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Name : miro
Website :
Location : manchester, uk
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th July 1994
Age : 20

Personal Bio

hello, i'm miro.
i cosplay a lot when i'm bored and this is the place i can track how up to date i am, and attempt to keep a little more organised than my tumblr... which you can find here:

i'm based in england around the manchester area and do my best to go to any and all meets around the vast expanse of england as i can
most of my cosplays are me throwing on a wig and some makeup, but now and again i actually put effort into things

enjoy your stay!

Cosplay Bio

currently working on:

ROSE LALONDE (homestuck)
god tier KARKAT VANTAS (homestuck)
THE SIGNLESS(homestuck)
ERIDAN AMPORA (homestuck)
frogsprite ARADIA (homestuck)

upcoming events

25-27th - LONDON EXPO
grimdark ROSE LALONDE (friday), god tier KARKAT VANTAS (saturday - homestuck panel), THE SIGNLESS (sunday)

Contact Information

skype: neverbepractical
deviantART: dark--romance