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The seller of the jacket kind enough to send another one, but if this one does the same disappearing act as the other one i'm basically going to have to improvise and quickly put together a yellow jacket out of a jumper or t-shirt.

The rest of the costume is coming along fine, i've done the basic details and took some in progress photos. Was a bit worried about how it would look at first, but once i had it on i was okay with it.

I'm already cutting this costume pretty close to the deadline, but now a pretty essential part of my costume (the yellow fleece bodywarmer) might not even turn up since i was stupid enough to not read "Pick-up Only from Southend-on-sea" on the ebay page.

I've messaged the seller asking for a refund or if they can delivery it. If not i'll have to cross my fingers and hope that one can be delivered from elsewhere.

Update: Seller got back to me and said he had apparently shipped the jacket already, but it was signed for on the 12th by someone called "Wright". None of my neighbours are called "Wright". If i can't get the jacket, i'm simply getting a refund (if possible) and buying a new one elsewhere.

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