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These are the overalls I will be buying and editing. Ill just need to take the sleeves off, nip it in a little and the waist, distress and sew the patches on! :D

Quick Moxxi step by step. Sorry it isn't more thorough.
1. First coat of snazaroo clown white.
2. Second coat
3. Stargazer pressed white powder
4. Paint eyebrows, black snazaroo + liner brush
5 + 6. Nyx eyeshadow
7. Eyeliner, Liquid top, kohl bottom
8. Tears, watery snazaroo + liner brush
9. Cheeks, nyx eyeshadow
10. Lips, dry blended snazaroo in red + black

Just making her skull hair clips, sorry for the crappy pic but, its just wet clay, nothing spectacular! XD

This hobby horse is going out the window I swear!! I have spend all afternoon trying to paint this thing, and I still HATE it!! I never ever ever want to paint wood grain ever ever again!!! This has got so many coats of paint on it, it just kept going wrong, and now the paint is starting to crack!! FML!

I Started the gloves today, They don't look too bad, I used white parts of my original Midna suit, it felt so good to cut it up!! Lol. I painted on the Green stripes, using acrylic paint. Last night I actually did the stripes with a marker pen and it went perfectly! But.. the pen ran out on the last stripe! OTL

Anyway, I like the colour I got mixing the paints, and.. is.. messy to say the least, but my excuse is.. that the stripes aren't supposed to be straight anyway!! Lol.

It also dawned on me today, Every single piece of fabric that has a pattern on it (apart from the tights) for this costume, has been hand painted, even down to the pockets! Sandysuicide is just amazing! And I still can't thank her enough, the effort she has put into creating this, and getting the fabrics and the look just right is amazing! and I love her to bits! What a star! <3

More Progress on the Hobby horse. The rope mane has been made out of model magic, and yeah.. that's totally a big yogurt pot at the bottom of the head, I know.. I'm such a pro!! Lol. Next is paining!

Just a quick photo to show the sort of size this is. I've just given it another coat of glue to make it hard, and hopefully tomorrow I can start molding bits onto it and then its just painting! :D

Okay so..

Today I got my boots through.. FINALLY and.. they didn't fit u_u well, I say that, they fit my feet, actually they're a bit big, calves are ALSO too big *cries* stupid fat legs *mumble mumble* ANYWAY I have found a way around it as the boots are so nice, and I really can't afford to spend anymore money, I have cut them up!

They were knee high boots, and as my legs are so short, they were actually too long anyway and went above my knee, so they would have had to be changed whether they fit around my legs or not! So I put them on as much as I could, and it turns out it was only the top buckle section that didn't fit, so I marked dots all the way around and making sure to be careful with the zip, cut the whole top off, about 4 inches actually.

So now they only have 3 buckles, and don't go all the way up to my knees, but I must say.. it looks pretty good if I do say so myself, I just have to seal the top and paint over the scuffs(they were used when I bought them, £90 pair of boots for £30!) and that's it!

As for the dress, sandysuicide has finished it, and it was posted special delivery today, so I should have it quite soon!! I hope!! *touches wood* Then all that is left to do is finish the Hobby horse and make the gloves!!

So it's all coming together! Who would have that a couple of months ago this wasn't even planned! :D

Perfect doll face for Alice's bow!! I just need to paint it all... creepy XD

oh.. and also.. STILL NO BOOTS!!!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Well everything is going well!! Sandysuicide is working her ass off to get this done for me, and she is amazing!! I'm so happy with how it is looking!

I received the wig yesterday and it is PERFECT! Although I am a little confused... I ordered the wig, and the boots.. on the same day. How has the wig from China.. got here, and the boots.. from Newcastle have not!! What gives!!

Anyway, I will be ordering the hobby horse today so I can start customizing it, and I should have the necklace complete by this evening too.

Then all it is, is making the dolls head, doing the horse, and waiting! IM SO EXCITED ITS UNREAL!!!

More progreeeess!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! XD

Pink collar painted with the teal pattern :D

*happy dance*

sandysuicide modelling the progress so far!!

Started mapping out the patterns today, here is the pattern for the upper and underside of the arms.

Its quite messy, but you get the general idea!

And yeah.. I totally drew round my hand, I feel 5 again!

I dont understand how someone can be patient enough to sew on ribbon... after ribbon.. after ribbon.. Girl you are amazing, and it is looking fantastic!!

I'm so excited to have this costume!!

I'm the luckiest girl in the woooorld! <3

Here are some of the fabrics that sandysuicide has bought for this costume! <3

This is the wig I have bought. It is the perfect shape, and from the looks of the photo, it isn't completely black, which is good, as Alice's hair in Wonderland had a red/brown tinge to it.

Started making the Omega necklace today, It is such a simple shape I have just moulded it out of model magic, which I will then paint, and attach to a pink ribbon.

I have made it slightly oversized, I thought it would look better this way with the style of the dress, to match the oversized buttons, big collar, and oversized bow.

Won on ebay!!

£80 boots for £26... score!! :D

.. I know alice doesn't wear heeels but... my short ass needs 'em!!

Been searching for wigs high and low to find the perfect one! >_<

Its such an awkward shade, sometimes it looks light, and other times it looks dark.

This is the closest I have seen so far, whatcha think?

RIGHT!! Fianlly something is happening with this costume!!

Yesterday I found a company that make custom Zentai suits. And... I do kinda feel like I'm cheating... But... I really have tried with this costume!! I tried really really hard.. and as much as I want to do it ALL myself... I can't afford to waste any more money on this. And I really want it to be as perfect as I can!!

So... I sent off a front and back image of the suit I painted, and they said it was possible for $50.. which is amazing, and they make it to your measurements for free! To be honest it all seems too good to be true... I really am keeping my fingers crossed for this!! So much has gone wrong, and I have spent so much money.. I just want it to go right for a change!! Lol.

The suit will be made from black and white lycra stitched together, and I will be painting the blue pattern onto the suit once it arrives!

I'm still so nervous about this costume, but at least I wont have to deal with anymore paint issues, and I wont have to deal with my dreadful sewing!

...and hopefully all the hard work I put into the helmet will make up for cheating with the suit!! >_<

Just some more angles of the pink shading.

Once the white base was completely dry I could then start on the colours, and the first to go on was the Pink (this is actually the only colour I got progress shots of before I got too into what I was doing and finished >_< I suck!)

Anyway. For this I used Barry M Dazzle Dust, in a very vibrant pink (not sure what the colour is called as I have had it so long it has rubbed away)

To get the shapes to have a solid edge I made some stencils out of paper to fit my face, and patted the colour along the edge to make sure the colour was strong. Then I could take the stencil away and using a blending brush to fade the colours out and stretch out the powder to create a softer gradient to contrast the strong, crisp lines.

I thought I would upload a few of my progress shots, and what I used to create this E.T inspired look. Hopefully next time I do something like this I can make a Video of the process.. and hopefully it will be more successful than the train wreck of a video I made for Darth Talon! lol.

For the plain white base I used Snazaroo facepaint, which I patted all over my face in layers to make sure I got an even coverage. And a white Barry M Kohl pencil to hide my eyebrows and along my waterline to make my eyes appear larger.

The contact lenses I am wearing are Funky eyes in red, and can be purchased here:

This is my bomb bag.. it is very squishy.. and very cute.. and I actually love it!! Even if it was made in minutes and painted in seconds!!! ≧^◡^≦

Just a quick Mirror shot to give the general idea.... appologies for the grubby mirror! haha

Here is a pic to show just how bad they look, bare in mind these patches have been coloured/painted over several times, and its just not working...

Who knew that a few hours could make such a difference...

Im sorry to say it, and completely heart broken, but Midna is over.

The suit just.. hasnt worked. have had way too many problems with it, and no matter how hard i try it just cant be fixed. The photo doesnt show it, but the suit is very patchy on the black parts, and i have tried everything to cover them, but everything I use just comes straight off! getting the suit on causes so many patches because of the way it has to be pulled over my legs, its prints onto anything i sit on or lean on, just gently rubbing your hand on it causes it to come off.

I can only think its the material of the suit, nothing seems to like it.. Ive tried dylon paint, pens, fabric spray paint, fixing with an iron.. and it just does the same thing...

I really dont want to give up on it, but I just cant see a way around it with Expo so close! And its getting to the point where it is just beating me down to the point of not wanting to do it!

I hope I can figure something out for the future, I have put far too much time, money and effort into it to give up completely, but for this expo.. Midna just wont be happening! (╥﹏╥)

*cries forever*

the wig is now attached to the helmet... not as secure as i'd hoped but its staying, and i can always go back and do a little more fixing.

at the moment im trying to focus more on the suit. the fabric spray paint was horrible!! didnt work at all!! hate it hate it hate it!! its scratched off!! ERGH!! anyway.. I have got to the point where I will literally do ANYTHING so I have just sat for an hour, and coloured in the whole leg with a shitty fabric pen.. and its worked! I mean it will probably come off a bit when i pull it up my leg.. but its certainly making it alot easier! so.. buying a fuck tonne on pens it is then!!! >_<

Okay.. Its about time I did a proper update. things arent goig exactly to plan.. and lets just say the suit... well im having some issues!!
I spent 4 hours painting it, while my friend was amazing enough to stand in it for me.. and it was all going really well... until the fixing process... *sigh*
carfully me and my mum spend a whole afternoon ironing the suit to make the black fix onto the fabric... and quite simply. It wont! It still rubs off, and getting it on is a right royal pain in the ass!! As the legs are so tight, it takes ALOT of pulling over my chunky tree trunks, and in doing so the paint comes off on my hands, leaves white patches on the suit, and makes it impossible to put on without transferring black onto white parts.. ¬_¬ rage just.. doesnt describe it!
After many tears and alot of freaking out.. I havent thrown in the towel just yet, I have spent far too much time and money on this costume, and got far too excited to give up now!

so.. at the moment in time, I am currently doing a test on the cut off hood, with some black spray on fabric paint.. if this works i can just spray the arms and legs and fill in the patches.. but of course there is a chance that it will rub off the same way the dylon paint did.. I guess I'll just have to see.. If it doesnt work, all I can think is.. as i'm running out of time.. buying a fuck tonne of black fabric pens, and filling in the patches, on the day after getting on if need be! >_< *dies inside*

As far as the other bits are concerned, I have ordered everything now, the contacts are on thier way, though they arent the ones I wanted, as they were out of stock, so they are just plain red contacts (was hoping for some with a black rim) And I also have a retainer on the way, so my lip piercing wont be as visible against the white paint.

I have also started to try and attach the wig to the helmet.. which isnt proving easy! lol (see picture)

I think thats it for now.. so all in all, alot more problems with this costume that I had ever imagined... silly me assuming this would be a simple costume!!

Seriously... fuck this suit...

that is all.

Soooo lately I have just been working on the suit, painting all the bits that I can reach, until I can get my friend to come back and be my model again! lol. So I have painted the hands and arms, and tonight I will be painting as much as i can on the leg.

Last night I ordered eerything else I need for the costume, so thats paint... and more paint.. and some face paint too!! lol. So sopefully that just leaves the contacts to buy! Im still really pleased with how it's coming along, Just starting to feel the pressure now as Expo is NEXT FRIKKIN MoNtH MAN!! ARRGGHHH!!!!

(pic: painting this zentai is sooooo much fun! >_<)

It seems I havent had the time to work on this costume for AGES so tonight, I am dedicating all my time to making this helmet perfect! So I thought Id do a little update, who knew that doing a little silver dry brushing would make such a difference!!

There is still a fair amount detailing to do, but I have dry brushed on some silver and some darker tones, to give the helmet a more distressed look. And I'm pretty happy with the result so far, I have uploaded a short video to show the helmet a little better, And I will be taking proper photos when I can get hold of a camera! :D

So here is what it looks like so far (modelled by the lovely boba fett) I have sewn in all of the yellow wig in strips, except the skin top.. I'm not too sure how I am going to get the yellow coming through the top... Its doing my head in tbh, lol. Never mind, this is all I can do for now. I think Im going to work of the length and the layers next, and figure out the spikey top later.

The image is pretty self explanatory really. But What I have done is cut the yellow wig into strips, these will then be stitched and blended through the orange wig. At the moment they're both far too long, But I want to blend it and do the spikey top first, before going too mad! I really hope I get this right!! >_<

The wigs I am going to use for midna have arrived, I think the orange one is a little bit too bright... got me a tad worried, I'm just hoping once they're cut, blended and styled it wont look too bad... Let me know what you think?

Not much to update on really.

I left the helmet for a few days just to give the model magic time to dry fully, and go as solid as it can get. And today I have used PVA to seal the whole thing ready for painting. I will be away for a few days after tomorrow, so in the morning I'll probaby give it another quick coat to just give it a little bit of extra strength, but i have to be careful ot to make the texture too smooth as i still want it to look rough.

I also ordered the 2 wigs I will be using, and the fabric paint today, so hopefully they will be here soon!

... think thats it for now n_n

Well.. despite feeling really crap today I have made lots of progress on my fused shadow! I have used carpet adhesive to attach the two pieces together, now that all the carving is done. And I have been able to do all of the moulding!

I officially LOVE model magic! It is so much fun to work with, so squishy, and soft, and clean!! It's like modelling with marshmallow but not as sticky!! lol. And it is so lightweight, which is prefect for my helmet.

I have moulded around all the top edges of the helmet to smooth it all off, and I have done all the details like the snakes, and the eyes. And I'm actually really pleased if I do say so myself!! now I just have to wait and see how it dries, and pray nothing goes wrong.

I did some research about using model magic, and it can be sanded if careful incase there are any rough bits, but due to its spongeyness it is very porous and will just soak up paint, so I will have to seal it before painting. so that is the next step!!

Last night I ordered my Zentai, and soon I shall be getting the fabric paints!

I am struggling however with finding the wigs. I will need two, as I need the two colours, and it will need alot of styling, but I havent had any luck with this yet.

(pic: close up of the model magic, I know it looks messy, but it wont, promise ;P)


So yes.. I can finally make some progress now! and I think It is surprising how much more it looks like her now I have added ears! SO CUTE!!

More progress will be coming soon, I promise!!


someone..somewhere... does NOT want me to make any progress on this! lol.


I'm going mad not being able to make any progress on this costume so today i found some of the plastic putty stuff used for attaching fake fangs, and after a few tries, I managed to mold one to the right sort of shape. It's not perfect but It was good to practice! Its so hard shaping it and fitting it around your tooth before it starts to go hard, but it turns out that you can reshape it again and again with boiling water, so that made it a lot easier to get a good point and a smooth surface! Because who wants a tooth with a finger print in!! lol. So yeah... after a lot of boiling the kettle and some patience I got one to look about right XD

I want to get on with this costume SO MUCH but there is nothing I can do at the moment, and it's so frustrating. I ordered some model magic for the helmet AGES ago, and it still hasn't arrived!! And I can't start anything else until after I get paid!

Still on a lighter note, thanks to the lovely CharlotteLuna I now know what paint will work best for the body suit which is fantastic, as that was my biggest worry!

So.. yeah.. HOPEFULLY there will be more progress sooooooon!! >_<

Progress on the helmet is going well. the basic shape is cut out, and today I bought myself a soldering iron, so I can emboss the design into the foam cleanly and neatly... only snag?? melting foam ... STINKS!! *chokes and dies*

Just a quick little pic to show the 'crystal' on the end of the lightsaber hilt. I wanted to make it look like it was sort of glowing.

finally getting round to painting the other lekku tail. i have been putting it off for ages but it NEEDS to be done! And it isnt easy as it has to be symmetrical.. and mirrored... and neat.. and they wobble! ARGH! lol

Just uploaded a Video of me applying my face paint!

Several people have asked how I do the face paint so.. Here is an AWFUL video! Half the time my face is not in shot and my goofy messy hair is!! And I Couldnt really see what I was doing because of the contacts, So its not perfect! But it will be on the day! I PROMISE! Enjoy... HUR HUR!

I was going to do the leather strips all the way down, but due to the shape of the cups it didnt look right, so i decided to dont 3 strips on the stop of each cup.

Again.. not very excititng but i've made the ear cones today. not sure how to attach them yet, but i'll think of something. Male Twi'leks have humanoid ears, yet females are nearly always shown with these ear cones. some round and smooth, and some more pointed and ridged all the way around, which I prefer, so thats what ive gone for. As im running out of time and money these have just be carved from a foam block, and painted.

Not much of an update, but this is how it should look once all stuck together!

I'm so proud of myself!!! IT WAS WELL SCARY!! but they really do look the part!... I hope! Lol

... I just need to get used to them... I can feel them moving!!!

These are the contacts I have ordered! Dont know how im going to manage it, but it will be worth the pain and fright! lol

Oh my.. I tried everything on last night... And Im actually so f*cking CHUFFED! It actually looks much better than I thought it was going to! I know its not 100% accurate now hat I have had to add a headband, but.. I dont care coz it looks SWEET! All the colours Match so well!! All I have left to do, it order my Gloves, and finish the Armour, and THATS IT! Oh yes and.. despite a phobia of eyes, I have decided to go ahead and get some yellow and red cotacts AND POWER THROUGH!! As im so pleased with how it looks I think the eyes will just top it all off. If it had looked poo.. I dont think I would have bothered! lol

I have officially lost over a stone between now and when i did Bayonetta! I hope it shows when im squeezed into that Zentai! Chubby Talon may not look so good...

I'm so happy!! I have finally sorted out the problem keeping the Lekku on my head. I think I have finally found a way to make them secure!

As the plan to have them under the Zentai hood failed oh so miserably I had to adapt the costume a bit. Now i can understand that every single Talon costume I have seen has had a head strap. I was really hoping that I would be able to avoid this, but alas i cannot! *sigh*

BUT NEVER MIND!! I have made a Head piece that is so tight it keeps my Lekku on beautifully! *crosses fingers* With some help of some hair grips, alot of pressure, and 2 straps! ... it just makes me pretty deaf, so if you come up to me.. SHOUT! but IT STAYS PUT!! HOORAH!!

Although...If anyone decides to tug on them.. I WILL SHOVE MY LIGHTSABER SO FAR UP YO' ASS YOU WILL TASTE IT!!! *grins*

Okay so i started the armour today! Due to lack of funds i have literally had to rummage around to find materials. I have used a poster tube, that i split down the middle, and flattened out. I then wrapped my legs in cling film, and stretched the card over my shin, and moulded it to the shape of my leg as best i could, and paper mache'd it. Ive done about.. 5-6 layers i think. I then cut them off my legs and trimmed them. For the bolts I had to use something i could get lots of, so i ended up emptying a box of pills into a tub, and using the blister packet! Cut round each bubble..thing.. and stuck it on. Once it painted it shouldnt look too bad. And its costing me nothing to make 7 Pieces of armour!! WIN!!!

The tattoo's have been started!!

Lekku are NOT easy to paint!!!! THEY ARE FRIGGING ALIVE!!! Wobbling about everywhere!! and i cant hold on to them, coz they're wet!! lol. Its quite fun though.... in an annoying but funny kind of way... lol

Here's what my hilt looked like before i painted it. i know some people feel it looks a little.... questionable... but it is a hilt, and nothing more!! LOL!

Well.. today i have been a little down. so i have been working hard to take my mind off it! today i have:

Done the final coat of latex on the lekku? - HAI!
Painted the base colours and shadows on the hilt? - HAI!
Measured and cut out the pieces of armour for arms and legs? - HAI!
Cut out the front shape for the belt..skirt.. panty.. thing? - HAI!
Colour tested 3 different red acrylics for the lekku to match the face? - HAI!!
Made a mess?? - HAI!!!!!

(web cam shot of the colour testing.. its not actually that bright.. and there are 3 different reds on there... you just cant tell! :P)

so.. a productive day!!

*proud face!*

Here's a little pic of where im at Lekku wise.. still latexing!! SHOCKER!!! they will need a couple more coats before i can paint them... but im running rather low on latex now... EEK!

..and yes i know.. they look silly in the picture.

Lol, so as you can guess i have started on my lightsaber.. now... As i already have a few i REALLY wanted to use a force FX lightsaber.. and as Talons is red, i had 2 choices.. Vaders, or the build your own. See now .. Vaders was the obvious choice, its a far superior saber. the sound is better, the light is better.. generally just... BETTER! but... the hilt was bulky enough as it is.. and looks NOTHING like talons, so i would have to make a cover for it.. and.. a cover on top of that already HUGE hilt would have looked reduculous. So ive had a play around with the other one, set it to red, taken off all the bits and pieces, and its actually perfect, So.. *crosses fingers* if all goes to plan... I have made a cover for it, out of foam, which i am carving to look like the knarled coral. This cover will then be coated with latex and painted, which should hopefully still make it flexable enough to take on and off so i can replace batteries and what not... so yeah.. here is it so far.. it looks pretty huge but.. hopefully it wont be!!

oh and.. ignore me in the photo cuz... LOL

Lol.. so.. Last night i finished sticking all the pieces of the lekku together, with the most horrible spray glue EVER!! I mean damn does it work!! but its horrible to work with!! ANYWAY! So today i have started coating the foam in latex. I can only work on the main head part of the Lekku at the moment (even though it will be hidden) AS i need to stuff, and bend the tails into shape before i can latex them, and seeing as i dont have the stuffing or the wire.. i cant lol. SO yes! progress none the less. And please excuse the rubbish picture. They honestly wont stay pointing up like that!! lol

Foam arrived today! And i am making the Lekku as we speak... although... I cant get the lid off my latex :( And i think i have just given myself a hernia trying, but i dont care! BECAUSE I AM EXCITED!!

It has officialy started, things have been ordered!! So i can get underway with her Lekku!! I really cant wait!

Upholstery foam - HAI!
Paint - HAI!!
Latex - HAI!!!

Right, well... My Storm Wing boomerang is well underway. The basic shape is cut out of foam, and the 'crystal' bit has been cut out and shaped! ... sharp plastic was SHARP!

I have ordered the green LED lights to go inside the clear bit, for that extra wow factor, and they are fitted, i can fully assemble it, paper mache and paint!! WHOOOOP!

Now i just need to find the green window film to cover the plastic! Oh AND the wig has been picked out, and will be ordered shortly!

Finally... After 10 years of dreaming, My Aika costume has started! No one will ever understand how happy this makes me!!

I'm not entirely sure when i will be doing this, but i would liek to get started on it as soon as possible! I would like to loose some weight first, as i dont think i would feel all that comfortable with THAT much leg on show right now!
Anyway... Despite the nasty comment i got i am still going full steam ahead with this! I'm getting a load of money back from the tax man on monday, so i'm gonna order my wig then, so i can get started on my ears and boob... grabber... things??!! YAY!!


I am almost there!! I have 4 COMPLETE guns!! And all there is left to do it sew the last chain on the leg!!! WHOOP!! I must admit i tried everything on earlier.. and it was... painful to say the least.. its very tight... very hot.. impossible to walk in, and all in all... gonna be a challenge.. i hope i can manage!! EEKK ITS SO CLOSE!! So many people are looking forward to this and im REALLY feeling the pressure, i hope i can deliver!!!!!

Right... today is my last day of working on the costume, so it has t be finished today!! And you know what? I really think i'm gonna do it!!! Only a lil bit more to go!!! AND I HAS MY GUN SHOES!!! THEY LOOK EPIC... and thyre an epic MISSION to walk in! But its all worth it!!

I was just told by a French Kid on dA about my Make up test.. to "try and redo it better" ... nice!!

Ok.... so.. PANIC!!! There is well less than a month now, And i'm having a few issues.. Since i last tried on the catsuit on.. it seems my bust has grown, and it looks DANGEROUS... if not a little slutty!! ANd there is no way a backless Bra is going to work, SO i'm thinking i may not be able to have the catsuit backless. It wont be perfect, but its that or embarassment!!! ><

I also just got stuck in the catsuit... COMPLETELY COULDNT GET OUT!! my mum had to come and rescue me!! now that the straps are on the arms, i literally cannot move in it!...which SUCKS!!!

I hope i can get this all sorted out in time. I also still have 3 guns to finish, one of which isnt even paper mache...d..? (spelling.. not a clue) Anyway.. its not even ready for paint. so yeah.. PANIC!!!!!!!

Ok... so i figured that for this journal update.. it would be easier to just copy and paste my facebook updates for the day.....

Starting from calm.. and ending in RAGE!!

Alexandra Streater is thinking... maybe a complete Scarborough fair today??? ... perhaps!

Alexandra Streater is getting more and more annoyed and disappointed with her Bayonetta guns :(

Alexandra Streater


Alexandra Streater Okay so... it stopped raining so i thought id see if i could get a little spraying done... but because of the frikkin humidity its caused the paint to bubble.... fucking BUBBLE!!! ><

Alexandra Streater And now... I Have to sit holding this Frikkin thing, balanced on 2 ruddy wooden spoons!!! ARGH!!! COSPLAY!!!!!!!! * points to picture *

..... That pretty much sums it up.....

But one gun is now complete... after all of that, And i feel SO MUCH BETTER!!

Right well... it is now.. *thinks* under 50 days until expo!!! WAHOOO!!! The costume is coming along well. I havent been able to take photos of anything lately becuase my camera is broken :( But basically all i have left to do is the guns!! So i'm very happy. I'm going to do a hair test soon, as it is now all together, i wanna wear the hair piece for a day just to make sure it will stay put. Its all secure, its just attaching it to -my- hair thats the issue lol. I'll only be pissed off if it wobbles all the time at expo! lol. So yeah apart from that, and getting something to support my boobies.. ITS ALL GOOD :D *does a happy dance*

Today I have been a busy little bee!!! Today I have... in about 3 hours managed to make the other 3 guns!! WAHOOO!! oh oh AND i managed to complete my shoes and make the attachments look patent!!! AND managed to do most of the gloves!! AND make the straps for the sleeves of my catsuit!! IM SO FRIKKIN CHUFFED!! :D :D :D

Right... well today I thought that i would start to make my guns... but little did i know how hard it would be! i have never made a prop before... ever, and i think i jumped into this a bit too confident.. anyway.. saying that its not going too bad *touches wood* And im sure it will abe alot easier when i have a glue gun, because doing this with PVA is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

So here is a picture to show how big it is in comparison to the midget replica! I really wanted thses to look a bit chubby and ovesized, althought because i'm so short, and a little round... i think i'm gonna look more like a Chibi Bayonetta!! HAHAHA

Well... i never knew that cutting a 2m plastic waste pipe would be so damn hard!!! but i'm so glad ive done it!! because now i can start on the guns!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!! I've really been looking forward to this. The pipes are a little messy at the moment.. they needed the ends sanded, but they really are the perfect size! I really want these guns to be huge and over the top! So now i have the pipes, and the foam!! and i can get MAKING!!! :D

ToT Wahhhhh I havent been able to make any progress on my costume for AGES!!! Everything is packed up in boxes, i cant wait until i have moved, and i can really get started again!!!

well.. today i went out and i bought some more stuff for my costume. I managed to find everything i need to finish my chest piece which is awesome, but i also bought about 5 metres of red ribbon, as i thought it could take a while to write out all those demonic letters... now i wanted to get this PERFECT!!! so i did a bit of research.. and some very close studying of images, and the demonic alphabet chart you unlock at the end of the game, and it turns out... her hair ribbon says 'BAYONETTA BAYONETTA BAYONETTA.. ETC ETC...' all the way down.. from start to finish.... which is awesome!! coz i was just gonna write out random letters, lol. so i made sure i got a good copy of the alphabet.. and i'm still in the process of writing it out... so far i think i have written 'Bayonetta' about.. 25 times in demnic writing... so im pretty used to it.. and about to finish it off will upload a picture when its all done and perfect!!

RIGHT! today i have started making progress with my glasses, instead of buying new fake glasses.. i have decided to use my everyday glasses.. which i wear all the time, because they are the perfect shape!! and if i do it well enough... it would be mighty awesome to be walking around with bayonetta glasses all the time!! haha. so yes, it took me a while to figure out the design from different sources.. its not perfect but its close! so i drew it out neatly and traced it onto card. its only thin card so it will hopefully be strong enough!! was a bitch to cut out!! so tiny and detailed.. and now im just applying layers of paint.

Have started with the chain as stated previously.. i havent actually done anymore, becuase it was so difficult to sew on the first little bit... ive sort of been dreading going back to it, but i'll work on it in bed tonight, just to get it out of the way. so thats about it really. should be getting ribbon and such at the weekend so i can get started on the script and the gloves.

Will update soon im sure!

p.s ... so proud of myself, i have been doing work on my cosplay everyday!! hopefuly will be done in no time!!!

well i just sewed on the first bit of chain to the catsuit.... was so much harder than i imagined!! and so much more to go!!!

I DID IT!!! i managed to make the hair attachment finally, just uploaded some shitty webcam pics. It isnt perfect yet... but it turned out better than i thought!! *happy dance* Now i just need to attach ribbon and chain!

thought i would upload an image of the mess im getting in trying to do this hair attachment!! im finding long black hairs everywhere!!!

Right... well.. all in all its going pretty well. right at this moment.. i am up to my eyeballs in card, hair and black paint! the hair is proving more of a challenge than i first thought. Most people who i have seen cosplay bayonetta have all used wigs.. however i thought, seeing as i dye my hair black anyway, why not just make an attachment that i can use, combining it with the hair i have naturally, to make it look a bit more realistic, and not so... heavy and stuck on!! little did i realise.. just how hard this was going to be!!! been playing around with so many different ways and so far... nothing has worked. but i will keep going UNTIL I WIN!!!

anyway... aside from the hair disaster its going okay. I'm going to start attaching the chain to the catsuit tonight... what a long night of sewing individual chain links to a tough fabric i have ahead of me! but still all good fun. I thought i had found the perfect shoes to customise... but they arrived.. and didnt fit, so i shall takle that issue another time. And soon i should be getting me finger out and finding my way to a fabric store to i can get some red fabric, and black piping to complete the gloves. And also get some piping so i can finally start the guns!!

so.. really i guess its not going THAT well... a bit slow and annoying really, but never mind! hopefully i shall update soon and things will be going swimmingly!!!

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