Personal Information

Name : Alex
Location : Germany
Date of Birth : 14th November 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

chaotic perfectionist
laid-back hypochondriac
anime lover
yaoi addict
homoflexible kink-loving passionate writer
talkative maverick
coffee junkie
...and way too indecisive.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in summer 2008. By now it has become one of my greatest hobbies.
Unfortunately, I'm not very good at sewing clothes, and so my friends help me out making my costumes or at least the biggest/most difficult parts of them.
I only cosplay characters I like and know well, because I like to roleplay a little when at a convention.
I like characters that are funny and/or cute and I prefer cosplaying men.
At conventions, I don't need much sleep and I almost always forget to eat.


Bleach / anime / manga / fanfiction / yaoi / animals / writing / foreign languages / linguistics / literature