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Name : Ken
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Location : Southampton
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Date of Birth : 21st June 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio


My name is Ken and I'm 19, 20 this year (god its catching up!), I've started my love of anime since child, and recently just moving into the cosplay scene so I'm pretty new at this sort of things, I do love it through and will be doing this much more often! My other hobbies besides anime are paintballing (semi pro), computer related modding and sleep! I'm shy but once you know me enough I'm the loudest, rudest yet the happiest person you'll ever meet. :p x

Cosplay Bio

Started cosplaying in May 2009 so I'm pretty new to all this, really enjoyed it and had an awesome time, I first decided to cosplay was back in 2007 when Code Geass hit Japan, after being inspired by the awesomeness of Lelouch I decided I have to do some sort of Lelouch cosplay, now that I've done 1 of Lelouch's outfit I want to move onto other projects like Skullman, Dante and Krauser II. x


Gaming / Figurine / Paintballing / Anime / Manga / Music / PC modding