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Took some time out from cosplay, but now im back!
Watch this space as i have alot of awesome cosplays planned :P

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Due to having my uni exams fast approaching ive pretty much put my lightning cosplay off, that and due to finance. But that doesn't stop me from working on the things i already have for this cosplay :)

Wig is styled! Though thinking about thinning out the curls a little.

Jumper is DarkKasai's for his Bon cosplay,
If im honest i should already have this outfit nearly done, im ashamed of myself. The blazer is in the super early stage so didn't include it. Plan to get it to near finishing point tomorrow :D

styling wig, outfit sorted :)
+ got some fake blood :3

Ordered my wig :)
and found the sword for a reasonable price :)

Bought jacket fabrics today, found the perfect fur ;)

Think i shall be using a pair of my black skinny jeans for this cosplay, currently unsure, also i have the black under t-shirt already, so all im waiting on is my wig :3

The jeans: Bargain £4 from a charity shop yet im unsure if they suit so may buy others.

Top: i ordered an orange top, female medium and its a little tight, im going to try it on with binding on also to see if the bandages are noticeable if so im going to order another orange top in a medium male size :)

Necklace/dog tags: i got given some dog tags ages ago, i recently found the chain but not the tag so going to search my room :)

I ordered my wig about 3-4 days ago :)
And plan to use my red contact lenses for this cosplay.

I ordered my wig about 3-4 days ago :)

I ordered my wig about 3-4 days ago :)

As the 1st mask i made was way to flat to wear on my face i made another one for toko, it was the half mask that San wears during the fight/war at the end of the film. Also last minute i decided to doing the bloody face + hands san for the masquerade, but shall do normal photos when i get chance. Also the half mask broke while trying to transport it home :/
so to make mask mark 3 XD

The necklace teeth pieces i made previously looked to square and chunky so i decided to try again, and made some new ones which are the right shape, also i have the cording im going to string the necklace together with. :)

Decided on doing the spear instead of the knife, made the spear head as shown in the photo, still got to buy the pole to attach it to and obviously all things need painting. Shall work with the fur possibly tomorrow.

Re-did my make up as wanted something more...Wild. Made my eyes bolder, so they stand out just as the red triangles do.

Made the apron today, so proud of this cosplay and how well each peice fits together. Glued the jems to elastics so they can rest on my arms and forhead. Still need to get some more clay to make knife, earings and rest of the necklace :)

(Photo taken with flash, the red is actually deep red)
Also painted the jems but as i have no white paint cant finish them or paint the necklace bones :/

I now have all the fabric to finish the dress and cape, still need to get a little more fabric to make shoe covers.
-White fur for cape and hood
-Red craft foam for base of ears (ears are on the fur hood, concidering covering the craft foam with red felt to add a more natural texture.)
-White cotton fabric for the apron

Originaly i cut sort of strips and pulled at them on the bottom of the dress, [Check journals for image] but then i realised it looked more like a halloween dress, so i cut the stragly bits off.

Made these all last night took about 4-5 hours, so pleased with the mask, just got to paint them now. Also ran out of clay as i still have the earings and dagger to make. So Much Progress!! (at last)

Bought the fabric Friday just gone. Going to start sewing the cosplay together within the next two weeks. Looking for a suitable wig which hopefully i shall order next week :)

Need to work on eye brows, but hopefully will have them waxed before photo shoot :)

Got Everything pretty much done, other than adding push buttons to the braclets and painting the collar onto the top. :3

Found some white fabric that will be perfect for my apron :3
So going to start working on on this cosplay again within this week

Wore this to a cosplay meet, not 100% happy with the wig, so planning to restyle, also didnt make the knee pads in time so got to make them also. Overall i cant complain about the cosplay turned out better then i thought it would, super happy. :D

Remaking Sholder Pads!! Mine fail drasticly, but as i have never made armor before, i guess its all a learning curve. Also gotthe top nearly done, just to add detail and add the leatherette straps, ect. +Wig to style.

Lesson learned: Dont leave the outfit till last minute, or 3 days before an expo :/

Working on my cosplay pretty much full time as of today, started on the armor, made it out of EVA foam :P
1st time making armor ever!! But im pretty proud other then the serious burn i now have on my finger :/
Got the spray paint and shall attack them with it tomorrow :P
(also currently working on the knee pads also)

So happy with the fringe, wbut im worried that the spikes on the top are going to look thin, i originaly planned to buy two wigs and combine them, to create more hair = fuller looking spikes, but due to how close expo now is i dont have time to order a second wig or the money. Guess i shall have to use what i have and possibly revisit the wig after expo :/

My trouser pattern ripped!! So gona have to buy a new one since im missing half the crotch bit :/

Not geting any where and running out of time :|
Got my wig [base wig] brought from DarkKasai

dress done, tho turns out i dont have enuff fabric for her apron so cant do much more till next week :/

I was ment to start this today but instead I ended up working on san, then I got my hair dyed, so will start this tomorrow! :3

Buying the blue top next friday. :]
Currently looking at other possible pokemon cosplays.

I got the fabric today, started makeing the dress, so happy I decided to cosplay as san. Shes a character who has strong will power and shes not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Just hope I dont destroy her image when cosplaying her.

Ears are near done just got to find a way to attach them 2 wig, either hair clip or hair band :)

Done a make up test, used eye shadow for the face markings, thinking about face paint. Not perfect triangles but need to pratice. The ribbon in my hair is not part of the cosplay just wanted to get a feel for the character and weather or not i would suit her :D

Purple fabric put down under ears + tail as my quilt is actualy blue also :3
Ears still need to be sewn together, stuffed and have clips attached so they will sit in my wig, tail is complete, used an old wired cat tail that came in a neko set from Claire's accessories with craft foam glued guned to the end, as the tail is wired it will stand, sit and bend ;P

So happy with this so far, blue fabric was only Tomb Raider cosplay top, as iv'e out grown it and reusing it means no loss only gain :D

I found some fabric for the apron lieing around my room :3
Starting it tomorrow as ran out of time tonight as i ended up working more on my pokemon cosplay ;P

I really love this film and have a perfect photo location already in mind CANT WAIT :D

-Changeing the top *nod* [Image shows the fabric/colour i will use this time]
-Making ALL the belts
-Right coloured shoes
-style wig better!!
[thats all i can think of for now]

Got the fabric :3

On the left fabric without flash
On the right fabric with Flash

Soon to start this week hipefully. Though i do have lots of course work to finish. But am starting these trousers tomorrow [Friday] as helping DarkKasai with his Zack Fair also :P

i have different shades of brown cotton + green as i found them in my room and am currently unsure what colour to use for lightnings skirt, dont really have to worry about this costume yet as not making it and till i finish Cloud, plan to wear this at Winter Memrobillia. A long project but i cant put this off any more i love this character.

The white fabric is possible coat/jacket fabric, not 100% sure i will use this fabric as its poly-cotton and a bit on the see-through side.

Red fabric for the cape, again poly-cotton but think its right for the job in this case :)

Under estimated how long it would take and ended up still sewing at the expo for 2-3 hours. :|

Aim to revisit the embroidery, with more time and no deadline this time think i can neaten it up. :3

-Changed the black under shorts, to a thicker fabric.
-Made the bag pouch for the belt.
-Restyling wig Friday as ran out of hair product.
-jacket made from scratch with alot of help from my nan
-new boots, luck struck when i was out shopping with my nan and found the perfect boots in a charity shop for a GREAT price :3
-Turtle neck top, again charity shop- edited.

Im so happy with this cosplay, but unsure how im going to put the design on the back :/

Jacket is nearly done, sewed pockets on for the first time ever and am sooo proud of this jacket, had help from my nan but none the less i love it. I think all the decorative stitches make it look like denim, which it isn't as it cotton XD

More stuff :P

Got shorts and socks

As the weather was too great on the photo shoot i hope to have another one, hopefully with some sun :3

My wig totaly sucks so planing to restyle it completely.

I wanted to do a make up test as currently not been sewing much, i know my hair is the wrong colour but not geting wig for this cosplay just yet. Also sorry for crappy photo quality, used webcam, kind of runes the pink and purple tones makeing them all look black :/
Also added cold tones to my skin and lips, again webcam photo dont show this well, have to get some good batteries for my camera soon!!

I have actualy got the wrong style top, need a turtle neck.
Not so happy with this cosplay, guess i fancy a detailed cosplay, but money makes it a bit hard. :/

Working on the jacket next week as i have time off, currently in the process of clearing my path of course work in hope of making it to university! So both time and money are a bit difficult.

I also made the under-top,
i used an old black stappy top and a net wig cap. All is true :D

This is one of 100's that i like, and am capable of making. Yeah it maybe an easy cosplay but its not always about the 'detail challenge', im dealing with a different challenge: suiting a different type of character. :3

So far i have:
-The Wig

Just to do the jacket, not happy with my boots: they are cowboy boots but they are dark brown instead of a light brown. Hopeing to get a beter pair by expo, if not they will have to do. :/

im unsure if i like the colour, i know pantys hair is yellow blonde but my wig is ash blonde...:/

ordered them from ebay so happy with them!! :3

This outfit is done and has had minor size alterations, such as shortening the skirt, putting in a less obvious zip etc.

(image of outfit before alterations + old skirt in photo)

think this is a photo of my second badge as my first one was way too small.

As my first attempt of Panty's skirt failed terriably so i decided to make it again.

As this is such a simple cosplay, the only think i will be making is possibly the skirt. I already have the white shirt (its a size 14 so im taking it in to make it a size 8-10) and black tie. Have ordered the wig and the socks, will buy the fabric for the skirt this week.

(photo: what i have so far, in this photo i have pinned the extra fabric behind me, editing still to be done to make the shirt fit propaly)

All thats left to do is put a zip in the hoodie and its done...leaveing me to:
-wait for my wig
-buy/make shoes


decided i wanted a more blue wig, as Hinata's hair is blue/purple.

**Photo:** the wig i have ordered. :D

Going to have to substitute the denim jacket for one made from a different fabric, aiming to keep as much detail as possible. The red/maroon fabric i have chosen is the perfect colour. Also using jean buttons for detail. :D

(In the pic i dont have my wig on: it was to show the make up a bit clearer)

Styled the wig and had to trim it :/
Still love it though.

Make up trial, think its perfect. :D

Almost finished just have to add the purple end to the sleeves and a collar and zip and im ready. Wig being ordered after christmas (got the money!!)

Unsure if i like the jacket over all, so may remake it out of a different fabric.

the white shorts i was going to dye no longer fit me, i did have them for 2 years..and wore the hell outa them. XD

But i have replacement shorts, which are already the right colour :D
Thinking it may just be easier to buy a black top then dye it...
still looking for a denim jacket also. Hard to find in Winter. :/

I really like how they turned out. I already have the white bandages and black striped leg peice somewhere in my room so now to start on the hoddie :D

(btw flash on camera makes fabric look lighter then it is :|)

I love it!! Going to have to cut some off as i didnt think it would be as long, (such a shame as its such a lovly wig), this is a photo of it unstyled. Just because i havent had a new wig in ages!! :3

Thank you to TrueStormCosplay for this earily christmas present!!

Have ALL the fabric for this cosplay, so its working progress!! :D

Just waiting for the glue to dry!!
Photo's to follow soon :D

Have to dye the shorts, dye the top, maybe paint the boots (Can you paint plastic/leather cowboy boots?), get some leggings and edit them to knee lengh and get a denim jacket. :D

Oh and canvas belt and gun :3

they may look a bit long finger wize, but they are mens gloves size small.
Hopefully i will have time to wear them in as they are a bit stiff. :D

plan to start puting claire together soon to take a photo, hopeing to buy the dyes i need this week and keep on the hunt for a jenim jacket :D

My wig has arived i got a sneak preview: ITS PERFECT!! And i maybe able to use it for other cosplays as the colour suits some of my planned characters.DOUBLE WIN!

Ordered the gloves :3

I have the shorts and top (t-shirt) that both need to be dyed.
I also have some cowboy boots but mine are darker brown, unsure weather to leave mine as they are or try lightening them with either dye or paint.

*NEW*Ordered the gloves from Ebay
And my Wig is a christmas present from the other members of TrueStormCosplay! <3

Im a bit of a perfectionist, so it bugs me my skirt isnt the right colour, but my chance the day i went to get my skirt fabric they sold out of the colour i wanted (same colour used for my 1st attempt at yuna) the colour i got was the next best thing and less i wanted a deep sea blue. :/

Other then that its just my wig thats bugging me, i so badly need a new one but have no time to get one before memro. :/ (shall fix this after memro).

1 thing about this project: SOOOOOO MUCH FABRIC PAINT!! <3

Plans drawn up and starting this Sunday if not tonight, as my Yuna needs touch ups ready for Saturday still. <3

So excited!!

The next photo's i upload will be from memorabilia birmingham, im still in progress as im finishing this cosplay this week, may have a preview photo up on wednesday no promises. So excited about this cosplay!!! Just hope it looks beter then my 1st atempt.

**Note:** i plan to buy a better wig but i wont have time to before memorabilia birmingham. So will fix this at a later date.

There are quite a few differences between my OLD YUNA BOW and NEW YUNA BOW, an obvious one is the fabric, previously i used yellow polly-cotton but this time i used gold satin (as looking closely to Yuna in game CGI, the belt+bow fabric is slightly shiny, and a gold tone not yellow, but thats just my opinion). Another clear difference is on the old bow i sewn on the detail (the vine and leafs, also didn’t add any flowers) but this time i painted the detail on (still unsure if i like it or not, im not a strong painter- but practise makes perfect) including flowers. Last point my old Yuna bow was also stuffed so it hung like half opened wings on my back, my new bow has interface inside so it stands.

Over all there is one thing i have to say: I like my new bow better. :3

**Flower in image wrong colour was just testing the effect + shape, found the purple paint now**

Have the purple and green paint, missing the white. (Only just noticed!! :|) so im going to do what i can tonight and finish it off tomorrow. (Got distracted till now, bought Fable 3 today. :P)

Decided that im going to remake the skirt for this cosplay, at first i was going to re-use my old one but after seeing the masive difference between the skirt i made and yuna's i didnt even do any pleats!! So remakeing!! <3

Ordering a new wig also as had problems with old yuna wig, once straightened it sticks up, only while its on my head, on the wig head it looks perfect. :[

Also buying memrobilia ticket soon (Cant spell when tied...)

I decided to use satian ive got the bow done just need to make the belt, im soon to paint on the detail and then there shall be a photo. :3

I think i am going to make boot covers for sakuras shoes. And the gloves? they really that important? Considering these factors and am going to come back to this cosplay soonish as my attention is on lightning at the moment.

Restyled the wig for a cosplay meet, that takes place tomorrow at Birmingham. :3

Shall have more photo's of this cosplay hopefully my new improvements/add-ons will have done right for Sakura.

Sleeves ready to be sewn and dyed. Made one of yuna's braclets, but as the beads are shiny when i take a photo they look white/blury. :/

Im actualy disapointed with the necklace as when it arrived its 3 times bigger then it said it would be, also it wont sit flat on my chest and the chain is too long. :/

Will solve this some how. :3

**Note- There is a reason i got a size 16 bikini top. Coverage along with the fact i need to sew material to it. (I am going to remove the bead detail.)**

The first attempt of summoner Yuna i didn’t secure the white material of the top to my bra. (Yep i used a bra instead of a bikini). This time i got a bikini and am going to sew the top onto it to prevent movement and flashing. :|

**In the image the colours look really dark,but they are not as dark as the image shows. Also these aren’t all the paints I will be using its just I haven’t got them all yet.**

My first attempt as Summoner Yuna I was a complete novice and wanted to sew every little detail on, which of course is difficult when we are talking small scale detail. o.O, I managed to apply all the detail with great difficulty.

This time I want to paint the detail on, only because I have never really tried, also with a small paint brush you can achieve shading if necessary etc.

**The material is white in the image- Bad lighting makes the colour look off.(sorry.)**

The sleeves I made for Summoner Yuna the first time was made out of poly cotton and for some reason it hates the dye I used for the gradient effect. (Which left random dark pink patches on the areas that needed to be white.)

This time I picked some heavier material: Jersey cotton and I’m going to make my sleeves longer length wise. (Aiming to make them to my waste, as last time I made them too short.) I’m using a lighter dye also in order to create a more elegant pink. (Hopefully.)

This is the most detailed cosplay i have made to date, as the others are all simple. (In my opinion.) I have lost weight since making this outfit and am going to resize it, allowing me to hopefully have a photoshoot with my bf (Tidus) soon. <3

I paid alot of attention to detail with this cosplay, im even goin to straighten the wig. Or even buy a new wig.

This cosplay will be complete ruffly the same time as my Aya (3rd birthday) cosplay as the outfit is the same the only difference is the wig. :)

well i have got the zip to sew into the top i bought it today so planning to put in together sometime this week if i have a free moment. Im goin to start lookin for a headband in near future...(money is an issue only a student who is also funding driving lessons. :/) dont no if i can get sakura's shippuden shoes :| (money again) will also have to make her elbo pads and find some suitable black shorts for under the skirt.

i finished the trousers today and only have the 2 purple belts (that go on his trousers) to be done and restyle the wig. As i made a booboo. lol

Hope you like the preview. :3

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