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Name : Spike
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 12th November 1986
Age : 28

Personal Bio

well havent been on cosplayisland for about year so sorry if i havent replyed to comments life and work and well every thing got in the way. but after all this iv rejoined the fray and want to be part of this hobby/commuinty iv missed so much. well hope to see you at a con near you


Books: bill hicks love all the people / 1984 / scot pilgrim / franky boil my s**t life so far / Movies: district 9 / pirates of the Caribbean / get him to the Greek / Studio Ghibli films / clockwork orange / battel royal to name a few I’m a big movie fan Music: mostly rock blues and metal but also like a bit of frank Sinatra shows; the I.T. crowed / red dwarf / rome / misfits / cowboy bebop / hellsing / darker than black. Don’t play online games but I am fond of my Playstaion Fave games are Shadow of the Colossus / Assasins creed / Bioshock / Final Fantasy / ico / dead space / silent hill / Heavy Rain / L.A Noire / and any moives books games and music about/with vampires