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Name : Chris
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Location : Bracknell
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th February 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Originally introduced to cosplay through Numta. Put if off for a while being "busy" and "not enough time." I'm still relatively new to the whole anime and manga scene, which I think is amazing and am gutted that I hadn't discovered it sooner.

Cosplay Bio

Just finished my first Expo and I now have a proper taste for it. I was also very proud at the positive feedback I got from my headcrab zombie on the Saturday, considering it was my first.

MCM London Expo May '11
Friday - Bioshock Splicer
Saturday - Headcrab Zombie
Sunday - Sipher (Borrowed)

London Film And Comic Con '11
Saturday - Johnny Cage
Sunday - Frank West

MCM London Expo May '12
Saturday - Marcus Fenix
Sunday - Agent Venom

MCM Manchester Expo '12
Saturday - Nathan Drake


Designing Tattoos (haven't got one.. yet!) / Xbox 360 (FTW!) / Anime / Manga / DVDs (collection currently stands at 293 at last count!) / The IT Crowd / Zombies / Big Bang Theory (both the sitcom and the theory itself) / Zombie Survival Theories (If you haven't got one.. GET ONE!)