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Cosplay wise I enjoy a good challenge especially if there are weird props or body makeup involved!

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Right! One hook out of four nearly bulked out (need to do handle)..
Covered the basic shape in a couple layers of newspaper, built it up with tissue pulp then applied another layer of newspaper to hold it all together ^_^

I do love papier mache, peeling off the glue from my hands afterwards takes me back haha XD

Right, better make a start on this badboy as soon as possible ><. Can't believe the con is in April!

Thanks to a very helpful cosplayer on DA, I know how to tackle the melted faceness! <3 (username: henryislove) Her spitter is freaking amazing, check it out :D Basically it involves a skull mask, clay, latex and paint :D I might make the teeth and put them in individually XD

I'm going to have to make a suit of some sort because I don't have the right bodytype ><. Thinking of finding a slimming bodysuit (hurr) then building the flabby skin over the top of it for the tummy, boobs and butt. Layers of liquid latex should give it that skin texture. I hope it works ^_^;

The blue capris and gold bra..thing should be easy enough to find.
And dat pink thong hnnng XD
To the charity shops!!

Decided to repaint the claws because I realised they're actually pretty red..might add some more 'fresh blood' at some point! I didn't want them black anymore~

I've decided to re-cosplay her for JCC at the end of the month :)!
I'm trying to make improvements on her as I type (yay hacking up the wig!(I'ts shorter and thinner now :D))). AH! Need to buy some more tights! Must remember, the other ones are wrecked.

Might do a face test to refresh my memory and try and improve it; not done the makeup since Kita lol.


Oh my jeezus~ that f***ing mask. first it was too light green, then it was just TOO green, then my face makeup wouldn't match, boils fell off and it likes to change colour in sunlight. What the hell mask? I hate thee so much.

Decided to actually start using this! (wheey)
I Debuted her at Kitacon and wow it was so much fun running around scaring people hehe! Thankyou to everyone who took pics of our group!
Now I'm back I can start tweaking the costume,actuslly got some good advice from /cgl/ (is that a gasp i hear?) regarding the wig and face makeup which was very much appreciated :). I just need to make the facial grossness more defined so it's not washed out in pictures, cut the wig a bit shorter and make it as disgusting as possible. Or buy a platinum blonde one, but i do like the one I already have, will have to see.

I'm not too sure when I'm going to wear her again, I definatley will! But I don't know when because I'm planning to do the Smoker to may expo, will have to have a thiink.

I couldn't help but try everything I had on..except the jeans but ill find them eventually.. XD woo spazface~!!

I can't believe how quickly Im starting this after the madness and awesomness that was Kita (much love to everyone you're all amazing <3)..I've already bought the base mask and James said he'd let me use his Zabu wig! I went into to Boyes earlier and ohmgee i found THE perfect shirt. So so lucky!! :D Pic related. ;D definatley needs some work to grubby it up but still..yay!
I already have some boy jeans and a white top I can modify from my fail L cosplay so thats all gravy..now the hard part..tongue, arms and face..hell yeah

Edit: oh god I didnt realise that picture was in the background O_O

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