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Albert Wesker, Resi 1. Reno, FF7. Gilbert Nightray (artbook version) Pandora Hearts. Angeal, FF7:CC. Lupin, lupin the third. Jubei, Ninja scroll. Black jack: The surgeon witht the hands of god, black jack. Auron: FF10, Raven: Tales of Vesperia.

Probably more.....I really should get pics of a lot of these and update my CI lol.

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Made the jacket with the help from a friend, shirt was bought online, as were glasses, not totally happy with em, but meh, just need to add the blue strips on the coat and shirt, jacket is a lil long, so may have to invest in some boots with big soles, gonna make his lil cross soon, im on the fence with his swords atm, but I do want them.

Sorry for the horrible pics XD

Okay, well have Jacket (and pants......my stepdad bought....I noticed and theyre a perfect colour and size 38 but I can deal XD) Umbrella patchs are on their way, may try and colour the Holster black, shoe polish should work XD

I'm really looking forward to doing this XD

Cosplay is scrubbed for Manc expo, My Bell has other plans now. God knows when I will do it now.

Okay, well he was a rush job, but he didnt turn out to badly for Kita, Althou I lost parts from him! But intend to finish him off properly XD

It was fun doing Auron thou! so certainly worth doing it again XD

Well I got it kinda completed....while at expo XD Everything was wrong in my eyes and the waist coat got messed up while finishing it there lol, still, I had fun! I think I wore it pretty much straight for about 4 days! althou I looked more like a Hobo coming bk in semi sweeny XD I intend to re-do it anyways and make sure its spot on for next time XD

Okay gloves are done, wig....well the guys sending a new one and should be here before expo I hope XD The waist coat is 70% done and is my first time making one XD The holder for his blade is done, althou I have no razor blade XD and need to find the right buckles for the belt or find a similar one, Ive accepted its not going to be perfect for expo and my Ms luvett has had to drop out sadly, but planning to basically test drive it at expo and improve it to do with Ms Luvett XD

Finally got my own copy of Mr Todd! on Dvd....also realised that if I hadent just had my hair cut.....it would have grown to the perfect lenth for expo and I could have just dyed it and added white streak *headdesk* I better get some job interviews to make up for my having short hair XD

Costunme Made by the wonderful Street-Angel, Althou I mainly done the stripes, she drew on where to fill and helped with the last few at Ame con!

Was a load of fun to do! sadly the Oni horns were forgotten, but otherwise did the job nicely XD

Well I already have the wig from art book version Gil,and my carpentry skills are not gd enough to do his weapon too! Just need to get some decent ref pics! But hopefully shall have the costume done by the yrs end XD

Found a pair of pants online! know how to do the wig! and I have a Ms Luvett!

Bought material for pants! and wrist bands, althou kinda messed up the crossguard on the sword....oh well XD and my shirt which is gonna be modified is on its way! things are getting there, althou the waist coat/jacket things look like they will have to be scratch made damn it XD

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