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Name : Danielle
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Location : Berks.
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Date of Birth : 26th July 1994
Age : 22

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Hi, I'm Danni, and I'm the classic weeaboo :)

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Ami Kawashima is going to be my first - wow, that sounds weird.


Sat, 24 Jul 2010 21:45:45 GMT

Okay, from now on I swear to go on lj EVERY DAY and comment on EVERY POST and be a good friend instead of being a lazy tart.

Monday is my birthday! I was on lj this time last year, wow, a whole year. I was a lot more interesting then, huh? I commented a lot more ... anyway. Yesterday, me and my friends went and saw Toy Story 3 - the night before I was completely panicked, because I had to borrow my mum's credit card to get and tickets, and just so many things could have gone wrong, but ... none of them did. We even got balloons. I dressed up as a cowgirl, and we also had a Minnie Mouse and two army girls - it was a lot of fun, if a little awkward. Friendship groups are not fun. I got some lovely presents as well, my irl friends, even if they can be annoying, I do love them ♥

THE MOVIE. The beginning was so epic, and Spanish Buzz was the funniest thing I have ever seen and the end broke my heart. From the scene with the furnace I didn't stop crying, but not a single one of my friends cried. I am also going to murder that bear. I thought it was beautiful, and definitely lived up to the other two. Pixar are amazing ♥

Today I had a family picnic for my birthday - it was awkward, and it little boring, but when everyone had arrived and it had got going, it was fun. I even joined in with rounders and French cricket, which I never do. I got some lovely presents - including an Amazon voucher, which is excellent, because I can buy Porco Rosso with it, probably. There was a little Cinderella candle on my cake, it was really lovely. I got some excellent things.

I'm really excited for Monday. I'm gonna be sixteen, that's bloody scary, but I'm really excited.