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Name : Hayley
Website : http://paramoreness.deviantart.com/
Location : my house
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hai! I'm Hayley, and this is my cosplay page. and this is my bio, where i have absolutely no idea what to write because i always fail at bios >____<
i have a few different sides to me:
1) in school i'm sorta quiet (in class...)
2) playing soccer i am tough (but not scary tough)
3) with my friends, i am totally hyper and spaztic
4) cosplaying, i am between 70-80% in character. the 30-20% is when I'm taking the pictures. and I'm a nerd.

and then there's the bitch which barely shows her ugly head but it comes out. but you don't need to know any of that xD

so i guess that's it...? kthnxbyee :D

Cosplay Bio

Well, I started anime with Pokemon and Sailor Moon when I was 5, then InuYasha when I was 10, then at 13 I read my first official manga- chibi vampire. then i really got hooked when i read and watched fruits basket and ouran. i got into black butler, hetalia, romeo x juliet, and all that other good stuff. My first cosplay was Nekozawa when I was 13, and I've been into cosplaying ever since. I love cosplay because I can be as nerdy or as friendly as i can orjust be myself and i won't be judged (most of the time). i guess that's it...

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deviantArt: http://paramoreness.deviantart.com/


anime / drawing / writing / acting / cosplaying / soccer / living / etc.