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I've been cosplaying since December 2007... seems like so much longer than that!

I prefer crossplaying, the guys always have cooler costumes! But there are a few female characters I'm now working on.

I tend to stick to going to MCM Expos, since they're my favorite purely for the amount of faggotry and fun myself and my friends get upto. I can't afford/get the time off work for loads of cons, but I hope to go to Kitacon some time.

I sometimes hold cosplay meetups in Manchester, so keep an eye on my Deviant Art journal if you're interested in coming to one!

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So I look more like this guy at the moment. Road to El Dorado... possible cosplay...? xD
As soon as I find a wig (I'm way too fussy with them), hopefully I'll start looking more like Leo!

Grrrr! I had a huge bugger up with the coat and the whole thing has had to be scrapped >___< But I've ordered some new, hopefully better quality (curse the north-east and it's lack of fabric shops), fabric.
So expect new coat progress as soon as that arrives!
In other news, I started the base boots yesterday, so more progress soon! 8D

So today I'm swapping Leonardo from 'planned' to 'in progress' 8D He's being made for the London Expo May 2011.
I already have a hat like Leonardo's, so I may just use that instead of making one, I'm not sure yet. I'll have to make sure it matches the fabric I choose for the cape.
Also I'm a little puzzled how to do a convincing beard >_< I've heard to use clippings from the wig and stick them with liquid latex, so I'll try that first...
I also just ordered some dark grey fabric and some white lace for around the collar ^_^
So excited!

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