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As soon as I saw all the beautiful pictures of cosplayers online I knew I wanted to join in, but it was actually my friend who pushed me into it by suggesting we cosplay to our first con. I actually think I was born a cosplayer, because i've always pretended to be my favourite characters for as long as I can remember(running around using a dressing gown as a cape is FUN! XD)

Like most people the costumes I usually make will be that of my favourite characters, a character I like will always take preference over a pretty costume! O.O I also love to cosplay in groups with my friends. ^_^ I love meeting new people and making friends, so please don't be afraid to come up and talk to me at cons! :D

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I've been styling this wig over the weekend! Because I'm doing oracle of seasons/time Link I really wanted to make the costume as 'cartooney' as possible. So this meant bright colours and BIG BIG hair. I added lots of wefts to increase thickness and the fringe involved a lot of back combing. This fringe is HUGE. I'm really happy with how it came out. :3

This started out as a lacefront Cady wig from Arda. Then I ventilated the hairline at the front to add the different coloured wefts. Then the whole thing was cut and spiked with hairspray.

Please to be excusing my tired makeupless face and the baaad lighting! I decided to do a quick test of this cosplay to see how it all looks together. The shoes are super cute but you'll just have to wait to see them :P I can't wait for our aristocats gijinka group at kitacon!

I think i'll cut the wig a bit more...his hair is a very tricky length that changes throughout the game :|

Please don't put leather near me ever again. :P

Pretty self explanatory, except i'd like to draw attention to the fact that that's a hollister shirt which I thought fit Josh quite nicely. :P

Still lots of bits and pieces to finish! (Bracelets included)

Please to be ignoring the clips, I just want to keep everything in place for now, and I'll neaten it up and finish it off in the hotel room.

With this wig I really wanted to go as cartooney as possible, so I made the spikes as big as I could while still keeping it vaguely accurate. It started off life as a Prince wig from coscraft and I added some wefts for all that fabulous poof.

Sewn, painted and added trim. Simple enough!

I've been dying to try out taobao for buying cosplays for ages. Mainly cause it just baffles me how they can be so cheap xD. Because I had a bit of money spare I decided to test it out with a cosplay I've wanted to do for ages but have no desire to make (please god no more feckin crop jackets!) hope from ff13! I got it today and it actually fits! The bits not pictured are the bits I was aware I'd have to remake when ordering (neck scarf, gloves etc) as usual I have the issue of my legs being too short so I'll have to mod it a little there. You can tell it's cheaper materials etc but on the whole I'm pleased. In general I prefer to make my costumes but I don't always have the time/desire to do it, so this was a productive experiment! Once I've fixed him up I'll be wearing him at October expo.

These started off life as knee high leather boots. I removed buckles and little details then added the back and front...flaps? The front ones are double interfaced to make sure they stay upright. In the references Edea has sections cut out of her boots at the side, but to be frank I was worried that the boots wouldn't hold the front bit up if I did instead I sewed white fabric pieces (shhh! Don't tell anyone!) and i'm actually surprised how convincing it looks. xD

The armour is craft foam and worbla again just like the skirt pieces, and is attached with velcro for easy assembly. ;)

Not a great photo but tbh I'm in a bit of a rush trying to finish this for the con! ^^;

I've adjusted the skirt panels since taking this photo.

All Edea cosplayers seem to interpret her costume very differently, which is really interesting! But i've not actually seen anyone do it this way before so I was a tad worried about it, but i'm happy how it turned out! The armour is craft foam covered in worbla, smoothed, spray painted and covered in modge podge. The skirt has steel boning around the edge to keep the shape and I guess isn't really a skirt because it's attached to the top! All the armour pieces are connected with a bajillion poppers so then I can easily wash the costume if need be!

Such a strange design! None of her clothes make sense at all!

Luckily I managed to modify a pair of elbow length leather gloves because I haaate sewing gloves! The white cuff parts were heavily interfaced to make them stand up, and then lined. I'm making this costume in a bit of a rush but because of the design i'm having to line everything so it's actually turning out pretty neat. xD

This was hell to make and took way longer than planned. x.x It looks much better on me as it's fitted to my shape (boobs and hips holla) but you get the general idea.

Everyone who cosplays Edea makes the costume completely differently. I've never seen such variation! I liked the Edea's who made her shirt look like armour but...unfortunately up close references in the FMV sort of prove it's fabric. >_> So I decided to go with a suede which I lined and interfaced to add extra structure. This sort of sewing is not my forte, I prefer adding lace and bling and details but this involved a lot of specific patterning and MATHS. OH GOD MATHS. So although it's not perfect i'm pretty darn proud of me. (At one point it got flung across the room :P)

Made from a cheap shop bought sword which I then blinged up with ribbon and tassles and worbla. :3

There's probably a name for this item of clothing but I don't know it. :P

The fabric is LUSH and the camera does not do it justice. Not too much to go now, just belt, trousers and ANOTHER pair of sleeves as well as little bits and bobs.

Quite a simple design but the suede I chose for it was HELL to sew, making it far harder than it should have been!

Added the shaved side bits. I've never made anything like this before so I'm happy with how they turned out. Not perfect but good enough for a first go. ;)

Was commissioned. The trousers are a little too long and tight but what else is new! ;) I'll mod them before the con...

I added lots of wefts to this wig so I could cut it really short without exposing the wefts. Next I have to add the shaved sides!

This shirt is barely seen but I'm picky so had to make it. I made the cuffs as fabulous as possible as they're one of the parts that ARE seen xD

P much what it says on the tin! I was working on a SERIOUS budget with this costume and the whole thing cost me under £50 which is p good for me. xD

Because this is just a fun little group we decided to buy our maid dresses from bodyline. We picked the dress closest to the Free! maid dresses and I think it's a pretty good match! I'm just going to make a red bow to go around the neck and it should be ready to go! :3

£3 from primark and I already had the red paint pens from Ed...Hajime's shoes sure are weird. :/

I used...sandpaper and cheesegrater to wear down the fabric. Scissors and just good old elbow grease to mess it up further. Then I tea stained the white bits and used a combination of charcoal, fake blood, more tea, black and brown paint to dirty it up. For the red I dipped dyed the bottom in black dye, then spayed on more dye all around it, then more brown paint.

Deviated from the official design but I think it works for the time period and adds a nice extra touch.

Base dress done! I'm a little sad I have to destroy this...but it's for the greater good.

It looks so simple but a ton of effort went into this. I hate lining things so much. xD

Done! The belt is made from real leather which was horrific to sew but worth it for the finished product!

I'll likely go into more detail when I have time. But this was made from craft foam and worbla.

Despite this being quite a popular outfit to cosplay, I think you would be amazed by how few references exist for this dress. The attached image is from the art book and is really the only clear(ish) definite reference for the overall dress.

So as well as scouring the internet I've screencapped the entire opening and ending FMV sequences...which still leaves a lot of questions. I've noticed that there are some pretty major differences in the way people make this dress as some parts are just too blurry to see (god bless PS2 graphics eh?). One major point of difference seems to be the overall size of the dress. Whilst in some sequences it looks quite small, in the actual sprite of Garnet in-game it's huge! So I've decided that if I'm going to go for this I might as well GO I've ordered a beast of an underskirt. If it's TOO big i'll get another, so we'll see...

I've also received my first ever roll of Worbla, which i'm excited to get stuck into to make the arm pieces and crown (maybe some other jewellery but we'll see!)And as I want to make a boned bodice, something i've never done before, i've ordered a pattern so I have something to go off.

Basically lots of new techniques are going to be used for this, which makes me excited and nervous!

(Bring on payday.)

With almost two weeks to spare wooo \o/

This was made by in your dreams fx. I was keen to get the sort of 'rough' 'authentic' feel to it and I'm delighted with the results! :3 Con safe as well. ^^

I decided against the eyelets and just took it in a whole lot...Turns out I can still get into it by contorting my body so it saved a lot of fuss. xD

But it's done yay! Just the wig of doom to go now...

I worked on my Merida dress all day today! It's slowly getting there. Just need to add the ruffles around the sleeves and neckline and add ALL THE EYELETS to the back of it!

Sewed the base of the dress...actually since this I've added the lacing at the front and started the sleeves.

It's a really heavy wool, got a lovely weight to it. :3

You can’t really see it but I added lots of beading detail to the cape

So tricky to photograph but I made a little arm band thing :3

Might add some beading if I have time...

I'm a little in love with this blinging trim at the bottom of the belt!


This is nearly done. I just need a bit more trim for the ends. :3

This was a bit of a pain to make. I've seen lots of Relm's go for poofy hats but I loved the wrap/turban idea in my reference artwork so wanted to recreate that. However I didn't trust myself to be able to wrap it perfectly on the day without getting stressed out. So I used a stretchy beret style cap as a base and built on top of that. I've added feathers, gems, beaded trim, bells and, later after this pic, beads and a broach at the back. I might add more but as the fabric is already quite busy I don't want it to get TOO much.

This is also my wig! I need to cut the fringe.

Lace with trim and bells added. I also attached the ribbon with the cute butterfly pin. :3

Forgot to upload this before! I might add more bling if I have time...Actually i've already added some beads. xD

Relm’s top is done! I was dreading this but it was actually pretty stress free! XD

After this pic I added some blue beads to the bottom of the leg bits! :3

That's the look I was going for...obviously...:P

You can also see quite a bit of the jumper here, I just painted the circles on. Was quite a back breaking process. xD

My first 'proper' go at wefts. I was keen to replicate the gradient purple/blue effect that Randall has. I just added the blue wefts to a purple wig and cut it. This is pre-antenna.

I decided to go and raid all the shops around me to see what I could find for Relm. It was a really refreshing shopping experience because usually i'm looking for THIS EXACT THING, but because this is a combination/art inspired design I could pretty much just get whatever I thought looked pretty!

Here there are lots of beads, trims, beaded trims, ribbon, feathers, silk fabric, patterned fabric, flowers, tassles and god knows what else. :P

This is a good start but I actually still need to get quite a bit more for this costume! xD

For more info please see here:

For more info please see here:

For more info please see here:

The dress is pretty much completed now! See the new journal here!

For more info please see: (Getting too many photos to upload here! xD)

This stage really depends on how you work best. I know some people are super mathematically minded and could easily look at an outfit, break it down and then sketch up a pattern. Unfortunately I’m NOT like that so I started off with a base pattern as a guideline. I chose Kwik Sew K3489, but I’m sure there are plenty of other suitable patterns, this is a wrap around dress one which is probably a good place to start.

Because the material I’m using for the dress was so pricey I didn’t want to risk messing up, so I started out by cutting the pattern out of cheap polycotton. You won’t get a totally accurate results with this because obviously it will hang and stretch differently, but for pattern drafting it works just fine.

I made up the dress to the pattern out of polycotton (only pinned it together as i’ll need to take it apart for pattern making!) and then came the hard part of trying to take that and make it into Dany’s dress. Dany’s dragonscale dress is one of those things which looks simple but is actually pretty complicated. There’s some parts I still can’t really work out, but I managed to get it to the stage where it looks pretty much the same as in the show, and the small changes I had to make will only be noticeable to me (we hope!)

It’s sort of hard to ‘document’ this progress but it involved a lot of intently looking at reference pictures and trying to work out what is a seam and what’s just superficial detail. xD I cut the seams in, tried it on and off about a million times and ended up with this…

Looks super messy right? No worries, this is the reason I did a mockup in the first place! :p

At this stage don’t worry TOO much about the fit. This vaguely fits me but not to the degree I would like, the reason I say not to worry is because a dress like this involves a lot of trying on and off to make sure it fits right, and it seems a bit of a time waster to do that with the mock up you’re going to have to take apart for the pattern anyway. As long as you make sure you have enough to work with, you should be fine. (In general I always cut bigger pieces, better to be safe than sorry!)

Now I have a mockup which I know will work as an actual dress and I can use as a base pattern for my chosen fabric! :D

I'm re-wearing my Apollo Justice cosplay (with added bandages!) at Birmingham Expo next weekend, so I decided to make a few changes (Honestly, if I had time I'd remake the whole thing but sadly not!) The waistcoat fits much better now and in general it's a lot neater. :3

This costume is such a big project that i've decided to post much more updates and progress than usual.

First things first - gathering references...See the awful collage. The good thing about GoT is the abundance of up close references from the designers. Upon researching this costume I've discovered that there are actually three versions of it - getting steadily more complex as the series goes on. By pure chance I've picked the most complex...and then a lot of that detail is hidden by the weird chest belt thing. xD

But yes! Here's the basic refs of the costume. I'll go into more detail as I make each part. :3

I've cosplayed as a hobbit twice now and both times the most irritating thing has been having to take my shoes off for every photo, and then also trying to combat with the foot hair whilst doing it!

So for Bilbo I decided to try making some invisible shoes! They were made using this tutorial: I have no idea at all if they'll stand up to expo, but I think they work pretty well, so here's hoping!

Just made this waistcoat today (this is my…fourth one? and i’m sort of getting very used to them xp). I’m not totally happy with the colour of this wool but it’s ‘hobbitish’ enough to hopefully pass.

The wig I ordered arrived and it's much more ginger than expected. Nagisa's hair annoyingly changes colour in different scenes so I MAY be able to get away with it...I'm just not sure...

I've ordered another anyway, which should be lighter, so when that arrives i'll just pick my favourite.

Otherwise it's a really nice thick wig!


These were actually a bit of a pain to source. >_>;;

It's a shirt. Not much more to say. xD

These ones have their animals on the front instead of the mascot…which I know is inaccurate but is so cute I’m okay with it being inaccurate. :P

Not much to say about this, it's basically identical to my Pippin jacket. Made from corduroy and much more red irl than it looks here! I'm going to distress/weather it up a little. ^^

Finished my top today. I may have made the sleeves too puffy….NAH. :p Just quickly tried it with the skirt for colours mainly, this of course is not the skirt at FULL CAPACITY. Only a couple of bits left on this cosplay now and I’m gonna style the wig at the con so it’s soooo close to being done! :D

Only new thing here is tights. What a ballache these were to sew. They’re not perfect, but they’re much better than when I tried painting them (the blue just came out way too dark against the pink.)

This pretty much means I have the bottom half of this cosplay done. :P

Finally some actual clothes for this cosplay. O__O

This skirt was pretty easy to sew but it just took so long cause it’s so freakin massive…Not sure if i’ll be using that petticoat because it’s sort of gigantic. XD

All that really needs doing is to line the skirt (it’s wayyyy too thin), paint the socks and cut the wig a little.


I like my hat though…? :3

I want to wear these in real life. *_*

Started off as a normal pair of cheap converses and just painted the green on, sealed with pva glue and added the laces. Easy as pie! :3

Backpack is done! It is pretty derpy but it works as an actual backpack so that'll be handy. ^^

I used this helpful tutorial as a guide :)

I used Artista clay for this with a couple of normal cupcake cases. To get the icing effect I forced the clay through a piping bag (hard work! x.x) and added the little pearls for sprinkles.

Or lollipop. Whatever. This was made from a combo of poster board, artista clay and a wooden dowel. :3

Wig gets! It's so very pink. Needs a little styling :3

This is pretty much the base done which means ALL THE BLING NEXT.

Quick progress photo of my Mytho cosplay now it’s more than just a black tube. xD

SO much more to do on this, I won’t even begin to list. But the sleeves make me feel like Prince Edward from Enchanted so that’s sort of special. :P

I had a productive shopping trip today! I've decided to go with black with silver detailing and I love that combination of colours.

I'm making the main piece out of velvet embellished with ALL THE BLING, and then I've also decided to make small poofy shorts. Partly because I love poofy shorts but mainly cause I'm not sure if the world is ready to see my butt in dancing tights. :P

Just moving these over from the main page :3

A few little changes to make but this is basically done! So nearly there! :D

I don't want to sew ribbon for a long long time.

The shirt for Grantaire is done!

I don’t think you understand just how flouncy I made those sleeves. THEY ARE THE FLOUNCIEST SLEEVES EVER. (It’s better than an OPPPEEERRAAAA.)

Just the waiscoat, necktie and belt to go! :3

Here they are being worn...waitcoat is just a stand in.

You can also see my shoes here - the same as my Bruce Banner ones! :3

Grantaire’s trousers are doooone.

Drop front trousers take more work but generally I think they’re easier to make than fly zip ones…or my pattern for these is better. xD

These came out fine and they look alright on the hanger but on me they’re a little…uh…let’s just say i’m really hoping the waistcoat and belt combo helps to make me look less frumpy.

Here's some before and after wig shots.

This didn’t require much styling at all! All I did was make it more…sculpted and…floofy. xD Ignore the little clips they’re for the sideburns. xD

Basically I wish every wig I had to style was an Arda wig because omg so thick and nice to work with. *_*

I added my glasses...and took a vote on it and glasses came out on top so. Wooo \o/ All done!

I got bored and made this. Sort of crappy. But i'm ODDLY protective over it <3

Didn't go 100% to plan but I learned a lot whilst sewing this. The whole thing is lined and has ACTUAL WORKING POCKETS. XD

Trousers next. >_>

What a weird looking shirt. O.o Glad it's done out of the way. xD

Excuse my tired face. xD

I got my Mytho wig and to my absolute relief it’s a) a nice shade of whiteish grey and b) NOT SHINY. It just needs a bit of cutting at the back, fringe and a little poofing up and I think it’ll work well. :D

I look like hipster Mytho with those glasses. xD

I made two pairs of these, one for my Basil and one for me. ^^ Pretty easy to make and they're on clips which you can attach to wherever you like on your wig, especially good for us because we'll have a lot of things on our heads. :P

Is that what they're called?


They're weird.

Way too much trauma for such a simple piece of clothing. x.x

Bit of a bad picture, but you get the idea. Trousers!

Shirt and suit and all that jazz. The trousers sit oddly on when I do the jacket up it actually looks much better but...he rarely wears his like that so I am LE UNSURE. X.X

Oh and glasses too...ignore my sucky face. :p

It's lined with my blood, sweat and tears.

And purple fabric. xD

What it says on the tin really.

Also fabulous shoes

Might as well put this here as well...Just makeup/face tests. Pay no attention to anything else...although i'm tempted to stick with the wig...we'll see.


Anyway. Yeah. Crown. This was really fun to make!

My god this photo does not do the amount of effort that went into these justice.



Ignore the lack of wig/binding/a normal face ect

But the basicness is done…I’m a bit unsure about the trousers, dunno whether to make them less baggy…but the references really differ so…whatever. ^^; I busted my arse getting all the right shades of blue. 8’D

My hood is done! Better photos to come soon. It's really squishy. :D It's a little short, but i'm actually kind glad it doesn't drag on the floor. I'll probably keep it down most of the time cause it looks much better that way...and also the hood doesn't like to stay up. xD

I used this awesome tutorial by the lovely teawisp: Modding a few things to suit the heir style. ^^

I won't go into the hell i've had with this wig. |:

But it's passable now so i'm just leaving it.

Oh yeah also the waistcoat and shirt ~

Just testing the wig out before styling. It's floofy and silky and lovely! :D

This is the 2nd lot of face paint I ordered...i'm still unsure about it being too light. x.x It's a really tricky colour. Feedback so far has been okay though so i'm tempted to go with it? Opinions would be good! ~ (Hastily applied so don't mind that. :P)

You can’t tell but i’m totally rolling my eyes at you.

I had a bit of hell with these cause they were perfect then I dropped them and PAINT SMUDGED and I had to scrub it all off with hot water and then I was blind but…

IT’S OKAY NOW. Not perfect. But they’ll do. And I can VAGUELY see from them. Bit weird though. O.o

I only really took this photo because I thought they looked so damn swanky.

Easiest thing ever. £1.99 shoes and paint I already had...So cost a total of just under £4. xD I love cheap cosplay items!

Blurry photo but I styled the's a bit crappy tbh...cause its so short and I can't afford another one right now but I think it'll do. ^^

The old ones were irritating me so I remade the big ones and they sit much better on my head now. No idea of the 'staying power' but they shall be tested at kitacon! o.o

I made Karkat's at the same time because I plan to cosplay him anyway.

Cheapest thing ever! Shirts from primark and I already had the transfer paper! ^^

I swear i'm forever making jackets in my cosplay life.

I should probably cut off those black tabs...and it's much brighter in person but YAH DONE! Not much to do now. ^^

Things making these horns have convinced me:
I should cosplay Karkat instead. |:

The little nubby ones went fine! No issues at all! But the others were hell and I don't know how I feel about them at all now. x.x But tbh I've learned a lot and i'm pretty sure if I made them again they'd be much better...but on the other hand they're only for a Kitacon night so bleeeugh. >_>

Horns of the horny variety! (Basically my horns for Sollux xD)

Went much better than I expected! They’re far from perfect but they look better in person. Decided to go with more subtle blendy painting rather than the block colours. I’m pretty happy with them!

My god the purple just wouldn’t show up in any photos so sorry for this horrible flash photo it was the best I could do. x.x Wefts were a bit of a bitch to sew but I think i'm getting the hang of it...

So yeah the purple is a bit dark…might have to change that if I can actually be bothered…after fushicon. Otherwise it looks okay…? xD

(The horn was made from paperclay then sanded and painted.)

This is the first time i've actually had to give in and buy coloured contacts for a character. xD I wear contacts daily so that's not the issue. It's more that they cost a bomb cause of my prescription. 8'D

But I actually managed to find some prescription ones! I'm pretty happy with them. :D

Twi's Cutie Mark is done. I'm much happier with this than the little patch I had (maybe i'll put that on a bag O_~) By no means perfect but not bad considering it's the first time i've used bondaweb! ^^

The wig before styling. It's a very very very light blonde...which I think suits me much better than a harsh white. Could do with being a bit longer but I think once I cut and style it it'll be fine.

Here's the base wig for Belgium. It looks far more ginger there than in reality. It's more of a dark caramel blonde camera refused to acknowledge that. |:

Needs cutting which will pain me because it's so pretty. ;_;

Need to add the pink and purple but this is the base wig. So lovely. *_* Shame it tangles like a bitch. >_>

.......How can I make socks and boots sound exciting? :P


Moving this over here ~ This is my original design for Wheatley.

Moving this over to make room for photos ~

The tights I got for Twilight Sparkle are the coolest tights ever. xD

Also think i’ll wear these shoes…not sure if the heel is too much but i’m on a bit of a budget. 8’D

Just moving this over to have more room for proper pics.

Just moving this over to the journal section, don't mind me!

Test run for Eiko (Bar the wig, horn and wings because I was just plain lazy. :P)

Apologies for my weird face. I was trying to get into frame lmao. xD

Anyway yes it’s done. It’s massively awkward to wear and I pretty much can’t bend or sit down without alot of adjusting so that’s…fun… :P And i’m not 100% happy but IT’S DONE IT’S DONE I’VE FINISHED EVERYTHING FOR AYACON WITH FOUR DAYS TO SPARE. \o/

Well the dying did...basically nothing. It's a teeny bit darker and look a little purple in some lights but otherwise it was pretty pointless. -_-;; It'll have to stay blue for now i'm afraid. 8'D At least I vaguely know how to dye a wig now.

Horn is complete.

For the wig I had to make a weft and add it to the front of the hole where the horn comes out because it looked very odd before. O.o My first time making wefts and it actually went pretty well!

Just gotta cut the fringe and dye it now. O.O

Transfers are done! Transfer graphics were made by LittleGeeky who is amazing. O_~…Printing and ironing by me. :P

They look much better in person. ^_^


Yay the top is done. It wasn't really very difficult although I had hell with one of the sleeves...but the other was completely fine and I have no idea why. O.o Anyways it's done now, puffy sleeves galore. xD Just need to add the gloves when I get them. Also thats the pink undersuit thing i'll be wearing. o.o

Dis hair bow is so ridiculous. It was one of those moments where I found a ref for it and was like WHY. I WISH I NEVER FOUND THE REF. It ties together BEHIND her ears. It’s not secure at all. I’ll have to pin it to the wig cap as well. Would have been easier if it was an invisible floating bow. I COULD HAVE DONE THAT. X.X

Anyway Eiko’s bow is done. Man I cannot carry that off. :p

Not perfect by far but it's the first time i've really made covers like these and i'm happy enough. They're also ridiculously comfortable so that makes a nice change!

Also socks! :D

It’s looking MUCH better than it was. My god did it look shit before. :P I’ve changed the design around a bit to make it look better in person. So that’s leaving the collar down, adding the side panels and making it more of a tunic at the sides. I also added the flashing lights down the middle (there’s 4 of them) because it looked a tad empty. I personally think it looks better without the belt…but I need to add the belt for the flashlight. Meh. We’ll see how it looks on the day. ^^; Just need to add the transfers to the shirt and it’s done.

Finished the bottom half of my Wheatley cosplay. :P Top half is currently non existant. :P The trousers are a bit…designed for standing rather than sitting. Put it that way. But they’ll hold up so will do for now. xD But i’m in love with my boots. 8’D

Just have to make aaaaall the rest now. D:

You know usually I wouldn't upload a picture of something as small as this but THIS BLOODY BOW CAUSED MY MORE PROBLEMS THAN THE WHOLE REST OF THE COSTUME. XD Let's not get into my epic exploits with this bloody bow, all we need to know now that it is DONE. AND I'M NEVER TOUCHING IT AGAIN. XD

To do:
Sort out makeup

Once I get the wig i'm nearly done! \o/

I was just gonna take a pic of the shoes but then I figured I'd put it all together and see how I'm doing. The main body is done. All I have left is the tie (more green lines. joy), buy a shirt, and the earmuffs (but i'm gonna wait till I get the wig so I can get the right size). The main thing that'll pull it all together is the wig which I can't waaait to get. *_*

Made these today. Really comfy to wear and pretty simple to make if you ignore the needles I broke fitting the fur through my machine!

Still have to paint the shoes and fix the zippers...

Clover’s slut skirt is done. (It’s not actually slutty really…she’s just bending over in so many pictures. |: )

It’s not actually lobsided…though it looks it. I was just standing oddly. XD Worst part without a doubt was sewing that green ribbon on oh jesus. x.x (And I have to do it AGAIN for the tie fml…actually that’s a note to self. Buy more green ribbon. |: )

Lawlsocks. :P

Nearly done. I just need to put a line of frills on the skirt because i'm taking artistic license becauseImessedup. |: I dont wanna talk about the skirt. It was hell and it looks shite but it's wearable so it'll do. -_-;;

Might make purple spats but i'm not sure. :/

Cuffs were the most annoying thing. I broke at least 5 needles on the damn things. D:

....Anyway it looks better in person 8'D

Jacket is almost done, just have to add the purple. But here's the bow!

Just a quick wig test. I'm tempted to add some purple dye to it what do you think?

Needs a bit of cutting and stuff but I think it'll work.


Ugh I hate making shirts. Such a boring progress. The upsetting thing about this shirt is that the sleeves won't even be seen beneath the coat...must get photos with the coat off! XD

Orginally didn't want to use lace on it but I ran out of the shirt fabric 8'D

Glad this is done now anyway!

This ended up being pure hell to find. XD DAT COLOUR. But after literally months of searching I think I pretty much nailed it. 8D Despite it being freakin massive on me...XD

All done and ready to go to the ball!

This is a blurry crappy pic of the wig which I previously forgot to upload...but it can go in here so I look productive. :P

I'm commissioning this beast of a wig and have started the 'process' now. I can't wait to work with the commissioner i've chosen! 8D I'm going to try and finish this for ayacon but because I don't have a group...yet...I have no real pressures with it. 8'D

It's taking alot in me to not just make this now lmao. XD

I blinged this baby up today. 8'D Combo of feathers and fake jewels and beads and gold trim ~

I got this commissioned along with my Mikado so we would have matching outfits, also because I HATE MY OLD ONE WITH A VENGENCE.

Although I like it and I much prefer it to the other there will be NO bending on the friday of Kitacon. (This happens with every pair of trousers I commission and I have no idea why really. ><;;)

But yeah i'm glad I can be rid of that old suit finally. XD

I went back and forth over this combo but it's gotten to the stage where it's too late to change my mind so I think i'm finally okay with it.

Just a teasy shot of the coat. XP

I made this today by neglecting uni work..marks are on the mirror dirty OTL...

Made from pleather/leatherette...i forget which...either way it was a bitch to get through the sewing machine. x.x Was fairly easy. I just took a normal waistcoat pattern and changed it around and added the zip and belts. It's actually rather comfortable. XD

Here's the dress and bloomers together..the dress wasn't hemmed in this but it is now.

Quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever made! XD

These were really simple to make! The hardest part was pulling the elastic through 3 meters of fabric! x.x

I kinda gave up in my mind that this'll be done for expo. But today was suddenly like....NO. NO THIS WILL BE DONE.

So I made these today. XP Never made breeches before so it was much guesswork and stuff but I'm actually pretty pleased with how they came out...the photo is pretty me they're better in person. :P

Now just have to mod suspenders, make shirt and sort out that pesky hobbit hair! XD

I recieved the base wig for my Ed cosplay today. While I really like the colour and I think i'll be able to style it fairly easily, I'm a bit worried that it won't suit me at all...I have no idea why when I put it up it actually make me look more manly...might be the lack of fringe...XD

Anyway, here's the 'before' shot!

Old one was getting just AWFUL. So now I have a new wig...and I took this spack pic to prove it. :P

My god that's not a very helpful picture is it...sorry...uni house...crap for mirrors except bathroom. ^^;

Anyway general progress. Cloak is now done...not 100% happy because I had a lack of material so had to weirdly cut the pattern in a way I didn't want to for it all to fit on...hence the odd seams...but oh well it's a cloak it'll do for now.

The Coat is very much in you can sleeves or buttons. :P It's a wonderful material to work with though! *_*

And the scarf i'm really happy with, It was hand sewn for me by a kind old lady and is way better than what I was expecting even if the colours are a bit brighter...actually all my colours are a bit brighter. I'm like anime Pippin or something. O.o

I now have slightly more hope this'll be done for expo.

Rest of coat, breeches, suspenders and shirt to gooo... o.o

Yay it's all done! Trousers and jacket are a tad baggy but I suppose it's shrimpy Tsuna so it works. :P I love wearing this! It's so comfy! 8D

Got my wig and quickly shoved it on my head to check it out.

It needs a bit of cutting (the fringe) and some styling (but I want it to be a more natural look anyway), might have to do something with my damn dark brows as well...D:...but I really love this wig! *_* It's so soft!

Went into town today with low expectations as I wanted pretty exact stuff, but I was pleasently surprised by what I found!

The Green for the jacket is a really lovely wool but isn't too thick so I won't die of heat (and the colour is spot on!) I also found the thinner wool for the fellowship coat which was also the exact kind of olivey colour I wanted and I also found some nice linen for the shirt as well. ^^ I looked for corduroy for the trousers but couldn't find any in olive so i'll have to go online for that. Overall I'm stupidly pleased! I just hope I bought enough! (It WASN'T cheap! XD)

I already know this costume will be like no other I have made. o.o;;

The alleyscratch website helped me alot with planning, but I spent hours trawling the internet the past few days. ^^;

I've now ordered all the patterns I need (I think) I ended up being so picky so alot of them are vintage, out of print patterns that cost me way too much. >_>;;

I also have my eye on a wig. It's not exactly perfect but I think is by far the best choice as the others were either way too poofy in the crown of the head, or VERY expensive. -_-;;

I've also ordered The fellowship brooch (which i'm probably going to wear every single day of my life :P) and the ear caps (which I probably won't.) :P

Next up is to go hunting for materials. I'll be needing wool, corduroy, some nice linen and...yeah...I have a feeling it's going to be pricey! ^^;

So. Many. Spikes. |:

Base wig for this was a punky which is a joy to work with! I used got2b glued spiking glue and hair spray and the usual spiking technique (I also use a hair dryer on cold setting.) All the references for Sora's hair differ so I ended up just focusing on one. >_>;; I'm pretty happy with the front spikes but the side and back triple pronged spikes were very tricky and ended up looking more like just three spikes >_>;; Also they're pretty lobsided...might fix that if it really starts to irritate me. x.x


This means the costume is done! \o/

My second pair of giant shoes...after Neku's...and they're even more giant! XD (Seriously in person they're scary. :P)

Made from cutting the end off a clown shoe and attaching to a pre-existing pair of shoes. Then I paper mached to get that KH style hump at the end, then I added wadding to make it even larger (and also squishy! 8D) The silver details (and the bottom...even if nobody will see it) was made from craft foam, painted, then pvaed. I cut the boots into the right shape and added craft foam to make the tongue. Then it was just a matter of adding all the seperate details on. (Including that massive zip! XD) My hot glue gun got lots of attention these past few days. |: (MY POOR FINGERS. XD)

I'm pleased with how they came out! But they're a total bugger to walk in. x.x Most painful shoes eeeever...I'll make sure to wear lots of bandages when I wear them! ^^;

Why does everything on this costume seem to take forever? XD

Anyway this was my first attempt at making gloves and it went so badly initially I was very tempted to just buy some...>_> BUT I eventually got there, and though they're definetly not perfect...they're wearable and that's good enough. XD

The blue bit is fabric sewn around craft foam with the studs glued on. All the different straps were hand sewn onto the gloves.

I'm possibly going to die to heat exhaustion wearing these. XD How Sora fights with them on I'll never know. :P

As I said in my photo...THESE TOOK FOREVER. X.X

The most time consuming thing was all those belts. x.x Trying to line everything up right was really tricky and there are certain bits that still annoy me >_> *ahem.*

I know alot of Sora cosplayers actually attach the blue trousers to the black chaps but I thought it worked better by letting them hang. ^^

I used Bias for the white around the...butt...bit...XD But ran out of it so was forced to be more accurate by sewing that white elastic string stuff around the legs. The metal clips arent as large as I would like but they took me forever to find. ^^;; For the belts along the bottom I sewed them to the trousers as they just fell awkwardly when I didn't. The cross belts are just hanging and attached to the waist band.

I'm not overly happy with the pockets as I would have prefered to line them with craft foam or something similar to make them sit better but...I don't have enough...maybe another time. XD Anyway the pocket work as functional pockets and close with velcro, means I can use them at the con! 8D

Anyways I'm so relieved these are done, I broke about 10 lie. x.x But these are so hilarious to walk around in. XD I love the poofyness!

Can't touch this! Na na na na...


Have some progress! I hope they're baggy enough...they FEEL baggy enough. O.o

Made these today and am pleasently surprised they went so smoothly because i've had hell every other time i've had to make trousers! XD They're by no means perfect but i'm very satisfied! ^^

Leaving them long until I attach the chaps and see how they fall. (Also apologises for the awful photo, was the best I could get. O.o)

Basically...I just need to buy some poppers for the they stay in place but otherwise done!

This took SO much work on my god. XD The whole thing is lined, The shoulder pads are made out of craft foam (I did consider paper macheing them but then decided that craft foam would give easier movement.) The zip is super chunky 8D (So chunky actually that I had to hand sew all around it cause my machine couldn't get close enough. x.x)

It's by no means perfect but i'm actually quite proud...XD Dodgy pic does not do justice to the work that went into this. ;_;

Ohgodtrousersnext. D:

Sorry for the somewhat crappy photo...x.x Bad lighting...

Made this today. ^^ Took longer than expected actually. XD Wasn't exactly hard...just time consuming...weirdly... I'm still unsure if it's a bit baggy, but i'll see how it looks with the jacket.

Also i'm already nearly out of bias on the shirt alone. XD I never buy enough!

The material that I used to that was actually originally MUCH lighter, and I had to dye it...I'm still unsure it's dark enough but I think it works okay. XD


I tried at least 4 different ways to make this. >_> In the end went with just painting and pvaing some polysterene tubes which I cut up...They attach together by Velcro. The good is that it looks okay and IT'S DONE. But the bad is that the connection is REALLY visable at the side and I, in my typical foolishness, chose to cosplay SHORT HAIRED VERSION. FFFF. D:

I guess this is what photoshop is for, eh? O_~

With this though, the costume is all done! Finally! x.x

EDIT: I've actually managed to add on craft foam and hide the connection so i'm much happier with this now! 8D

You don't need to tell me they're lobsided. I'm very very aware of the fact...but there's not alot I can do about it right now so...IT'LL DO. I'm secretly hoping it's one of those costume details that only I can see? Maybe? No? Oh well.


I had to go with a more sandy colour because it was between that and neon yellow so...|:

This took some work! XD Anyway just a normal shirt coloured in with fabric pens, using templates....worked better than I thought it would actually...O.o

I'm really unsure about that blazer... I can't do it up and i'm unsure if it looks right...Might have to buy another...

All done! Weren't too difficult. ^^ Made from plastic chain, craft foam and some pvc. Could be a bit neater...but i'm happy with them for now. XD Also that chain might be a bit long but her chain miraculously grows longer and shorter just like her dress and hair. :p

These were pretty easy. Designs were drawn on with fabric pens (which, weirdly, i've never used before.) XD

I went on a very determined epic shopping trip and managed to get ALMOST all the supplies for this in one go. Spent a good deal on material and don't reeeeeally know if I have enough though. x.x We shall see. I also spent a stupid amounts on zips because I was determined to get the KH chunkyness...D:

I want to make a start on this very soon because i'm concerned about how much it actually does involve. So expect progress soon! *Fear*

(Have a cuter post than the one in my gallery :P)

I actually had alot of fun doing those frills. Was nice to do something different than just the usual manly jackets and such! I should make more dresses. XP

Anyways the dress is now done! Just all the accessories and props to go now!

Putting that ribbon on was pretty tedious...Almost there though. Just the pleaty gathered bits and the arm ribbons to go.

FML I cut that more short than intended. Guess this cosplay will end up being more accurate than I first intended...>_> Aha...ha....I'mgonnaneedshorts. D:

Anyway here's progress. Still need to finish off the sleeve ends, add the ribbon and most importantly add the trim!

....Looks kinda like a bumblebee right now doesnt it? D:

Nnnnn....Am now ever so slightly afraid to do this costume. D:

I'm only doing this because Minatsuki is my favourite anime female for years! D<

*Runs and hides in a corner.*

(Will start the dress v. soon XD)

I really thought this wig was too short when I took it out of the bag...but when I look at in in pictures it looks okay!....Right?

Anyways it's awesome and fluffy so it better be okay. :P

Needs cutting and styling. I just wanted to try. XD

Also I tried the one eyed closed and looked like I was having a fit so...i'll work on that...:P

Yaaay Kida doesnt have to go to expo naked any more! \o/


This is my forth suit. No. I do not want to get into it. Just needs a bit of hemming (Short legs are short) then I'm just about ready for expo.

The colour match nearly killed me. x.x

Jacket is finished, which is the main part of the cosplay so yay! \o/ I'm not overly pleased with it, but it serves it's purpose. XP ...Um..that's about it! It's more blue than it looks on the photo too. XD

It's amazing what procrastination from uni work will do, isn't it? O_~ Anyway, Silver's jacket is nearly done...just need to take it in so it fits me nicely and add the remaining red designs. I'm not overly happy with this because of problems with the daaaaamn zip but...otherwise it should be okay. I'm amazed i'm working on ame costumes already. :P

Finally made a start on this costume! I had a HELLISH time choosing material...first of all I can't find ANYONE who has made the yellow dress before so couldn't even tell what worked well for other cosplayers... Then I was sent on an epic hunt through town...eventually just ended up ordering some yellow jersey and am hoping that'll work. It's not really what I had in mind but everything else just ended up being totally see through...and an innocent little girl like Minatsuki wouldn't like that at all! :O!

Well...I SOMEHOW got through this! Cursed costume was seriously cursed. I've had no end of disasters with this one! Thankfully my friend is making the headset for me, so once I've gotten that, this will be complete.

Just finished the wig, attached is a before and after image. It's not 100% accurate, but I had to work with what I had! I'm just glad this is done! *Dies.*

How did this end up getting pushed ahead of all the others? Oh yeah. Kida is awesome. <3

Also! I decided just to have a quick check on ebay for any possible wigs and found THE PERFECT KIDA WIG without even trying. Anyway I took that as a sign from the cosplay gods and bought it. XP

So photos coming soon I guess! Also trying to work out if I can be bothered to make a suit or if I should just buy one....:/


Yup I was right when I said this costume would kill me and it shot itself in the face before I began. Just dont have time to make that jacket in time. So instead i'm going to make Apron/Kitaki Pastries! Wocky...which will be good for the people at kita, cause i'll be carrying around cakes in a little basket and not looking happy about it. :P Maybe even some O.G. Muffins... :P

Finally made a proper start on this and have run out of bias already after only making the armwarmers! X.X I'm having to make everything twice because I'm also making my Rin's costume at the same time and it is already driving me slightly mad. :P So yeah...I'll have to shop for more fabric on saturday. x.x I'm really happy with how the armwarmers have turned out though. ^_^ I think i'm just going to use some of that reflective tape for the lights on them. I'm very poor. ;_;

So this is nearly done. Why is it the costumes that look the freakin' most simple always turn out to be total bitches to make? :P I'm refering mostly to the wig...which is somewhat of a mockery. Fail wig central and all that good stuff... So just a warning! Errr...I'm only really making this cosplay for spakery purposes anyway...that's what i'll keep telling myself...:P

(I'm modding the wig from in the pic so it's slightly less awful. :P)

XP Moving Wocky to inprogress because I started to research materials and patterns ect for him. I dont really have a clue about the fox designs on his jacket right I'll look into that later...but right now i'm focussing on working out how i'm going to make that jacket the best I can. Am probably going to go with duchess satin which i'll also have to line so...MUCH FUN AHEAD!

Seems almost ridiculous to say this because it's a costume that consists of 'normal clothes' but if any costume is going to kill me it'll be this one.

But on the good side of things the wig is in progress and nearly done and looks so stupidly ridiculously awesome. XP


I'm kinda super picky and worked out the only way I was going to do this how I wanted would be to spend money (more money than just picking up a freakin £20 jacket...I hate myself sometimes. X.X) Buuuut now everything is ordered and should be here in a month or so. 8D All the effort required on my part now is just buying the belt, the rest of the props and getting myself into a permanent state of pissed off-ness. Good times! >D

Moving Arthur to in progress now as i'm starting to assemble pieces (online) to buy when I have money...>_>;; This cosplay was meant to be cheap but it's turning out to be most likely my most expensive cosplay this year! X.X Gaaaah...

Still! Yay! Cant wait! ^^

I've been having no end of hell with the purple/blue fabric for this costume. X.X First of all the ingame and art references differ significantly. I trawled everywhere in leicester looking for any that I could use but came up with nothing. Then I spent AGES on the net, and finally found some, waited almost a month for it to come and when it did it was COMPLETELY the wrong shade. X.X I then found some on ebay and ordered that and it too came a different shade than pictured (this is why I like to buy in person)...but it's a more useable colour than the other so I guess I have no choice really but to use it. >_<

I apologise in advance because the purple colour IS going to be inaccurate, it's a very deep, dark purple...I've never had a colour matching issue with any of my costumes before...even with Raziel which was a weeeeird colour. There's not alot I can do now I guess I better make a start. If loads of people come up and tell me the colour isnt right I think i'll either cry or punch them in the face. :P

Yes...right now it looks slightly like a green sack but...FEAR NOT! XD I still have LOTS to do to it...most notably the sleeves, the belts and the zip...also the neck much to do before aya. X.X

But I has progress! Bare in mind I'll be even more binded for aya. Although it's kinda hard to tell here the texture of the material is gorgeous also it has a really nice shine to it...damn you filthy mirror! XD But this is the right colour at least! I know alot of people do this outfit in red but I'm really not a fan! It looks way too loud...even for I went for this more miltary green. ^_^

I also have my shiny pvc trousers on in this photo...but they totally cant be seen...XD I'm going to BOIL at aya. X.X

I went on an epic shopping trip today and bought almost everything I need for Neku. ^_^

Alot of the in-game and artwork references dissagree on the colour of his shirt...but in the end I went for what I prefer which is purple with navy blue. I bought some really nice jersey knit fabric which hopefully should be quite nice to work with! I'm also waiting for the wig to come so I can style it. Woop woop! XD

Decided to move Mika to in progress because I am bad at resisting temptation and keep buying random things for him (Bought the boots and the wig so far.) So I should stop kidding myself and move him out of 'planned.' I'll work out the mechanics of this costume after I've finished my two expo ones - but as of now he's in progress!

Also trying to work out whether I should make the sword O.o (Never made one before) or make bigger and better wings for him...or both?...I need money...>_>;;

Oh god this costume is turning out to be the biggest rush job ever. Because of uni getting in the way i've hardly had any time at all to work on it so now i'm SUPER rushing to get it done for saturday. I'm not impressed AT ALL with what i've done so far...I've not even started the skirt, it's very likely that I wont have enough material for the bow and the shirt is...not my best work at all. (Read: it's now an off the shoulder number...dont ask me just is. X.X) Seeing as this is one of my dream costumes i've already decided that i'm going to be remaking it. X.X Apologies for the crappy costume in advance. :S

EDIT: Discovered that the material I bought for the skirt is TOTALLY the wrong colour...and I dont have the time (or any place that sells material nearby!) to get any more...that's...special...>_>

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