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I made my first cosplay for a friend (caylithe) actually! It was a Yuna FFX-2 gunner outfit, which looked pretty cool! there were a few bits that weren't quite right but that's always the way with your first cosplay! I then went on to make (for October London Expo) Rikku for me and Paine for LizLansdown (all FFX-2) and a Tifa Lockheart for Silver. So i started off with fiddly costumes but it didn't put me off! In fact I love it even more! Bring on stupid fiddly pain-in-the-bum costumes!

One day I might even do some that actually involve wearing clothes...

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step 1: drawing the plans.

I have a rough idea of how I'm going to achieve this, what I need to do now is properly draw it out and go and raid B&Q's plumming supplies.

I accidentally deleted the original listing for this costume, so I've lost all my lovely comments :(

so here it is all finished

bra 2.0 is done. The first attempt look really weird, so for the second attempt I added wire at the bottom (the big v-shaped bit) which is open enough to be hidden by the dress and not show at the opening. this means my boobs looks almost normal in it! (before they were being pulled a a very strange angle). I also remade the crescents without wire (the first attempt with wire was really digging in) so these are just made from buckram and black fabric, with a v shaped piece of covered wire attached either side of each cup (kinda like the bit at the bottom, only at the top and a bit smaller).

I started the dress yesterday, I bought a butterick pattern as they are more adjustable for taller (and shorter) ladies after cutting out the main pieces I realised how obvious the shapes were and am now kicking myself slightly that I bought a pattern :s oh well, it has patterns for a few other styles, so thats something I suppose.

I currently now have a very long purple slightly curvy tube. I have pinned together the sides and pinned in the zip, but I need to add the front and back darts to give it a little more shape. I had to add an extra 2" to the top (as it stopped halfway over my bust) and it needed a little extra height for the crescents, an extra 2" around the waist and then an extra 4" on the main drop. It's designed for 5'6" and I'm 5'10 but in 4" heels so I had to add and extra 8 inches to the thing. add to that the flare at the bottom on the floor, and it's rather loooong! 70" or 176cm to metric people! which is almost my height! But then again Beryl is 6"2 so it's all in proportion!!

Fabric bought, I have made an attempt at the bra but it looked crap, so I'll be re-making this over the holidays too.

I bought some shoes for a party which will work nicely with this, they are black satin peep toe shoes with a concealed platform, so they should put me up to a nice 6'2 ish!!

I'm hoping to have this done by the new year. I have 12 days off from work and the sewing parts are really easy, the accessories will take a little longer, but only because they need to be crafted, dry, prime, dry, paint, dry varnish and dry!

Fabric bought. Off white goergette, red corduroy, gold ribbon, red gems of varying sizes, gold wire, plastic boning and a zip. I already have some brown leatherette and some gladiator sandles that i can use.

I forgot red cord and hooks and eyes though. So I'll need to head back to fabric land for more stuff.

This isn't going to be the most accurate costume ever, but it should be fun!

Right so I attempted the hair again, and it worked out quite well! all i need is some hairspray and 15 assorted kirby and bobby pins...!

All done! I'm not going to post any more progress pics, the next one's you'll see will be me at the ball!

Gloves done, sleeves done, just the hem to sew (now it's been measured) and a button to sew at the top of the zip and I'm good to go!

Ear tips ordered from the states. Eyelashes and nails on order from Hong Kong. Air dough received from the UK already to make accessories. Need to source fabric and comfy shoes.
I've discovered she's meant to be 6'2"!!! so I'm going to wear heels so I'm a little taller (yes I know the irony of me being to short for a character...)
I've found a great lipstick, just need to try and work out what colour her eyes actually are...

I down 1 to go.

Going to fabric land to see if I can find stretchy fabric to make them from. The first one was painful.

I have the wig, the pics don't show the colour very well but it's a really nice shade! It's already got some good waves in it, I just need to add some serious volume!!

I've remade the panties, the ones I originally made were a bit too thick round the sides and were a little flimsy being made from tshirt fabric. The new ones are much thinner at the sides and are made from a cotton lycra mix which is much better!

So I made the bodice (fully lined) the skirt and puffs today (skirt and bodice need attaching) and a while petticoat. I need to hem the blue skirt and make the sleeves, but it's nearly done!

Bought the crinoline from ebay today. Should have that in the next few weeks. It's a massive 4 hoop skirt - well if I'm doing this dress I'm doing it properly!

tried adding clay to the hilt, but it is waay to heavy. So I've stuck a card shape over the wire. What I'll probably do is papeir mache the whole hilt to make it nice and stiff, then use some thin ish craft foam to get the detailing. the paint and varnish.

But I will need to get working on it tonight if I have a hope of it drying in time!

The shoes have been covered and the boot parts made, they just need attaching together. The shirt has been cut and trimmed with white.

So my lower half is almost done! Just the top half to go

and actually done! all the accessories attached to it and everything!!!

jodhpurs done, as is the waistcoast, frilly sleeves and cravat. Just the jacket to go!! not bad for 5 hours work!

The wood is now shaped and sanded. As I'm making the hilt from clay I decided to add a wire frame to it for support. The outer frame is stiff garden wire, with thin gold wire latticed in between for extra support. Just need to add the clay, paint and varnish then I'm done.

What a weekend!
Okobo: Cut sanded and almost drilled (drill ran out of battery and is recharging) Straps just need making attaching, and the okobo need painting and varnishing.

Kimono: Painting finished (I could add more but I will leave it for now, as it's fine as it is) The lining is now made and attached. All that is left is adding the collar and the ribbon detailing on the sleeves

Kimono accessories: Obi belt is cut just needs sewing (which is easy as it's basically a long strip of lilac!) The bow on the arm is halfway there, the gold bit is done, but I need to buy purple cord. The thing on the collar is drying and needs putting together, but is basically done, and the little pouch thing that hangs from her waist is also just waiting on purple cord.

Tattoos: drawn on paper, they need scanning colouring and printing on tattoo paper. I will do a little trial and see how well it lasts before the day.

Parasword: just needs varnishing

Bra and gauntlets: Done.

Hair accessories: Done.

So I've bought all the fabric, I just forgot to buy a zip, so will go and get one today, along with some shoes to cover (some cheap primark slippers will do me fine!) this should be a quick costume to actually put together, but I need to get my proper aya ones done before I do this one.

got most of the fabric on sat, just need that fabric for the jacket. I have found some, but its £7 p/m :s so I'm going to hunt round today and see if i can find it cheaper. I've cut the pieces for the jodhpurs, which just need sewing together, so thats some progress at least!

paint did not take. thankfully nail varnish remover seems to take it off. so will be sticking with black boots. oh well.

Started on the okobo last night. cut the block in half but I need a better saw as mine is shite, so I'm off to dyas or argos at lunch to get me one that actually cuts wood! Have marked the shapes out, I tried sticking some ribbon round them and walking round the flat, they are heavy but not as heavy as i thought, so hopefully with a little hollowing I can get them even lighter!

I also pretty much finished the parasword, it just needs a varnish and it's good to go!

So got some plastikote spray paint and did a light spray on the boots. They are still sticky 12 hours later. I will give them a little longer before i think about removing the paint and just leaving them black. they are meant to be dark brown anyway, so they wouldn't be too off.

I did manage to start on the sword last night, marked out the detail and started cutting into the wood. It's still really rough but that should change after i give it a good sanding!

Wood bought. Its nice wood if a little heavy. What I think I'll do is drill some holes part way into the bottom to reduce the weight, okobo are traditionally hollow anyway, so I might grab a chisel and gouge out as much of the middle as I can. But it's nice smooth wood, which cost me a fiver for 55x6x8 but I have big feet so needed quite a large piece to proportionally look right.

Parasword is very very nearly done. Just some gold detailing and a varnish and it's good to go. (oh well it does need a purple square attaching to the top but thats a 5 min job!)

I'm starting to feel more confident about getting this costume done in time now. So much so that i'm going to pick up fabric for my other costumes at the weekend!

boots turned up the other week. Very snug fit round the top, I need to wear tights when I put them on as they get stuck on bare legs. But they are still quite comfortable and look great! just need to paint them dark brown, which will be difficult, but I'm sure I'll work out how.

Also bough wooden baton today (man I love the offcut pile at the timber store) for £1. it's 2x2.5cm and 70cm long it's a soft pine-y looking wood, lightweight and really smooth so should end up with a nice finish!

White and dark blossom done. gold and pink to go. Started work on the phoenix with the gold edging. Still loads to go, but I've passed a major hurdle now.

23 hours and counting.

So the red base coat is done. It is a little patchy in places, but I will touch that up once all the flowers are done and I can see what bits still need doing.

I have painted the white flowers on one of the sleeves now, it still needs some darker and some goldish faint ones added, but only a couple for the sleeves as they will have the ribbon lattice work added to them. The main bulk of blossom will be the back.

Getting there slowly.

14 hours of painting and counting...

2 more jars of red paint finished. I'm nearly there with the red base coat. This is taking forever. I will post more photos when the base coat it finished.

So I started the phoenix on the back. As I have so far only done the yellow base layer it currently resembles the bastard love child of the 9 tailed fox and a chocobo.

hmmm, here's hoping that once it's finished it will hopefully resemble a phoenix.

Just purchased some boots from ebay, (for a tenner!!) they are long riding boots, which is what D'eon wears. These are black so they will need painting dark brown and a few extra bits attached.

And this doesn't count as me starting this costume yet. I just have huge feet and so like to get the shoes first!

I got the parasol and extra tube painted and put togther, I've started sanding down the sword hilt so it is a nice snug fit.

I have also started painting the kimono. Man it's going to take ages!! I have done the first red layer on the sleeves and that took 6 hours and just over a pot of paint. while they were drying I sketched out the two tattoos (arm and leg) which I will need to scan and colour in before I start test printing. (I think I'm going to need a new colour cartridge) I'm going to print them normally so I can get the exact sizing before I do a test print on the tattoo paper, as I'ver never used it before. But I have 5 sheets and it should only take 1 for both (plus a spare one with me) fun fun

Staff is done, not great due to a small disaster regarding the yellow bits, but I've just about sorted that. It's all done now at least!

Just the final hem on the wrap and I'm done!

Just another layer of papeir mache...

Went to the fabric store at lunch and bought the fabric. I'm just using simple poly cotton, as I don't want any fancy fabric - it just wouldn't look right!

Jacket bolero thing is done (well I need to fray the edges a little, but that will take all of 30 seconds) I had to insert wire into the collar to get it to stand up properly but that was easy enough.

Shes are also done, covered slippers in black pleather, made elasticated tops so they stop just below my knees and added the white, orange and yellow ribbon. They have actually turned out quite well, about half way through they looked like complete crap, so I'm very pleased!

Just the staff and wig to go!

On Sunday I made good progress on Paine I got the hat nearly done, lats night I was just waiting for the little gold dangly things to dry before I attached them and I also need to pick up a blue sharpie to colour in the fur then thats done. The sleeves got the last bits of glueing done, I just need to cut in the ripped flamey parts and reinforce the collar (which doesn't want to stand up) with some wire, and add some poppers to attach it to the bra. The bra just needs taking in, I made it a while ago and seem to have lost an inch or two of flab so it's looking a little loose, but its just a case of moving two poppers round slightly. The shoes are nearly done, I had to pick up some yellow ribbon this morning as I had only bought white and orange (I totally forgot the yellow stripe) so will attach that later this evening. My pixie shoes do look a little crap, but at least they will be comfortable! Fishnet gloved turned up the other day too (was cheaper and easier to buy them) which just leaves styling the wig (should take 20mins) and papier maching the staff which I would like to get done over the next couple of days! So Ideally Paine will be finished tonight pending staff which I'll get done by the end of the week.

Wow it's been a long time since I staretd work on this costume. Finally got round to making more progress. Have almost finished painting the parasol for the parasword. The pic I've uploaded was in progress I've actually done far more than that. I need to go and buy the sander today to get the sword done

One sleeve almost done, the bulky furry parts have been sewn to both sleeves, the petals have been sewn to one, and the top layer needs attaching. The second sleeve is pinned in place.

I started the staff, I made a sphere from card and ductape attached it to the pole with part of a squash bottle and some card, and more ductape, then the detailing is made from thick foam. It's ready for papier mache now

cut gold strip. put glue on pleather. leave to get tacky for a few seconds. maneuver gold strip into place. hold for a few secs. snip and stick corners. hold a bit more. repeat. repeat. repeat.

friggin gold bits.

Cut the top layers and all the little petals (ok so I don't know what the are but petals work for now!) started edging them with shiny gold material (the same stuff I've used on the bra) which is going to be time consuming but thankfully not difficult.

so the main body is done, (bra, straps, trousers and chaps) the main part of the bolero is done, the pleather part are currently being cut out and gold trim glued on. then it's just hat, shoes and staff to go!

black trousers are done, as are the red straps, including the 20 silver buttons. The blue trouser legs are almost done, they just need sewing in place then 4 more silver buttons. The bra is almost done, the back pleather strap is just a little too big so I need to take it in, then I need to add the gold boob deatiling then that done. Bolero jacket is next.

Started the red straps last night. Hopefully should have enough pleather! just a case of getting them the right shape, currently the bottom ones are causing me difficulties as they are too wide at the back. time to attack them with the scissors again....

And she's done! I ended up re-doing the ties at the side, the cotton just didn't sit right and kept sitting at weird angles, so I got some normal ribbon instead. I also added a strip of white fabric round the middle to make that look a little better, and made a giant button hole to feed one of the waist straps round so it sat straight. I've added a couple of concealed straps to the back to hold the shoto in place, and one sneaky little one to keep the sword in the sheath (and hopefully make it safe enough too keep on me all day). Sleeves were fixed so they actually puff out a little, and the socks now have silicon bits sewn in to keep them up (butchered from some hold up tights!)

Just have to tidy up the ends of some seams, add a couple of ties to the back to attach my sword to and ribbons at the sides. (all cut and pinned, just need sewing). Should be done in less than an hours work!!!

OK so I will make the little glovey bit to keep the gantlets in place. They move so easily!!! will just be a quick bit of white tshirt fabric to go round the wrist and the round my middle finger and attached to the armour. On looking closer at the artwork they are in there, just not in all the in-game shots. But for my sanity I think they will be a good idea!

re-wrapped the end in red, and added dangly pompoms threaded on thin red cord! Shoto is not done pending a quick clean of the blade

shoto arrived, should sit nicely on my back but I might make a concealed holder to make sure it doesn't slip off. Have done one complete leg, (shoe, cover and armour/guard) and just need to attach armour to the second one. Then just the second set of cranes and a few final touches!!!

Have ordered short samurai style sword (not quite sure what that style is called - shoto maybe??) Which should be here in a week or so's time. Being an ornamental replica I will have to keep it sheathed most of the time, but will bring it out for proper shoots.

I have also started making the gauntlets, have done the main parts, just need to make the gold cuffs (still not sure whether to make glove type things, as they don't always seem to be in the pictures. Will see if they stay on with just the cuffs for now.

Started on the shoes, have made the white thigh high bits, have dismantled the slippers down to just the sole. I cut pieces of buckram, soaked them in water, pinned them in place round the sole and left them to dry (man I love buckram) so now the shoes have some shape and they should stay on my feet now!

Also drawn on the pattern on the front of the tunic (or tabbard, or kimono thing, not really sure what to call it tbh) so that just needs painting tomorrow!

Getting there! It's turning out to be a fairly simple costume for a change!!!

wig turned up yesterday, will need to trim the fringe to style, which should be a fairly simple job, just need to make sure I'm wearing it properly before I attempt it! (dont want to make it wonky or too short!!)

So the main tunic is kinda done, well the blue pieces anyway, it just needs white trim and painting detail. Must also remember to teach paul how to take photos...

Have bought blue cotton drill and white tshirt material. Will probably get started this week

Have now made my pleather trousers, they have a zip up the side which the red straps will also be attached to (it's a massive zip that goes from my thigh to the bra). time to make some bondage straps..

Have bought some mens slippers that have a great black flexible sole which i'm going use (queue lots of stitch un-picking) and have sketched out designs. Just need to get some fabric! Oh and some white panties, which is proving much harder than I thought...

wig just arrived, smells a bit of lavender but I have a while to air it out! is going to need some styling but should be ok!

So started on the bra, turns out I should just have enough black leatherette at home to make this! So far I've sewn on a piece to cover the front, had to add a dart either side to curve properly. just needs trimming at the bottom to make it straight. (srsly loving the fact that it is a simple bandau style bra) then need to add some fabric round the back and some poppers to fasten (not the stretchiest fabric in the world) then the gold detailing! so far not to taxing! (thankfully. I don't think the hat is going to be fun...)

sewn the kimono together, and have started drawing on the flowers for painting. Have only done the sleeves so far and that took at least 30 mins, and they are only roughly drawn on!

bought most of the fabric today. Red letherette, cornflower and purple cotton, 24 solver buttons and a long red zip, oh and some super thick buckram (had to help the lady in the shop hold it down while she cut it as it wanted to stay rolled up, might have to leave it flat for a while..) I already have gold trim and black leatherette at home. Just the shoes to get.

OK so the bra and the gauntlets are done, hoping when the kimono is done I will look less like a low budget porn superhero! Started the hair ornaments, the flowers are all painted and varnished, and the droplets are threaded together, just need attaching to the clip. The comb is now dry (air dry clay and a plastic hair comb) just needs painting and varnishing. Haven't done the ribbon as I'm waiting on the fabric paints to be delivered (which should hopefully be this week!) have also sketched the design for the back of the kimono. Oh dear it's going to be epic.

Started yesterday, started making the gauntlets. Oh what fun, I appear to have strangely large hands which is making the fitting fun. The first one is done though and looks quite cool!

Ok so the main outfit is done. Gun, goggles, hat, jacket, skirt, random accessories. I could add more to it but I didn't have time, I probably will punk it up a little more for minami as I'm going to bring it along, but it should be fine for the xmas party

Hat done, guns taken apart and first coat of paint nearly done too. Pieces for jacket cut and awaiting sewing.

Have now bought, some watch parts, copper wire, broach backs, plastic guns, metallic paint in gold copper and gun-metal, lace tights, lace and chain hair flower, spare chain, welding goggles and a purple top. Oh and hat it nearly done, just needs embellishment!

Skirt is done, had to amend the pattern slightly, and lengthen the top half as a) it was way to short and b) the hem sat in the wrong place on my legs. I know it looks at little weird now, but when the jacket is on (*cough* and made *cough*) it will look a lot better

nearly done, a quick hem at the bottom and the waistband needs sewing on then the skirt is done! next step, the jacket :?

finally found some netting for my fascinator. Only took two lunch breaks, four fabric shops (one with an incredibly rude sales assistant. mind you that's why none of us shop in there much) and I found loads in the last shop (srsly black white and ivory in loads of styles!)

I have a dark lilac for the gauntlets and bra, and the most amazing gold lycra for the trim (omg £10 p/m but totally worth it!) will try and get them done by the end of the weekend

spent my lunch break in fabric land (again) got all but the netting for my fascinator (they don't do the right style of netting). Got some awesome buttons that should go nicely! Now to track down some accessories, ebay here I come!

Finished the hair ornaments last night, they are not very authentic, but due to time constraints I kinda gave up on authenticity! Yay done and packed!

ok so things I learnt:
1 - white foundation does not like being applied with a sponge, leaves funny smudges, fingers are the best plan
2 - filled in lips too much also lip gloss was a bad idea over liner
3 - way too much pink under the eyebrows
4 - need to use pencil to draw eyebrow lines in first before going over in liquid so they are even

still not bad for a first attempt

seams bias bound, dont have time to make proper tabi, so have bought some white socks (yes I know the horror! have run out of time so unfortunately authenticity have been shoved aside) Just a quick sew and snip and they are done, and them some hair ornament jiggery tonight and thats done! woo!

obi and obi pillow done, have worked out how to tie a drum obi (well ok it will look like a drum obi anyway, might not be 100% authentic tying) just need two koshimo and date jime (tbh just going to use off cuts as they don't get seen anyway) and make the hair ornaments and I'm good to go!

after just under another hours work, the kimono is done! Also gave in and bought some liquid eyeliner to give me a better finish

OK so after 3 hours of sewing the kimono is nearly done, just need to add the collar and hem the bottom edge. It was surprisingly simple actually, despite brocade being evil! Also found white foundation today, which was the only make up I needed to buy!

YAY done! will add some photos when I remember to dig out my cable and actually upload them

everything is done apart from the tiaras, just a last coat of varnish and then the gems to be stuck on and we're done!! (clips attached, sleeves done, earrings and broach glued!) woo might even get it done today! - oh and my tights turned up too!

Made some good progress yesterday. Have done and attached all the bows including my hair bow. all that I have left sewing wise is to attach my sleeves and one small hem on the skirt.

Just need to go and buy some superglue, as the tidying-up fairly has hidden it so well i can't find it. Oh well it was nearly empty anyway!

bought some lovely matching silk flowers for my hair ornaments today. Also a really cool large matching flower which I will make into an ornament itself.

So had a productive day yesterday, final coats of paint on the tiaras, so ready for clip + gem attachments and varnishing. re-made the broach and earrings which are now varnished, just waiting on gluing in place. the main fuku is done bar the sleeves and white trim and skirt hemming. Finally found some gloves that fit, so will remake the tops and attach later. Yay almost there!!

made one, van put in on but not bend my arm. Bugger. Will have to remake later as I'm working on the fuku now, have the white top half almost done, the sleeve bit just need adding.

So I bought my material this morning. Have gone for a brocade with flowers in a wine colour, and a light matching cream for the under collar and obi, and a contrasting pink for the obi pillow, and a white for the obi cord. Now all I have to do is make the thing!!

I has a left hand glove half sewn togther! After discovering that my arms are a little too big for costume shop evening gloves I've had to make my own. Oh well!

... a huge pile of fabric.

Ok so I have all my fabric now (bought some wadding this morning). I have made the earrings and broach for the front bow from fimo, and gave them a coat os yellow paint as the yellow fimo didn't end up the exact right colour. Just need a cost of varnish and gluing to the broach pin and the earrings to the studs.

Have also painted shoes, they just need a final coat of paint and they should be done.

Started on the tiaras (making caylith and Silver's too while I'm at it) cut the shapes from craft foam and scored the edges to look like the metal ridges, first coat of paint on. Need another 1 or two, followed by some varnish to harden them a little (make them look more like metal) and clips attaching (if they ever get here - long story)

time to start cutting fabric tonight.

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