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Name : Charlotte
Location : Nottinghamshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th February 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hey, I'm Charlotte, I'm 18 and I'm from a little village called Walesby in the land of Robin Hood.
My friend Lizzie is the one who started me, and a group of others cosplaying, and we owe her alot of good times.
I am not part of any official cosplay group, as I like to cosplay with a wide range of people.
I am currently working on a Captain Jack Sparrow costume, but it isn't for me

Contact Information

hey, if you want to contact me add me on msn. My address is
Add me on facebook too, but be sure to send me a message telling me where you're from!


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anime / manga / SEPHIROTH / bad guys / malicious schemes / winding up sadistic semes