Personal Information

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Name : Lauren
Location : WALES
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st January 1994
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Hello my name is Lauren. I enjoy draw manga and anime characters. There isn't much i can write about myself as to the fact that i don't do much anyway!
i'm like shikamaru of naruto sleep most of the day and hate being woken up!
i eat alot but i'm about 9stone never really put on the weight i eat. my hight is about 5.3 very pale skin and short brown hair. I have one younger sister named siobhan who's a drama queen! my mum and dad who dislike anime alot! thats about it!

Cosplay Bio

i first started to cosplay with my friend about 2 years ago and ive been intrested in anime for about 5 years when i had started penglais school. i enjoy cosplaying because its something that you can enjoy with others. Enjoy parody cosplays the most it's funny to watch and funny to be apart of it! my first cosplay was as sakura haruno and my second was as light from death note, Most of my cosplays have been of my oc yuchi and other oc characters.

Contact Information

ive you'd like to contact me you can look my up of deviantart.com by using yuchi1994 to find me of contact me by my email at Yuchi1994@aol.com!


fushigi yuugi / fushigi yugi / kingdom hearts / wolf's rain / music / manga / anime / Dead Or Alive / sonic / Art / comics.