Personal Information

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Name : Koji
Website : http://www.facebook.com/plussizecosplay
Location : Tulsa, OK

Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Koji/Russia/Ivan. I live at home with my mom and brother. I work and attend school.

Conventions and Cosplays:
Defcon 8 - 2009
L (Death Note)
Tokyo in Tulsa 2010
Jimmy - Mindless Self Indulgence
...And one of my OC's.
Izumicon 2011
John Egbert (Vriska clohtes)
Tokyo in Tulsa 2012
Russia - Hetalia
Holy Roman Empire - Hetalia
Fem!Sollux - Homestuck
Izumicon 2012
Dave Strider

Cosplay Bio

I've been interested in cosplay ever since I had heard of it at about age 12, I didn't have the money or skill to make or buy a cosplay so my first cosplay was when I was 13. Gerard Way (2004/Revenge Era) and I wore it to a Halloween event at my school along with my friend who cosplayed Naruto. My second cosplay, at my first convention, Defcon 8 in the states, I just turned 14 and I cosplayed L from Death-Note without a wig or proper chest binding, it was terrible. I got started from my friend Alex, who kinda introduced me to it and told me what it was called and that there was whole group of people who do it too.

My proudest moment in cosplay....I'm not really sure of. I'm hoping to win an award for at least one of my cosplays.

Contact Information

Skype: koji.namico
DeviantART: kojixlovesxyou.deviantart.com



Art / philosophy / computers / cosplay / learning / dancing / singing / painting / psychology / body mods / tattoos / piercings / anime / comics / sleeping / going to cons / directing / writing / acting.