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Back fastenings left to do but otherwise done!

This legit made no sense until I was finished haha

Mostly hand stitched. This kills the nahnah.

They were black originally. NOW LOOK AT THEM.

Eagerly awaiting photos back from Progenitor Photography of myself and Goku (Getti)

It was such a blast shooting Saiyuki, I had an amazing day!

Wasn't gonna make a bikini top from scratch cuz that's gotta cover IMPORTANT THINGS, so, bought one to mod.
The white beads I ordered, shown, were too big, so I bought smaller black ones to paint - the shop, alas, was out of stock for whites in that size. Boo.

Other beads to be added to the dangling parts of her bikini, and on other jewelry!

It's coming along, slowly... sorry for the random single purple panel xD I ran out of white hahaha

Making the 'crown' at present - nice and simple... or so I thought. It's a simple but slow process if I want them to look spot on, but at least I know I'll be happy with the job I've done later! They're mostly worbla'd now - just two more to go, then I can curve and attach them all together!

Some were attached to the armour as is, post sealing, others were covered in pleather and detailed for his shoulders - the purely craft foam ones on the armour didnt hold up as well as hoped - still better than actual feathers, but I will aim to fabric-back them before the next wear :)

Never made a belt from scratch before... everything, down to the buckle, made by myself.

Ouch, my fingers.

Tested it about a week before the con.

I was most pleased because I looked like an in-game render <3 dat nose

Sculpting Mr Flat-face

I gave him little frowny lines at the top of his nose because a) he has them and b) less effort or wrinkles for me since I dont have to frown as much to look in-character~

Getting there!

Working on the nose piece for Fenris to get his roman nose (Aka his 'I ran face first into a brick wall, byebye nose-bridge') effect

Having a cast of my own face in my room feels mildly vain. I might draw eyebrows and a pencil moustache on it...

This thing is appropriately huge.

Going to be reinforcing it with a dowel rod, which will then be utilised as a means by which I can make the sword able to dismantle. Just so I'm not lugging a 7-ish ft sword around to cons haha

Spent this evening making a mockup in craft foam of the main body of Fenris's gauntlets - since the main bulk of the fingers are done (just need to make the upper sections on those, and I'm sorted)

I can actually bend my arms so far, so that's promising! Worbla coming in the post so I'm hopeful I can get some decent work done on these asap C:

Pics coming, hopefully over the next few evenings - bootcovers are pretty much done, shirt is almost finished, gun's well underway, jacket needs sorting but at least all the patterns are cut out, and I've finished bashing eyelets into all his straps.

Goin guuuuuuuuud~

About 95% complete, hoping to fix it up and tweak it now that I've worked out what I like vs what I dont like, and have it sorted for Midlands!

Adding false hairlines is both super fun and super frustrating xD

And it all looks pretty nifty!

Bits I want to edit and fix up, like fur on his boots and whatnot, and still need to put together the bunny-boxes, but hey-ho it's all here, so I can get on that whenever C: sad it didn't arrive for when I originally needed/wanted it, but that's bad luck for you. Never mind!

How the heck do I transport this?

This was nearing completion at this point C:

Because the old ones were my first try with the dremel, so I decided to try again with more practice under my belt!
Quality jump was ridiculous!

Leftover brown pleather from Ezio is being earmarked for Reaver's waistcoat, so that's one free costume piece ahoy~ I've begun drafting out the pattern for that (ages ago, actually haha) and have lots of worbla and clay to sort out the clasp on the front. Mmmmyes indeed.

I need pretty much identical trousers for Grantaire, so those can double up - I'm currently hunting down the perfect fabric for those, but it'll likely be the same fabric I use for his coat, too. Despite the expense, I'm definitely opting for fur for his jacket collar, as feather never looks right, imo?

Working out his hat and gun, still. Watch this space for progress!

Buckles and straps are coming along nicely, though~

With these done (alas I'll need to buy more, but at least now I know~), I can start fitting the already finished pieces to myself, and the base pieces, which I can then shape other armour over! Should help speed the process of everything a bit C:

/whale noises


Need to neaten up the insides but I like how this is likely to look when it's all done properly 8D Time to get making straps for my arm pieces, so I can do test fitting on those tonight and tomorrow~~
Then it's legs >:C
Saving the awkward that is the torso and back for last haha

I find this photo painfully hilarious and idek why. Boobs, probably.

But they're getting there~ will be shaping them a bit more by hand so that they 'curve under' a bit more for shape, but generally pleased with how this turned out C: alas the template I'm using didn't work very well for this, so I'm going to have to do some self-editing to get my own breastplate to work, but that shouldn't be too hard!

Here's hoping neither one is wonky else when it comes to putting the detailing on them it's gonna be pretty obvious xD

Today was mostly prop day, so working on my M-77 Paladin pistol, but I did a bit here and there on armour - some stuff went kinda wrong, and for some reason the 'weave' on one of my foam sheets is different to the rest, and I didn't notice? So one thing I made has to be redone haha, but that wont take long.

Pauldrons are coming along, though - I smoothed down the section that's going to have craft-foam laid over it, to make a neat base for the paint-strips. Woop

For shape, and as something to build over - cut out of two sheets of Acrylic board that were then hot-glued together~

Much happy ;w; it's huge!

Probably going to remake the 'blocks', or at least one of them (this one haha) because I have a better idea of how to shape them now I've fiddled more with the dremel and heat gun, but as a first try with the equiptment, this didn't turn out bad imo!

How they dwindle. But these mats rock, I will definitely use them again for ME3 armour C: ...on the bits I... you know. Don't plate in alluminium haha

Skeleton hands are hilarious tho

Gradually added false-hairline-chan to both sides.

My patience was tested, but it looks pretty legit on xD

Finally bit the bullet and just went ahead and bought 24 yoga mats to begin making this mofo... Might need more, idk.

Thinking I might start with the more 'simple' parts of the costume over the next two weeks or so to ease myself into this project, though my EDI is being lovely and offering to help me brainstorm the worst of it - so wig, as long as it arrives soon (hoping my missed parcel today was that), and likely my M-8 Avenger rifle will be the first items off my list.

Wish me luck guys!


Wefted the two wigs I bought for her together >:C

Very pleased. Much Yang.

Not as long as I'd have liked but ah well.

They're pretty much done now, just waiting for some stuff to dry off >:C

Old progress until I can fetch them from the cupboard above the heater x'D

The pattern for the actual fabric section of the cape is cut out, but needs shaping/editing so it falls right, but until that's sorted, have this - took all of about two hours of cutting foam, glueing pleather to it, then backing it in suede.
Needs the detailing and such sewing/painting on - then it's studs and rope fastenings~ 8D

Studs are technically too big, but they look legit, so nyer.
Just need to add the underlayer of leather, and the buckles/straps, which will take about an hour, tops. Then just need to slot a hidden blade (which I'm buying like a lazy hobo xD) under it. Woooo easy~~

It's more finished now - sleeves are in, just need to wait for bias binding to arrive so I can work on the edges and stuff before I attempt lapels and such 8'D

Awww Bene - worbla base I'll be building over with detailing in clay C: SUCH PRIDE. VERY ASSASSINOOOOO~

Just the hood and buttons to go... and now it gets REALLY fiddly
How do you even Assassin hood xD

Progress pic of the backside of Mr Auditore ;D

Needs tweaking, but this was my attempt having been unable to see how the back hung, until these pics xD
Close, but not quite there. All fixable, though >:C Bene! This layer, sans painting, should be done tomorrow night~~

The base bronze (that shows up gold, score xD) layer on his 'tail' lining.
I'll be layering it up/adding more details and such as I go, but yeah~ Need to se the bottom layer of gold ribbon down, too, but hey-ho, progress is progress~

Gradually adding lace to the various panels of his Doublet, and his shirt is pretty much finished - pics to come~

All 3 stages of dying Ezio's doublet pattern are sorted, so fingers crossed it's not come out ugly/blotchy... maybe /cough

Also am about 90% done on his shirt, just need to sort out his collar and sleeves, and then we're done! Progress pics soon, since I'll be styling his wig/trying out makeup asap!

Found some decent fabric on sale, so went for it; just need to dye it a shade or two darker.
Coat shouldn't take more than a day or two to make, once I get that sorted, so expect this cosplay to be sorted pretty quickly once I get going~

Okay so with work now getting in the way finding time and energy to work on Ezio may be a little tough, but I've started drafting out the pattern-pieces of his doublet, and buying fabric as and when I can.

The latter has kind of gone wrong already due to buying online for a change - which I usually avoid - and now I recall why. Sending back both loads of fabric 'cos they're wrong. Derp x'D

But anyhoo. My plan for this Sunday is to break down all his armour pieces and make worbla bases for all of them~ so I can build up over them in clay or whatnot later. Then, time permitting, more work on the draft doublet.

Wish me luck!

Getting there - just bottom edging and lining to go now!

Oops I decided to post it now xD

Save a quick bit of sanding to smooth off some uneven bits that I only notice if I stare at them long enough, priming one last time, and painting, daggers are done! Wish they were /totally/ symmetrical, but when I hold them the way they're meant to be held, you can't even tell 8'D

Both lapels are now in fact, on, but cba taking new pics /lazy

Working on the sleeves and cuffs now, about 50& done then it's just a matter of doing the edging on the bottom, and attaching the lining, which is all cut out and ready to fit to the final base coat.

Sword hilt is completed too, just need to finish building the handle, which needs filling with expanding foam to solidify it, then I can attach it, do a once over on all the detailing, paint the daggers and I'm done, woop! Prop-progress pics to come soon~

Jacket is about 50% done now, after a few hiccups. Now that I've worked everything out it shouldn't take much longer - I'll probably blitz through it tonight/tomorrow and he'll be pretty much finished.

Weapons still in progress, pics to come soon - 1 of 3 daggers completely molded, the other two in progress, once they're all done I can paint them. Sword is getting close to finished - priming the blade and then just need to build the hilt which I'll be starting on now~

Working out all of Ezio layers, picking out fabrics, working out how to do big chunks of him, etc.
Hopefully gonna make a start on him by later this month! Roll on Kitacon >8C

Sorry for the spam that'll fill everyone's activity feeds!

First up, anklet, complete!

Image is mirrored, as it's self shot, but I really like my contacts for Watanuki - I wanted something a bit more 'amber' shaded for Doumeki's eye, but ah well. It looks pretty good. Right shock to spot whenever you catch your own reflection though xD

Guessing these bits was a pain, but I kept things minimal to avoid extra stress/inaccuracy

Photo was too blurry to upload to the main section xD

But yeah, basically need to add edging to the bottom hem, fix some slight pulls on the inside lining of the sleeves, style the wig, and then spraypaint all the patterns onto the sleeves before I sew on all the little stars and stuff!

So he's very close to done now! 8D Woop~ will get the bulk of everything done tomorrow between working on Nate and some errands and stuff, but SO close to complete!

Under-Kimono is now done (it's just a long, plain white one, that will block the main Kimono from rubbing on the excel center floor x'D and also because at least on his bottom half it does look like Watanuki's wearing an under-layer on his kimono??? Idk.
But his 'pjs' are pretty much done, just need to add the blue bits properly (but they're done, it's just a matter of attaching them, woop~)
Shoes, anklet, and his sparkly earring of doom are done (though the anatomy of the latter confuses me to no end x'D how do you attach to anything, CLAMP jewellery??)

Over-kimono is currently two separate items - the main body, and the lining, which need sewing together, but I'll do that once I've painted the designs onto the main body, in case I make a big mistake! Then it's just embellishments 8'D getting there! Not too worried, I'm sure I can do this~

Pics to come soon, but the base of everything is getting there. Obviously the difficulty in this cosplay lies in the detailing once everything's sewn together - the construction itself is pretty easy xD
But that's the daunting part I suppose - cant detail it until it's sewn up, extra work/money if I mess it up once it's sewn together! D;

Wish me luck guys, I need it right now xD

Okay so the wig was like... 2 weeks late, so I made a complaint yesterday and got a full refund in an instant.
Then this morning it arrived.

...Aww yis xD most of the styling is already done as it took like half an hour tops to add the false hairline to one side, and now it's just in need of fine-tuning which will be done when I actually have free time that's not earmarked for Alcon sewing ahahahah /sobs

Woopwoop! Wig is finished and Jacket is well on its way - after that it's just the bootcovers and I'm finished :)

After one no-show, repurchasing from a store I actually trust, then a major postage delay, the base wig is here I am so relieved because YES, IT IS PERFECT. Plenty to work with/reweft if need be. Can't wait to style this little derp <3

Okay so pretty much everything is done, or almost done - the headdress just needs a bit more shaping, then painting - which I'll do tomorrow when I don't risk angering the neighbors with the sound of a hairdryer past midnight - and the veil attaching. The paintwork will also need a little aging/definition, which shouldn't take too long at all.
After that I just need to properly shape and paint the mantle, and attach the chains. Woop!

Which, naturally, means that most of the costume is finished. I just have one more layer to add to the sheer over-skirt, making the veil, and cutting out the sheer scarf, and the fabric sections of the cosplay are done!

Then it's just finishing crafting and shaping the armour and a few little bits and bobs of embellishments, really!


I wish I was joking.

One load of fabric I ordered (even having been sent a sample) turned out to be wrong when it arrived, so I'm having to return it, and have thus ordered something completely different. The trim I'll be buying is looking to add up to an unholy amount...
Good thing the boots shouldn't cost me too much, I already have the base trousers, and dad paid for the wig. Think I'd be screwed if not for these little offerings x'D

Okay, so the jacket is nearing completion; I just need to add the white panels on the other side, paint the back, and add the collar and cuffs~ sounds like quite a bit of work, when written down, but hopefully it wont be so bad xD lol

Also going to be re-taking test shots tomorrow! So have deleted the old ones, as I've restyled the wig since and feel much better about the cosplay 8D GOOD TIMES! <3

He's killing me.


Beginning with my bank-account.


Ran out of the blending dyes, so need to buy more, then need to get lining fabric and the odd few bits and bobs in order to complete him - earrings, for example...
The coat is coming along slowly... very slowly. It keeps bunching due to interfacing when I sew it >.< Dammit. But, its going to be done. Somehow. Even if it ends up looking terrible.

New wig is pretty much done, just need to plait it, but I'm leaving that until just before I travel to Skyla's ready for JapanExpo.



Finally sorted the coat fabric... which cost me an extra £20 OTL But hopefully I'll be getting the money back for my previous fabric soon ^^ So its not all bad.

Here's a swatch of the coat fabric that I've painted and blended with silk-paints to get the two-toned effect of Jack's coat in the artworks. I'll be doing this to the actual coat fabric when I've finished tacking and fitting it all! ...I'll start praying asap that it doesnt go wrong xD


Spats are in progress, as you can see from these pics ^w^ They're going okay, really... worried about actually sewing the 'pleather' side >.> but we'll see how that goes...? 8'D

Waistcoat is going okay - the fitting went very well, and I just need to hem the sleeves/neckline now... though may have left the buttons I bought for it in my Uni room (DERP D8) but really, they can either wait until I get back, or I can get new ones... tomorrow? Lol. Will see how much they'll cost.

Have had a LOT of fail with the coat. Dyeing velvet failed miserably and cost a lot, then I ordered some perfect-looking duchess satin instead, it arrived today and it was FAR too dark. Hopefully getting a refund though ^^ And have asked for several fabric swatches this time so I dont make the same mistake, and will look tomorrow too.

Hoping things go a little more smoothly from now on!


Off we go <3

Wish me luck! ...this is gonna break my bank OTL

But it WILL be worth it... I hope.

Might have to by-pass the new wig this time around, but we'll see... (I'd rather make a new one for wearing him seriously tbh >__>)

Back to dyeing velvet I go!


Ain't they just BOOTIFUL? 8D *brick'd*

...cant wait until I get my ears pierced so I can wear real ones though ;A;


Jacket is done, save ironing and maybe a little tweaking after that if its needed...

Need to sculpt/paint the earrings, which I'm going to get working on tonight. Clay ahoy! 8D *brick'd*

After that I need to paint one man-dress, sew a few bits on, and hem another... Gloves need washing, contacts need ordering and shoes need painting. But hey, its getting there!


More progress is taking place~

Felt terrible today so since I couldnt be up and about, I've been working on Liam <3 Am in the process of shaping, and fitting the sleeves for his mini-man-jacket (lol. Nothing manly about ANY part of this outfit...) and re-sewing the sides of the man-dress, since I tried it on and it just wasnt fitted enough 8P MOAR DEFINITION PLZ. Progress of the new fitting is in the costume photos section ^^

Also need to get around to editing the shoes, but may leave them until I need to get my fabric paints out for other bits of the cosplay... so I can sort of get it all done in one go 8'D

...Myself and Xerx also discovered the name of the type of trousers Liam is wearing in this version.

We will never repeat them to anyone.

On pain of angry, embarassed Liam.

That is all. <3

Well, I finally got shoes for the cosplay - wedge heels, so I can at least be a /little/ taller than my dear Xerx. The wedge is about four inches, so quite tall 8'D might still attempt to ninja some heel-lifts into them... *cough* Yeah. I'm fussy with height accuracy in this cosplay. But I do like them very much <3 They'll be an utter pain to wear, but THEY LOOK NUMMY *A*


The under-dress needs taking up a bit now that I can see how they look with the shoes, but really I just need to turn the hem up a bit. Also need to sort the pattern for the jacket 8P Left some of the pieces at home... OTL

Progress pics soon~


...the under-dress...shirt...thing, is almost done~ ;D have created the strip of ruffles for the collar, and pinned them into place - just need to sew them on, and take in the sleeves now! (too baggy 8P)

Have ordered more grey velour/velvet for the jacket, as the old shop really isnt getting any more in that isnt 'crush', but its near enough (or completely) the same fabric, and cheaper too, so it should be fine ^^

The man-dress is on its way to completion now too... and I'm so glad I decided to make it out of duchess satin *___* Nom. Nom. NOM. <3 Its so pretty, and it works so well for that kind of clothing~

Still stuck on how to do the trousers and shoes, but have a few ideas anyway. Also hoping to get my ears pierced soon so I can get accurate earrings!

Pics soon, hopefully~

Have been working on this cosplay very slowly and the under-dress...thing, is now well on the way to completion. Just need to sew everything into place, add the colar, take in the sleeves and add some buttons to the cuffs.
Will be buying duchess-satin for the main 'dress' during the christmas sales, so hopefully can get that mostly done by the end of January, or sooner.

Need more velvet for the jacket, as I didnt buy enough in the first place and bits of it went wrong 8P but can get more quite easily now its christmas - so that will hopefully be all cut out, ready for lining and sewing together soon ^^ can order it just after christmas, really.

Doubt this will look as good as I was hoping it would, but never mind... can always fix/remake bits later on, but will see how it goes from here first!

Okay. So... after all that work, the wig I've done and proudly posted up here... is being replaced for the actual cosplay.

Yeah. I suck, but it just never seemed right to me, and after a good few photoshoots in casuals/etc, I've decided that I'm just not happy with it at all. I have a replacement picked out, and will be buying it after christmas, hopefully. The old wig will be kept for casual meet-ups, and messing about with friends etc.

So basically, just letting all of you know - progress on this cosplay WILL pick up again after Christmas, I'm determined.

Wish me luck


Hating this cosplay so much right now.

Just... *kicks it* Trying my best to get him done in time, but lacking motivation atm. Lets hope I can kick myself into gear.

Will post some pics of the completed hat and bling soon, and hopefully can sort everything else out during the week...


Because Undertaker is back in progress >8D

I figured I'd try and get as much of him done as I can manage before I skip off to Uni, just so I'm not annoying my flatmates too much with late-night sewing, sculpting, etc ;D

Sewing all of the overcoat together today, hopefully, and shall get cracking on putting all of the lining together... considering only lining parts of it, but I'm not sure. Will see how the fabric hangs without lining first I guess ^^

Progress pics soon, hopefully!

Just a quick journal update to say that pics of all of the completed costume pieces that havent yet been posted will be sorted soon! I do have all the photos, its just a matter of getting photoshop to behave long enough to sort them all out xD lol

...hence why there's a mini-shot of the earrings here 8'D I did want to get my ears pierced in time for this cosplay, and several others which involve ear piercing, but clip-ons will do for now~ ^^ I really like how they turned out!

Shall hopefully post other pics throughout the week!! <3

Yep, back to working on Elly...still got no lapel pattern, but I can just about guess how to make one... I think >.> Jacket is almost done, and the cape/cloak, whilst being a bit temperamental at the minute, is going okay ^^ Need to buy a fastening still though.

Sword /may/ happen... but its looking a bit less likely now >.< Depends how my funds are doing around then, really 8'D

Still considering getting my ears pierced in time for this cosplay x'D (I've wanted them done for ages, and Elly /does/ have pierced ears... >8D)

Pics and such soon!

Enjoy a mini preview of Liam's notebook, which is still being written up! Isnt it pretty?! 8DDDD ...I'm such a dork lol

I very nearly gave up on this cosplay today xD 5 times or more, I sewed up, and had to unpick, EACH sleeve. Dear god... trying to match up the white and silver bits for both sides nearly killed me T___T Its still nowhere near perfect, so I'm obviously not totally happy with it.. but, the jacket is officially done. (Save fastenings, but they'll take all of 5 seconds to attatch xD)

Now I just need to brave hemming the 'waistcoat' and that's done and... then Liam's essentially finished. *A* Will just need to sort out the earrings and customise the boots, really... I SO CANT WAIT TO WEAR HIM!!! *spazz*

Gloves and a LOVELY pin for the cravat are in the post now too ;D Here's hoping they arrive soon ^^

Just a journal to say that progress on Undertaker might slow a bit for a while - with other cosplays having earlier deadlines than him, I'm gonna be focussing on them instead...seeing as I sort of expected several of them to be done by now and that plan sort of... flopped xD

Not to say I wont be doing bits for him, here and there! I'll be sorting out the last of his jewellery and his sash soon since those are quite simple things to complete! 8D After that though... he'll probably be shoved to the back of my priority list for a while x'D Sorry!

Okay - I've almost finished shaping and tacking up the cloak/cape... thing xD complete with pretty blue (and totally manly) lining! Need to sort the collar out, but luckily I have plenty of interfacing lying around in my sewing boxes so that shouldnt be too difficult! 8D I'm not 100% happy with how its coming along, but since had no pattern for it, I suppose its going well really lol.

Unfortunately...sewing up the main body of Elliot's jacket did kind of... kill my machine a tad x'D One of my needles snapped right in half... *fail* But picked up some spares this morning so should have my machine back up and running in no time! Then I just need to either find a pattern for jacket lapels, or make one up... Wish me luck! ^^

After those are sorted he's pretty much done; will just need to make the sword and pick up some gloves! Yay 8D

My local fabric shop is having a summer sale, so I figured I'd raid the place to make sure I have everything sorted for Elliot, since I'm just a tad poor at the minute (or what money I have is being put aside for other things ^^) so a sale is a godsend 8'D

The actual cosplay shouldnt be too difficult to make... I dont think o_O could be wrong though lol, so hopefully I can put it together quite quickly! All I really need to make is the jacket and the cape anyway. Progress soon, hopefully!

Urgh T__T Its been so long since I did my Black Order uniform that I forgot how awkward it can be trying to add seperate sections of fabric onto a jacket... *boots it* and I should probably get lining material sorted before I do anything else to it.

This whole cosplay in general is working out a lot more fiddly than I originally thought it would be, but hopefully once I figure it out then it'll be quite simple to put together xD
Either way, the extra effort is definately worth it. Words actually cant express how much I'm looking foreward to cosplaying him! 8D

Also, the undercoat is really, REALLY close to completion! ...I'm just having a little lining-fail at the minute *facepalm* :'D Will work on it this weekend, and hopefully it'll be done after that!

Proper progress pics soon~ <3 This is just how what I've pinned so far looks ^^

There was an incident involving the ribbon that I spent hours sewing into place: one section I'd already sewn was a cream colour rather than white o_o (How, I'll never figure out. I always got the same ribbon. *fail*)

While that wasnt /such/ a big deal (you couldnt really tell unless you were close up :'D) I'm practically OCD with that kind of thing... and I want Liam to look as good as possible xD
Luckily, I had enough of the right colour to just sew over it, and I didnt have to unpick the whole thing... though now I once again need more ribbon xD (I've used about 5-6 meters already just on the undercoat DD'8) Once the last of the ribbon is added though, I just need to attatch the completed lining and buttons, and the undercoat is complete!

In other news! His main jacket is now underway, and the body of it has been fitted (I LOOK LIKE SUCH A WOMAN IN THIS COSPLAY! *boots Liam for being a trap* xD) Now I need to edit the jacket-shape to match the pandora uniform, then add all the white sections and more ribbon! ... FUN :'D

His collar. Is. EVIL T______T ...Especially when you have no pattern... *facepalm*

But his sleeves are coming along pretty well~ 8D I cut the cuffs off a shirt that I'll be adding ruffles to instead (Jack's :'D) and have pinned them into place - the pictures at the side show how they look at the minute!
I'm gonna tack them in tonight, then sew them into place when I next get a chance to use my machine~

...they make me feel sort of Severus Snape-ish at the minute xD lol

After that, I just need to sort the collar out, add the buttons and fastenings and the undercoat is finally done! 8D

Started working on Undertaker again, finally :'D lol

I've sewn one sleeve in on the undercoat, and somehow managed to avoid any gathers in the fabric (I hate them, they're the bane of my sewing-existance xD yet they always seem to happen lol) and have now pinned and tacked the other sleeve into place ^^ (Slow progress is slow, I know, but this isnt meant to be done until October, so shhh!)

I tried it on, and my dad's first comment was that it made my arms look very long and very thin. MADE ME FEEL HAPPY AND UNDERTAKER-ISH~! 8D rofl.

Also hoping to start on his bling soon >BD ...I'll be sculpting most of it out of modelling clay, which is bound to be fun :'D

(Pictures from a while back - just because I realised that I hadnt put up any progress pics for this!)



This is definately one of the most, difficult wigs I've ever styled x'D
Plaiting the whole thing was tough to get right, but its done! ...and while it was impossible to get it looking perfectly neat, I think it turned out pretty well in the end~! ^^

I've doused it in hairspray now too, in the hopes that it'll hold better against damage/usage this way :'D though I'm gonna be sure to keep the plaited end in a bag whenever the wig isnt in use!

Progress pics are up~! <3 The image attatched to this journal just, in my opinion, gives a much better view on just HOW long the wig is :'D

Oh, and Lacie, my lovely pocket watch, has arrived! ...and it WORKS! *amazed* xD (I just thought it was decorative, not functional! lol)

I've completed the top.

After doing SO MUCH WORK ON IT! *collapses and rolls around in joy* xDD This wig is literally a mess of homemade wefts and awkward sewing :'D lol

I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but I still quite like it! Its been a while since I did such intense styling on a wig, and I was really worried how it was going to turn out... but I think it went okay. ^^

I went for a more natural look with the wig... and I'm glad I did. It took a lot of cutting and layering to get it to where it is now, and though I might tweak it a little, I think it's pretty accurate as is!

Hope my group (my GLEN in particular *pokes* 8DDD lol) approve! <3


...and I'm only online right now because I'm waiting for the glue to dry~ :'D

Last night I took the wefts I made myself, and began sewing/glueing them into the wig.
As you can see in the progress pics, I've glued/sewn one under the front of the wig to thicken the fringe (...though more thickening might be needed xD)
I've also glued/sewn some more wefts into the sides to thicken the wig at the top...

I just hope they'll survive styling... xD

(Note - The wig colour looks a bit wierd in the pics, because of fail lighting :'D sorry~)

Also! My pocketwatch has been shipped 8D
Hoping it'll arrive soon!

Literally.... Styling this wig is looking to be like trying to win a battle...

A very one-sided battle ;____;

The wig I got (shown at the side~) is 51 inches long, and completely unstyled...(and guess what? Its still not quite long enough for Jack's hair xD *facepalm*)

I've already cut some of the longer bits at the front, and added a few layers at the back; I've also made some of my own wefts using the hair that I cut, to thicken up the wig around the top because its a little on the thin side for Jack's hair.

Once I've sewn in the wefts and styled the front, it shouldnt be too difficult to plait the back... I hope :'D

Now, back to coursework xD *rolls away*

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