Personal Information

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Name : Maru
Location : somewhere you dont want to be?!
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th August 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

20-year-old Dutch female with a main interest in Japan and fiction.
Filling up my daily live with (graphic design) college or going through my laptop. If not, I'm sleeping or eating. I have many more interests, but somehow its hard to name them. Deal with it 8D.

Cosplay Bio

Even thou I didn't know about cosplay yet that time, my very first cosplay was Ocarina of Time Link for a Dutch dress up event when I was about 10. My parents made me a amazing costume which I, surprisingly, still fot somehow. A few years later I did a Trunks for DragonballZ costume for the same event. In 2006 I learned about anime conventions and started going to all of them in the Netherlands ever since. As I got older, and love traveling, I started visiting con's and expo's outside the Netherlands in 2008. As conventions teached me about cosplays it instantly interested me and as for now I have some big plans for 2010.


cake / capslock / clouds / coffee / cookies / samurai / pillows / umbrellas / toast / milk