Personal Information

Name : chris
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Personal Bio

So what's there to say, really? Im studying filming media at college in Belfast which kinda rocks now that the worst tutor is gone. I play bass (not scott pilgrim, i swear) and loooove mechs. Gundams, mainly; but also transformers, star wars, iron man, and others. Im also big on irish life so I can tell you that captain planet's visit to belfast was a load of shit.

Cosplay Bio

Im a beginner, so things are just kicking off for me. At London Expo 17 i cosplayed Barragan from Bleach in his vasto lorde form. Not too good, but not horrendous either. I also did an afro samurai O/C on the sunday which, with luck, will turn up in cosplay fever 2010! I plan on 2 cosplays for London expo 19; whiplash from the 'iron man vs whiplash' comic, and my fallout 3 avatar.