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Name : Emma-Jay
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Location : Newark, United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 25th February 1990
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Oh god where to begin... okay i'm only 5'1'' ((yes i'm small DEAL WITH IT)) and i'm loudish but i can be quite and i want to be, i have alot of fav actors and other stuff plus i make random muisc videos and post them up on youtube.

i went to a school in Nottinghamshire known a Newark High i was removed from that school as i was bullied, then i went to a school known as the Grove school i stayed there untill 2006 where i did my GCSE's ((got nothing thou so school life was lame)) then i went to the Newark & Sherwood college and stuided art, degin and meida and Proforming arts ((acting for the people who don't know))i got deploma's on both subjects.

in my own time i watch two TV show's known as Nikita and Supernatural both are awsome, i got my love for animes from my dad the first anime i saw was old school known as Ninja scroll.

Cosplay Bio

i Started Cosplaying back i 2008 my first character was Rebecca Chambers sinc then i have been doing Jill Valentine from Resident evil most RE1 till RE5 later this year ((2011)) i'll try to get photos for peple to see and i hpe to meet new people at Expos, mt Fav Characters are Desmond Miles, Altair Ibn-Al-ahad, Kadar & Malik A-sayf, Max Guecara and Jill Valentine. My BF((Boyfriend)) and i help each other make outfits ready for Expo's within England in detail from HD photos, figures and gameplay footage.


Resident evil / Project Zero / Tekken / Assassin's creed / Dead Space / Guitar Hero / Nikita / Dark Angel / Supernatural / devil may cry / Sucker Punch / parasite eve / Tomb Raider / Metal Gear Solid / The Evil Within