I hada great time at Fuyu as Sheryl, I got recognised alot more than I thought I would! Thanks guys <3

Now for the updates:
New socks bought, theyre over the knee and perfect for Sheryl (Thanks to Fi for finding these for me) The colour is excellent too. I just need to add ruffles and the red onto them.

I want to remake the skirt to make it longer so the petticoat can go under without lifting the skirt up TOO much. The butt bow tassels are going to be remade, and the buttbow itself I'm going to make poofier :3 Needs new Armband and choker aswell. Oh man I need to finish the gloves aswell D;

Finished adding velcro to everything, and the hairclip is painted. For when I rewear her though I'm adding more volume to her buttbow!!

Ok shes dooone. Not amazingly happy with the cosplay, theres so much I want to redo! It will have to wait though D:

Dress has had the seams up the front done. All the jewellery is painted gold, just need to paint jems and stick them on them I'm done!
I really like this cosplay even if THE CAPE IS TOO SHORT :_: Might fix that if I have time. The belt doesn't sit properly on me though which is sad. Haven't got time to redo now though =]

Nearly finished everything. Well all the ruffles for the stockings are done, choker and armband have velcro on them. Only thing left to do now is to bake the hairclip and paint it.

And make the gloves. I'm not to fussed if I dont have them done for Fuyu, I'll have them done for minami at least. Bah gloves are REAL bitches to make! D8<

Cape has been made, I've used craft foam to help keep its shape. All the jewllery [gold] bits are painted and have velcro on. Just need to bake and paint the jems now! We're nearly there people D:

Dug out my Pre skip Nia shoes, using them because of lack of time. I've repainted them because they cracked a lil.
All the craft foam bits (belt, necklace and part of the dress :S) are made and are coated in PVA, just need to dry before I can paint =]

Testing, 1, 2, 3!!

Haha base is complete was sooo easy to make <3 I really love it though x3 Though my glue gun broke so dad lent me his, it smells really funky O_o I was gonna keep it but I've deicded to go buy myself a new one ...
Just needs pva sealing and some acrylic and it'll be done. I shall do that later today : D

Made from:
Craft foam
Hot Glue
Part of a mop handle : D

Bodice is pretty much done, I've just gotta stitch the ribbion down. Ive taken it in loads so it looks alot better on.

Socks have been taken in loads too, they just need the gathered bit and ribbion added.

Mic is cut out, needs foam detail, then pva then paint.
Armband is almost done just needs velcro on it.

Things to do:
Gold bits on tassel (On bodice)
Sew shizz on stockings
Velcro on Armband

Photo of finished bodice, it looks really gawdy in the pictures, I dunno why. Its not that bad. Actually its pretty cool, Im proud of it. THEM DAMN RED VEINS TOOK AGES TO DO D8; But I love it <3

I think I'm going to buy some dress netting at the weekend to stick in my arse bow to make it stand out more. I dont like it so flat and interfacing isnt strong enough. That wont take long to stick in though =]

They look a bit cruddy, the machine mangled one star(left) D: need to unpick it

Bah who needs to feel pregant when you look fat enough for it >_>;

Leg slit is too high so im stichting it up more.

Progress photos from yesterday.

Things to do:
Fit socks MORE!
Ruffle top bit MORE >8D
Add garters
Fit bodice MOOOORE D8<
Attach arse bow

Phew! What a day! I've been sewing since 9am to well 10:20pm! I've got loads done though.
Skirt and petticoat are finished, by gosh its SO POOFY 83
Buttbow is also done, I got the tassels right yay! Also managed to fit the stockings and hem them so theyre nailed aswell. The bodice has had LOADS of work on it, all thats left to do is to add the red thin stripes down it (ive put the big one on the front) add the boning aaaand add the white ribbon to the front.

Not much left to do now aside from the chokers, and the mic aswell as her hairclips. Oh and the gloves. I hate gloves!! D8< Buuuut good day was good (Y)

Photos up tomorrow!

Oh jeez Fuyu is too close, and on top of that MY SEWING MACHINE BROKE D :
So I've borrowed a small one from my mum's friend. ITS SO CUUTE I WANNA KEEP IT <3

The dress is made! I love the sleeves theyre sooo cute >w< I feel like I should be pregant though when I'm wearing the dress for some reason O_o
I wont feel that way maybe when the cloak and the belt is done!

For the shoes I'm reusing my Pre skip nia shoes, its just easier that way. All I have to do is touch up the paint a bit =]

Photos later when I dont look so ill and when I have more progress =]

Big thankyou to CrystalNeko for helping me out ALOT on this.
Thanks Fi : D No way I'd of done the basics of it well without you helping!

All I need to do is hem it, put the red strips down it and add boning. Then we're done with that! Pictures when it's finished :3

Earrings are taped on [Lol] until I can adjust them to clip ons!

Wig is styled, its fun posing as sheryl, shes so sassy but awesome! <3

That giant spongebob? My parents endorse my spongebob addiction, so they swapped normal shower curtain for this epic win thing. Incase you were wondering :3

I LOVE my wig btw : D


Got my wig a few days ago, the fringe is WAY too long. I'll trim later + post pics!

Yeah im being a cheat and buying them, I tried making them from fimo but they looked cruddy and finding the right jems in the right colours/shape was prooving to be a pain. These are pretty though right? I dont have my ears piereced so I'm going to mod them a bit. There were a pair on Ebay which are clip on but they were the wrong colour =[

My fabric arrived today, so far I've cut the base dress just need to do sleeves and her capey thing. I love the fabric, its a bit pinker than the ref but its still a nice colour :3

I bought platforms!!! Lordy i dont need the height but I LOVE the shoes <3

Also they will be reused for like 5/6 cosplays so I dont mind buying them : D

I HATED cutting the bangs, i loved the wig how it was but it was way too long for sheryl ;-; So here is new updated wig with front fringe! : D

Wigs all done now, yay for buying a pre coloured wig >8D

Hur hur hur its looovely <3 Such nice quality! Its a shame the fringe is UBER long D: Therefooore it needs a trim, shots with it on while fringe is way too long!

With and without flash : D [Left im a lil too happy my wig arrived...]

Apologies for me looking rough, got home from work when i took these D:

I dont wanna cut the wig really because its so nice, but it does need trimming >.<

Ive started my butt bow, most of its just folded/pinned. I didn't realise how difficult those folds in the tails were gonna be, I cant get the two to be the same D: But i need to unpin them to line it anyway so I'll work out a way to do them the same. This is mainly for piccies :3

Bought this wig I've wanted for ages *_* It's so pretty!! <3 I cant wait for it to arrive 8D

I've had the fabric for the Dai-Gurren jacket cut and pinned for ages, Im making it for expo because i get really cold travelling, even though she doesn't have it with the long haired version :/ Never mind!! XD
Pink tops done! Needs an iron though

They need a teenie touch up of gold round the red jem but are done! I varnished the shoes, makes them look nicer. Also need to paint the bases because it looks odd red :/

Just need to hem the skirt shorter and the top too. Maybe take it in mooore and possibly iron when im done.
The top was a bugger with the four seams BUT got there eventually 8D

I didn't realise expo was so close ._. Woopsie! ^^;
Pink top dress thingy is fitted pinned and ready to be gunned through the machine! Shoes have been painted and varnished just need white bits and jems sticking on! Next up is the hair stuff, Ive made it from fimo, needs a good cook and paint then its done!
Jewellry and the likes need a touch up along the edges and then they're done. Its getting there. Im just a slow lazy child.

I think its done, Im really happy with it ^o^ If people think it needs more blue I'll do it as I have dye left over, I love this wig <3
Flower's done too fo her hair!

Are in progress painting because they arrived! 8D They were meant to be £30!! =o They look brand new aswell, looks like they've never been worn, and they are [moderately] easy to walk in, huzzah! A couple more layers of red and then some varnish then I can stick the jems to them! :3

These shoes went up for sale on ebay, I didnt get them the first 2 times because im slow/lazy but 3rd time I GOT EM! 8D Perfect shape/size. Just need modding!! X3
Oh yes, white skirt almost done! x3

P.S Pic of shoes stolen from ebay, not miine!

Pink dress is alot more fitted, ive tacking stitched the zip in inside out so I can fit the seams as much as I want, then to unpick the zip and put it in the right way.

All craft foamy things have been sealed and I've started to paint them, the head flower is finished, the belt needs a few touch ups up the side (as do all the other craft foam things) But theyre pretty much done.

(Only the circle bits on the belt and flower are stuck down, the collar and braclets aren't, I just grabbed any i had going spair and lobbed them on for the photo)

Decided to seal all my craft foam today before I go out so it gives it time to dry without me being impatient and poking it.
Did you know hair straighteners work perfectly for heating and bending craft foam? Ive used the stove but I always burn my foam and it gets too hot. >_< Hair dryer is too noisy and doesnt head it enough, but my GHDs worked perfectly =O Heated it enough so i could bend it and hold it without burning myself. Viva la Hairstraightener! 8D

Finally dug out a mass of craft foam for the abiss which is my wardrobe. I measured cut and did all that shizz to the craft foam, then being a bit Grinchy proceeded to hack up Christmas Decs for the circle bits and whatnot. Heres a photo of everything cut out, ready to be glued and sealed then painted then adding stuff to stick it to me :D

P.S. I ran out of Dye AGAIN. I think its just drying out because I don't get much done with them before they run out...Let us hope the store has restocked!! >_<

P.P.S If I ever need to dye a wig again, PLEASE just say 'NO GO GET WEFTS INSTEAD!!' D:

P.P.P.S Please ignore Spongebob slipper in pic ;D

So I finally got round to cutting out all my material needed, Ive managed to finally achieve in getting Nia's Pink top the accurate shape (Seams at the front and back but non at the side) It's just like 3 sizes too big ;-; So lots of taking in will follow!
White skirt has also been pinned, a zip needs to be added aswell as shortening the skirt and hemming it.

Im also having a hell of a time finding the right shoes, c'mon ebay dont fail me please T_T

So I finished the antenna but its the wrong way round >.< Not sure if i should keep or get rid of ? Opinions would be good please D:

Shop restocked with more dye, yaaay!! So I have been dying more blue, resulting in more blue fingers! Also I glued in a weft for the first time today, it's for Nia's antenna [As seen in the ref with wig pics]. I also made a start on her flower, it still needs more curling, and then it can be sealed and painted!. [The centre bit is just balanced on a pin for the pic, nothing is glued as of yet!]

Ran out of dye, noo! Shop in which I buy my dye from has sold out the color Im using >_< They said they'll restock in 2 weeks! Until then I should start the actual costume!!!

My wig arrived the other week, I've just been lazy in taking progress shots, I figured I'd show it off before I do anything to destroy it! I wasn't to sure about the curls but I think they've grown on me. I have the blue dye I'll use ready to dye in the ends of bits. So here we go pictures before wig is styled!
[I've ordered two of these, one for this Nia and the other for short haired version]

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