Personal Information

Name : Laura
Location : Leciestershire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st March 1997
Age : 20

Personal Bio

I'm a wee young teenager (I have the mental age of 13 and the biological age of a 15-year old) hailing from the middle of almost nowhere. I aspire to be an illustrator but with my bad marks, I'll be lucky if I professionally draw so much as a stick figure.

Cosplay Bio

I can't remember when I became interested in cosplay, but I've been wanting to try for ages now and I've only just recently gotten the motivation to get involved. I might be a total newbie, but I just find cosplaying so much fun. I like solving challenges and learning new techniques and I love to dress uniquely and stand out (despite my shy nature) and that's what cosplaying involves in my eyes, I suppose.


TV / Art / CBBC / Toys / Writing / Curious Facts / History / Harry Potter / Splatalot / Mission:2110 / The Hunger Games / My Little Pony / cuteness / Being an overall random platypus