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Name : adam
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Location : manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th May 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

hi my names adam
got the most wonderful girlfriend called silantre, you should check out her profile ^^
im your fairy f***ing godfather who's about to save your fairy f***ing tales (the crow wicked prayer)
i like anime manga cosplay videogames and stuff like that
want a proper insight into who i am just drop me a line :)
been cosplaying for a couple years now i tend to be on my own a lot
not part of any cosplay group anymore so

Cosplay Bio

2 years on since i first started cosplaying and im finally starting to get the hang of it, group i used to be in sorta...ditched me :/ so i tend to just cosplay on my own, tends to keep others happy and i get to cosplay so everyone wins i guess
but now entering my 3rd year of cosplaying i have my real friends and a more positive outlook on life :)
and pocky and nuttella so im sorted XD

turned 18 recently so i also have my duelist boys and beer :D

Contact Information

skype: zabuza890



FATE STAY NIGHT <3 anime manga cosplay steampunk music visual kei BONES BLEACH short animes videogames singing music acting directing writing drawing bouldering lots of other things too XD you wanna know than please inbox me :)