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I began cosplaying at Amecon 2008 and my first costumes were... terrible.
I finally started getting into the swing of costume making in 2010 and haven't stopped.

I've had some amazing opportunities thanks to cosplay.
Some day I'd love to make something really epic and want to step up my game.

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I have to give a hug thanks to Nomes cosplay. She helped me source the base dreadlocks wig and provided a handy tutorial on how to make this wig. As you can see the before picture is alot different to the after shot. This is the wig I have styled the most and I found it quite challenging but also quite fun. Here's a breakdown of what I did:

1. First off I had to cut off all the dreadlocks so I was left with a wig cap and a box full of dreadlocks.
2. Because the wig was too small I had to cut the elastic in the wig. Since I didn't have any black elastic lying around I used this tags within the wig (which are used to help make the wig smaller). I sewed these into the wig to make it fit my head.
3. I then changed the hairline of the wig by adding cuts of poly cotton fabric. I made both a widows peak at the front and side burns to help cover my natural hairline. These were sewn in.
4. I then hot glued all the dreadlocks back in. I glued them in the direction I needed them (so slicked back). To give extra strength I glued them through-out the wig cap, not just at the front of the wig. I kept doing this for all around the wig. She has some extra bits will fall forward so glued them the other way.

And taa-daa, the wig is finished! I tried it up with a ribbon on the day as I found bobbles did not fit and would damage the fibers in the dreadlocks. Here's the original tutorial I used:

For Chris I knew I would be buying alot of the items rather than sewing them. After a lot of hours/days I have been able to source all of them and most are thankfully very screen accurate! A very big thanks to MoonLily for helping me find all these pieces. It was alot harder than I thought it would be but I'm so proud we were able to find all these pieces.

I just have to do a few alterations including:
-Buy & style wig.
-Buy blue contact lenses.
-Do a make-up test.
-Work out design for t-shirt and print/paint it.
-Alter jumper to be a cardigan (AKA add a zip)
-Add other details/patches to cardigan.

The previous ears and hair cuffs I'd made for Chii, and my Freya, were made out of foam the night before the con. I felt like she deserved something better, and after promising my Freya I'd get her better ears/cuffs I found chompworks. They're a great little company in the UK that 3D printed my ears and hair cuffs, aswell as painted them. Super chuffed with them.

The most accurate shoes I could get without having to spend a lot. Not totally accurate due to the elastic at the side but I'm honestly very happy with these. The colour is spot on and the shape is too! Not to mention they are very comfy (actually due to the elastic) so walking around Expo in these will be better than I thought they would. I want to get some insoles just to help as I have flat feet but other than that they are done.

It's taken me a month so gather all these samples (there's a ton more, I have about 15 different greens) but I'm finally happy with these colours! Not to mention the textures and weight too which I really wanted to get right. I still need to get a red and yellow but they are for smaller details on the costume later. Now I need to wait for my patterns then I can order the right amount of fabric.

Created a parting for the first time in a wig, it went better than I expected. It wasn't the most trickiest wig to style, it was quite nice doing something simple for once. I'll do a full wig/make-up/beard test once I get stuff for the beard.

After years of wanting to cosplay Link I finally did a make-up test. I luckily had a wig which was pretty perfect for testing with aswell as blue contacts and elf ears. Overall I was very happy with the results. I want to try something a bit different with contouring, Link's face is actually quite round so I might just highlight my jaw and not my cheeks. I want to buy a new wig so it's more blonde and has longer side burns and also want more accurate ears. Overall though very pleased and I can't wait to get started!

I've got the socks and shoes sorted for Reese. I want to clean up the shoes with some polish before I take them to Kitacon. I had to alter the socks filly bits a bit as they weren't in great condition. Not too much work here to do.

With me re-wearing this for Kitacon I thought I would re-make and make this much better as he was a bit rushed last time. The wig has now been cleaned up and restyled so he has better sideburn parts and it's more fluffy. I have new jogging pants aswell which fit me much better length wise. I'm tempted to try and take them in at the hip slightly to give more of a straight leg. I need to:
- Test make-up and get new make-up.
- Get an orange t-shirt.
- Get some new string for the whistle.
- Take in the jogging pants at the hip.

I thought it'd be fun to make both me and my Cyrus props for our costumes as Animal Crossing has a lot of iconic items in it. I started off with the "leaf" which indicates the furniture in the game.

1. First I made my paper template to get a better idea of size and how it fits in my hand. It's rough 21cm in height and 15.5cm wide. Just big enough for my hand. It was hard trying to get the right scale as it alters sizes in the game. It's rough the size of me holding it in my hand.

2. I used the paper template and drew it out on funky foam.

3. I cut out two pieces of worbla slightly bigger than the leaf. I flipped it over for the other side of it.

4. Time to get the heat gun out and heat mat! I put the back piece of the worbla on first and heated it slightly so it stuck to the back of the foam.

5. Then I put the top piece on and heated it. The overflow of the worbla stuck together with the heat.

6. After heating the worbla I cut of the excess and made sure the two sides of the worbla stuck together.

7. I heated the edges to neaten them up after cutting the extra bits off. Make sure to keep any worbla you cut as you can re-heat it and mold it into one piece!

8. I used the edge of a thick ruler to create the indents on the leaf. I heated up the worbla then pressed hard into the worbla to create the "veins" in the leaf. I unfortuently did one wrong so had to fill it in the extra worlba I'd cut off and re-did it.

9. Using the cutting mat I heated the leaf on I heated both sides until warm and used the mat to curve it. That way it didn't get any fingerprints on and got a very round and natural curve.

10. After getting all the air bubbles out and fixing anything it was time to cover in PVA. I'll be doing about 5 layers for each side to make sure it's super smooth like it in the game. After all this it'll be time to paint in a base of green then use a darker green to add all the detail and make it look more 3D.

A basic wig & make-up test. I'd like to get some brown Snazaroo for the nose as using eye-liner is not the best, I also need to apply the nose a little higher on my own nose if that makes sense? Plus I need a lighter pink for the eyebrows. The wig still needs styling but I just wanted to do a wig.make-up test to see how I looked. I feel a bit more confident that I can pull off all this pink and girlyness. I may also get false eye lashes but we'll see. For now I'm happy and will try and replicate this with improvements at Kitacon.

As it says in the title. I think it's personally a bit too dark so will try and make it lighter next time. I'm pleased with the shape of the brow as well as the thickness. I need to spread the stubble onto my neck. Overall though I'm pleased.

Very quick but so glad I did it. I need more clips for the wig and to try and attach the front to my head to stop it moving, maybe spirit gum? I need to style the wig but I lent my hairspray out so I need to get more. I need to also apply the foundation a bit better too and also add the contouring a bit better. This was rushed though, 15 minutes top. Hopefully I'll have more time to work on it on the Friday. I want to buy a better brush and red eye shadow for the eye brows. Oh and also apply a thiner line of eye liner. Other than this it's all done.

I bought the trousers, top, shoes, whistle and make-up today. I'm just waiting on the wig to arrive and need to get a tie for my whistle. I don't have a binder but hoping to make one myself for the time being (or borrow one from a friend if that fails). This is one of the comfiest costumes I have worn in awhile.

I bought the jacket from an eBay seller called "dream_game". The quality is really nice and it's fully lined. It feels like a proper sports jacket! I bought it to match Bakurakat. The only downside is the length of the arms, they are too short for my noodle limbs.

The wig, whistle and make-up is bought and I'm just waiting for it all in the post. I need to go buy the shirt, trousers and shoes and thats it really. A very simple and casual cosplay.

Finally it was time to paint the gauntlets. I used acrylic paint as I didn't have time to go out and buy some yellow spray paint. It's a few layers of yellow acrylic paint and I waited for them to dry. To get the weathered effect I used some darker yellow paint and applied it was a sponge and used the harder side to scratch it up. I then used a black sharpie to add the black lines.

I glued all the pieces together using a hot glue gun. This is how they looked once I'd glued all of the pieces together. I then covered each gauntlet in layers of PVA glue, around 4-5 layers. Then the paint would apply evenly and I'd get a better finish. Plus it also makes the foam more sturdy.

I firstly made a pattern out of card. Luckily both gauntlets are the same so I only had to make one pattern. After some alterations I was able to use the card pattern to cut it out of funky foam. I tried to combine more foam together but it wouldn't glue well together so I had to leave them rather thin. These are all the pieces and what the pattern looked like.

The wig is one from Coscraft. It's so thick and lovely and very easy to style. I fist divided the front of the wig. I then took part of the wig at the top to make the flick Yang has on the top of her hair. I did this by using an empty toilet roll (yes thats right) and sprayed the hell out of it with Got2bglued hairspray and holding it with hair clips until it was dry. I then started styling the front of the wig and the bags by using hairspray and gel. I also cut the top flick so it was a bit smaller.
EDIT: I want to re-do the bangs as they aren't that accurate.

Added buttons to the leather cuffs on the sleeves and now applied all the gold bias tape on the edges. It took awhile but I'm very happy. There's little hooks on the front of the jacket so I can get into it and fasten it without any buttons showing. It fits very nicely but I am worried about the front of the jacket as the things don't stay down well.

Thanks to the draft version of the jacket I made it was the simple case of cutting out the fabric and sewing it together. I did a couple more alterations before hemming up the base of the jacket. The sleeves were two pieces of different coloured fabric sewn together then brought in at both the top and bottom so they were puffy and had more shape. I then added a pleater black cuff to the end of each one. I added the cuffs on the front of the jacket and the little extra rectangles on the bottom of the jacket. Finally I sewed a gold bias tape on all the edges of the jacket which took a long time but it really finished it off.

I ironed the pleats of the skirt and it looks a lot neater. I'm hoping the pleats stay in place for when I wear her at Ayacon. I've ironed these with a lot of heat and kept adding steam to them. I'm rather proud of how neat this turned out.

This is a separate piece to the skirt. I sewed two panels together and left the tops open, then turned it inside out so the seams were on the inside. I ironed it flat and brought part of it over at the top. I drew the flame pattern on once again but this time using chalk in the form of a small pencil. This was actually painted on with acrylic paint as fabric paint looked so watery and uneven. This was quite a few layers then when I thought it was even enough I used a darker shade of yellow at the bottom to make a gradient. Once it was all dry I went over it with a sharpie black pen to get the lines all neat. Not the way I originally thought I would be adding the flame but it actually turned out really nice. I then sewed on the gold bias tape around the edges and add some poppers to the flap part so I could easily attach it to my belt.

I used a reference I found online of the pattern just on this own and sketched it out with light pencil on the top. I used some cardboard in the middle of the top to keep it sturdy and so the paint didn't go through the top. I then used black fabric paint and a small paint brush to paint the logo on. Then just ironed over it with baking paper once it was dry to set it. It took awhile as it was hand painted but I'm glad I took my time as it turned out a lot neater than I thought it would.

This is the first time I've ever made a pleated skirt. I didn't use a pattern either. I just cut out a rectangle of material and sewed them together, turned them inside out and ironed. I then did lots of measurements and math to work out how to get so many even pleats. I had pinned the bottom of the pleated here so it's more of a pumpkin shape than a usual skirt shape. I'm very pleased with out it turned out though and I just need to iron it and attach it to the shorts then this is complete.

I first got a boot base for this cosplay and then altered it. I cut the material off the top and used that to make a strip for the bottom of the boot. I then curled over the material and used super glue to glue everything down. With the strips for the bottom of the boot I also sewed them at the side so they had matching stitch detail. These are not yet 100% finished but will do for now as I'm unable to do the yellow zip at the side or the little belt detail as there was only enough material from the boot to make the foot straps.

The shorts were a pair of black jeans I owned which were too small leg length wise so I cut them up and altered them into a pair of shorts for Yang. I had some silk left over from an old kimono I made. I sewed up two pieces together which was a bit wider than the width of the shorts so I could gather it up slightly as the top. The bottom is meant to be longer at one side than the other.

The wig is one I bought from Coscraft. It's so soft and very thick too. I back combed the top of the wig and also the bangs. This took awhile to do as the wig is over 100cm long. I then did some simple styling at the front of the hair as Marceline's bangs aren't too styled. Unfortuently on the day the hat flattened my hair but ah well. That's cosplay for you.

I used some yellow t-shirt material to make the top. It was a rather simple tank top pattern I used and pinned the top to get the shape right. Then it was a simple straight stitch to hem it all up. Basic and simple and easy to do.

I still need to alter the boots but the shorts have been altered from a pair of old jeans. I'm waiting on the belt pouch in the post and have fabric pinned for the pleated brown skirt and underskirt. I just need to sew everything. I have a rough jacket sewn out of old material to test the shape as it's sewn out of two different fabrics.

I bought some hessian/sack like material, some matching thread and some wire to make the hat. I first used a half circle pattern to make the top part of the hat and the part that goes onto my head. I originally used 6 segments but actually took 2 out in the end as it looked and fit better that way. After sewing them on it was time to measure and cut out the rim. I originally did it too big so had to cut in it around 10cm. I then made a big circle out of wire and hemmed into the rim of the hat. The excess of the hat in the centre I used to attach the two pieces together. Finally I got a piece of blue fabric I had in my fabric box and sewed it into a rectangle to make a brim to go around the hat.

I couldn't find a pattern for this jacket which I thought would work so I decided to make my own. I firstly made a draft of the jacket. This was actually just two pieces of fabric sewed together and me altering and drawing on it while I was wearing it. Once I was happy with all the alterations I cut it up and used it on the fabric.

I bought these fangs but I unfortuently won't be able to use them. I was born missing two teeth so my canines aren't were they are and these teeth do not fit at all! They are also very painful to get in and keep falling out even after following the instructions. A waste of money but at least I tried them.

I've bought the top, jeans and gloves now. I was going to make the top but I found one for sale which was much cheaper than buying the fabric and making. I've tried to make gloves in the past but it's always gone wrong so I just bought them. Plus I found them in a very good colour.

These were the gloves I bought for my Mai cosplay. I bought them originally and altered them as they were originally prom gloves. I cut off the fingers and shorted the length of them. I had to hand sew the ends of the fingers as they were way too small to get through the sewing machine. I can now use these for both Mai and Yang.

Very pleased with how this turned out. It's fits like a dream! I didn't end up adding the lining on the inside as it would be very hot for me to wear, especially in this current heatwave we are having.

I used a pattern for this piece. It was two quarter circles then one rectangle. I also cut the same shapes in some black lining. I then sewed both the outer hood and lining together. I then sewed on a white fur trim to the outside and sewed the hood to the coat.

These are all the pieces I made for the sleeves. She has a lot of loops and belts on the sleeves of her coat. I also made some hoops for the pocket's on the front of the coat too. I had to hand sew all these on as they were too small to get through the machine. I also sewed the belt's the the hoops so they don't move around when I'm wearing it.

The coat finally looks ok and everything is falling into place. I need to do the following for it to be complete.

-Line the coat.
-Add the hoop detail to arm.
-Add the black cuff to arm.
-Add and alter all the black belts.
-Add the back belt hoops.
-Add both pockets.
-Add the tops of the pockets.
-Add the black detail to pocket.
-Alter hood.
-Line hood.
-Add white trim to hood.
-Fix boot.

As you can see from the pictures the coat did not fit well at all at the back. After I took it all apart, adjusted the pieces and sewed it back together the lines looked a lot neater and fit me well. I also started to add the hoops for the belt to loop through. I had to keep using the webcam to make sure the back of these hoops weren't wonky.

The coat was originally quite rushed and didn't fit the way I wanted to I undid all the pieces and sewed them back together. The fit now is a lot better and more true to the shape of Sherry's coat. It's so comfy too. I sewed on one of the cuffs on the end of the sleeve, it's like an elastic material. I also started to make the pockets. They're just squares that are taken in on the back.

Just a phone shot of the contacts, they look brighter in real life and stand out a lot in natural life! I'm hoping to cut the wig soon and do a make-up test. I've got the gloves ready to edit and material to make the scarf! I've yet to go fabric shopping for the main part of the cosplay.

[ ]Tidy up wig.
[ ]Re-make the tunic.
[ ]Try to add silver lines to base top.
[ ]Add gold detail to upper arm armour.
[ ]Add gold detail to lower arm armour.
[ ]Try to add elbow to arm armour.
[ ]Add gloves on better.
[ ]Add line detail to gloves.
[ ]Re-make pouch for belt.
[ ]Re-make leg armour.
[ ]Paint the back of the back detail.
[ ]Re-make or re-cover shoes.

Well I unfortuently didn't get this done for Gemucon like I said. Still i's very close to finishing so I want to get it done.

-Need to buy brown gloves.
-Alter the collar of the coat.
-Line the inside of the coat.
-Sew zip to coat.
-Alter sleeves.
-Add black cuffs to end of sleeves.
-Add fur trim to coat.
-Make belt hoops for center of coat.
-Make belt hoops for arms of coat.
-Make and add the small, black belt detail.
-Find a a gun prop.
-Fix up boots.

The jeans and contacts I now have.

I have sourced out the boots, tops, fangs, wig, gloves and make-up for the skin.

I have yet to find the right hat and I may have to make it from scratch.

I wore Sherry at Gemucon to give her a test run. It was her version without the coat (the only thing that isn't done) and thought I'd post some pictures. I unfortuently didn't get a full shot so here's just face shots.

Well I now have everything to finish off my Dory cosplay so I better get cracking huh?

All the pattern pieces I cut are now sewn together. I left the length quite long at first so I could cut it to the length that was best. Better to have it too long than too short. I then used a simple sleeve pattern I have and used it to create the sleeves. Again I made them too long as my arms are rather long.

I used a coat pattern originally but ended up cutting it up so the stitching matched the same on Sherry's coat. This is the front of the coat all pinned up before I sewed it together. The same pattern was used on the back but without the zip there.

Just an image of what all the armour loked like together before the PVA and spray paint stages.

The elbows are the only thing I kept armour wise from my first run of the armour. I created the pattern myself out of card then cut it out of foam. I glued it all together and then spray painted it black. I painted the gold trim around the armour with gold acrylic paint. I then hot glued some elastic so then I can keep them on my arm. I might changed this later so it attached to the armour rather than my arm. It'll mean I can move my elbows better.

I originally did the arm armour just as a tester but it wasn't to great so I re-did it. The newer pattern has more of a curve in it and opens up more at the wrist. I glued it all together before the several layers of PVA, then a base spray paint and the final coat of silver spray paint.

These boots are knee high but I couldn't find any ankle ones in the right colour and material. I'll have to cut these down and add the collar to the top of them. I've been alright at show alterations in the past so I think I should be alright... well I hope so anyway.

I first did a paper and cardboard template of these to make sure I got the sizing right. I wanted to make sure I could fit into it easily as I had to do this out of 2 parts of foam. Once I'd got all the pattern I cut it out of foam and glued it all together. I add the knee part to the top then began to cover it in PVA. I did about 6-7 layers of PVA to make sure it was all sealed. Then I add the spray paint. It has velcro at the back so I can easily undo it and wrap it around my leg. I may re-do these in the future.

I firstly cut a cardboard template to check the fit of it around my knee. I then cut this pattern out of foam and hot glued it together. Then I will add it to the main part of the leg before I add the PVA layers.

I firstly cut a cardboard template to get the sizing right. Then I cut these shapes out in foam and added all the detail on. I then gave it a god few coats of PVA before spray painting it with a base, then the final coat of silver spray paint. I then used some old fabric and watered down acrylic and added in some ageing effect on the back to make it look more real. I then glued some velcro on the back so I can attach it to my tunic.

I bought the base of the shoes from Primark for cheap. Then I painted the fronts with grey acrylic I mixed up. After that I cut the pattern I needed to cover the shoe and sewed it all up. After that I fabric glued it to the bottom of the shoe. The back has hooks so I can put the shoe on easily and hook it up at the back. I may re-do these in the future.

I luckily had a wig from a previous cosplay that, with some work, will be perfect for her. Sorry for the no make-up! Still a long way to go yet...

Instead of having curls pinned at the back I curled the wig using rollers. Then I straightened the fronts of the wig and pins them up lower so it suited my face frame. I think the re-style looks a lot better and fits a lot better too.

I bought a new belt which is more accurate to Lin's.

My mum gave me an old,black dress which I decided to recycle into a tunic for Lin. I took the lace detail off the outside and cut the shoulders off. Then I basically took it in using my measurements and patterns for reference. Once all sewn up I added a zip to the back then add the bold ribbon detail on the arms and collar. I then added the black detail on the bottom of the tunic. Finally I added velcro to the back of the tunic (for the back plate) and a popper for he police badge.

-Fix up wig.
-Test old lady make-up.
-Re-make the whole tunic!
-Find gold badge and attach to tunic.
-Add detail to the tunic
-Re-make the lower arm armour.
-Paint the gold detail to the top arm armour.
-Add the elbow parts of the armour.
-Make the gloves.
-Add detail to the gloves.
-Make a better belt.
-Re-make the pouch.
-Re-make the leg armour.
-Add armour to the shoes.

+The trousers and panels are done.
+The under-top just need the sleeves sewing and the stripes added.
+The armour is currently drying after a big coat of PVA.
+The shoes are prepared for the armour coating.
+The wig is styled and ready to go.
+The scar make-up is coming through the post as we speak.
+The gloves are made.

-The tunic still needs making.
-The armour needs Primer and final coats.
-The armour still needs velcro adding.
-It also needs the gold detail adding.
-The pouch needs re-making.
-The gloves need adding to either sleeves or armour.

These were very easy to make. Simply sewed up some fabric together and turned it inside out. I need to iron it as I bought the fabric rather creased. This will be attached to the trousers once i make them.

It's made out of foam and coated in PVA. Once that dried I applied a few layers of gold acrylic paint and covered it in another layer of PVA. Finally I glued on a snap fastener on the back so I can easily add it to the armour. Plus it mens I can remove it easily without ruining the outfit and also have I can remove it and be like "F**k the police!".

(reversed image) The belt was one I had originally which I cut down. It was originally a light brown, I covered it in black shoe polish to make it darker. It's not 100% black but it's very close. The pouch is in a previous journal entry on how I made it. It attaches easily to the belt.

The wig is from Coscraft. It is a lovely wig, fits great and in the perfect colour. I began by pinning up the front and side bits. As the wig already has a bit of a curl in it it was very easy to do. I unfortuently cut it too short at the back which at first I was rather mad at. Then I realised it looked weird pinned up at the back anyway so I'm going to get some curlers and curl it up at the back. A few other Lin cosplayers have done this and it looks a lot better, plus will be more secure in the wind this way. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Got my contact lenses from HoneyColour in "Beaucon Vibrant Match Green". They are a dream, very easy to put in and take out. Plus I got the cutest animal case free with them! Defiently worth the money!

I made the belt pouch out of card board, pleather and foam. I used the foam at the back (covered in pleater) as the hooks to slide it onto the belt. I just need to get super glue to glue the sides up and this is done. I also need to glue the front button on. Very simple and quick. Next is to see whether I can spray this belt black or not. I hope I can.

Alright I have my sketches and screenshots all ready to go! Next I need to do some shopping. I'll be buying the wig soon and just trying to find the right contact lenses to buy. Then I'll be buying the foam for the amour online and hoping I can get around 50% of the fabric from a shop (as I hate buying fabric online)

Well this was tricky. I used a curved needle to attach them to the wig. The first one was rather tricky to sew on. I sewed through the mess of the wig and the fabric I had glued to the bottom of the buns. Once it was all sewed on and attached I just had to neaten up the wig. Surprisingly it took me an hour to get the first one on properly, yet 10 minutes to get the second one on (and straight too).

After finding this very helpful tutorial:§ion=&global=1&q=wig+bun#/d1wtj06

I was able to start making my wig buns. I first bought 2 polystyrene balls, these will make the shape of the hair buns. I then cut a 1/3 off the bottom with a knife. I carved a hole in the top which went all the way through the bun. After this I hollowed out the inside of the ball (as seen in the first picture). Finally I covered the white surface with a black marker. I would have liked to have used paint though.

After this I used the long parts of the wig I cut off to make small extensions held together with tape. I threaded these through the hole and around the hole before hot glueing and taping the ends in the ball. With a blast of hair spray to keep the hair in place I did the same process again. I used around 5-6 for each bun.

The circles of fabric I hot glued to the bottom of the buns. This way it would hold all the hairs in and acts as a base for me to attach them to the wig. I cut any stray hairs off using scissors.

This is the costume all together (minus the wig of course). I'me overall very pleased on how the costume turned out. There are things I need to improve on for future wear (the shoes, added blade gloves, knives, wig and sewing up anything that falls apart) but overall I'm very pleased. It looks really neat and clean and it fits like a dream. Lets just hope it's not too hot at Amecon.

I hemmed up all the outside and added the points and slits into the jacket. Once this was all hemmed up I could focus on adding the white band to the front of the jacket. This was just a stripe of white I added and them sewed onto the jacket folded to hide the messy edges. I added some hooks to the front of the jacket so it could be closed. I then made a belt by hemming one side of material and pulling it through, like a tube. I them sewed up the other side and added velcro so it could be done up. I added some velcro to a white piece of foam I cut out so it could attach to the belt.

The jacket was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. I first began by using a pattern I'd used for a pervious cosplay. I'd altered it to my shape so I knew it would fit nicely. After cutting I pinned and tested the shape. Luckily this jacket had no sleeves so I didn't have to worry about that. Once it all fit I sewed it all together and hemmed the hols were my arms go.

This is the first time that I ever lined anything before. I copied the pattern of the sleeves and made white versions. Then I turned them the right way out and pinned them to the wrong way of the red sleeve (if that makes sense?). I'm not sure if this is the right way or not to sew lining but it worked for me. It turned out rather neat too and gave a more solid shape to the sleeves, making them hang bigger and wider. It really makes the costume look neater now.

I hate sleeves! These took awhile to get one as I kept getting them the wrong size (I have no idea how I kept doing it). I didn't want them to be too tight at the top but still wanted them to be super baggy at the bottom as the sleeves have to be super wide. Once these finally got on correctly it was time to line them with some white poly cotton.

I had to re-do this a few times as I didn't like how the trousers lay in the crotch area and also didn't like how puffy it was at the top. Once this was all sorted out I simply straight stitched them together.

Mai at first glance does lok like she's wearing a dress but it's actually just really baggy trousers. I there for made a part of trousers about 2-3 metres wide and sewed them basically together. I them just hemmed up the bottom of the trousers and took them in more at the top when I attached them to the top part of the costume.

I had a long, black wig in my possession which was for another cosplay I never got around to doing. It was very long (around 100cm long?) with no bangs/fringe. I cut the fringe in myself and styled the sides of the wig. I cut the wig too (leaving about 50cm). These extra parts I will be using for the hair buns later on.

I unfortuently don't have any pictures I can show of the first top and sleeves I made but they were... well rather terrible.
The shirt fitted badly across me and the sleeves were too tight at the top. The collar as well fell rather weirdly on my neck so I decided to scarp that and start afresh. Of course this was only when I had a couple of weeks left before the convention...

I was luckily able to buy all my fabric from the local fabric shop. Lucky for me the main red fabric was discounted to just £1.88 a metre, plus the store was having a 20% discount sale on that day for ALL purchases so I saved about a £10! Fantastic!

I started to cut my main pattern pieces out, mainly for the red body part of the outfit. I had to move house so progress stopped for about 3 weeks.

The glove were very simple to do. I bought a pair of long, satin, black gloves from eBay (Around £3) and cut the fingers off to create fingerless gloves.

EDIT: After wearing them at the con I need to re-sew the seems as they fell apart on me.

Was able to pick up most of the clothing needed in town, the jacket I bought online. I just need to find a wig now which is proving to be harder than I thought it would.

I also need to sort out my trousers. Unfortuently my waist is very high up due to my long legs so I'll either have to bring the waist down if I can or try and trim the shirt and top so they come low enough now to tuck in.

So far... ok. Fabric paint didn't work at all so I"ve had to go with acrylic. I really didn't want to as it cracks but it's the only thing that would stay on. I cut the front of the boots and hot glued the inside fabric to the white PVC (as my sewing machine wouldn't take it) The curl things are foam you cook in the oven but my oven is too small and 20 years old so they didn't turn out so great. Might try the hairdryer on hot and see if that works. Got strap belts coming in the post and then I can sew the straps quite easily and add the velcro. Then they'll be done ^_^

I made this out of gold fimo. It was very easy to construct. Now I just need to cook it and att a clip to the back and it's complete ^_^

I used bonderweb to attach it. Seems a bit lose though so I'll take some with me just incase it needs sticking at the convention. Thats it, it's all complete!

Not all together in the photo but theres are the main clothes for the outfit. I feel like a 90's detective XD

Made out of some pink felt I had left over. I just cut it up and folded it over. I've not hemmed it as it looks alright.

Thanks to Bespoke Bella who made this for me! I've unfortuently not had any time due to University so I'm really glad she said she would make it for me.
Now I just need to add the cutie mark and buy some shoes and this is done!

A big BIG thank you to my friend Bespoke Bella who made the skirt and the apron for me! I unfortuently haven't had time since I've had University.

Sorry for all the boring, random journal updates. My friend is sewing my skirt for me so I only have to do the top and scarf thingy. Planning to do them tomorrow as I have the day off Uni

My wig arrived for Malon. It's pretty much bang on and just needs slight alterations to make it perfect. I'm so pleased with the colour and the overall shape!

The base of my boots arrived. I'll have to draw up some patterns soon for them before cutting them up.

The only things I need to do are...
-Cutie mark
-Eye shadow
Then I'm done ^_^

I need to alter the boiler suit and alter the tops. Then it's a question of altering the damn boots. Also have to alter the wig when it arrives.

Thats all I have unfortuently, I'm waiting on everything else XD Going fabric shopping on Friday with my friend who's kindly helping me with it as I have barely any time to make it >.<

Ignore how ill I look XD

The only problem... the sleeves are too short. I always have this problem with clothing anyway as my arms are too long (like my legs) I'm going to try and find some material that looks the same and add it to the bottom of the sleeves. Plus if I make the same cuff the jacket will be more accurate.

Off to town tomorrow to hopefully buy all the other things I need ^_^

Just random touch ups to do and bits to re-sew. I also need to re-do the fringe on the wig and then it's pretty much complete. I'm so happy I got it done in time!

It wasn't too difficult to style. I simply tied the back with elastic. Then for the bottom bit I separated it into two parts, then twisted them up tight. I then wrapped then around each other, like a plait but without a third segment. The two pieces of blue cloth have elastic underneath them to make sure the wig is tightly tied. The blue fabric is held together with safetly pins at the moment but I might change this to velcro? The fringe was easy to do. I simply sectioned it off, cut it style then added just a small amount of hairspray and used a hairdryer to set it. It's rather strong (I hope it can put up with travelling on a train for 3 hours)

Wig and make-up test coming soon...

What I have so far. This is 3 days of solid work.

I still need to, finish the dark blue detail, add the grey part, add the jewel, add the black lining, add a zip at the back, alter the hand detail and add the feet detail. Then I just need to style the wig and I am done!

I HATE this jacket!!!

It's almost done though. I need to do the collar which is the last difficult part them I can add all the detail. I need a zip for the back of it so I can get in and out of it. Then I need to sew up the scarf and the belt (which I need velcro for) then all the little details need to be added.

The top now has a zip and has been altered so it fits tightly. The collar has also been added. I added a zip to the trousers and tried to take in the trousers, I can't seem to take them in correctly at the hip though. Now I'm going to add the foot pieces to the trousers so they will be officially complete. The balls are for the jacket once it comes to be made.

What the title says really. Just the gloves and collar to fix and she's been re-vamped for Ayacon 2011

Made these in a couple of hours which I thought was quite good considering they were my first pair ^_^'

Need to take them in and add a zip but I think they're alright. I forgot to add the extra bits on the bottom of the feet so I'll have to add that later. Silly me. Time to sew the top then make the pattern for the jacket.

I have the white material, my clothes pattern, the balls for the bottom of the jacket, the tassles and the wig!
I can finally start wooo!

Bakurakat finished my hoodie today! This cosplay is half way done now! I'm going to try and finish it for next week then it's only a few more left for Ayacon!

Things I still need:
-Contact lenses (I doubt I can get them in that pattern though)
-Black Jeans

I already had the wig from Magnet Gakupo aswell as the make-up.
The hoodie is being made by Bakurakat.
I need gloves and trousers and thats it.
I'm not sure if contact lenses like that exist...

Due to time and lack of money (I only had a £5 budget) I decided to update the rifle. It looks alittle more Steampunky now. Once I actually have spare money I will focus more on it. The original rifle was made by Clone

Ok the wig and glasses are done aswell as the corset, boots and tights. I still have ALOT to do though waaah ;_; lets hope I can do it all for Kitacon III

The dress isn't perfect but I actually did it which is a surprise for me XD
Just gotta sew the collar on with the lining, sew the cuffs on and hem the bottom of the dress.
The just to finish the bloomers and make an apron and I'm done ^_^

Alright it's beginning to take shape.
All the dress pieces are cut out and it's just a case of trying to fit them all together. The front bit is such a pain, I'm having to re-cut it and hope for the best really. It should be okay once all together, I just hope it doesn't make me look too frumpy ^_^'
Also the bloomers are almost done. Just got to do the other leg.
I still need to make the apron but I want to make that once I've got the skirt done.

(Oh god my last journal was last year ^_^')

Alright styled and cut the wig for Sophie and I LOVE IT!!!!

Just gotta sort it out abit, it's alright...

I think it looks alright, I've not done a lot of styling of wigs so it's good for my standards. I need to try it on yet though...

All I need to do is buy the shoes and then this is finished XD

Adding stripes to the jacket. My socks won't come in the post on time even though I bought then 2 weeks ago and I need to get shoes. Then it's done!

Yeah... it's complete!!!
The wig is shorter than I would have liked but I'm hoping I can style it alittle bit

Things to do:
-Find drumsticks
-Add white stripes to top
-Buy socks
-Buy trainers

I bought the shirt and jeans from Primark. I've boughs some coloured card from the local art shop.

I need to buy the wig which I'm going to get from Ebay. I also have a pair of headphones in my watch list to buy then it's the simple case of altering them. I need to get some shoes but I don't know whether to get fancy or casual like trainers or something... maybe something abit fancy for Gakupo...

Shirt, pants and jumper bought from Primark. Need to buy another jumper since it's a bit tight when I have a shirt on.

I have a wig on my watch list on Ebay ready to buy and I need to buy some blue converse but there abit expensive. Then I need to make a sword and I'm done. A very simple cosplay.

My dad is a life saver and sorted out my obi so then it's stiff rather than just material. He also sewed the tail on, thanks dad ^w^ I just need to make the horn and he said he'd finished off my obi for me so this is almost done 8D

I've sewed all the kimono together now ^_^

All I need to do it make the obi alot stiffer and add the tail. Then just make a horn and this cosplay is complete 8D

I've painted 4 pieces fo far and I have 4 sleeves pieces and a neck piece to go. I've just quickly pinned it together to see how it's going. I'm still confused on what the instructions say so I'm just gonna wing it and hem it all up them sew the pieces together. It's alot larger than I thought it's be which is good I guess cos it means I have room to take it in. Still need to paint the tail too but thats just black dots. Okay gotta work BYE!

Everything for this cosplay is done now WOOHOO!!!!

I'm basically threading the front of my Axel wig. This is the progress from about 2 hours... yeah... not good. I'm getting better though at it. I just hope it looks a bit better the more I do ^_^ Once I've done this I'll sew it to the wig them I'm ready to style the spike of doom!!!! Then just sharpie the roots and thats complete ^w^

It really doesn't work well in cardboard so I'm trying to think of another material to make it out of. I think the pattern it good though so I always have that. Maybe funky foam? I dunno XD I need to cut the bottom of my suit tonight and the fingers so I can actually use my hands when I take my gloves off. Need to paint the bottom and ankles and get some new belts and then it's COMPLETE 8D

My friend p-chan helped me paint my body suit today...
She had to paint on my boob, ass and in-between my legs....

...Our friendship will never be the same again

Just gotta sew the hood on and make the ears and face and thats it ^w^
Sorry I've been spamming journals but I'm just so pleased that I've made something completely from scratch ^w^

This is a picture before I hemmed the sleeves and added the elastic. Just the hood to go and tbh I'm scared I'll mess it up. I was able to mess up a shoulder on one of the sleeves but you can't tell too much >.< The hood is going to have ears and a bear face when I'm done. I'm not going to line it since thats way out of my league.

Just need to do the button holes (why did I have to have 10 buttons on this thing DX) Then need to hem a little of the leg bit as it still has the hole in were I threaded the elastic through. Then I need to make a pattern for the sleeves and cut and sew them on. Finally the hood which I'm really worrying about. This is the first thing I've fully sewed by myself and I'm really pleased with it so far... does nothing for my figure though XD

After an hour of putting up my last journal my Axel coat arrived a week earlier than what I thought it would and it fits like a dream, it was worth the £70 (cries) Just make-up, wig and chakrems to go YAY!!!! 8D

I could only take a picture of one cos I had to leave my other hand free XD
Just got to paint the body suit (I need a second person to help me with that) and make the collar which I still have no idea. I think I might just get some cardboard or something *shrugs*

Beige body suit: DONE (Just need to paint detail)
Collar: Planning
White wig: DONE
White make-up: Trying to find a good white mascara
Shoes: DONE
Gloves: DONE

Was meant to make this almost a year ago. I've finally bit the bullet and began making it. So far it's going well, I really hope I'm able to make it... it'll prove I can actually sew something from scratch! Need to sew that all up, alter the shoulder bits and make sleeves. I need to add the elastic too which I know how to do. The thing thats troubling me is the hood nd the buttons on the front... I seriously have no idea :S

I need beige underwear for underneath, you can see right though... should I get a body slimming suit? Right still need to make the collar, the gloves and paint the swirls on the suit. Then I think I'm done 8D It's be great if I could get this done before July but I'm moving then so that won't happen XD

Beige body suit: Just need to paint on the detail
Collar: Still planing
White wig: COMPLETE
Red contacts: Might get when I have the money
White make-up: Need to find some beter make-up
Shoes: Going to wear the ones I have for Seaking
Gloves: Making at the moment
Sliming body suit is a must!!!!!

I love this wig ^w^ So pretty and sexy. I need to improve on the make-up a little but I'm quite happy with it. I still need to make the horn and the kimono. My friend said she's help me make the kimono which is awesome. It's going to be difficult to get the pattern on it right. I'm seriously looking forward to this cosplay ^_^

I really don't suit a white wig at all >.< I tried to get white mascara for her but it didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I defiently need to get better make-up for her. My body suit is in the post and I'm making the gloves at the moment. I need to buy some fabric paint to paint the swirls on her suit. Also hoping to get some plans for making her collar soon ^w^

-Wig: Can't find one which is either in the right colour or the right shape. Might have to gather a few closer to the time and pick the best. I really want one which is already cut and styles since I fail at wigs.

-Dress: Really worried about the dress, I hope I can find a pattern which is just like Sophie's >.< It also needs a white trim at the top and a white underskirt too

-Apron: Thats going to be easy, all I need to do it hem up a pieces of white material and add a tie for the back of it.

-Bloomers: Shouldn't be too bad, should be quite simple I hope.

-Black tights: GOT!

-Brown shoes: GOT!

-Calcifer: I'm not too sure how to make him at the moment, if I have to I'll make him out of fluffy red material but I'd like to make him look realistic like actual flames... with eyes XD

-Turnip head: His costume should be easy to assemble but making him is going to be a challenge. I need to make him so then he can be taken down and made up but I want it to look like he's made out of wood. Maybe the pieces could clip together or something I'm not too sure.

Just done a few improvements with Eleanor. I made a new skirt and used the old one as an extra layer and made it into a bustle. Also got some new boots which I'm also going to use for my Sophie cosplay in the future. I don't know whether to wear my jacket with it or make a scarf thingy for it. Also got a strap for my rifle so I can carry it on my back ^w^ Enjoy

So it begins...
I did a make-up test and I quite like it. I want the white eye shadow to be whiter but thats all I want to change. The wig will be different. I want a more of a auburn colour than proper red although it depends on what people think. I'll make the hair clip myself as well as the kimono. This is going to be difficult. I have no idea how the hell I'm going to due it like that, I shall have to call on professional friends for help me thinks. I'm also going to buy a cheap pair of red pumps since I don't want to walk around bare foot. I'll take them off for pictures though. I really can't wait for this!!! I've always wanted to do a kimono cosplay plus I get so show off my legs, I want the slit in the dress to be like in the picture :P

Just the clips, shirt hemming and trim to do :D
(And all done in 4 days, nice one!)

These are the headphones, there a little big due to the lighting inside but I hope there okay.

Earphones: In the process of making (just gotta work out how to light them up)
Hair bands: Trying to work out how to make them
Shirt: Just hemming sleeves
Arm warmers:COMPLETE
Nail varnish/Make-up/01: COMPLETE

I wish I had more time to improve this but I don't >.<
Plus I screwed up on the shirt XD

Not exactly as I thought it would turn out but I like it. Can't wait to get my rifle from Clone ^w^

Earphones: In the process of making (just gotta work out how to light them up)
Hair bands: Trying to work out how to make them
Shirt: Altering as we speak.
Arm warmers: Making very soon
Nail varnish/Make-up/01: COMPLETE
Skirt: Finishing the trim at the back
Socks: Got to add the trim to the other one XD

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, must keep going for brother Len ^w^

Which wig should I get for her? I quite like 1 but her hair is a lot longer than that... it's more like 4 XD
Which one do you guys think?

I re-styled my Canada wig ready for Midlands Expo... I hope it holds up better ^_^'

Wig: In the post
Earphones: In the process of making (just gotta work out how to light them up)
Hair bands: Trying to work out how to make them
Shirt: Buying and altering one
Tie: Impossible to find the right colour DX
Arm warmers: Will be making soon, need material
Nail varnish/Make-up/01: In the process
Skirt: Add trim and details
Socks: Add trim and details
Shoes: Buy and paint bottoms
Giant leek: Making, need material and stuffing

Lots to go... short skirt is short DX Hopefully adding the trim will make it loner!

I finished the bottom part of the cosplay... just the rest to go. The rifle is in safe hands thanks to my friend Clone (the most awesome prop maker EVER!!!!) I might end up buying the shirt rather than making it. Skirt will have to be made unless a miracle happens and I find one! Wig has been dispatched so I should get that soon (taken a month just to send) Wasit corset I hope to buy from ebay soon. I'm not too sure what to do about the Derringer with leg strap? Everything else is minor things... I just hope I get it all done DX

Just reference images for people who want to make shoes like this ^_^

Wig: About DONE
Glasses: DONE
Goggles: ---
Coat: DONE
Underneath shirt: DONE
Gloves: DONE
Overshirt: DONE
Trousers: DONE
Boots: DONE
Bear Plushie: DONE
Flag: DONE

WOOHOO just in time too!

Wig: About 70% done
Glasses: DONE
Goggles: ---
Coat: DONE
Underneath shirt: DONE
Gloves: DONE
Overshirt: Making
Trousers: Making
Boots: DONE
Bear Plushie: Still need to find one...
Flag: DONE

Wig: Arrived, just need to style
Glasses: Done
Red Hoodie (with Canada leaf on): Done
Pants: Done
Shoes: Done
Canada flag: Done
Kumajiro: Need to buy

(I'm worried that I'll mess up this wig too DX I think I'll try the curl first then cut it)

Wig: Having to try again since I FAILED the last one
Glasses: DONE
Goggles: Making with a tutrial and can re-use with my Steampunk cosplay
Coat: DONE
Underneath shirt: DONE
Gloves: DONE
Overshirt: Making
Trousers: Making
Boots: DONE
Bear Plushie: Need to find one...
Flag: DONE

*censored swearing*
Now I need to go buy a new one
F***!!!!! DX
God I fail at cosplay

Wig: has beeen ordered!!! Just need to cut (ALOT) and then style it... kinda dreading the curl bit.
Glasses: Need to get a cheap pair from somewhere, thoughs are my dads hehe.
Goggles: Making with a tutrial and can re-use with my Steampunk cosplay
Coat: Found a good one in my mums wardrobe, she should let me use it hopefully.
Underneath shirt: Complete (just a white shirt)
Overshirt: Will most likely need to make.
Trousers: Again will need to make this.
Boots: Need to find a good pair or make some covers.
Bear Plushie: Need to find one...
Casual cosplay?: Haha still need to do

Yes I finished the gloves!!! I'm so happy, the bottom image is how I want them to be. I made the sticky out bit with some wire and fabic... it looks alot better in the photo than real life. I'll try sewing them on and if they don't look good I can just cut them off :P

I started to make the second Rhyme boot today, it took less time becasue I knew what I was doing. I cut it up and then added the padded bits on. Just need to cover it now along with the other one. I need some sowing glue and thoughs hole thingys you get on your trainers to put the laces through lol. Might get these when I go out with Akuma on the 16th.

Well I did quite abit today for this cosplay, since I got bored of uni work. I cut and sowed the rest of the boot together but it doesn't look right, it needs more 'bulkiness' to it. Thankfully we have an old dovey which I can use for the top of the boot and the front thingy. Yes it sounds odd but I use everything I can get my hands on :D So far this cosplay have been free :D Plus I made the skull for my hat. I used some left over fimo and it turned out really good. Just need to cook and bake tomorrow.

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