Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Lau
Website : https://www.facebook.com/Allmatecosplay?fref=ts
Location : Hull
Date of Birth : 10th June 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

I'm a 21 year old cosplayer from Hull which is in Yorkshire area, England. I'm quite short person standing at only 5'2".

You can find me on, Facebook, Tumblr and instagram - if you want any of those links feel free to PM me

Cosplay Bio

I first heard about cosplaying way back in 2006 and that was when I bought my first cosplay Hinata from the Naruto series. Ever since then I've been within the group and trying to improve as much as I could however, life always seems to get in the way and I end up with a lot of incomplete cosplays.

Upcoming events:

Yorkshire cosplay Con April 2015:
Saturday: Levi - Attack on titan
Kuroko - Kuroko no basuke

MCM Manchester July expo 2015:
Saturday: Unsure
Cosplays I'm considering:
Kuroko from kuroko no basuke
Levi from Attack on titan
Soul from Soul eater
Noya from Haikyuu!!


Attack on titan / Kuroshitsuji 1 & 2 / Kuroko no Basuke / Beelzebub / D. Grey man / Devil May Cry / Durarara / Beyblade / Soul Eater / Ouran High school host club / Ao no Exorcist / Naruto / Bleach / Hetalia / Wolf's Rain / Harry Potter / Disney / Broadway KarKat / Homestuck / Roleplay / Cosplay / Kingdom Hearts / Iron Man / Batman / Captain America / Tea / Superman / Sherlock / Merlin / The Devil’s carnival / Repo the genetic opera / Happy Tree Friends / Avatar The Last Airbender / Avatar: The Legend of Korra / Codename: Kids Next Door / Russell Howard / Glee / How I met your mother / Drawn together / Smallville / Young Dracula / The Tribe / Criminal Minds / The Big Bang Theory / Johnny Bravo / Dexter's Laboratory / Courage the cowardly dog / South Park / LM.C / Miyavi and more.