Personal Information

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Name : anastasia
Location : gosport
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 8th December 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

tell you about myself? yaaaaaaaaaay 0_0 oh i even scared myself there, i have just eaten chocolate and drank energy drink so it's probably understandable, but it might be slightly strange if i'm like this without the refreshments lol refreshments XD, which i am (which by i mean act like this, i didn't mean i was a refreshment XD) i like anime, manga, cosplaying, music, drawing and singing yaaaaay llama

Cosplay Bio

i like to cosplay lol, hmmmmm well it started with anime, then jpop, then manga, i knew about cosplaying and i thought about cosplaying, but i didn't actually think i'd get round to it but my friend cosplayed and she invited me to go to london mcm with her so i cosplayed as a gothic lolita and now i'm in the prosess of making a reno cosplay and a butler vincent valentine cosplay and 17 other cosplays planned....unless i think of more lol


films / anime / manga / cosplay / drawing / singing / music / gaming