Personal Information

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Name : Yan
Website : http://em-harkness.deviantart.com
Location : newcastle
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th February 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hey, the name is yan, most people who know the real me know my rel name and know that I hate it with a passion, so go figure, I'm a geek and proud of it, gay and proud of it, don't like it not my problem, love to cosplay it's now become my hobbie, I'm a Gleek a whovain, sherlockian, and a woody :D

Cosplay Bio

Jack harkness- completed
Ianto jones- completed
The joker- completed
Marty Mcfly- completed
The Tenth Doc- planned
Edward Cullen- working progress
Harley Quinn- completed (my own version)
Dalton warbler- completed
Unit soldier-completed

Contact Information

Follow me on twitter @the_dalton_tie



trying new things trying my best not be be lazzzy ah well we all have days like that / reading mmm saying that the last thinkg i read was my spike after the fall comic *hides in shame* cosplay of corse and allways on the eye of making or creating another one as my list seems to get bigger and bigger :O