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Name : Sj
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Location : London, England, United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 12th August 1987
Age : 29

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I'm a qualified law student, however, I retrained to become a Primary School Teacher as Law did not appeal to me so I am now teaching in Primary School!

I love playing guitar and singing. I write novels and am hoping to do that professionally some day (check out Flight of the Valkyrie on my Deviantart!)

I have also run and moderated several forums in the past and previously a moderator on the MCM Expo forums when I decided it was too much work for not enough reward. At that point, I was asked to moderate Cosplay Island I am!

Cosplay Bio

The first time I ever experienced cosplay was in 2005 when attending the London MCM Expo and I thought it looked like fun. Of course, I never realised just how much work it was until I attempted it myself! From then onwards I have been to events all over the country.

My aim in cosplay is to keep aiming above your perceived skill level. I had no idea I could sew AT ALL until recently. I didn't know what wonderflex even was a few short months ago! Just keep trying to push yourself further, it's part of the fun of cosplay!

My proudest moment was winning the Best Male at the Naruto DVD Launch in London which was run by Manga Entertainment. I had Kakashi's voice actor telling me how great my costume was and asking randomly during the event if I would pose with him even before I won!

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See my personal Bio really LOL