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Name : amanda "JoJo"
Location : glasgow
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th May 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

So I'm JoJo. My name is actually Amanda but I acquired the nickname "JoJo" in high school as my middle name is Jolene and friends thought it was "cooler" to use my middle name which ended up being shortened to JoJo lol, I live in glasgow,I work for wetherspoon *snoooore* I have a boyfriend he's also a cosplayer, a star wars cosplayer.

immense interest in cosplay and costuming, My cosplays are mostly animal based, I use "fursuiting" as a means to accomplish these costumes, I owe a lot to the furry fandom for my cosplay builds.

My main cosplay interests lie in anime, especially naruto, digimon and pokemon.

Anyway yeah, talk to me or add me on msn :) I love meeting people :) thesquee@live.co.uk

Cosplay Bio

My cosplay interests lay mainly in anime. Especially naruto.

I don't like cosplaying humans,because it really doesn't suit me or my body type.

I cosplay the animals of naruto,in particular akamaru. I like cosplaying pokemon and digimon too :P

Contact Information

Msn- thesquee@live.co.uk
Twitter - @JoJo_cosplay
Youtube- http://youtube.com/user/furrysquee



Anime / costumery / pokemon / naruto / gaming / manga / art