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I cosplay mainly male characters from kingdom hearts and final fantasy style games. I have now started cosplaying more anime and also TV characters. So yeah lots of changes over the next year.

I'm a member of Organization Angels a group of three of us ^^ I'm the middle one lmao.

I'm also a member of Replay Cosplay who I love very much <3

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Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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as predicted was a major fail ... so I will look for another one ....

I finally finished the Shorts :3 and the leg warmers are half made!! I need to fix the headphone >.<

decide to make this the thursday before the convention >.< so far I know I have the hat and then I bought some rainbow armwarmers and some glow sticks. I also have some rainbow ribbon that I can use as a necklace. Now to just find the rest of the outfit

ITS STARTED!! this is going to be such a fail I know it >.<

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PANIC STATIONS!!! so this cosplay will be done Kai is coming to expo with m and I'm sure he will help me sew so that it fits better still so excited for expo

The jacket is nearly finished!! Not only that but I finally got the socks and have got everything needed to finish the cosplay ... 13 days to go ... I can do this!!

so the beret arrived today and to be honest I am not to happy with it meaning that I am going to use it as a base and cover it in a white material so that it looks better. More work and little time to go. I hope and pray that it is going to be finished for london

Started to make her glasses (I can't remember when she wears them but I love them all the same) and rather then buying them I am giving them a shot ... why not after all I have lots of old sunglasses lying around

I got a hat for this .... ironically it's a easter bonnet hat .... and I'm making some shorts tartan for it <3

Sewing is still happenin on the top and I just ordered some buttons and the beret for this cosplay

i now use a paler blonde wig for rhyme

my mum gave in and bought me some nicer shorts for this there like a navy linen pair and fit me a heck of a lot better then the denim ones that I tried the cosplay on with

The cape is now finished, the stole is made and just need the silver on it along with the straps. The shirt/coat thing under the cape is now started as well. I bought my blue Phantomhive ring at midlands expo and my wifey x3 bought me a eye patch that I can use as well

My dad helped me trim down some of the material that was on the cape and this is what it now looks like

Started making the cape for the cosplay out of an old white table cloth so that I was allowed to use (I had to puppy eye my mum) From that I've doubled it over to make the tablecloth half the size. Now I need to shorten it and then to add the collar not quite sure how to do that yet but I am working on it.

So I made a template and cut out some felt tat I then painted red and allowed that to dry before I drew the design on in pen then after that painted it silver. It still needs a couple more coats of pain to be completed.

so my dad has some shorts that are the right sort of color but I need to persuade him to let me turn them into camo because I'm finding it hard to get any

Yes this cosplay is finished bar a few minor adjustments to make it fit a little better in a few places and then just the keyblade to be completed! I can't believe it my baby is finished x3.

the fabric arrived today so I'm going to start working on the outfit now!! :D Bought fabric from ebay for the first day and I have to say very impressed

Ordered and sent. I need to make the top slightly bigger for me, finishing the shorts and make the leg warmers

Finished making the headphones. Ordered the tie. Also half way through editing the shorts. Along with this I started to look for a Mikuo wig and my friend is giving me the Top and arm warmers. I also plan to make leg warmers. I have based the design around Len Kagamine design

This is the base wig for vani under my hat

I just ordered my wig I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED

Sooo I ordered a wig for vanitas last week the week beforeish and it arrived today. I put it on bouncing knowing that I still had to style the thing and went omg it looks like Xion. So this wig will mainly be used for Xion but when I make Vani I will style it.

All I need to finish now is the jacket :D:D will organise the shoes when I have the money xD Enjoy a random shot lol

Ordered it earlier so hopefully will get it in 2 weeks ish. Need help on deciding what outfit to do :/

Going to a Forbidden Planet Cosplay Event in Nottingham so I thought hmmmm who can I take to college without too much fuss! Then it came to me Rhyme, she's such a cute little character, just hoping people will recognise me. If not at least I will know who she is, I mean I love her and she's one of my favorite cosplays.

Bought a purple tennis skirt and am currently resewing the new hems and also the flowery pattern xD I can't believe it's nearly done expect pictures soonish

So cause I decided I wanted a new keyblade Oathkeeper is now in progress it's made out of foam board and needs alot more work on it. It's a little shorter then my kingdom key but I think that it's pretty awesome anyway!

With no self confidence I've ended up buying some cycle shorts to wear under the costume thanks nanna I owe you one

I bought the bast t-shirt and gloves today and am currently editing them :D

I finished it :D it looks so better on me then on the wig head xD tho I need to work out how to do some sort of frekles on my face

I've washed my Demyx wig out so be able to style it into Max. It's partly styled so expect pictures in the next few days I hope <3

I'm also going looking for gloves tommorow I hope

I bought a black guy tanktop from primark and I've been editing that by lowering the colour and sewing white onto it. Then I got a white cami? top I think and have been painting purple onto it xD I also got some white shoes I'm going to wear chu!

Have been ordered :D I'm really happy with the colours of both :D So hopefully I'll be able to find some fur in the right colour soon ^^

THANK YOOU DAD! Because of him I have a new keychain for my Kingdom Key after mine decided to DIE T^T but there we go the man is amazing with wood <3

After killing my keyblade before Midlands Expo and my dad having to make quick repairs to it so I'm finally giving the poor thing a repair job. I've also ordered my wig and hat for the outfit ^^

Went shopping to Nottingham yesterday and bought some black and white stripey knee length socks along with some black and white checked baseball boots bought from blue banana. I wasn't sure if I was going to use them as I had some other old converse that I could use but the new baseball boots are a lot more comfortable. I was also considering using my doc martins but they make me a little too tall for the group I'm with.

my old wig got butchered for Demyx xD so I have a new one on the way never fear also I really really really need to go get the shorts xD

ordering the black monoka hat xD oh well mum says she'll get me the white one later on sooooo I'll be doing two versions now bothe white and black ^^ well the black one really matches my hair xD

I ordered a Monoka hat off of ebay xD I hope that its what I wat lol if not I will have to come up with a new play. I know that it has a face on but I couldn't resist it!!

Hehe finally my necklace appeared :D after waiting for it hasn't got the ring in the mouth but I love it more need to order the brooch for the armor and also think about how I'm going to remake the shoulder armor cause mine just isn't comfortable and to wear it for a whole day just isn't going to happen. Need to go buy paint sooon!

Woo Ordered some stuff for this cosplay today <3

I have a fully styled wig,
half made shoulder armour,
half made buster sword,
the shirt,
the trousers,
the boots,
the silly half skirt thing he wears,
the gloves.

Not to bad :D

My Dad is a freaking legand, he's taking me out during the easter holidays to go buy wood for my buster sword along with ven's keyblade. So hehe we are still having discussions about how to make it. I don't think it will be as large as Cloud's but I'm short and my wrist is still a little screwed up from the wrist injury last year. Mum's taking me cosplay shopping and also ordering me Cloud's necklace during the same time period. Am I freaking out about this year, why yes yes I am :D

I've ordered the main part of the cosplay hehe just need to get the top half and some accesories and lots of ribbon maybe

So people I've just ordered one of the necklaces I'm wearing with it. HAHA I'm sooooo excited <3

They haven't got the wig in the colour I want so now I'm trying to organise getting a refund and ordering a different wig. Hopefully will get it for the day I need it :/

on the 11th so will get in a few weeks my oracle bell is also complete

Ordered the wig <3 it's a little long so I'm going to cut it. Found out my old broom from Halloween like when I was 3. Also started making my oracle bell

I went out and bought the rest of the materials that I need to finish everything. I found a navy belt (it was like £3 off of the local market)I think it's time I got to work :D

so happy I have a skirt that I can wear for this all I need to do is rear the pouches over it :D

not really sure if I'm going to wear this now somethings gone wrong with my sewing and I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to finish it D: so if I'm not wisdom form I will be dressed as Sora in jeans and a hoody most likely ugh I need motivation cause right now i haven't got any

i found the basee jacket now I just need to get the fabric to cover it sew the pouches onto my shorts then finish jiminys journal now only one thing remains what shoes do I wear :( i havent got the time to make any :(

So far i have made everything but the jacket which i need to buy the material for soon. I cant wait for midlands expo now =3

I have been painting them orange ^.^ they look really good but will need a few coats of paint

me and my ryu are going to do a duet of both rage beat and sleepless beauty. Obviously we won't be singing because knowing what I'm like I will have gotton sick before whenever we are going to sing and stuff. We will perform this at a expo/convention we are just not sure when. I will be doing the orange hoody version because i pefer this outfit. We are trying to get the full bands together so far we think we have a Hiro and Ryu and Shu so anyone who's interested in the midlands area let me know.

I have the wig, jumper and t-shirt only need get his lab coat and trousers now!

Ordered the wig from ebay today can't wait for it to be sent

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