Personal Information

Name : Brittany
Location : Appleton, Wisconsin
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th November 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Hello everyone! i currently work as a janitor for a cleaning company and in my spare time watch anime, play video games, play the bass guitar, draw, paint, and/or sew. I'm pretty much all over the place when it comes to things and I do enjoy having some "me" time especially while i'm making a costume. I usually spend time on weekends with my husband since we dont see each other much during the week. I work second shift and he works first. It'll be our one year anniversary may how time flies. I used to be quite shy and introverted, still sorta am, but I'm better now. I have an adorable 2 and a half year old cat called Akiko and she is my baby. She's quite spoiled and loves to be held on her back or just be held by me. She knows sit, shake, wait, high-five, and wave. Like my cat, I am a lover not a fighter. If it comes down to a fight or anything though I can either be your worst enemy or the greastest friend you could ever have.

Cosplay Bio

My interest in cosplay started when i watched Cowboy Bebop back when i was 16/17. I decided i'd dress up as Spike, mainly as a tribute, and just got stuff from a thrift shop. I really liked doing it but never had the drive to sew like i do now. I'm quite particular about cosplays now and really try to do my research on what i'm making. I want to make sure that what i'm making matches the pictures as close as possible and, if i want, sometimes adding my own twist to things. The SH2 nurse had some mild twists since i'm mildly chubby. I wanted to make it something that would accent my figure but yet be true to it's source. So things like that are what i take into consideration. I'll finally be able to wear that costume come 1 month at Kitsunekon and I'm really excited. They had a dance for the anime convention Oct. 23 last year and I went and won first prize at the dance. I was so happy! I'm going to enter the cosplay competition at the anime convention when i go and i'm hoping to win. If i don't it's ok. I'm thinking about starting up a sewing business on the side since i've already got people asking me about making stuff for them. It's been an interesting experience and I'm thouroughly excited to learn more and create amazing stuff.

Contact Information


sewing / Anime (typically romance) / video games (currently playing Gran Turismo 5) / PC games (Dragon age origins / Alien Vs. Predator) / playing the bass guitar (5 months in and already know how to play Longview by Green day...that song is tough..)