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I've loved dressing up all my life, and always wanted to have the chance to cosplay Final Fantasy characters, and many others, I look at them and think wow i really want to do that.
My frst con was in October 2007, and the following year in May 2008 I wore my first costume! I've been doing it ever since and i never go to a con without costume now.

My first "proper" costume was of the Final Fantasy character Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. I chose to cosplay as her because, I've always felt like a Rinoa and loved her clothing ever since I first played the game. I really felt like I could relate to her character. So now I've actually had the chance, and loved being her in everyway.

I have a dream, of making Belle from Beauty and the Beast's ball gown, that would be an amazing cosplay.

My most memorable cosplay experience so far is, Just going and seeing everyone else cosplaying and enjoying it. I've met so many lovely friends through cosplay. And having a lady go "aww your such a cute Aeris, i wana take you home", that was pretty cool :) Another one was finally going up on stage at expo...scary! And winning the NEO cosplay corner shoot twice in one year, First time i'd entered! And many many more.

I finally have a sewing machine too, so i dont have to sew everything by hand woop! Im still learning, trying really hard to get better.

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Ive started work on the headdress of doom. Currently its only plaster and craft foam, once dry i can start giving it real shape then get the paper clay involved and make all the fun parts.

Ive decided to start all over with this costume. I already had most of the feathers so ive started work on the feather collar.

Right now i finally have internet in my flat and i don't have a lot of money to do anything else I've started working on Edea again :D WIll start managing my page again properly as i have neglected it!

SO im in the process of remaking this bad boy for a street fighter group at some point :D

BOOTS! :) found ones that will work perfectly. Im going to edit them about a bit, e.g. straps etc. But this is an amazing start.

ive not posted anything for ages! But i hit some problems and pretty much almost gave up on this costume, But i was working some stuff out last night and i think ive sorted it. Sleeves will go on tonight and ill start work on the dreaded gloves of doooom! then to make them all gradiented n stuff. Promise ill get some progress up soon, lifes geting a bit in the way atm!

Not the greatest picture, but a test on making the purple more black ^____^ MESSY!


SOOOOO i realised i dont really post much progress even though i take lots of pics as i go along. These are the buckles that go up the side of Annas boots. Its tedious and boring to do. They are made from craftfoam, covered in an old faux suede cussion cover, and 31mm brass curtainrings to look like the buckle bit. They look shit and are rushed, but hopefully noone will even notice tbh.

YES! finally my bead tops came!! happy fairy ^__^

.......well sort of. This is the start it looks much better now its finished. Its all hand drawn with a sharpie...the material was the red colour, im such a cheapskate lol

So work on this is happening alot quicker than i thought. But hopefully ill be able to post pics soon, its hard finding the right light so that you can see the colour of the velvet. Pics soooooon!

so im actually starting work on this properly now!!! ABOUT TIME I DID!

Ok so so far i have some boots that im going to modify, got some velvet! Leggins will be easy enough to find, might use horse riders ones as they are more durable. And have a wig that i want to use, just bidding on it atm. That blouse is going to be a bitch! Got a corset ill be dyeing a modifying too :)

Ok so shes in the planning stages atm, this will be a pretty big cosplay for me and i will be working with alot of new materials and techniques i havent used before. I can see this being fun and also really frustrating, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.....this will cost a fortune.

so yeah....id say ive worked my arse off pretty much all day today, i could have got this compleated so much ealier if i had worked like i have done today.

All i need to do is fix my boots(parts fell off already) thats what i get for being lazy.
Need to hand stitch some parts of the sari, so it holds in place. Then doing the L'Cie template and test tomorrow. Also need to fix some bits here and there.

Boots are done finally, they arnt perfect but i dont care anymore, i just want to get it finished!!!
I only have the trim left to do now and the tattoo stencil for her L'Cie mark.
This trim is driving my insane and with only a week till expo im starting to panic :(
I REALLY do want to wear this to expo, just dont want to be slated for not have a prop yet lol.

ok so its been pretty much a month and not alots happened, tut! So im starting up again, boots are almost complete, im not 100% happy with them, but i never am with anything...(hench the fact i have remade the earrings again) Its just that damn trim thats keeping me back from finishing!

The fur pelt things wont take me long to do at all, i wonder if i can construct them into a sort of money/phone/camera holder aswell hmmmm

It has started..this beaded madness! So exciting, im having so much fun getting stuck in!

Ok so i went for number 5. Its silk dupioni(yes very pricey!) so true to the material in the game. Just need to wait for it to arrive from the US now :)

Ok so ive started on the trim, finally found a paint that wont actually run through the ribbon finally, only problem is though its messy!!!! made such a mess of this but you get the idea.

I will try and make the main bits you can see better, also im aware that the colour of the triangles isnt right, buuut i cant afford a different colour :( This is only llike 3 meters and its taken forever! ive put the gold next to it so you can kinda see what it will look like :)

ok so one boot almost done, still looking very messy, needs tidying up painting etc etc. need to add the silver bit around the top too, so one down one to do argh! only a piture of the front because the computer mucked up the side pictures!!!! need to add toe bits too.

SO yeah heres the stencil of fangs large tattoo! possitive and negative

Been working on the saris trim today, cutting stencils etc, see the best way it will work, then painting with fabric paint! Stencils take forever, i will start work on the belts soon, and the tails.

Been wroking on the yellow thingy today, the yellow is so pale though i dont know if i ll have to dye it >__< this thing has been a pain in the but to make!

So im waiting for my boots to arrive still >__< im so impatiant! I went out today to find some bits. I bought my ribbon etc to go no the trim of the sari, and also some fabric paint to do all the little details, i will make a stencil for them so the pattern will be the same all the way around i recon. I also found some vests i can use to make the arm bits and crop top!

Going out to get my lovely sari material tomorrow hopefully, I just couldnt find what i was looking for today sadly. Jewlery is coming along well.

I have started work on Kaldea now i have my mannequin! :D Man pattern cutting is boring though ¬__¬

Ok so i couldnt help myself, i have started. I want to take my time on this costume, so i am doing little bits at a time atm. Will post some pics of my progress soon ^____^

Need a peticoat or under skirt, You can see my underwear not good

I dont currently have the capabilitys to make Ruffled skirts, i have tried and failed. So i am resorting to a tutu/peticoat kinda thing instead. So unfortunatly this costume will be made from ultered clothing as apposed to being made from scratch...i suck ¬___¬

...............i have a cape too! I found it from an old red riding hood costume i did.

Almost Christmas!! :D
And i tink i may actually have this done for it hahaha, I wanted to have its done for christmas. I have bought a cheap santa dress which i am playing around with just so i can get it done a bit quicker. Just going to have some fun with these ruffles now ^__^

OMG the basis is done!! Finally! wooooo.
Just need to paint the stiching on the new cowl, then add latex to the neck to lengthen upto the cowl. THEN finally adjust the cowl.

Work on the stitching will comence really soon, thats all i need to do so fingers crossed.

Did my hair thing today :D well a mock, hopefully it will be all sorted and work! And dyed my clothing, just need to dye the wraps and that up 2moro. Then shes done!

still cant believe i sewed the whole thing and missed a bit!

Main clothing is getting there now ^___^ YEY for magic pants! woooo.

COMPLETE! wooo they are painted, and hemp string tied on. Im really pleased with them actually, and the paint doesnt crack on the craft foam, yey for layers and layers of pva! Pictures up soon!

I finally have all have all the material! Yellow was strangly hard to get hold of :S

The gloves/arm guards look great :D im very pleased with the turn out, just need to pva them (ALOT) and the paint them to make them more rustic hehe. I have the fabric just need to start making :D

Finally got soem tim eto come back to cosplay making :)
The fins and trim are coming along ok! Will post soem pics sooon

It is finished all i need to do now on it is the trim and the fins :D
Eeeee starting to feel more like a mermaid already. I have some bad pics to put up of it, when i find my lead :S

This is the other one, its one of those stick on ones, obviously i will be adding a strap to the back too.

Not really sure what bra to use yet, this one is more supportive as its a proper strapless bra. Im just not sure what one to use!

My material for my fins came today its like a sort of voile material, i also got soem wire im going to try and stick in to keep the tail shape :)

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