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got into cosplay just prior to Japanex which was my first event, since then ive endeavored to cover all the bases with costumes with varying success but always fun ^^

:-: i am planning to re-wear costumes for the may2010 expo for a few reasons i see as necessary, 1st being i want to persue a few other interests a bit better, and #2 would be that i really want to build Dog from Half Life 2, so im hoping i can by the october expo ^^

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Yesterday from about dinner time i made the shield and sword for this costume and have fully painted and....detailed?(or lack of xD) them. and i think im going to make a small sheath for the sword rather than carry it all the time.
i have all the green fabric for the costume but im looking for a cotton bodysuit and the boots... if anyone knows what kind of boots i need or where i could find a bodysuit to ..suit xD .. comment :P

Earlier today GraceyDarling (Madame Draper ;) lol...) asked if i could make her a similar rifle on comission.. and i loved making the first one.. and the 2nd should be better. i know where i screwed up and i know where i can do better. so.. progress to come. ive also been asked to turn it into a tutorial. so i'll try to do that too and post up when im done ^^

I started making this rifle about 3 weeks ago out of boredom while i waited for other stuff to show up. started with an old pole i had in the shed..measured it up and scaled it compared to a few photos i found. with some editing to those i came up with a list of relevant sizes to use.

I made the majority of the gun from Foamboard, a little bit of the facing was done with thin card and the angles (scope curves and muzzle) are actually clay.
was pretty easy to get together ... i just made a few realllllly dumb mistakes because i was paying attention to other stoney things.....yeah...
Glueguns are really realllllly hot by the way.

repaired some minor damage to Gáe Bulg, finished tarting up my pauldrons and FINALLY got my dad to wake up and do the bodysuit painting, we attempted fabric glue and some ribboning first but the ribbon wouldnt stop rising off the suit :( so Games Workshop Chainmail paint it is ^^.

More to come tomorrow :) i hope..

well with my ill day i refused to do nothing....again.... so i started cutting up the bodysuit i bough for the right bits n bobs to make it Lancer like.. (the hood and gloves had to go) then i set about making the Lance a lot more complete by taping it alllll up (black electrical tape lol) and then painting it all.. the shafta got detailed by a glue gun that took about a bloody hour!! then got painted 2 tones of red for contrast.
The shoulders are a nightmare!! they took ages to cut out and now wont even form right :( i might cry lol !!

today i bought the haft needed for Lancers spear, when i am home i will start work properly on this :)

well thats it ^^ except the belt buckle (that i might cheat with) im done :) and although its far from perfect im extreeeeemely happy with the results :) pictures to come over this weekend >.<

well after cutting 154 tiles and piercing 616 holes with a needle (hence the name) i have FINALLY finished building my side skirt armour and im glad, now i just gotta fill in some gaps and then paint ^^
next job.... Cape 2.0

Stardate 11.9.08................LOL

I have cut out a helluva lot of cardboard tiles (not great cardboard because i expect damage and im bringing about 20spares) and i shall now begin the arjouous(sp) task of stringing them all together xD

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