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Midlands MCM Comic Con
Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games

Amechibi 2015
Friday: Claire Redfield - Resident Evil Code Veronica X
Saturday: Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite
Saturday night: Commander Shepard - Mass Effect
Sunday: Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games
Sunday night: Toad (Genderbend) - Super Mario Bros.

Wales Comic Con
Claire Redfield - Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Manchester Film and Comic Con
Claire Redfield - Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Kitacon 2015
Friday: Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia
Saturday: Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite
Saturday night: Commander Shepard - Mass Effect
Sunday: Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games
Sunday night: Homura Akemi (Sailor) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Eurogamer Expo
Saturday: Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia
Sunday: TBD

Play Expo 2015
Saturday: Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia
Sunday: TBD

Wales Comic Con Part 2

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Finished editing the shoes :) I didn't have these bits on the boots last time I cosplayed Sheena so it makes me very happy that I actually did it this time!

Just need to make the bootcovers then they are completely finished!

Just made the cards in the last hour! Decided to go with the Money Bag as it's the only design I remember off the top of my head :')

Made a huge amount of progress over the past two days - all that's left is the waistband, the black sleeves and boot covers! I also need to make a couple of cards for a prop.

Also going to be reusing the Corrine that my mum made me the first time I cosplayed Sheena! My mum was so excited when she saw I was redoing this so I couldn't bear to not reuse him :')

Got a trip to the fabric shop tomorrow for some last minute bits then hopefully the rest should be finished tomorrow before we leave for Kitacon on Friday!

Bought my wig from Coscraft and some wefts this past week. I decided I want to make a foam core for the back part of the wig so I'll be attempting that soon :)

Also just bought all my fabric this morning so will hopefully be well under way with this soon!

Just about managed to get this in a wearable state for Amechibi tomorrow. Will be wearing it incomplete as it's missing a few details but shall hopefully have it 100% ready for a convention later in the year!

I'm always quite hesitant to do tshirt transfer paper ironing but this turned out so much better than I anticipated! So happy with it :)

After sewing on the buttons, I removed the two pockets on the front of the vest. I was originally going to just leave them on, however when I realised my vest has the same seams as Claire's, I decided to just go for it and I love how much better it looks!

Originally the vest had these buttons like the ones you get on jeans. I removed them all (with brute force as nothing else seemed to do the job hahaha) and then replaced the two bottom ones with silver buttons like Claire has. At some stage I might sew the holes up but it's not a priority until I get the rest of it finished.

Made a last minute decision to make this for Amechibi next week! The only major thing that needs doing is the vest and I've already ordered a jacket to be altered :) Should be here in the next couple days.

Also started on the Let Me Live design on the back of the jacket to transfer when it arrives. Not sure I'm liking it so far though :( But I'm sure it'll be fine when I've finished it!

TheStarlightFairy has also let me borrow her wig for this which sorts that out! :D

As I've finally completed this costume, I just wanted to keep the closet cosplay I did of this a few years ago in the journal to remind myself of where it began :)

I've spent so long umming and ahhing over the colour of her pants - in some photos it's green and then in others it's a mix of brown-green. In the end I just decided to go with green even though it may be a bit dark. That's everything bought for this costume now. Just need to wait for it all to turn up!

Took a chance on this wig on eBay as I was having a bit of wig drama about not really knowing what to do :') I know the braid actually goes around the wrong side, but I'm hoping to restyle it to the correct side when it arrives.

I had a big search across the internet for a bow when I first started planning this costume, but unfortunately could never find anything that looks remotely similar to the one Katniss uses in the arena. I just recently found a custom bow that someone in the US made, which was a steal at £60 (including postage!).

So that's the bulk of the costume ordered and completed - just need to track down some pants, shoes and a wig, as well as customising the jacket underneath and this costume is complete!

Not 100% accurate but I've been trawling eBay for so long over these shoes that I'm at the point now where I'm happy just to find something similar. Quite happy with these as they were cheap at £13.49 (inc. postage) and it saves me having to put the straps onto some boots myself :)

Bought some nicer boots than what I had originally for this cosplay :) I think they're much better than the first ones I bought and prefer them a lot!

I've been umming and ahhing for literally years about buying the replica jacket for The Hunger Games. Unfortunately I can't find the deluxe version any more, but I was quite happy treating myself to the standard one :)

Also bought a plain black v neck top.

Finally bought a skyhook while at Play Expo last weekend! Really happy that I managed to get one! It will be shared between me and PREDATOR PETE when we eventually do Elizabeth and Booker together :)

Started making the arm guards today finally after getting a rare day off from work :') I bought some worbla during the Coscraft restock and it was the first time that I've experimented with it. I'm already converted and I haven't even finished them yet haha! So far I've shaped them and gave them one coat of paint. They're due for a respray tomorrow, then I just need to add the white strips and some straps to keep them in place.

It's totally the wrong colour from the listing! Knew it was too good to be true. Currently searching down a replacement or sending it back for a different colour. A bit gutted really as I'm running out of time before Play Expo hits in October!

Also bought some nude leggings so I can follow the design that I originally planned on. I think it'll look better with the dress but I'm a bit self conscious to not wear anything underneath.

Originally made a prototype hat out of felt as we happened to have it lying around, but it didn't sit right :/ So Lou gave me some white fleece which worked perfectly :) It's ridiculously oversized but I love it :')

Bought the wig for Faris today! She's got such an awkward hair colour that I've been spending ages trying to find the right one. In the end I've settled for a dark purple. Even though her sprite is more pink, the pinks and purples are far too light so I've just had to settle in the end.

Been having a hard time finding some decently priced lace up knee high boots so in the end I just bought some plain ones. Very happy with the look of them though so I'm not particularly bothered :)

Just been to the fabric shop and found the perfect shade of blue for this costume :) I've been putting off buying anything for this until I found the right colour but now that I have it, it's time to get to work!

I also bought some air dry clay recently in preparation for making a vigor bottle.

Went into Liverpool today and bought a couple of glass bottles as a base for making a vigor prop. I was unsure on which one I was actually going to make, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be Undertow :) Thankfully I know a shop where they sell glass bottles on the cheap (and blue ones to boot) so I'll hopefully be buying the correct shape and colour bottle next time I'm in there.

I'm also toying with the idea of buying a skyhook, but they're pretty expensive at around £60-£90 so it just depends on whether I have the money when I come to make this.

Finally getting back to work on this! I've just bought these boots for this cosplay. They're not perfect, but it's the closest thing I've found without going all out and buying Demonia boots or something haha. Hopefully I'll have this cosplay done within the next couple of months :)

Absolutely everything has been bought for this cosplay now, save for some buckles which I can get in the fabric shop. Ahhh so excited that this is finally coming together now :)

Defo not gonna suit boycut hair though lmao

Got my pouches and security belt through in the post, so that's another thing off the checklist! One of my pouches definitely looks more green in the light though which annoys me, but thankfully it's the one on the back so I don't have to look at it haha. PREDATOR PETE is once again being a star and lending me his radio, so I can throw that in the radio pouch as well :)

Literally just need to buy the clothes now. Which is pretty much a major part of the cosplay haha. Can't wait to finally have everything bought! Just waiting on the STARS patch as well. May have to buy some new shoelaces as the ones I bought are far too short for the boots. We'll see!

Just been to the fabric shop where my sister works and got three metres of fabric for my tshirt and some thread for £3 haha. Oh the perks of having family who work there. Unfortunately the material I chose isn't stretchy, but it was the only fabric in the shop that was the right colour :( For £3 I'm not too bothered if I don't end up using it though!

I'm going to order the pants tonight and if the colours don't match up, I'll head to the other local fabric shop and see what I can get in there.

Just managed to swing a deal with an eBay seller, so I've got all the belt pouches sorted out now. This costume is costing me way more than I hoped it would haha :(

Fortunately after those are bought, all that needs buying is the pants, top and vest, then I'm sorted!

I've also decided that I'm just gonna reuse my STARS Jill watch for the sake of convenience. After looking at my bought list, I don't really want to have to spend any more money on this bloody cosplay haha

First wig was unfortunately nowhere near anything I needed so I've had to buy a second one. Bit annoyed really, but I've bought another one anyway. I'm just hoping that it arrives in time for Midlands otherwise this cosplay is going to have to be put off :/

I've still got so much stuff to buy for this and I keep dipping into my savings, which I really don't want to do! I'll just have to bite the bullet and get on with it I think.

A bit of a last minute decision, but basically Katniss wasn't going to happen unfortunately. Rebecca looked like a simple one to do, so I've gone with her as I've only got a month to get it sorted. Most of the bits have been bought, just waiting on them to arrive now!

Fortunately I can reuse my Jill gloves for this which takes a tiny bit of the money pressure off haha. That's just about the only thing I can reuse though!

Bought the white fabric for the apron today. I'll most likely be wearing this for Midlands MCM Expo next year, so there's plenty of time to get it finished :) I've also bought a zip and some white foam to hold the bow up.

Going to be doing a makeshift version of this for a shoot on Tuesday :) I've just been watching The Hunger Games so I desperately want to cosplay Katniss now :P It'll be purely made up of things out of my wardrobe so it'll be in no way perfect haha

All my airsoft stuff turned up so I've finished my utility belt now! The only thing that it's missing is the grenades on one side, but for the sake of time, I'm going to leave that out for now and fix them on when I have some more time.

The harness is in progress, unfortunately the straps are far too big for me and pretty uncomfortable so Cat is going to help me tonight to fix them and be a bit more snug.

I've also ordered a plastic knife for the sheath on the leg, but I'm going to concentrate on getting the harness finished before I start on this. It only cost me £2.50 and it'll work for it's purpose :P I had seen her actual knife sheath on an airsoft site but I don't have the money for it at the moment. Maybe one day...

Went down to the larger material shop today and ended up buying some more webbing and release clips for Jill. I decided to use release clips to attach the harness together as it'd be easier to wear like that. I'm gonna spend a chunk of tomorrow adding the detailing to the harness as we've got the basic shape together now, as it's wearable. I've also started the utility belt, but unfortunately I can't do much more to it until all my airsoft gear turns up in the post. I'll just have to keep myself busy with the harness for now.

Lou has taken my shoes off me so she can cover them in the fabric :P I love her to pieces, I definitely wouldn't get it done without her help D8 So thank you <3

Zoe also finished my BSAA top today and it looks AMAZING. I shall take photos of it tomorrow! :) I'm feeling a lot more confident about getting this all done thanks to my amazing friends. I definitely owe them all a prop or two :P

I'd been putting this off for so long because I knew that it was going to cost a bomb, but with Manchester Expo fast approaching, I couldn't really put it off for any longer. £100+ later, I've finally got all of my pieces for Jill on the way. It has actually broken my heart to spend this much money on her haha, I thought she was bad enough the first time around...

Things that I have left to do in terms of buying:
- Find a couple of release clips for the harness
- Something about the gloves? May reuse STARS ones to save my sanity :P
- Knife sheath :\ May leave this out though

In terms of sewing:
- Finish harness
- Cover boots
- Assemble belt

I was going to buy a Mockingjay pin for myself (and I will get around to it eventually), but Lou said that I could borrow her pin to save me a bit of cash so I can get this done quicker :)

I also bought some green pants at work and realised that I could use them for Katniss when I got home! Bargain at £7 and they're so comfy! So happy with them :)

Just got hold of a black vest top for £3 for underneath the main shirt :)

Finally got started on sorting out some pieces for this! We had a cosplay making day that started out by visiting our fabric store again - this time I found some much better grey fabric for the boots which made me happy as I didn't particularly like the first one. I had to pay £8 for it but it made me a lot happier in terms of colour. I also got some foam for the harness as well as some buckles as well. We're making a trip to the massive fabric store next week as they didn't have everything that I was after so that should get the last bits together that I need.

Zoe (Luminescence) started on my top today and has actually got it near completion now as well! It's looking absolutely amazing and I am so happy with it and she's not even finished yet haha. I'm getting increasingly excited for Manchester Expo now and leaning more towards paying out the ridiculous sum for all my airsoft equipment now that I'm so excited :')

Cat (Crazedteensie) also started on my shoulder harness (much love <3) but we stopped as we needed some more release clips and the shop didn't have any in stock apart from massive ones which wouldn't work :( Also had a chat with Lou (Sisceal) about the boots but she's going to start on them after she's got LFCC out of the way. It's a big ask to take on but I have promised props in return for her (I'm going to attempt to get her Zelda harp done in time for Manchester as she's doing Skyward Sword Zelda then!).

Hopefully I can show some pictures soon as I'm incredibly excited to show it all off hahaha :')

Got the fabric for my bootcovers last night! I managed to get this all in the 30% off sale in my local fabric shop so it only ended up costing £5 for all of it. The colours really aren't perfect at all, but I had 15 minutes to decide before closing and two out of three of them were £1 a metre so I can't complain :P I ended up getting black, grey and white for the shoes, but the white seems far too bright for me so I may go back and change it. Considering it only cost 39p I'm not too fussed :P

I said I wanted to do this over summer (but I wasn't sure if that was going to turn into another one of those summers where I say MAKE EVERY COSPLAY then do absolutely nothing) so I went to my local fabric shop which was having a 3 hour 30% off sale on everything. I'd been a bit unsure on what kind of fabric to use for this and I wanted something with a bit of a shimmer. I ended up going for taffeta and it was just my luck that they sold it by weight instead of by metre (thank you fabric gods)! I ended up getting 4 metres so I could give the skirt a lot of poof with some extra just in case. It only ended up costing me £9 for the 4 metres which was a complete steal :P

Just tried them on and threw my shoes on as well, thought I'd take a quick photo. My thighs are so chunky lmfao. The colour isn't actually as bad as I thought it was and omg, these are so comfy. Unfortunately as you can see they hug me in all the wrong places so I bought some white jeans as well. I'll wear what I think looks better nearer the time :)

Cameo appearance from two of my cats, I have no idea what is going on with Mia's face but it was the winner that convinced me to put this up anyway hahaha

All the stuff I ordered two days ago turned up today, how's that for fast delivery XD Unfortunately the pants are completely the wrong colour so I've had to pay out another £15 for some new ones. Could have done without that, but I suppose it's my own fault really :\

Haven't touched on any of the airsoft parts yet, but I'll be dealing with that next payday I think. Haven't got the cash to be buying anything else at the moment unfortunately.

Payday has come and gone, so I've just got to buying some more parts here and there for Jill. I've just got the headset - not a perfect copy, but it'll do. The amount of time I spent searching for an over-ear one like Jill's was insane haha XD I've finally bought some pants as well, a pretty critical part of this cosplay if I do say so!

I'm finally starting on piecing the little bits and pieces together... my bank balance is definitely not taking kindly to this, but I'm easing it in haha XD I've just bought the webbing for the belt and a release clip. Next up shall be all the pouches but I'm going to wait a bit to buy them all as my bank account might just break down into tears!

My Chris is being a massive help with this and I can't thank him enough for it! He's an avid airsofter and is pointing me in the right directions for every single bit of kit and I'd be lost without him XD

Hat has arrived, was a bit put off because it looks closer to black than navy. Comparing it to my icon on this costume though, it looks pretty similar so I'm a bit happier in that respect.

Absolutely amazed at how quickly these shipped and arrived at my house :| An attempted delivery was made on Saturday morning (the day after I bought them!) while I was at work, so I finally went down to the post office today and collected them! Had a bit of a panic originally when I first put them on as the zip wouldn't do back up. I was a bit annoyed considering I was debating between these and the more expensive ones, but Sam managed to sort them out for me and they're in a more wearable condition now :D

I'll be covering these in fabric and spraying the rubber a more grey colour than black. Very excited to start work on them and the shoes are so comfy. Yay for comfy cosplays :D

Just bought my boots for this cosplay! It was a toss up between two pairs, one more expensive but with better feedback, but I took the plunge and went for the cheaper pair at £15. I'm spreading out the buying stuff to make it a bit better on my bank balance, so there'll be a few more things bought this payday probably.

The top arrived and the colour is slightly off from the eBay picture, however I think that might be me just being extremely picky. It'll do. The gloves also arrived and are nothing like the colour in the photo so I'm gonna have to do some more searching about for some better ones. Cat said we might use these ones as a pattern though so we may go down that route instead.

Top has arrived and I was a bit unsure when I first opened the packet, as the photo on eBay seems to have washed out the colour. I loaded up Resi 5 for the costume model though and it seems to be a similar colour, so I'm happy. Can't really complain for £4 XD It's going to need some editing for the black bits and the zip, but it'll do :)

Also just bought the base gloves for this. As you can see by the reference picture here, her gloves are some of the most awkward in the history of gloves. I had a chat with Cat about them and she's come up with a good idea for altering them to look a lot like Jill's. I'm going for beige on the bottom half then a grey/black mix on the top. Here's hoping we don't run into any major problems... D:

Just finished up the distressing for the dress. Thankfully the sandpaper worked a treat and really roughened things up. In the end the bottom of the dress wasn't hemmed as it added to the wrecked look. I'm really happy with the outcome of the dress distressing as it looks absolutely disgusting and really fits the look of someone living down in Rapture!

Had a problem with the syringe - unfortunately the bottle won't stick to the syringe properly. I tried impact adhesive like I did with the dowel and it didn't stick properly, so I tried some regular superglue and it holds for a little bit. I'm going to try super gluing it overnight, but it looks like I'm going to have to take the tube with me and re-glue it throughout the day. Also, because of it constantly falling off when the bottle is empty, it looks like I'm not going to be able to put any liquid in it to use as ADAM. I'll probably reinforce this for another time but unfortunately I'll just have to go without this time.

The only thing that's left to do is the collar for the dress. That'll be done within the next couple of hours and then I'm good to go!

My impatience really wasn't a good idea, having dried the syringe in the garage over night, one side has gone all bubbly from lying on the grass most of the day. I scratched at that side with a screwdriver to try and get rid of some of the bubbles and also scratch it up a bit to show a bit of wear and tear. I have to admit I'm kinda annoyed at myself for not waiting to spray the other side, but at the same time my timescale was really small so I had no choice really.

Fortunately everything has dried out, so I've just glued on the last little bit onto the syringe. It's the bottle cap for the ADAM container. I haven't actually had time to test whether the liquid all stays in ok (which probably would have been a good idea...) but again, timescale. And funds slowly dwindling :P

The only things that need doing before Saturday are the collar for the dress and sewing on the four big buttons on the front of the dress. It's been a long time since I've been prepared for Expo like this lmao.


I tried following Sands tutorial on Youtube, however the grater didn't really agree with my fabric so I've been thinking of other things to try out. Obviously if they go wrong it doesn't really matter as it's meant to be a grubby wrecked dress anyway.

Ideas for distressing:
- Using an old tooth brush dipped in the red food dye and flicking it at the dress
- Hacking at it with a pair of scissors
- Using the scissors to score repeatedly at a section of fabric
- Using sandpaper on the dress

I'll be giving the distressing a go tomorrow night when the dress is completed.

Side 2 has now been sprayed all over! I got a bit impatient and it was definitely touch dried on the other side. I was getting a bit wary because of the time limit and just sprayed the other side without waiting. I'm going to glue the bottle on tomorrow morning and hope for the best.

Kind of regretting not doing this earlier, but at the same time, lack of time and weather have hindered my progress in this. But today, finally got half of the spraying done. Just waiting on it to dry up now, but I'll have to get on with the other side tomorrow - it apparently takes 24 hours to hard dry which is an absolute ballache considering I've got so little time left! I'll probably let one side dry for most of the day and then do the other side just before I go to bed and let it dry overnight. As I've still got to stick the ADAM container on (which wonderfully enough also takes 24 hours to dry and I can't risk that not drying by the time Saturday morning rolls around) I'll probably see how things are tomorrow and stick everything together.

Not really sure about the colour but I don't have time to be picky. Metallic grass, woooo!

Happy to say that the impact adhesive has done its job and everything has set in place properly! Such a relief. I feel a lot better about everything now. The only real problem I have to face in the run-up to Midlands this week is the weather - if the rain doesn't hold off then I won't have a chance to spray paint it bronze :(

Thankfully the worst part is over and if I don't get to paint it, it's not too much of a hassle. It'll just mean I'll have to save the spraying until Kitacon. I'm desperately hoping that won't be the case though ;__;

Ok, so I managed to sand it down to more of a point while I was watching Kenan & Kel, which I was quite happy with! I did end up asking some people for a bit of honest advice, where they pointed out the length of the dowel needed to be a lot thinner. I agree with them, but unfortunately as I'm running out of time, I need to make sure that this glue I have actually works, so for now I've glued it all together. I now have to wait 24 hours to check if it works, and after that, comes the spray painting stage. That's to be done tomorrow afternoon.

I think if I rewear this cosplay (probably at Kitacon), I'll sand down the dowel a lot more or just remake the entire thing completely. Be aware that I'm completely winging this thing as I go so I'm hoping it'll turn out ok XD Once the spray painting is done I just need to glue the bottle on and it's done :) (apart from filling the bottle with ADAM, obv.

Ah well, never mind, an hour after I posted that last journal the bottle turned up. It's uh... a bit on the small side. I guess I only have myself to blame for that. I did order everything in a bit of a rush a while back and I should have done a bit more research into it, but I can't really do anything about it now. I don't have time to wait around for a new bottle (and for that matter) I don't have the money either. This will have to make do for now, maybe in the future I can re-do it and sell this one on (if it gets finished that is!!)

At least I know for my sister's syringe that I'll have to get better bottles for her. To be honest, I guess it doesn't look that bad proportion wise (from the distance this photo was taken, anyway). I'm hoping I'll just get over it and be happy with it anyway.

I have started on this, but it's a really slow process. I spent 3 hours sanding down the syringe tip yesterday, but you can hardly tell the difference :( I'll have another day of sanding it down today while I have a chance to considering there's only 9 more days until expo... argh. I can't glue everything together until I've sanded this down - not to mention the bottle hasn't even turned up yet so that's another problem to face. I've got all of the spray paint so I can do a quick paint job when it's finally set together. I'm just hoping that it does set properly otherwise I don't know what on earth I'll do. I don't really want to go without this prop because I'm putting so much into it :(

The dress, that is, anyway. My sister has nearly completed the entire thing for me, slaving away over gathering a lot of fabric haha :P The only things that are left to do on the dress is the collar and sewing on the four big buttons on the front. I'm going to do the flap over the back of the dress with the 20 or so little buttons on if I have the time, but I'm not too worried if I don't manage to finish that before Midlands Expo.

The main priority is finishing off the syringe before then! Thankfully I did manage to go out and get the majority of the materials needed to finish it off. The only thing I need to do is order the bottle for the ADAM container, as well as buying some red food dye. I'll be ordering the bottles tomorrow, but the food dye can be bought pretty much the night before Expo. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be attempting to put together the syringe with the impact adhesive and provided it sticks, I'll be spray painting the entire thing bronze at a later date. I also have to sharpen the needle part of the syringe, but I'm going to start doing that tomorrow as well. It's going to take some time as I have to sand down the entire thing D:

Finally started making some more progress on this. Been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to :( The dress is sewn together now, just needs the collar and sleeve cuffs putting on it now, possibly hemming at the bottom as well (but unsure whether to do that or not to stay with the ragged look of the Little Sisters. The skirt has been gathered which I absolutely love as it gives the whole dress a swooshiness about it :D

The apron is in progress at the moment as well, literally just started it this moment. A bit unsure as whether to make it a separate piece or not, but leaning more towards sewing the main bulk of it onto the actual dress so that it doesn't fold over. I've had that problem a lot before with cosplays and I'd like it to be sewn on if we have the time.

Unfortunately I've made zero progress on the syringe as well, but I'm going down to B&Q later with the petrol pump to see if I can find a wooden dowel to fit into it. I'll also be getting some impact adhesive while I'm out, then I'll have a go at glueing it all together. If the impact adhesive doesn't work properly, I've got a back-up plan if the impact adhesive doesn't work out, but I'll have to order that off eBay pretty soon to ensure it arrives. It's much more of a hassle than the impact adhesive so I'm just praying it works out haha. Also going to be ordering the correct bottle shape for the ADAM container. Unfortunately they only come in packs of 10 which is annoying, but ah well. At least I'll have some spares when they're needed XD

The top part of the dress was completed the day we got the material XD Zoe has been hard at work finishing off the dresses (she is a genius) and I think she's part way through getting the skirts finished off. I need to go home at some point so that she can gather the skirts (cue me playing hours of Spyro while I stand there for ages).

Our ADAM syringe bases arrived like two days after we ordered them XD I'm quite happy with them but they're gonna take a bit of modifying. We've already got the gold/bronze paint ready for whenever they need colouring. I'll be getting wooden dowels for the pointy bit on the end and I think Zoe said that her boyfriend will be making the ADAM containers light up for us which should be awesome :D Very much looking forward to getting this done!

Really going to hate ripping up the dresses though. I just can't bring myself to do it XD

Went out to the giant local material shop today with this reference and managed to snag all the material for this cosplay for under £20 :D We're currently starting on the dresses now!

We've just bought the ADAM syringes as well. Luckily there were only two left in stock and we managed to nab both of them :D They'll be arriving in about 4-6 days. My sister just told me she already has some gold paint as well, so I'll spray paint them both when they arrive in the week.

We got some really nice photos at our Eva shoot (thank you so much to MadameLapin for being absolutely amazing 8D), but unfortunately the hairclips didn't arrive in time :( I had to substitute with some red bobbles. Hopefully the photos will be up soon!

This is obviously a reason to do more Eva shoots in the future however XD

Wig: I did buy a wig for this, but unfortunately it never materialised so I'll have to find something else :P For the shoot tomorrow I will be borrowing a wig from Sisceal :)

Hairclips: I was originally planning to just use some red hairclips as I didn't have the time or money to order the real ones. Fortunately Sisceal came to my rescue and ordered them for me as she was planning to do some Asuka costumes anyway :) We're going halves on them when I have the money to pay her back. <3

Shirt: Bought a shirt for £1.50 from Asda and my sister modified it. Bought a small length of ribbon from our local material shop to tie around the neck.

Dress: My sister made this for me in a couple of hours. As I wanted this surprise to go smoothly I didn't want to attempt to make it myself. I'd bought just enough fabric to get everything done so I didn't want to go wrong hahaha :P

Socks: Already owned

Shoes: Re-used from my Alice cosplay.

My dress is completely finished now :D So much love goes to Cat (Crazedteensie) and Zoe (Luminescence) as they made my dress between them. So that's completely done now :)

I made a kind of last minute decision to have the cape made as well, which I bought the material for today. Zoe is going to handle that for me within the next few days (I think we're having a couple of emergency cosplay sessions on Thursday and Friday just before Expo!).

Zoe also dyed the shoes for me using her shoe dye kit, but unfortunately it only picked up the dye in certain places so they're a bit patchy :( But she's going to do a second coating for me and if it still doesn't stick, paint them. Then everything is finished 8D

Just got the cuffs on the sleeves and a bit of hemming, then its finished! I love my cosplay group :D

Luminescence and CrazedTeensie are currently in the middle of making my dress and wig 8D Much looooooooooove

Got the majority of fabric for this cosplay now (if not all of it)! I went to Abakhan with Lou and Zoe today and Lou bought the last bit of fabric I needed for me :) The two of them have donated bits and pieces for me as well - Lou, the red bit in the sleeves and Zoe, the collar. There was a 75% off sale on fabrics today so we did go a bit mad hahaha :P

With the fabric choices, I think this is going to end up looking a bit more like a Disney parks version of Snow White rather than original film colours. I think I'm planning on having a day with Zoe getting this one done. Hopefully should be finished soon!

Was unsure on whether I'd be able to be Jill this weekend for Midlands Expo, but I managed to find some replacement shoes in Shoe Zone :D They're steel toe cap boots which were £25, which I thought was alright really :) Quite happy with the find. I'm going to give my sister some money tomorrow night so that she can respray the rocket launcher, as the paint suffered a bit of battle damage the last time I took it out :P

My S.T.A.R.S. watch seems to have gone missing which is unfortunate, so I'm going to take a look around my room on Friday night. If I can't find it, I'll have to go without :( Just have to make sure I can find all the pieces for Jill now lol :P

Dress is officially in progress! Cat and Zoe started making it for me today and I'm really looking forward to getting it finished :) There's still quite a few things that need to be bought to get this cosplay completely done, but it doesn't need to be done until the summer anyway :)

The shoes arrived a while ago, but they're completely the wrong colour and not what I was aiming for. I'm gonna have to look out for some new ones, but I guess if I don't find any in the future, they'll have to do.

I managed to convince the boyfriend into being Prince Charming for me when we do our Disney Princess group, seeing as my friends seem intent on getting their counterparts for the group too. I made a quick collage from various images, but there aren't very many clear reference shots of Prince Charming unfortunately :( Very excited about getting him to do this with me :D

Got my eyes on some nice yellow shoes on eBay that look a perfect colour for the skirt part of the dress :D The auction ends on Sunday so I'm gonna keep an eye on them until then. They're only £9 but will need a bow adding :)

Bought some fabric to start this off today, got a nice blue velvet for the top half of the dress and a really nice bright yellow satin 8D Very happy!

Had a mini Rose shoot with Cat as my 10. Rose still isn't 100% complete, so it was more of a little tester shoot for a bit of fun today :) At least I know I've got everything I need to go with this cosplay in case I don't find everything that I do need in the end!

Went out shopping today and managed to snag some fishnet tights along with some suitable looking shades for Rose. They're not the most accurate, but the best colour to go with my choice of fabric :D

Not an amazing photo, but considering it was only just finished (11:30pm :|), I can't really get better lighting right now. The jacket is just a stand-in for now until I get my real one finished, but it's my back-up too in case I can't find a more suitable one. Obviously going to be wearing the jacket closed too, but it's open here for the purpose of a progress shot :)

Big thanks to my sister for making this for me <3

Finally got some fabric for this today! :D

Sprayed rocket launcher, going to give it another coat tomorrow. Won't be 100% complete by expo but it'll be good enough to take on the day :)

Got the main bulk of the rocket launcher completed over the weekend. Will continue more with it when I get hold of more superglue and spray paint :)

Finally got some more photo progress for Jill! Just completed the shirt yesterday and I'm very happy with how it came out :) I love the ribs on the shirt - almost didn't want to customise it for Jill because I loved the shirt so much!

The base glasses that I'll be using for this cosplay! I can actually see out of these (thank God) but they still look opaque from a distance which is awesome 8D I love these glasses but they need a red rim before they're finished, which I should get done at some point! There's no rush on this cosplay though, so it could be done in a long while from now, who knows :P

Finally got some proof that I've actually done something on this cosplay! I've actually got most of the costume sorted now, so here's just a taster of some of the pieces that I've finished. I love the STARS watch so much. The watch itself was one from a cheap seller on eBay then I had the strap replaced with a brown leather one. Unfortunately it's a little bit tight when it goes around the glove, but it definitely looks a lot better than it did with the metal strap it arrived with.

Everything is finally complete on this cosplay! About time too... XD Really excited to wear the updated version this weekend with my FFIX group <3

I completely reamade my hat today! Here's a comparison shot of the two - the new one on the left. It doesn't look much different, however I've finally managed to find a way of closing up the hole on the top (it annoyed me so much...). The major changes for my new hat is that it's completely covered in red material, rather than just being made of foam. This weighs it down a little bit and there's also some wire in the ears to add weight as one of the major problems of my last hat was that I didn't even notice it falling off! Some parts of the hat are bigger too (e.g. the front mask part) There's just one thing left to do on this cosplay then the entire thing will be complete <3

Finally bringing some picture progress! 8D

Went out and bought the main bulk of fabric for this today. Ended up spending £20 that I probably shouldn't have, but hey - I'm really looking forward to this cosplay now! The dress is currently in progress :)

I've finally sorted out the leather harness for this cosplay! The third strip sits underneath the crest, but it's out here just for the purpose of a progress shot. :)

I'm finally getting around to making improvements on this cosplay! Originally I left out the leather harness so I bought the material for that today. I'm hoping to get this done in time for a summer photoshoot, then my Freya cosplay will finally be 100% complete! :)

Today I finally went out and bought some material for the hoody, armwarmers and legwarmers! :D It's a really cuddly polar fleece haha! I can't wait to get started on it :)

Nearly finished these now! The stripes have been sewn onto the hoodys, and the Wildcats logos have also been put onto the hood. :) The only thing left to do is the text on the back.

We haz it. Today me and Crazedteensie went and bought some felt for the stripes on the hoodys. 8D We've got four of these hoodys to make, and we've decided to change the back of the hoodys a little:

- Troy's will say Bolton 14
- Kelsi's will say play-maker
- Ryan's will say Sharpay's poodle
- My sister's will say Fernie 15, because that's her nickname, and it's a present for her 15th birthday. xD

We're using transfer paper for the wildcat logos, and the writing on the back.

We've already made four of eight stripes, so these could possibly be finished by tomorrow. xD Then they need to be kept hidden until HSM3 release day...

Well, I went to Primark yesterday with my HSM crew [well, one of them xD], and managed to find blank white hoodies for £2 each! The only problem? They're XL lmfao! They're far too huge for us, we actually look like marshmallows, but for £2 we didn't really care tbh. It's the funniest thing... xD

This is also a surprise for my little sister, because we're gonna go see HSM3 on her birthday, and she has no idea. She's getting one of these Wildcat hoodies too.

After my Grandad heard that I'd run out of money for paint, he gave me £20 so that my spear would be finished in time for Midlands. So kind! Here's the finished result :)

I procrastinated so badly with this... There's still quite a lot that needs doing, I know that the spear definitely won't be painted in time for Midlands. I don't really have the money to buy the paint in the first place, so Cat and I are skipping masquerade entry this time round and entering when our costumes are the best they can be.

I've finally got a photo of the updated coat now. Cat did a lot for me because I got stuck, and it looks awesomeeeeee. My sister's been making me a lot of stuff as well, so I owe her quite a lot of props in future... xD

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