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Well this wig caused me way more issues than it should have done!
I've been worrying about getting a wig for Ulala since I first planned this costume as there just doesn't seem to be anywhere online that sells a ponytail wig in the magenta that I needed and not for a ridiculous amount.
The picture attached kinda shows what I started with. This thing started life as a Madoka wig which has the perfect amount of volume in the clip on ponytails and was already section off in to pigtails with a skin parting down the back.

I first off tried to dye the wig using the dunking method. This just did not work and I have no idea way. I pretty much stuck word for word to the tutorials I looked at but I had no luck. It didn't even tint the wig and I was instead left with a wig the same milkshake pink colour that smelt really bad. I gave the thing a good wash and then went about hand colouring the whole thing. It took quite a while but not as long as I would have imagined, my major issue was not having enough pens!

Actually styling the wig was relatively simple, I used straighteners on a very low heat to achieve the curl and sealed this with hairspray and PVA. All in all this thing should hopefully be indestructible and be able to survive the trek down to London and back!

First part of progress started today. As I mentioned my mum is tackling the bulk of this due to my uni degree ending pretty soon and I really haven't got the time I'd like to dedicate to this! However whilst I'm home for Easter I'm lending a hand as best I can :) at the moment my main headache is getting the gradient dyed on to the skirt. I'm using jacquard dye-na-flow dyes and whilst they were a little pricey they where totally worth it. They work very similar to water colour paints and make it incredibly easy to achieve gradients. They're just a tad hard to control and I messed up quite afew times so I ended up having to divide my skirt on to three so that its more manageable.
Everything else seems to have been a breeze! We had a small issue with the roll size as initially they were a little too large but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Tomorrow we'll be battling the chest armour and getting all the gradient dye done!

To say me and RohanFox only decided to do Disney babes whilst at Disneyland Paris last week, we've both charged in to this!
Admittedly she's quite a bit further on than me but whilst she's drowning in yellow fabric I find myself running around like a mad woman trying to find the right shades of lilac.

The biggest difficulty I've had is finding the fabric for the bodice. In some shots it looks pink, in others it looks lilac. Sometimes it looks plain, but then up close it has embroided detail. After two days hunting I decided to go with anglaise and did mange to find some in lilac, only to be told that it was discontinued. I now have to sit and wait for refund before I can order any more. Worse comes to worse I may but white anglaise, which is readily available, and dye it lilac.

I've found what looks like the perfect corset pattern for the bodice, but I will have to wait and see how it works out. i've chosen to use taffeta for her skirt so I can still get the 'shine' without using satin as I just hate it. It shines pretty blue which I know isn't a 100% accurate but I really wanted to break up all the purple and lilac by introducing variations on the shade. I plan to embroider all the details on the skirt and there's no doubt I'll be regretting this decision a few weeks down the line.

I've order my main wig for the braid which is a whooping 51" long! I toyed with the idea of building up a very thick braid on a fabric base but I've since then decided to go the same route as the Disney face characters on the advice of my Mum.

So at the moment I'm just waiting around as there's not much I can be doing until stuff arrives or I get more money!

I'd originally planned to buy a cupcake fascinator off of eBay but I found the colours didn't really match Pinkie like I wanted. I was working out a way I could make my own when I stumbled across silicone cupcake trays in Poundland! I covered the cases in incandescent glitter glue I got from a local craft store and formed the cupcake out of fimo. Ideally I could have done with two of the brown/gold colour to make sure it properly showed above the tray.

At the moment I'm just having an issue with affixing clips to the cupcake. Silicone doesn't like any of the glue I have and I've already had to repaint the tray after the glitter glue peeled off. When I have the time I will go and buy some silicone adhesive.

As I ended up with six silicone trays I plan to make more and carry them round with me on the day :) Fortunately they double up as really adorable decorations!

Today I sat myself down in front of my machine and just sewed until I ran out of thread. I'm feeling a lot better than what I was in my last journal entry and I can now definitely see the end!

My jacket is almost complete, it's just missing the trim, fastenings and detail. I have one sleeve completely finished and I just have to hand sew a seam on the other before it's attached and finished up. I decided to make two small belts for the arms just to ensure that the sleeves wont fall down! They didn't take me too long and were made by cannibalising two Primark belts. My gohei had to be fixed yet again, it was such a mistake using plastic thread for the structure and I'm really paying for it now!

My makeup and eyelashes are all on the way and I'm now just sat waiting for some more bias binding to arrive. Tomorrow I plan to have some time off from sewing and attempt the hair beads which I've been avoiding like the plague.

I feel like for the past couple of weeks progress has almost ground to a halt and I've had very little motivation to finish this which has also been mixed with university work and feeling ill.
However I sat down tonight and I made a little progress.

I haven't really gotten much further with my jacket. I started painting the pattern on to it 3 weeks ago and it seems to be never ending! A first I didn't buy nowhere near enough dye so I then had to wait for more and it's taken a ridiculous amount of coats to get it looking how I want. I was also completely unaware of how much Dylon fabric paint bled and whilst I've done my best to neaten all the edges I could, I'm still not 100% happy. However (hopefully) the last coat went on tonight and I also did the first coat for the sleeves. Once the dye is dry I should really be able to start some of the major work on the jacket. I've had trouble with the eyelets and it's meant ordering a large size than I had original bought so as soon as they arrive the chain trim is getting finished up and then I'll start piecing the thing together.

My gohei had to be fixed and re-glued as the plastic thread I'd used originally had stretched and melted with the hot glue. That's however all sorted and hasn't caused me too much of an issue. The wig was cut today and is pretty much complete. At some point I'll try the wig on just to double check the cut sits okay but I doubt it will need major altering.

So overall things are getting there just at a more slower and sluggish pace than I would have liked. However with only 11 days left I'll fight through my 'sewing' block and getting this thing done on time!

SO I may have had some jacket trouble.

I was originally using what was essentially a trench coat pattern but as I said in my last journal entry I bought the entirely wrong size. It fit awfully, as was expected, but despite it being an 18W it was still too narrow around the petticoat. The petticoat has caused my no end of trouble as I had to add an extra panel to my dress so it would fit.

So scraping that coat I spent most of Saturday night/Sunday morning devising (note:worrying) a method of how to make a new jacket. I actually used a jacket pattern I'd originally bought for my Secret Police costume which hadn't turned out right in the end. However with some serious thinking, maths and help from my flat mate I've finally managed to get it to work! I've drawn up an entirely new pattern and I couldn't have asked it to work better. Especially as last night I was worrying that I wouldn't be able to make the jacket it all!

In these progress pictures the jacket is merely pinned. I do however have it sewn and the whole lining has been altered and pinned. I'm feeling MUCH better about this costume now and I plan to rage on ahead tomorrow!

I have actually been really proactive with this costume but at the moment progress has really halted.

I bought all my fabric on Christmas eve and since then I've been slowly gathering materials so the cost doesn't put too much of strain on me. The wig I purchased way back in November and I plan on using the contact lenses from my Rei cosplay.

The under parts are mostly finished, I just plan to add a few more details to the shirt collar if I have enough studs left over. My pattern pieces are mostly cut out but as I've gone back to University I don't have the time or energy to quite tackle the coat yet, but I hope to this weekend! As you can see I bought a TON of red fabric and what you see in the images isn't even the entire thing!
I also made a stupid mistake and bought my sewing pattern in an 18W when I am in fact a size 6/8 ):. Hopefully though I'm hoping the wideness should work to my advantage for the bottom even though it needs some serious altering! The lovely RohanFox is modeling my altered pattern here :)

I have the craft foam for my Gohei so I shall most likely start working on cutting out the 100 'diamond' shapes I need for that :)

An amalgamation of progress images moved from my gallery.

So me and RohanFox finally got around to making our wings today! They aren't as big as we originally intended them to be but as we could only get a few feathers we just had to make do!

I'm actually really happy with how they're coming out at this stage, they've actually turned out just the right and size and cutting of the feathers has certainly give them their own 'personality' :)

I haven't updated my journal in such a long time, but with most of the larger pieces out of the way, I've just been working a way at tiny bits.
At the moment my main concern is the wings. Having being unable to acquire the feathers for the wings I originally planned, it was back to the drawing board several times.

I tried to actually make more steampunk looking wings but unfortunately on such a limited budget they didn't go well. Whilst I was happy with the base (which could actually pivot), I didn't like how the feathers came out in craft foam and after I bit of an accident with wood glue they were scrapped. Sadly the wings are quite important to me as I see them being as so vital to the birds in terms of design. Hopefully RohanFox shall be visiting me the coming weekend with some feathers bought from Hobby Craft so we can quickly knock up some small scale ones. Wish us luck!

The bracers are just a small added detail I felt we needed so we looked a little more, combat ready. To say Zapdos is the 'Electric Warfare Officer' of the group she looks ridiculous feminine at the moment so I thought the bracers would make her look a little more serious :')
I'm actually rather pleased with how they've come out, especially to say they're my first attempt at craft foam armour. They just need one more coat of PVA and they will then be painted and weathered!

Since we first came up with the idea, me and Rohan have been adamant that we have little airship badges.

I was initially going to just order wing charms but that turned out a lot more difficult than I imagined and making them has also given me the chance to personalise the wings.
This photo was taken pretty much after their first coat of PVA so there's still a long way to go. They still need some major neatening up but this at least gives an impression of what they'll look like.

Admittedly, I've never made anything out of craft foam so this is definitely an experience and some well needed practice before I start to tackle the arm bracers.

I thought I might as well upload the progress images of me working on the skirt. It really does show just how huge this thing is!
I also finished making my '1' patch. I made the patch out of some left over PVC I had from making Bal last year. Stupidly I decided to applique the number to it which was just a bad idea. The PVC has obviously pulled a little taught but I have managed to smooth it out with ironing and I also strategically placed pins so when it's on the jacket it'll hopefully be properly stretched out :')

To take a break from the sewing bits of both my costumes for London I decided to finally finish my cameo's. I've had the parts for them for quite a while now I just haven't got round to it. I decided to make my own cameo's as I really couldn't find any that had the colouration I wanted. I did manage to find some yellow cameo's but the shade just wasn't right and it turned out a whole lot cheaper constructing them myself. That and I'm actually rather happy with the outcome.

The other cameo I have will be made in to a hair clip/fascinator for the wig for a bit more of a victorian twist. At the moment I'm just waiting on my black feathers and my yellow guinea fowl feathers to arrive :)

So with my shorts finished and tights arriving today I decided to try my hand at tea dying.
I love the shades you can achieve with tea dying so I'm really hoping this works out.

I do however have a feeling it wont. I have the sneaking suspicion that the elastic in the tights will prevent them from absorbing the dye but we'll see how I go. Worst comes to worse I'll buy a new pair and draw the pattern myself.

After much pain and headache with the corset I'm giving that a break so I can come back to it a little more positively. I have however found the most perfect trim for it so things are looking up.

Moving on to the shorts I found the most perfect pattern and it's definitely lifted my mood about this costume! The pattern I'm using is a Simplicity 2367 and it's a perfect match to my original artwork which is an absolute bonus. I decided to go with grey suit fabric to imitate the grey leg tufts on the original Zapdos artwork seen in Red and Blue. That and I wanted to break up all the yellow and black. I'm going to plow a head with this today and hopefully by tonight I should have some more progress!

So since my last journal entry I've made a moderate amount of progress. The jacket is almost finished and just needs the last few finishing touches and then the detailing adding. At the minute I'm toying with the idea of adding applique to the lapels, similar to how I did with Gakupo, as at the moment it's looking at a bit bare.

I'm hoping to purchase my second wig next week as my first didn't really look right. I'm going more for a sharply cut, sleek, look with a heavy fringe and possibly a pony tail. I do however have my black extensions sorted.

And the corset, well, let's just say that's a sore subject. I've already put about 15 hours in to it and the moment I just feel like I'm in the dark with it. Having never made a corset I'm struggling considerably, and it certainly doesn't help that the pattern I chose is a historically accurate R&G corset. Fingers crossed it should turn out how I want it but we'll just have to wait and see :)

So this thing officially got started today.
I've had the fabric hanging around for a while. It's actually curtain fabric and was bought from a small upholstery fabric shop in Keswick so I'm praying I don't run out.

The design itself was practically re-done yesterday and is now in its 3rd revision. I'll have detailed sketch up soonish but so far it's definitely the design I've been most happy with. At the moment I'm just taking it slow, not getting too stressed and leaving the work free for any changes.

That and I still need to get my head around making killer jodhpurs :')

This has to be the most stress free and easiest cosplay I've ever done. We bought most of the costumes and materials last Saturday and sat down this Thursday to work on the hoodies. We had a little assembly line running with Rohan cutting and me drawing and sticking! Overall I absolutely love how the hoodies came out so it was definitely worth the chronic back and knee pain. Both wigs arrived today and after a little styling this is now finished!

I'm now just waiting on the socks to arrive and then we're all set for July!

My first attempt at making ears hasn't gone too bad I guess, it certainly could have gone worse.
I got the sort of shape I wanted and managed to create the tears in his purple ear though I'm not sure how well this will look when the fabric's on.

Only had one casuality on this today as it was my first time ever using a glue gun. I'm now sporting two grotesque blisters on two seperate fingers.

Tomorrow the right ear will be covered in purple suede and the left ear will be covered in black leatherette.

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