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Rather than doing patterns I did some draping to see how the outfit would fall. I added some thick interfacing to keep the high turtle collar from drooping

So its rigged (with Velcro and a ladder lock scarily enough..) and now its itting to dry before I primer it. But first..... the arms, hips and leg armour pieces...


Theres some major mistakes here and hopefully with Airclay it should be fixed. Now to Rig and Fill the gaps in!

Now that I've done the detailing using remnants of the foam I had on my chest, I went on to using the base of old Eraqus' armour (which I know Xavalien was going to do) and used it for the pauldron. And now its working Beautifully!

Just need a way to latch it on lol

So i started work on the chestplate and reinforced it with Guttergaurd netting to make it more durable plus double layered the flimsy EVA 5mm foam I purchased in Bulk buy) So it now handles ok. it has a bit of stretch to it but thats with the foam. Theres elastic and the sides and the top but I am considered just slicing off the left hand side in favour for easy access

So whilst working on the cape pattern I noticed that its actually a Scape..(Scarf and Cape) and THEREFORE A COMPLETE BITCH TO HOOK ONTO...T_T why!? lol WHY!?

Otherwise it looks good though!- Thanks to mum for the photo

Now thats its done, the sword was boarded up with card board and covered with Vinyl stickering... SUCH A PAIN THE ASS. theres a lot thats wrong with the blade in the finish but I'm ok with it for now. It will need revisions but that will be eventually.. Worse that can happen, I can just hack the blade off and make a new one from wood..

not any time soon though lol

Look at the colour on it! Covered the hilt (which was in Fimo and Sculpy) with Black enamel paint (which comes off with a lot of stiker work so I might have to lacquer it when I'm done) and now to put on the vinyl and boarding!

So the Sword base with hilt is now finished and the only thing left to do is board up the blade and start painting the hilt.. Its heavy though

So the sword hilt was made and .. well its not exactly a carbon copy bbuuuut I'm getting there

So building the sword base was easier than I thought until I started calking it with Polyfiller -.- its heavy now .. wait till the hilt goes on

Just painting it up and adding Graining texture to it

So now their attached with their markers, there's not much left to do, except the hilt

So I managed to sculpt the wing sections and just waited for them to dry

So These are the various stages of finishing before priming the sword

So.. The Carving of the top is done, the hilt will be covered in MORE PLASTAZOTE yay! But otherwise here's both sides done... I just thought i'd show you the side that hadn't been done. However I won't put concave shaping into that.. because thats where the rod is

So I've managed to do the template for the materia Slots so it's going into one and two.. I was thinking of making concave surfaces for it.. but honestly, it's not going to get noticed, however it does need a small dip.. I can't put too much in otherwise it'll compromise the entire structure

This is what it looks like on ^_^ Need to Iron some bits on though

So I've completed the bracers and now that its been done, I just have to mount the pauldrons on

So just sewn most of the sections for the belt. Did one down the middle and then sewed it on to the larger chunk and top stitched most of it since the dog tracks on the sewing machine wouldn't move the leather along

6-10 layers of watered down PVA
Polyfiller to clean up the cracks/ sanded down as well
3-5 layers of undiluted PVA
3-5 layers of Black Acrylic spraypaint
2-3 layers of Car Lacuqer

This was taken a while a go but I managed to completely seal the sword layers and now they just require a lot of PVA Sealing to keep it solid.

They got their fillings for the cracks and open sections, and just covered it with 6-10 layers of watered down PVA with 2-5 layers of straight out PVA Glue.

Then spay painted 3 layers of paint.. with another 3 more to go, 1 pain x2 lacquer.. Will post the finished results at some point

Well it's attached.. I look like Zack right now lol

Not looking too bad right now. It needs obvious styling lol

I was kinda worred about the shape but having looked at it now, it's not too bad

Ok so A couple of times the machine got stuck in one place and sewed one over the other but otherwise it went will..

WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!- it will summon angry neighbours!

Woohoo! Did this whilst Ustreaming to a couple of the Round-Up Lot

Had a bit of trouble using the Safety 4 lock on it but otherwise it went smoothly

Just had to put on the test parts for the guard and we were good to go!

Made at Aquietriot's place with a little bit of her clever know how

Added the Collar here and a bit of binding

So after adjusting the patterns, I then added the patterns together

So... I used Expanding foam to fill the rest out.. Yeah...tricky one.. It looked ok though TBH

After using the same patterns I had used from Aang with a little help from my boyfriend

Having found bits and bobs from a Poundland store (Bike Shield, Cable Tidy grips, Masking Tape and Foam covered Bendy grips and a piece of a jigsaw playmat) I've managed to build the skeleton for the Pulse rifle.

Worked on the Pattern and cut it out, its looking good so just need to heat gun it more and then star building on the layers

So the Fabrics were purchased a while ago, and I've got the red for the cape, and the Plastazote for the armour. Now the last thing I need is to collect the leather for the belt...I saw Leather, I mean pleather... However there are a couple of key bits I need to make if its for EuroCosplay. Especially the trousers

Please refer to the "M-98 Widow Rifle" By Sketch McDraw on this site for a detailed look

Most of it and some of the Key sections are underway and then once that goes through, I'll make the patterns and then put through the photos at some point

but I can feel him almost being complete.

There is a Slight snag though.

There's a Zip on the back of the Wet Suit I've got.. Do I- Get a New Zentai Suit or stick to the one I have?

Now both of them and the Fabrics are in! ^_^

Using Black, Red, Brown and Gold Acrylics, a Wet Wipe and a Scour and Sponge I achieved this finished.

Sealed with Car Lacquer

Weathering the Hand Guards, Went rather well ^_^

So far they've been built and made and now they just need painting, PVA is going over them.

Armour Pieces being coated in Industrial PVA

Well They were Quick ones anyway! I'm glad their done now! Onto the trousers! ^_^

So I've managed to sew the ring bands on and now for the rest of it ^_^

So...I didn't even think about this until recently when I saw that I linen trousers as well ... Now Ike is becoming a reality more than a dream =)

So I ended up getting two sets of Pauldron skeletons that I had made previously from an Master Eraqus Cosplay that I never got done, and for some reason it works stupidly well on Ike. Here's the progress for it so far

Bought it from's Ebay and it was a steal! I can't believe I saw it and it was PERFECT!

Oh God! I love them! They fit so well!

So... I didn't expect myself to do this but... I ended up walking into Uxbridge and wanderings around for Socks, with no CLUE where to start and I walked into a Shoe Shop and..

BAM! There were his MANLY Boots! Just on a rack, Ready to be worn! and it was my size as well... the biggest they had for women. I thought..

Why not... I NABBED IT.. further more.. I also have his linen trousers back at home! WOOOHOO! And now to make the leather Hauberk and then the armour! And he's almost there! then there's that DAMNED WIG

So all I have to do is to Paint the Flames using fabric paint. Might take me a while but I should get it

It doesn't look fruitful so far but the panel for the back ahs been made and we decided between myself and my mum that we needed side panels and front panelts for this to work because let's face it. Mitsu doesn't wear disco trousers lol

So far the structure has been made with the lining but I never got a chance to actually got to take photos of it whilst mummy made the top, bit all I got to say is, it fits. It's rather

Sleeves are being attached at a later point After the painting has been done for them

Compiled out of Styrofoam balls, painted with Bronze and Black Acrylic and covered with Car Laquer, and reinforced at the string with Acrylic string, should keep in place

Since Jecht has a couple of nice looking ambigious looking "gauntlets" I;ve split it up get again into different sections.. hands, wrists and biceps..

So far here's the hands

After staying up with Ralaxcelm, Sketch McDraw, JAuron and Sasashie finishing this cardigan, it's all done!

*Cue FF Victory Fanfare!*

After looking at what Thane needed and references, I had decided that the colour pallets were so varied, it made my head spin. so I went for the Classic look: Grey and Black with White endings.

For the Coat, it will be a mixture of Black and Grey Pleather, which will be sleeveless and possibly velcro'd or press-studded into place.

I've purchased some Ladder Locks and Webbing for the clasps on the front of his jacket (3 of them).

White Round Elastic Cord has been purchased for the rims of the outfit that border the grey from the black sections of the coat.

For the Hexagons on his Coat, I'll Use mesh and paint the print onto the mesh so that It will be visible. The experiment has yet to be worked on.

for the Collar- Plastic Acrylic 0.5mm Sheet will be used to give it strength and height.

Thats the plan so far

After we got the head cast into place, my dear friend Andy had begun molding the clay onto the copy of my head. The skin swatches were created using different meshes and then blending together with a brush and several other craving pallets.

Here are the progress pictures for it

Wired together with Acrylic Thread, the first attempt broke on me, so I'll thread them again but otherwise this is what it would look like on

So I've made the Hammer Pants using a rather nifty tutorial to do this and now I've just got to add the extra band around his waist and then the pants should be done. However I am contemplating adding an extra top later...hmmm...

So this is where it all started, and the base without the painting. Apologies, its in reverse order, but when I decided to upload these, I didn't realise 12 photos was the max so I put this photo in a little late

I believe this is what she's called on CI. AQuietRiot constructed this herself and Raika has painted it fully. Thanks girls!

So it only needs the rims painted and then its on to gluing the Strap and thats it!

So far it's gone through the metal coating great, but needs to have the rims sorted out though

It's got the hard cover so it doesn't flake fast now. and its can withstand a good bashing

So now that it's fleshed, its time to do the caulking.

Pattern for the Hammer Pants complete, just need to sew it up and add the garters to it. Also need to use a specific knot on the robe belt to give the tassels he has.

I'm going to hunt around for Thick prayer beads at some point and buy a wad load of bandages (because many of my Cosplays have bandages >.<) for his arms!

The aptly named "Wifebeater" Oar Polearm has been built just needs painting will show pictures when I get the chance.

So here's the general idea of what's going to happen:

The sword is currently being remodelled from a Rin Cosplay sword and adapted for use since I can't a Masamune Made any time soon. Scabbard will go with it and hopefully a new Tang.

The Keokogi will be adapted in the following method:

Lapell/Collars will have a new Faded Red Trim on them.

The sleeves and trouser legs torn after the print of the Flaming Buddha's on the sleeves and the flames on the legs have been painted on.

Prior to this the Keokogi needs to be bleed I'm bleach to get the right colour.

Sashes will be dyed from different colours to achieve the colours necessary.

The Purchase of Zori's is still needed.

The Ceremonial Bells will be threaded together and painted brown then gold , then lacquered for the finished look.

Wig to be styled at the end. God this is gonna HURT!

So I decided to dig up some of my old Kendo stuff and found my Keikogi and well... Yeah its gonna be the basis of it.

=D Watch me TEAR IT APART!

So whilst at a friend house (whom I stayed with to build Golbez)
I manages to make the skeleton for the Pauldron of Raijin.

It's done now and unused a combo of Zip locks, aluminium wire at 2mm thickness and Gutter Guard to get it done.

The next section is to get the whole thing patch worked in Foam squares, then fill the entire thing over with fibre glass for the finished product.

In the meanwhile I need to get the patterns for the bolero and then hammer-pants (as they've been affectionately called). Sew them up.

I'm almost done with his rope Obi, just need tithe remaining two ends with the rope endings, and the necklace and piercings.

Off to Claire's I go!!

So I bought the fabric for the Hammer Pants and the Dye for the Purple on his Jacket/Bolero so the next bit is to make sure I've bought lining and the beads as I'll custom make that necklace.

And then cracking with that Pauldron

I already Bought the Base materials for this, minus the guantlets because that wll be engineered closer to the date. However it should be all fairly quick to do and wont take me longer than a week to finish.

Two tones on the trousers, with 60cm Zips going through the fronts and backs of the thighs.

and Tights will be worn undernearth to get the blue

and the gauntlets will be made out of pleather, black skin tights and fibre glass for the cuffs

The idea was to have the half tunic onto the T-shirt and then adjust the T-shirt in time, but it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. It will commence again in the summer of 2012. Along with Jecht

So for the sword its rather straighht forward, Add a wire sheath that goes over the sword, and lock it to the hilt's rings. Then it just needs fleshing..

For the Body, It's gonna be alot of Bodypaint. But the spikes themselves will be build onto a backpack and scarf mechanism, and the arms will also be sewn and armouered in.. Essentially like a Bolero Cardigan.

Then from there, there will be a coil that will wrap around my back and mid drift, and then attach to the belt and to the rest of the flaguerres. And then lastly, the feet will be built using flipflops as a base...I know.. Cheeky! =D but we'll see how it works... Otherwise it will be my barefeet with some serious Silicon adustments.

The facial hair and the wig won't be a problem but overall this looks to be a fun project and alot more confident of tackling this than Golbez....>.<

Not as Proud of the kneepads though but I love the combo together! =D

I'm pretty proud of these so far! =D

Loving the wig... It's so Theodor! Really I am! Just need to make sure its Hairsprayed in! =D

So the Shirt is actually done, but it does need the biceps and arms done...As in.. Put the blue (will anyone really notice)

These things are gonna make me walk like a penguin despite Golbez supposedly meant to be the most agile of the armoured cast >_>

So This is the piece that I've been looking forward to! And So far this was sections without connections

....This bit is trolling me severely but its getting there slowly. Need to paint sections and get the back done as well, once it's made and then onot the boots and kneepads =D Wahey!

Just need the Bangle and Watch, Hat and Wig to do.

Full Demo of it is here

So I went to see my friend in UCA who does model making and he was happy to help me out with this so he asked me if He could get a mould of my face to work with. So I siad "Sure" and after TWO attempts..(One where the face fell through the nose and then the second leaking a little. It went ok, so now we're in the pahse 2 of development

Needing Car Lacquer but otherwise! It's looking Awesome!

Just needs the Black Paint to add Levels and Texture

It just needs it's hooks and it's good to go!

So far I've managed to acquire the Waistcoat, the Shoes and The Hat. I'll be dying the shirt myself and making the Tie, Bracelets and communicative but the one thing I really need..well two of them- is the contacts and the wig...god I wish I had them right now.

So After a couple of Paint jobs... I manage to get the right one perfect...Ish... And the left one.. WELL that one is a Bitch on its own.. Going well though! Don't Mind Jenovas-Angel in the Background painting my Guantlet hands =D

So after finding out the shape of the gauntlet, I copied it again..>.< It's missing an Actual section across the gaurds but if I sectioned it anymore I'd look...Dwarfed in the hands.. And I'm also skint for Materials lol! Make do with what you got as they say =D

I know its only the left one, but once I can do the left, the right will be easier to do... because I hate doing right hand side parts with left hands... but its looking SUUUUWWWEEET!

So I've been having real difficulty with the mount for the pauldrons for the the last how long, and I started with a Yoke system which slowly failed, so then I thought... BACKPACK!... And a bit of Jigsaw playmat lol. End result is Here! Oh and for shits and giggles.. The Helmet too.. BY GOT I'm 6ft 3 with the Helmet on... Wait till I put the shoes I've got on It boots my to 5'10 Already... God it made me smile!

Now that the framing for one is up, just need the framing for the other

This is the bit I actually am having trouble with. Boots - Fine! Shoulders...Meh get there.. Chestplate, not a problem BUT EFFING SKIRTING.... Grr and I was looking so forward to it!

Interestingly enough this was covered in Camping Matt from the £1 store and filled with Expanding foam.. I have yet to fill the visor but once its done.. BOY is it going to be sweet!

These.. Made out of Airclay, are solid rock babies, the only thing is, it feels delicate... But strong at the same time... What a funny and very true Antithesis to Golbez

Same Theory, only much Scarier.. How the devil am I gonna mount this thing? And better yet! Whom will I end up taking out?

Fleshed with PVA, Polyfilla and Newspaper, it's now hard as a rock and makes me a little scared in case I take someone out

Made from the same concept with the Pauldrons

Made from Garden Wire and Gutter Gaurd, these are the two Pauldrons for Golbez

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