Personal Information

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Name : danny
Website : http://werewolfpower.deviantart.com/
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 8th July 1993
Age : 23

Cosplay Bio

i've only done very little cosplay the first was Negi from negima which i wore to the london mcm expo in oct 08 that was also my first expo ^_^ my cosplay wasn't great but people knew who i was so thats not bad and my most recent cosplay is Inuyasha which i'm wearing to the london mcm in may 09

Contact Information

my msn is st_paddy@hotmail.co.uk
my deviant is werewolfpower ^_^ i dont remember the actual adress


cosplaying / playing bass (woo ^_^) / watching and drawing anime / reading manga and sking which is kinda the odd one out oh and playing a hell of a lot of video gmaes