Personal Information

Name : will
Website : http://www.facebook.com/willjar
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 27th June 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

s'appening dudes :D im will im welsh (no sheep jokes please it's hard to concentrate with an erection) as you can see im not funny whatsoever (lolz!) well i think i am but my jokes are based on logic (like eddie izzard so you dont get them... well all i can say is "run forest! run!" anyways im 16, im 6'5" im a bit of a halo freak and i absolutly freaking love wolverine :D so yeah check me up, add me as a friend on the book of faces URL should be somewhere in an upwards direction from here. im a bassist i love playing red hot chilli's stuff john even though your solo stuff is amazing wtf are you doing?:L *kicks johns ass back into rhcp* but yeah i love metal and stuffs (dont judge me, im only human) so yeah i'm bi and i have a bit of a thing for gothy, emo, skaterish looking dudes or chicks :D what can i say i m into alot of crazy shit :D

Cosplay Bio

well im a newbie to it. i have a wolverine costume and... thats it :L does a death suit count? :L but i love it i want a master cheif costume and an odst and a marine one but yeah :D i want an aragorn costume too thing is i love making things i made so many things out of lego but cause of as and a levels i dont have that much time so yeah D: :( (n)