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I got into cosplay after attending the London MCM Expo in October 2007, when I'd thought the cosplayers would be a minority, and gone in normal dress. Oh how wrong I was. I quickly got addicted, and now love to create costumes with the maximum potential for fun and excitement! There's nothing better than that feeling where you see a character, and experience that, ‘OHMIGOSH I HAVE TO COSPLAY THEM,’ moment.

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Next I painted the pieces and glued them together. You'll notice I changed the colours from what they were in my original design – I think this looks much better, and the black base will clash less with the rest of the outfit! All that's left is to seal it all and add the velcro closure.

The next step was to cut and assemble all the belt pieces, some of which you can see here. The letters are laser-cut wood, which I bought cheaply from a seller on eBay. All the foam pieces also had their edges sanded down to look smoother.

As I've not really done much 'proper' foam work before, I wanted to try out some new techniques. As the belt is supposed to be leather, I used a heat gun and tin foil to create this finish onto the main belt piece!

The centerpiece that this costume needs is a title belt for Waluigi to "win". So I put this design together in Illustrator in order to make a paper template. (It had to be kept pretty simple so that I could cut out all the pieces from foam.)

I really wanted to give Wrestler Waluigi a matching jacket as part of the ensemble, and happened to stumble across some very beautiful purple holographic bomber jackets on eBay. Wrestlers often have customised jackets with their branding on, so I decided the only course of action was to add Waluigi's logo to the back. In glitter.

Thankfully his logo is super basic, so I figured it would be easy to appliqué. I ordered some glitter felt, and spent yesterday evening putting it together!

(Side note: this is easily the neatest appliqué I've ever done, the simple lines were a treat!)

Kind of obsessed with this appliqué, the straight lines are so satisfying...

To cut a long story short, my friends and I volunteer in the Cosplay Hospital at MCM Comic Con, repairing costumes for other attendees. We like to wear coordinated outfits while we do this – it's more fun for us, and hopefully for other attendees as well!

We decided that this October is The Time of Waluigi, and are each designing our own Waluigi-themed look – what I've lovingly dubbed a 'Wah-sona'.

For mine, I liked the idea of doing a sports iteration, as that's one of the things Waluigi is known for. I decided to go with the only true sport, professional wrestling.

The key factor in these outfits is that they need to be comfortable and easy to move and work in, even when on your feet all day. They also need to be quick and cheap to assemble. With this in mind, I will mostly be building this outfit from premade clothing.

I will, however, be making the Mushroom Championship belt, which Waluigi has definitely won fair and square...

I've done a rough sketch of how the outfit will look, assuming I can get all the bits together. I will update as things arrive!

These are boots I dug from the back of my wardrobe, after checking on the off-chance that they hadn't been given to charity! Quite a blessing, considering the failure I had while searching for them online (any boots with more than a 3 inch heel all had platform soles, which wouldn't work with the shoe design without covering them to hide the join between the shoe and the platform, and covering shoes is something I'm trying to avoid)! One of the boots needs reheeling but that will be easily taken care of.

Between the different official artworks of Bayonetta, the shoes are quite inconsistent, with the main shoe colours ranging from black to grey to brown. However, after looking at some screenshots from in-game, I've determined that the soles of her shoes are definitely red. To cover the rest of the inconsistencies, I'm going to try and combine the shades, with the main shoes being a grey, and the strap, ankle cuff, heel, toe cap and sole line being added as a metallic fabric, in either black, dark grey or brown.

I plan to alter the colour of the boots themselves using vinyl fabric paint. Bayonetta's boots aren't shown to have a zip, but I can overlook that considering that these boots are free and perfect in every other way. I will cut them down to length, and find a way to lock off the open end of the zip without having to actually hem the top of the boots, maybe something as basic as putting a bit of duct tape on the top of the zip portions would work!

As far as the guns go, I'm not 100% sure what weapons I will be doing for her feet yet. I'd like to do the shotguns, but I'm not sure they won't just be too big and heavy. Besides, the red Scarborough Fayre handguns are very nice, I think the red will bring an extra touch of colour to a very dark outfit. The fire or lightning claw boots would be fun, but I just can't think of a way to realistically recreate fire or lightning without either being incredibly lame, or incredibly dangerous xD So I think I'll stick with the Scarborough Fayres :) I'm planning on casting them from resin, so being able to pump out four identical ones will make life much easier!

I went for a different approach to the shorts recently, and instead of completing the ones I was making, I restarted them using a pair of burgundy trousers. The old ones were going ok but were wasting so much time, and eBay gave me the chance to save time for merely £3.49, so I took it. At this point I'm just about to attach the stripes properly, so I'll update after that. Only barrier now is that I've run out of ribbon - I'll buy more later in the week. Can't upload the image here from my iPhone, so if I can't find a way to then I'll upload one later.

I think it's safe to say that this hat has been a failure :C so back to the drawing board for that. (Annoying too - it was a really nice hat on its own before I coloured it green and trashed it >:O )

But yes, we all have our cosplay fails from time to time! So hopefully I'll come up with a solution soon =D

So I've conditioned and straightened the wig following advice from Sephnoir - it's now WAY easier to handle xD still not perfect though - some kinked hair remains there to tangle it, which I'd guess is because the water I used wasn't hot enough to straighten it properly. I"ll have another go of it with a kettle over the next couple of days, see if I get the better result I'm after. And if not, it would still work at the stage it's at now!

Why do I always look like a camwhore in photos, you ask? Because otherwise, I look tired and drugged up 8D I know which option I will go with.

Yes, this is the current state of the wig and hat. Although Bonney's hat in the series is pretty unidentifiable as an actual type of hat, I decided to make it as a furry Russianish hat. Bonney has a real tomboyish vibe to her I think, so hopefully this will bring it out. This is a greyish brown furry hat from Primark that I coloured some different shades of green, I wanted to get it to a kind of green that looks like what natural green fur would look like if it existed, instead of a solid party green. At some point, I'll alter it and add light green trim, to get the shape and look of the original.

The wig... ah yes the wig. While very nice, it's also RIDICULOUSLY hard to manage. Seriously, you just have to make eye contact with it and it tangles. So I'm trying to find out about how to tame it at the moment. Once I've done that, I also plan to dye it a darker pink, as I'm not quite happy with how pale it is at the moment, for one thing because it's so pale it reflects light like nuts, as you can see.

But yeah, other than that, everything's going pretty well. The shorts are going nicely, I'll hopefully have them finished in a couple of weeks. Which reminds me, I need to pick up the extra bits for this, I'm hoping to have it to wear to ALCL in February.

and it is GORGEOUS 8D I love it <3 I was going to cut the band off, and the flower, and replace them with the right colours.... but I can't bring myself to xD so instead, I will get the black ribbon, and flower, and tack them on with black thread over these ones for the costume. When I'm finished, I'll remove them, and use the hat as it is now :3

As Sora wears ridiculous trousers, I've come up with a shiny new way to make them paddified - carving the shape out of foam, and putting it underneath. Wish me luck!

Do I SERIOUSLY believe I'm going to finish Oki and Felix in one day? DX

The jumpsuit has now gained new life as a shirt and trousers. Now it's smaller, I just can't get it on over my silly over-endowed ass, so oh well!

I discovered that the jumpsuit for Oki is unavoidably too big -__- so have started the arduous task of resizing it. While in the process, I'm improving and repairing parts that I rushed/messed up earlier, using skills I've learn since then! I've had to cut it in half at the waist sadly, as I was pleased to have it as a one piece jumpsuit, but it was unavoidable really. The trousers have been considerably shrunk, and now remain baggy, whilst staying up unaided =D am shrinking down the shirt, and fixing the zip, then will attach the two together!

Just finished all this, now will go grab a couple of hours sleep for the cosplay meet tomorrow. Can't have bags under my eyes for my Sanji :3 Have added side-panels into the skirt to make it more roomy and ride up less, and remade the circles, out of material instead of transfer-printed, so they're not frayed and won't rip. The wig is styled, the shoes are suitably bashed-up and piratey after being worn everywhere for 2 months. Will repair the little rip in my bag in the morning, and try and get lotsa photos tomorrow :3 Am looking starting a new Nami costume sometime. I'm gonna knock together a lot of her t-shirts that she wears with this same skirt, but for a bigger change, I'm thinking about making her ripped Arabasta costume, as I like costumes to be a bit more action-packed!

Am working on the cuffs at the moment, after foam didn't work, boyfriend decided on MOAR FUR 8D

Buggy has never been this furry. FLASHY 8D

Will get a picture sometime soon. For some reason I didn't get any pictures at all with my Sanji.... hmm. Might try and get some tomorrow morning before he goes back to uni.

I just left my hair as it was for time/money reasons, but I've got a couple of nice wigs to choose from now, and I'll make sure I get one before this gets fine-tuned for the cosplay party.

The t-shirt's underway. Since I just need this as a cheap and cheerful costume, I'm making it from a white v-neck from Primark, and a dark blue long-sleeved top which I'm butchering, also from Primark. I was going to use blue polycotton for the stripes originally, but realised that that would just take effort to argue with the stretchy t-shirt, and annoying drama would be had. Also, I picked up some great boots for £15 (hooray for primark again!) which, besides being great, and easily folded down to the size of Nami's, are the COMFIEST BOOTS I'VE EVER BOUGHT!!!! 8D

Ok, after finishing the necessary pieces, I took them for a test run to a cosplay meet.

1) MUST LINE THE TROUSERS! Having just fleece on your skin is a sweaty nightmare, I shall line them with that satiny lining stuff. Anything will be an improvement. However, as trousers, they were comfy, and worked fine! No other alterations required!

2) TIDY JACKET AND ADD POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no time to cut loose threads and such. It's fine in general, just needs some general neatening up. And pockets are a must: I refuse to spend another day rummaging in a bag every few minutes.

3) LINE CORSET. Waaaaaay too sweaty D:

4) ADD EAR PIECES TO HAT. I ran out of time.

5) PAINT GOGGLES. Again, time.

6) SEW PATCHES, AND VELCRO FASTENINGS TO BAG. This was really a rush job - it still worked, but needs a more convenient opening system, and the velcro which I hastily glued on just came off straight away.

Since this isn't too much, I'll have it done for May :D I'm going to take a break from cosplaying until after my birthday in February now. I need some time to relax, and concentrate on college work.

I have all the main pieces cut, and it's part pinned. I'm going to have to concentrate on college work for the next couple of days, but as soon as that's handed in on Monday, I'll get sewing solidly. (This needs to be finished to a wearable standard for next weekend.)

So far I have the trousers and corset officially complete. The hat still needs the ear pieces sewing on, but it's nearly there. The shirt and scarf are pre-bought due to time limitations, the cosplay meetup's in under 2 weeks. Depending on the weather as it gets to May, I may need to rethink some of the costume anyway, as this thing is roasting.

I've only got about 2 weeks till the cosplay picnic, but I only have one major piece left to make the costume at least wearable, which is the jacket. However, I'm hoping to get a lot more done than that. Currently I'm making the corset/bustier thingy, am gonna move onto the jacket after that.

Started cutting and sewing them today, making good headway! They're now wearable, all I have left to do is sew on the waistband (to prevent the indecency of them falling down LOL), hem the bottoms, and... lol I think that's it. In the picture, those boots I'm wearing are not my Raz boots, they are my Oki boots. They really don't work for Raz at all, do they? xD But I needed to test how the trousers worked with boots. I'm quite pleased so far! They're very warm and comfy, the downside being they squeak a lot, thanks to the leather!

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