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Proudly Cosplaying since October 2008 I would very much like to expand on my costuming knowledge and hopefully get the opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry.

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I have long enjoyed final fantasy and all it stands for in my life. Thus my tendency to cosplay final fantasy more than any other series. And Chocobos dungeon is no exception. However I would like to undertake a project that is just for myself to enjoy and that I won't have to feel like it has to be 100% accurate for people to enjoy. Especially for myself to enjoy, thus my tweaking bits of the design to appeal to my creative flow and just allows me to vent out any frustrations i may have with the real world in the way that working on such projects has always allowed me to do.

Okay so this is a first for me, instead of just blazing through and getting the right colour fabric off the bat I have had to go and bleach some fabric I found nice and cheap to suit Tonberrys robes. And this is the results of my testing! The furthest to the right is unbleached and it varys from spraying onto the fabric to just plain dunking it full on into a bath of the stuff. I am quite pleased to say the winner on method tis the bleach bath! Now time to cut me fabric and the the pieces bleached and painted before sewing em all together!

God bless pound-land! I wandered in there with no intent on finding anything cosplay related and low and behold I an struck by inspiration as i looked upon an strange array of objects. Fake candles, real candles and old Tupperware make me think, LANTERN! X3 So the lantern is well underway, I just need to wake myself up and get my butt down to Goldhawke road so I can buy the fabric I require so this and hopefully that'll be everything i require to get Tonberry done in time for expo. Barely two weeks left before the due dat and I am shitting a brick as i have to balance work with cosplay yet again. CURSE YOU EMPLOYMENT FOR TAKING AWAY VALUABLE COSPLAY TIME! Why can you not pay me and let me work on Cosplay in peace!? TT.TT

Yup that is right folks! Goldie Neko is at it again! Another stupidly large cosplay to get finished in a stupidly short amount of time! So first things first, A gals gotta her head together. Which Tonberry requires also. I'm currently on my 12th layer of my heavy duty paper mache and I just just the LED's wired up for the eyes! Though I did kinda explode the first lot of LEDs I got by using too big a battery LOL!

Will this monarch of the monster world be ready to reign over MCM Expo May 2012? Watch this space to find out!

Following the brilliant guidance of the fantastic PEZ I have begun making my first EVER pair of gauntlets and after a couple of failures I have finally gotten to the point where they're rigid enough to wear and won't tear when I take em off! (as long as I soap me hands up first LOL)

Right! I have some spare time on me hands what shall I do for the evening? Head out, watch a movie? Nah... I shall sit myself down and start work on Onion Knight! I would very much like to try and get a sortta "morphing" effect from Ninja to mage going on with this Cosplay. However for the time being I shall just focus on getting the Ninja part of it done in time for it's "Dummy Run" at Kitacon (or even HyperJapan if I get things done quickly enough)

Hey guys! 1st and most likely last journal for this Cosplay. Winnie has proven more difficult than I would have first thought. With problems popping up here and there from the wig, the coat to the shoes ect ect but I shall hopefully be getting the whole of winnie done in on fell swoop tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I have finally started work on Black Mage Type C. Hopefully I shall get it done in time for Expo, scratch that I WILL GET IT DONE IN TIME FOR EXPO! So I can take part in my first cosplay skit with the lovely Freyarule and NekoRiddles! *Raises Coke Bottle* heres to gettin the foot in the door (lolz at lame pun)

I finally found a way to stop me skin from showing around the neck line and to get the tail to sit right! BWAHAHAHAHA! I'm ready to face London head on with this Cosplay now! XD

I finally got the bow sorted! Granted I had to shop up on of me red shirts but it was SO worth it XD

And with that my Bouncywild has a head! I had a wee bit of trouble with the tapestry canvas being so easy to look through from the outside so I found so old shimmery fabric (which thankfully breaths well) and pinned that to the insides where I had some the the tapestry fabric hanging from where I'd hot glued it to the inside.

I'm quite proud of myself for only getting two minor burns this time around. When I worked on the Moogle I eneded up loosing my finger prints for a few days thanks to hot glue burns!

Okay after doing the 1st step twice, so you got yaself two ears, you'll want to tape the whole thing with industrial tape. Keeping close the the curve and keeping it nice and neat. This will help smooth out the ears and get rid of any large seams you may have between the noodle top and the bottle. After that you paper mache it! Cause you've already got a nice firm base the ears will only need 2 to 3 layers of paper mache in comparison to the freestanding head with it's 6 to 12 layers.

Okay to start off with you'll want the top of two everyday items you can easilly find. The top of a 1 liter bottle of fizzy drink and the top of an instant noodle pot (I prefer Oolongmen noodles cause they're tastey and the pot is the right kinda size for the bouncywild ears. I found Oolongmen noodles in the international food section of Asda). You'll want to make a cut along the side of the bottle and cut out the top nozzel as we won't be needing that part to make the ears. Cut plastic with caution it can get sharp and nick ya one if ya not careful!

Okie dokie the you'll want to figure out how deep you want the curve of the ears to be. Figuring this part out is fairly simple as you take your noodle pot and place it around the lower part of the bottle top. Slowly moving it closer to the curved top until you think it looks right. Then tape it into place using industrial tape. I'd suguest industrial tape for most projects as it's strong reliable and a hell of a lot stickier than simple selotape. You'll then want to trim down the plastic bottle until it sits neatly on the inner side of the noodle top you've taped to it.

Okay the next step is a very imte consuming one! After you've cut the sight hole and a hole big enough to get your head through (so you're looking through the sight hole obviously) You've gotta get your fabric on there. Now may people have their own way of goin about this (much like the paper mache) I personally favour a technique I used when working on my Moogle Macot. First I take the fabric and pin it into place seeing which way to get it to fit onto the head with the least amont of creasing and keeping said creases in certain areas (such as where the ears will be or simetrically placing them in certain places so it looks nice and neat). Once you've got that sorted you should be able to feel where the sight hole is and cut & pin the fabric apropriately ensuring NONE of the cut edges of the fabric are on the outer side of the sight hole and each fold neatly into place. Do this for ya head hole as well. After that you hot glue said fabric into place, using the creases as your main points of focus. My suguestion is to start with glueing the sight hole fabric and ya head hole fabric 1st. That way you'll have a bit of support when glueing the other creases into place.

Fairly obvious, using the small hole to get you started you cut out the face so you're left with a nicely shaped hole for you to see through. (Don't fret this will be covered propperly later on in the making)

I'd suguest taping up the edges of where you've cut (industrial tape is ALWAYS best) so that way you don't get any unexpected paper fraying while you work.

I had to re-insert the ball into mine as it wasn't 100% dry in places and some of the points were drooping when I took this pic. But the tape stopped said drooping from continuing 8D

Okay once you have a few good layers of paper mache on and dry you'll be able to remove the ball. (I suguest a combination of sucking the air out and GENTLY pushing the ball downwards to get it deflated enough to fit through the hole ya left over to slip it out.) Now you should have one BIG paper mache ball with a wee lil hole in the middle of it. You use that as your centre point and draw out the face roughly on the front.

I know the hole I left in mine looks kinda dodgey but meh. NOW ONTO STEP 4!

Well I CAN MAKE IT TO MCM IN MAY XD So Ifrit's on the back burner as I feel that I cannot complete it to a high enough quality with the amont of work needed with the little amount of time I have left til the inevitable deadline. Thus the bouncywild comes forth!

Being a nice summy british spring day I ventured out to price out felt fabrics as that was the origional fabric choice for this project. But at roughly £8.00 a meter in store and £3.70 a meter via e.bay this was looking to be an expensive route. However the highstreet I had ventured too with me ma had a pleathera of charity shops to choose from. Ever eagle eyed for a bargin me ma spotted a lightweight cotton fabric (over 8 yards of the stuff) for a mere £7.00, if I recall correctly. Naturally I picked it up with a new vigor and plan to use a lighter weight fabric, which means I won't be cooking in this mascot style cosplay like I had been when I wore the Moogle back in Oct 2009. So I found an old double duvet cover (for just under £4.00) and I'm blazing along and will hopefully have more progress pics and details on how to make the bouncywilds head soon.

Time to get nice and messy! Everyone has their own preferances to paper mache, I personally stick to 100% PVA Glue and apply liberally with sqaures of news paper I've chopped up from the stage. Some may argue that this isn't the best solution or paper mache at all, but it works best for me as I used this method on my Black waltz horns and they prooved pretty sturdy.

You'll want 6-12 layers of paper mache making sure that you keep the nozzel of the beach ball clear by at least an inch so you can give it a wee lil boost of air if it deflates as the paper mache dries. And when it comes to removing the ball you shouldn't have to cut too much of your creation away (at least not until it's needed lol)

Find either a large round balloon (ROUND NOT TEAR DROP SHAPE They average at £10 - £15 on ebay) or you can do what I've done and found an old inflateable beach ball. Cover it in celophane so that you won't have to burst the ball after step 2.

Well it has been a while hasn't it? Ifrit's nose has been finalised in style and the didigrade stilts are closer to completion. I should be able to get started on the horns soon so I shall keep ya posted!

It means I get free wood! Which means I have have spent a total of £18.00 on materials for the didigrade stilts for Ifrit and said money was spent on Wood Glue, Cable Ties, Washers and my favorite tool Gaffer Tape 8D The wood, screws, draw runners, upholstery foam, base shoes and flip flops I've been able to yoink for nearby sorces for FREE! However shaping said pieces is harder than one could anticipate. The base pieces need to be shapped into roughly a 40 degree slant, which means I have had to saw and hack away at roughly 3 inchs of wood. Which is very tiring work to be honest with you.

However I have three out of four pieces done so hopefully I'll get the fourth done soon and the rest of the didigrade stilt construction will go smoothly. I've had to make a few alterations as the shows I am using have a steel toe place which goes through the whole of the underside of the foot, save the thick rubber base. So hopefully I will get a hell of a lot of screws and glue to attatch the shoe to the wood and it won't shift about and stay secure as I walk.

I've also started working on the Kabuki style wig for Ifrit which I'm making from scratch and I think this will proove the most costly and time consuming part of this particular Cosplay.

Okay I looked back on my previous Cosplays that involved skin tightness and noticed one MAJOR thing. I am quite a chubby lil lass, however! I wouldn't say that I dislike my weight, oh no, just the way it can appear if shot at the wrong angle. Thus I came across a somewhat brilliant solution, since I am too poor to join and gym and too self concious to go jogging. My family got a Wii Fit for Christmas. I recon that if I manage to get a good 30 mins worth of exersize on that each day (that I'm not in northampton with me Lover) then I'll get myself a nice tonned stomach for Ifrit!

As I sit waiting for my second attempt of Ifrit nose to dry I noticed a small lump of left over clay and thus I began to mold and tweek and thus the miniature foot was created. The image is hopefully a rough three dimentional guideline as to how I'd like the didigrade stilts to be covered and look when completed, not including the fured lower leg covers that were shown in my concept sketches.

Okay the first attempt at Ifirits nose is COMPLETE! 8D Only problem is the eyebrows are too small to fit my face 8S Which means it is back to the sculpting block and I shall begin the process again. This time I shall get the consistancy of the plaster right, the sizing of the sculpture right and get the layering of latex sorted. Some parts wound up a wee bit thick from where I was a bit over zealous with the latex. I was so worried it would tear when it came to taking the thing out of the mould that now there's an obvious seam when it sits upon my face 8s SOLUTION! Make a large face cast so that way the latex can be thick where it needs to be then spead out to a thinner part where it can be attatch to the face without looking like i have odd looking scars around me face LMAO

As I sit here nomming on my clementine (sp?) I have just purchased the fabric I've been watching for the past 6 weeks for my Ifrit Cosplay! I won't be needing much of it so hopefully I've bought enough of it to suit my designs. I really do like the multi-coloured nature of this fabric which I think should go well with my ideas for the main wig.

The nose of ifrit is still underway as liquid latex is drying in the plaster negative I made last night. I think it'll just be a protype so I can learn from my mistakes and make the real thing look at least 10 times better than how this one turns out.

XD My lovely lover made my Christmas! He got me a latex prostetic making kit! Which means I can start working on Ifrits face features which I had been pondering about for quite a while. Mainly the nose since I have a fairly small human looking nose so thus far I'm working on a proto-type to see how it'll look with a larger nose piece and eyebrow extensions.

Okay so far so good, I need to do a few more layers of paper mache of the nails for Ifrits claw. I;ve also managed to get the first wrist guard underway and get a chain connected to it as well. Fingers cross I keep progressing at this pace and keep to budget.

Okay, so my idea to get the sparkely fabric on via sewing machine had failed. Mainly cause it does not like white thread, five stitches in each time and the damn thing snaps. Can not afford new thread until after x.mas so I am now HAND SEWING the fabric for the wings onto the metal wire base... and it is taking forever! Granted the art of procrastination tis rampant within me BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT! I really wanna get the wings done and dusted by new years so then I can focus on Ifrit and Alices dress as those will be the two that I will be having most problems with. Damn me and my unpracticle over active creative imagination. It gives me no sense of practicality when it comes to the construction methods of my Cosplays TT.TT

Well looks like my statement that I wouldn't be starting any Cosplay work til 2011 seems to be a complete lie XD I just couldn't help myself no sooner had I some free time upon my hands I started to rummage through my trunk of fabrics. Yet again to find that I had stashed away the perfect fabric for this project, much like I had found with the Black Waltz in the same trunk. So I pulled out the Fairy wings I had in storage and ripped off the old dusty fabric and pinned up the new shiney fabric I had. Perfect for that magical look and the white of a playing card. I can't get to the sewing machine til tomorrow so for the time being the fabric shall remain one sided and pinned til I can get it secure and then get the other side sorted so that way it'll look a lot more even. I cannot help myself I just get itchy thumbs and before I know it I've been swept away in another of my over flowing creative stupors XD Unable to stop myself until the projects completion.

I've actually been able to start working on this! OMFG I didn't think I'd be able to work on this til the new year! BUT! My lovely lover had a shifty of all his old stuff the other day and asked if I wanted his old graduation robes. YOINKED! Of course I was over the moon to take them off of his hands, mind you I hadn't had my plan for Ifrit at the time so it just got shifted underneith my bed. I am not once to waste a good sorce of material especially when it is a nice black & red silk! So yeah I just need to sew a couple of bits together by hand, since my sewing machine area has currently been commerndeered (sp?!) by my mother for paper work. Ugh, numbers must avoid numbers! Sewing said bits together will hopefully give the robes more of a body and flowy-ness then I just gotta figure out how the heck I'm gonna get the red pannels on without having to completely gut the robes and remake em from scratch. Which would be farr to much time since I've already spent a good three hours picking off the stitching that was in the way of progress! XD Also beaded up a prototype for Ifrits necklace, tisn't complete and may change dependant upon what I decide to do with it closer to MCM Expo May 2011. I'll try and get progress pics up ASAP but most likely won't happen for a couple more days since I'm also trying to figure out bits for Fairy Alice as well 8S why do I have the thought that I may have over stepped my own expectations this time!? D8

Moving wings aren't as moveable as I intended them to be. To get them secure on the harness some bits needed to go 8S They're still quite large but I would've liked em to move more than they currently do. Aw wells

Having posted my WIP shots here and on the MCM Forums someone brought up a very good question which I thought would be nice to forward my answer here to Cosplay Island as well

korilsapy wrote:

Just curious..but are you wearing a morph suit under that? Also..I have to admit it looks really heavy to wear D: how many layers of material is it and does it feel hevay to wear?

My Reply was :

I wouldn't say that it feels heavy to wear as I've worn heavier Cosplays in the past, but it is one of the hottest to wear (only rivaled by my mascot moogle of MCM Oct 2009) however I have yet to see how much weight and strain the wings shall put on for photoshoots & the masq as I shant be wearing them all the time as I am so afraid that they might get broken which would be horrid as my mate picklesofdoom has kindly allowed me to join her and her mates in an FFIX group for the sunday masq.

Here's how the layers go including the small bits (not including wings as I haven't sorted those just yet, but if any where I'd say they'd go on between the Coat and the Hat and would have to be put on either outside or close to the intended area for shooting ect)

Base (basic undies, tights, Long sleeved thin black shirt & shoes)
Dress Cage (easy)
Tattered pettie coat (I usually have help getting this just right so the dress cage is completely covered)
Mask (Battery case fully loaded for led's is duct taped excessivly to the far left of my upper chest for accessability and security)
Zentai hood & top (the hood is attached to a sleeveless top which sits just beneith me bust) BTW What's a morph suit, tis it just another word for Zentai or something competley different?
Coat (which takes roughly 10 mins minimum to secure and lace up propperly)
Hat (easy)
Gloves (the gloves are always the last thing as they aren't designed for fiddely finger work which is needed in putting on the other layers)

Hope this cleared a few things up ^w^ I'm actually very happy of how much of a good response this had received so far even though it's not finished as of yet. I shall continue to try my hardest not to disapoint y'all come Expo!

Okay so we've all had this problem, omg what if the skrt of my cosplay flys up and reveals my not so apropriate undergraments?! Well Luckilly this time I've thought ahead and figured out just what dear old Waltzie would wear beneith her usual garb in october (see the unflatering pic attatch to this journal).

So far so good. All that is left to do is strach up the colar, finish off ribbony bits and the wings. Trust me to leave the hardest and most fiddely things til last! LMAO

Okay am almost done feathering up me wings, the boney bits for said wings are done and attached. Still need to finish off the ribbony details and add the collar to the coat but aside from that Waltzie tis almost finished! XD

*Panics* Just realised just how much I have left to finsih on this D8 I really wanna get it done before I start my tempt job at the theatre on the 21st but realisticly with LED's to be wired and so much detailing to be sewn in I'm not 100% sure I can get it done by then. Must get it done for Expo! Must Get It Done For Expo!!!! XD

This seems to be the one bit most of my cosplay refs don't seem to cover. Just how the heck did Waltzies pettie coat get so tattered? I decided it was through PRACTICE! Not every Waltz or Mage for that matter starts off knowing Fira or Firaga so No.2 had a few acidents whilst trying to level up the Fire spell LOL

I could not find any long matchs so I let myself a long dinner candle and stretched the fabric over the flame. Making sure I had a bowl full of wet rags & water so I could control or kill the flames where needed.
My house smells like smoke now LMAO Whoops

Okay so I tried one of me wings the other day ( back pieces tucked under me arm) and noticed I had a hell of a lot of bending going on. Not good! I'd been pondering for a while how to fix this until this morning when me ma was kind enough to snag me an old hiking back pack off the car boot (which I have already gutted to become the harness for the wings). It had this nice solid looking white stuff inside. So popped down the good old B&Q and tried to find the cheapest equivilant to it that wouldn't bend and snap like a twig.
Thus I ended up with fiberglass poles and very itchy hands from the walk back and working with them. They've seemed to have worked quite well. I just need to cut up my last bit and attach it to what ever parts on the wing base I think will need to be more sturdy.

Okay so before I went and paper mached me horns I used a wee bit of metalic industrial tape to give em more of a body. This also gives you a nice serface to start off with when it comes to getting the paper mache on. Nice & solid without it seeping too much into the holes of the chicken wire.

Tis time for another progress Journal with GoldieNeko reporting from the land of roundabouts! Well at this current moment in time I have reached a standstill due to lack of funds (which'll be remidied by the end of the week) however a new component has walked onto the scenes with the use of that oh so blood thirsty material CHICKEN WIRE!
I've got so many cuts from this dang thing and the problem is I didn't feel any of em being inflicted! It should be chicken wire the stealthy killer! Okay I'm being melodramatic. But either way Waltzies Horns are under way.
The wings are looking good, but I think I may need ro re-enforce it's basic structure as the wood I got is fairly light weight and feels like given the right push it may end up snapping. But I recon a wee bit of strong metalic wire attached in the right places should do the trick!
I've yet to find a good back for the wings to be attached too but hopefully once I've been paid I can get all problem sorted and finnally get to work on the actual dress for Waltzie number two! ^.^
I also wanna say a big thanks to everyone who comments on my costumes. CYBER GLOMPS FOR ALL OF YA!

Well a few glue burns and sore fingers later My Black Waltz's Hat tis nearing completion and I think the new style of wings are progressing quite nicely. I've used 3/4" Mirror Screws, 3/16" Flat Washers and 3/16" Cap Nuts fixed with Araldite Rapid Steel metal adhesive to fix the moving mechanisms in place wilst still allowing free movement. So YAY Black Waltz No.2's moving wings looks VERY promising! However the stuff takes 8hrs to set propperly... so I guess I shan't be feathering this set up until later this evening or tomorrow at best.
^.^ I've placed my writen down design spec and placed it as the pic to this journal but if you would like a larger copy to help you out in your own Cosplay works please feel free to PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP
The design includes all the measurements I've used thus far, but not the size of the back mount as I haven't figured that out yet LOL ^.^
As some of you may have already heard my wings got completly trashed when I moved house so I've had to start again from scratch. Which in this case isn't such a bad idea. The link about is to a design which I am currently in the process of making. I'm just waiting for the weather to lift so I can continue my woodwork outside.
You may have already seen my progress upon the hat, THE THING IS HUGE! LMAO Black Waltz No.2 is easilly turning out to be by far my biggest cosplay to date. Hopefully I'll stick with my origional goal and ensure everything aside from my shoes are completly custom made so that ways I can expand my creative skills. I can also use the Hat for any average Black Mage which I may construct as a secondary outfit for MCM Oct 2010 for the Friday.

I was just going through all of my old Fabric which I've kept in the back of my wardrobe for the last three years and have unadvertently found the PERFECT fabric for my Black Waltz No.2! XD A lesson to be learnt from this do not throw fabric away unless it's completely and utterly f*cked!

Here is most of my research I found on Dress Hoops via the interwebz. I'm posting it up in the journal incase anyone else finds it difficult to get their heads around dress hoops, much like myself. I'll be providing as much info on my methods of making as possible so that other Cosplayers may use some of the same methods to help in their own works.

Hoops became all the rage in the 1850s, when finally women were liberated from layers of heavy petticoats. These full cage hoops harkened back to the panniers popular in the latter half of the 1700's but with a new bell shape.
Our full circle 4 bone hoop skirt is made of 100% cotton. Approximately 40 inches from waist to bottom hem. Bottom hoop measures approximately 39 inches diameter, 119 inches circumference. Perfect for a full look or for warm summer days when a full petticoat will be too warm.

Ideal for later 1880-1900 period this versatile hoop skirt features 1 REMOVABLE hoop 4 inches from the bottom of the skirt. Skirt is also lined with approximately 12” of netting for fullness without the hoop. Hoop maximum circumference is approximately 89 inches.

The following Info is from

The Elliptical cage crinoline was the main support foundation for the later- and post-Civil War period of 1863-1868. Called a "cage" because of the cage-like appearance created by the hoop wires and vertical support tapes, this type of crinoline offers maximum support capabilities for a perfect shape, combined with flexibility for comfortable wear. Our Elliptical shape is narrow over the hips, close to the body in front, and dramatically expanded to the rear; the most popular shape for 1865-1866 skirts.

Our crinoline is 126" in circumference at the hem, 36" in length to hem level, and has 12 hoop wires to support the weight of heavy skirts. The self-supporting, elliptical shape is maintained by strategically placed vertical supports, as well as ties on the inside of the 4 top hoops. A "bag" at the hem keeps the wearer from stepping through the hoops.
Yardage requirements:

Fabric: Use broadcloth, muslin, calico, etc.
--- 45" wide or greater, 1¾ yards.
--- 44" or less, 2 yards.

Bone Casing: 14¼ yards. Use ¾" wide bone casing or other tubular casing.
Grosgrain Ribbon: 7 ¾ yards. Use 7/8" wide ribbon.
Hoop Wire: 28 ½ yards (three 12 yard rolls). Use 1/2" wide, plastic coated hoop wire.
Belting: 1½ yards. Use ¾" wide, thin webbed belting. 
Tie strings: 4 yards. Use narrow ribbon, laces, etc.
Notions: one buckle, ¾" wide, must fit belting and hold firm. Eight (8) ½" U-tips to cover ends of hoop wire.
Sizing information
This crinoline is given as one-size-fits-all, and can be easily adjusted to size by letting out or taking up the tie strings inside.

This skirt is of the style used during late and post Civil War period. It is designed to be worn over TV103, Elliptical Cage Crinoline. The front and sides are gored, fitted to the waist with a pleat at each seam. The full back is tightly gathered into a few inches. This skirt has 9 panels in all, and is about 185" at the hem The placket is in the center back seam. A pocket is in the right side seam. The hem is 42" long in front, lengthening in back to 49", for floor length all around the elliptical cage.
Fabric: 45" wide fabric, with nap: 6 ½ yards all sizes.
Yardage without nap may be less
Notions: Hook and eye closures.

Wide belts were very popular through the 1860's. Belts with long tabs were a favorite in 1864-1866. They look wonderful with a blouse, and also with a Spanich Jacket. A belt can also dress up a plain bodice. They can be either the same fabric as the skirt, or a contrasting fabric to define the waist. Period examples were used for both day outfits and dinner or evening dresses.
This belt has two long tabs in the front, and 2 longer tabs in the back. The center back has a laced closure. It fits very nicely over the TV103 elliptical hoop, but can also be worn with a round hoop. Decorate with braid, beading, or lace for very pretty results.
Suggested farbics: Twill, velvet, silk, brocade, etc.
Fabric 45": 1 1/4 yards - all sizes
Fabric 60": 1 yard - all sizes
Lining: 1 1/4 yard - all sizes - may be either fashion fabric or a lining type fabric
Interlining (optional): 1 1/4 yards - broadcloth or other tightly woven fabric.
Yardages given are with or without nap.
Notions: 10 Grommets, 2 yards lacing, ¼" wide steel stays (bones) in the following lengths: One (1) stay 4½" long, and 6 stays 5½" long.

I have been inspired by FreyaRule to make a Gijinka Style cosplay and what better than to match her own fantastic work than the dark side of her Gijinka Lugia cosplay? XD I hope when I get round to makin it that it'll match the high standards of her own fantastic and hard hard work! ^.^

I think this may turn out to be one of my most ambitious cosplays yet. With an intention of moving wings and glowing led eyes I hope to bring a Black Waltz to a quality that has yet to be seen at MCM Expo. And that is setting the bar REAL high as I've seen some truly EPIC Black Waltz's appearing at MCM Expo!
First of is the moving wings of which I found the following tutorials by tusense which have helped me greatly, despite my thoughts of scrapping my current wings and using the same feathers to try make a more flexable pair of wings.
Part I :
Part II :
Part III :
Part IV :
Part V :
With my expansive To-Do list I hope that I'll be able to have this Cosplay be the first cosplay that I hand make pretty much 100% of.

I'd first decided that I would be making an Esper Terra FFVI style cosplay back in October 2008 at the end of the last MCM London Expo of that year. Little did I know that it would prove to be one of my most intricate and challenging Cosplays to date.
I started off with a wig prototype in November which you can see photo's of in my DeviantArt Gallery. This prototype followed the typical large and fluffy style I've seen in other Esper Terra Cosplays, but for some reason it just didn't seem right. It was nowhere near large enough for the look I was going for.
I struggled for a while with the decision between a full body paint and the use of a Zentai suit. Naturally the Zentai suit won over in the end.
After this decision was made little progress occured on this cosplay until April when the make-up tests for this cosplay began and the prostetics and fangs had been purchased. The fangs are a crutial part of this cosplay as it was the only element which I've had in my head since the first moment I had decided to created this Cosplay.
Whilst in this make up I was browsing about the internet and came across a new term for me, cyber lox, I had seen these interesting hair fall before in my wanderings about Camden market in London but had never known what they're called. I had found the missing thing I had been looking for! That extar kick that would make my Esper Terra stand out from other Esper Terra Cosplay I had seen and used for referance about the internet. I started out with one packet of swirled purple and white cyber lox, sewing into the base of a new long purple wig I brought to replace the prototype. I was happy with the outcome but there still seemed to be not enough body to the wig, I wanted it to be bigger. For Esper Terra's hair bigger is better, and I had began to notyice that cyber lox were rarely seen without the pressance of dread locks. So I found the materials to make the right coloured dreads and again I sewn them into the wig base.
This repetitive cycle continued up until the very last moment on Thursday the 27th of May.
About two weeks prior I had unearthed an old belt from the pit that is my room and had started to string beads onto it out of sheer boredom, low and behold it turned out to be the perfect accessory for Esper Terra adding a lil more shine to the scarf I was using to hide Terra's modesty despite my wearing a Zentai suit. With beads and flowers dangeling from one side I stared at the belt, yet again I had the thought that something was missing. But what!? I started to try out several small bags I had lying around to see how they'd look on the belt and few of them worked, until I yoinked one from my Ma which was doomed to the Car Boot and it fit perfectly! With loops to allow chained attachments it was the best way for me to walk about expo free handed and without having to worry about carrying a bag! The belts final touch was a beaded ribbon I attached using hot glue (a cosplayers best friend and enemy all in one) and the belt was done!
Before this the leg warmers had been hand sewn and tested with a simple tying method involving a simple pair of sandal brought from primark and ribbons crossed over and tucked underneath the palms of my feet. It worked like a charm!
I am so happy that this Cosplay received such a positive response from everyone who came along to the Final Fantasy shoot, the Masquerade and asked for photo's throughout the day! Thank you all for making this one of the most memorable Expo's I've ever had the joy to attend.

My thanks to Nert Lemons for the AWESOME pic!

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